One Direction imagines

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  • Publiceret: 25 sep. 2013
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En masse One Direction imagines, enjoy lovies. <3


2. Louis (engelsk)

"Victoria.. Victoria.. Victoria.. VICTORIA!" Your boyfriend Louis, didn't like the fact that you were writing an essay instead of paying attention to him. 
"Louis not right now. Go see the boys, this might take some time." You said. 
He kissed your checks. He slowly left small kisses down your jawline and down to your neck. He wrapped his arms around you, after pushing your books away. 
"Please Victoria. I'm not asking for a lot of time. Just 5 minutes, pleeeeease!" He kisses up and down your neck and nibbled your ear, trying to get you to pay attention. 
"Louis, please." You soon couldn't resist the kisses any longer. You turned around and looked into his eyes. He looked pleased with himself. 
"Can we?" He asked, adding a wink. You knew what he wanted. 
"Louis, not right now." You looked into his eyes. 
"Okay." He said, with a disappointed look in his eyes. 
You laid next to him. Face to face. He crawled up so he was on top of you. He started kissing your jawline once again, and moved down to your neck. He stopped kissing you, and moved his face from your neck to your face. His eyes looked into yours. 
"I love you so much." He finally spook, and with that, he crashed his lips on yours. You felt fireworks in your body, just like all the other times he kissed you. 
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