One Direction imagines

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  • Publiceret: 25 sep. 2013
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En masse One Direction imagines, enjoy lovies. <3


77. Harry - dirty (engelsk)

You crawled over to your boyfriend Harry.
“babyyyy…” You whined.
“not now, love…” He said waving you off.
“but Harry…”
“i said not now y/n. I have to finish this song”
Harry was starting to get irritated, but you didn’t care.
You took his note book out of his hand, and sat in front of him, so you were facing him.
“i bet i can make you hard…” You bit your lip, and started sliding your hands up and down his thighs.
You saw the corner of his mouth twitch, but he was quick to gain his composure.
“not tonight you cant. I told you, I’m not in the mood” 
You could hear the teasing tone in his voice.
“well… Just let me try?” You pouted.
Harry slowly undid his belt, not ever breaking eye contact with you.
“go ahead… Try.” He was trying his best to stay serious.
You licked your lips, and placed your hand over his boxers, and began to palm him. 
Harry put his hands behind his head and watched you pleasure him.
You continued palming him for a few moments, and you could feel him becoming more and more stiff. You looked up and saw harry’s chest rising and falling faster than normal, and his bottom lip was tucked between his teeth. you smirked.
“i’m winning babe.” You winked, quickening your pace, on his hard.shaft.
Harry was really hard now, and you could tell he was trying his best to keep quiet, and keep his breathing even. 
“mmm, baby… Your so hard for me, huh?”
A strangled moan escaped his lips, as he began rocking his hips up to your touch. He couldnt handle it any more.
“oooh thats it harry… Let me make you feel soo good…” 
Your name began to fall from his lips as he came closer and closer to finishing.
“f…faster, baby…” He whispered.
You obeyed and did as he asked for a moment, but then ceased your movements.
“babe! Why’d you stop?” His eyes shot open, and he looked confused.
“im not in the mood anymore…” You couldn’t help but giggle.
“you little tease… C’mere!” He tried to reach for you, but you slipped away, yelled behind you, “you gotta catch me!”
You quickened your pace as you heard harry’s footsteps gaining on you

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