The Ghost House

Scary Story


1. Prolog

Outside the ground was cold and wet , large puddles were scattered up on the high hill , a large wooden house with three floors , lay on top. Tucked in a forest , with trees without leaves , nothing was green. Nothing lived out there. The trees , grass and even the air was even threatened with extinction . In the house lived a family of four. Jamie Ylors , Ungrid , with their two children : Luke and Rebecca .
A late summer day. Luke, one ten year old young boy , full of energy , short-haired , blond hair with white teeth, blue Adidas shoes and a red striped soccer jersey , also a couple of Real Madrid football shorts, Luke ran after her little sister , Rebecca , a 7 year old young girl with long brown hair that went to her life , a beautiful blue dress with some black shoes , the finest cheeks and always had a smile on his face.
Luke ran around and laughed while Jamie , their father , a tall thin man with short , clean-shaven beard, blue jeans and a white T -shirt. Stood with a camera and filmed them. Luke ran and ran after Rebecca . He quickly came up to her little sister and jumped on her. She screamed , he laughed . Jamie went and filmed on. Luke and Rebecca lay and rolled over. Rebecca tries to get Luke to her. Rebecca tried with all their might but had to give up as he held her down . Rebecca was writhing while Jamie and Luke laughed . Then traveled Luke himself and looked giggling down at her. " You are ! " Lo he turned on his hældene and running. With full speed sprint end he just against the great forest which the house stood by . He swung to the right on a tree, then left , left again , right. How he ran in little time . Until his pulse pounding like crazy . He bent down and took a deep breath . Opened his mouth and sucked as much air into he could, his lungs were full . Then he stood up correctly and looked around him . Should Rebecca had not caught me? He thought. Where am I at ? He looked around . Where is Rebecca ? Evening time began , the sun approached the treetops , and in a moment, it would have gone down. Instead he remained in was cruel . The surroundings around him gave him the creeps. The large, thirty feet tall trees, no sounds , no birds are chopped into the bark for food. The only sound you could hear was his breath. He missed already the others. He wanted to go home again, but how? Come on Luke ! You first went to ... right ... right? No, it was then left ? He let his gaze fall around him again . But again, only big black trees without leaves , without life . Maybe ... if I just went to the right of sixty seconds , also left for twenty seconds too straight. Then I could come home ? But what was the use ? Nothing . That he might as well face . But somehow I would have to home! Either kept at that sallow forest . Or even walking . Father says that we must not go out here ... he says it is many kilometers great ... oh what do I do ! He began to shake as a cold breeze crept through him from behind. He turned . I came away well ... he thought and walked away . He wrapped his arms tightly around him and tried to keep himself warm. He opened his mouth and shouted , trembling : " Rebecca ? ! Where are you? " He looked automatically around him , in the hope of seeing her , or maybe her father. His legs felt like rubber, for every step he took . During his gooey his Adidas shoes in the mud , but he still heard no Rebecca . " Rebecca ? Where are you? " He shouted again . But got no reply . He took a few steps back and accidentally stepped on something. A shoe. He bent down and picked it up . It could not be true ! The shoe's own owner was Rebecca . Then she was here too. But ... she might have run the wrong way. Perhaps she had run too far into the woods. He was forced to find her. But how ? He thought. He tried to think twice about where she might have run across . But had to drop the idea. He looked at the ground beneath him and there in the mud two feet from him , there was some footprints . It could only be her . He began to follow the footsteps . Suddenly, no two footprints, but four . Shit ... she is being persecuted ! I thought he picked up his pace to run. " Rebecca ," screamed he , as he turned on a tree. He could see the footprints had changed. She had begun to run . And the person who had followed her, had also set the pace up . He ran as fast as he could. But suddenly . Who tracks. Suddenly , there was nothing else than two footprints. Persecutor was gone. Rebecca likewise. Luke looked around him . It was true enough. She was over here . But where was she now? He kept spinning around itself and shouted : " Rebecca ! Where are you? " He began to shake again . Where is she? He thought. You can not just float away , one can ? He had put his head fall back. And there , in the tree . Hang female. Both arms are attached to a rope . The neck cut halfway through , her blue summer dress was covered with blood . Her whole body was completely white pale of anemia. Most of the face. He saw for the first time , his sister, with a sad expression on his face . He wanted to scream but could not. He could not utter a sound . He could not move. A drop of blood fell from her, and landed on Luke's forehead. The blood was cold. A twig snapped in front of him . His eyes flew straight ahead, but saw nothing. A new twig snapped behind him . He turned and saw a man walking with a cape , where its hood covered his face. The only thing that could be seen was a white nose . Luke's gaze flew down on the man's right hand, where he held a crimson knife. In the left hand. He held a camera. But not any camera. His father's camera. "F ... Dad? " More did he say before the man's right hand rose , with the knife and cut his throat above .
The man chuckled softly an evil , disgusting grin. He laughed evil and pressed the "stop" . The little red light stopped filming . Over by a bush , he produced a spade. And shortly after he had buried his corpse. With a wicked smile , took out his camera back from the mantle , took the rope from the girl and hung the camera so the lens staring straight down at the ground in which Luke was . He looked around and saw a long stick . His smile was much meaner . He went and took his stick and went over , so he was sure that only the stick and not him or his jacket. Quiet in the ground , he wrote : "Death's hour has come. Three are dead. A missing. I will be the next . " He took his stick and turned off the camera and then went to the house on the hill.
Ungrid was washing up after the hot chocolate she had made , which now stood in a pot on the table. A bowl of cookies was waiting next door. Jamie and the kids had run into the woods , but they should probably soon come . They did always . Ungrid ' gaze flew up , she looked out the window , and over there in the woods. Stood a man . Clad in a long cloak with a hood . She cocked her head . The man approached and Ungrid got his things and went outside. As she walked towards the man she shouted : "Can I help you? " An evil smile came from the man's lips. He went forward without an answer. Ungrid stopped when she saw what the man was carrying in his hands. She held her hands up to her mouth. A knife with blood and her mans camera! Her hands were not a good enough defense . A scream escaped from her. The man's eyes were struck with fear. He paused and frowned. " Go away ! " Screamed Ungrid . " It is private property ! " Man bowed down quietly and putting the camera. He made sure that the camera is pointed toward her. With rynkende forehead stared Ungrid up at him as he straightened up . The man did put his hands rise up to the weather. He held his hands up . Ungrid walked silently toward her husband's camera. Her gaze flew between the man , the knife and the camera. When she suddenly stopped . A thought crossed her. The blood ... which ever comes here ... She screamed as she knew whose blood it belonged . A high ghost screams echoed around her. She turned and looked around . Echoed was gone, she turned to the man , but no man stood there. A pile of dust lay just behind the camera . Ungrid looked scared from side to side. She took a deep breath and walked over to the camera and squatted down , picked it up in his arms and was about to press " stop" when she looked at herself in the mirror image from the lens . She stood there well enough, her face, the handsome straight nose , as Jamie had always complimented the long hair and blue eyes. But what was yet to be , the person next to her . The man with the cap off with the knife , ready to cut . Only a short gasp came from Ungrid as its blade cut into her neck. She lost the camera showing their feet as she fell .
The man went to the camera and put it out again , pulled the knife out of her and then went inside where he put the camera in a box , which he placed on the ceiling ...

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