The grave


1. The grave

“Dad…! Dad! DAD! No!” the little blond haired boy’s scream was agonising, while he desperately tried to pull his father’s jacket, without success. “What are you doing to me?” the little voice broke and continued: “I am right here… right beside you. Why won’t you look at me? What have I done, Dad?” Little Hunter looked at the man, who silently was covering his child’s cold body. Dean was expressionless, as he constantly moved the shovel repeatedly, filling it with earth and throwing it on the body on the bottom of the grave. Hunter face turned more pale, when the grave was covered with earth and Dean was about to leave him behind. Hunter tried to follow his father, trying to yell that he was still there. “Dad… You can’t leave me here…” the boy sniffled: “I don’t want to be left here alone…” Dean waved at Drust to follow him, without hearing a single word from Hunter. “We’re out of here” Dean told her and she frowned slightly as she wondered; where his son was? Though, she waited awhile before asking “And Hunter?” Dean was unobtrusive for some seconds before whispering “Not with us any longer.”  Hunter mouth went right open, and ran to stand in front of Drust, looking at her, begging her to look at him, tears running down his cheeks and an anxious look in his eyes. “Please! Drust, I am right here! Look at me, Please!” he voice was so little and tumbledown “I am not dead… Drust, tell him I am right here! You see me? Please! See me!” she walked right into the little ghost, without hearing a word. Hunter watched them walk away without even looking over the shoulder, not even waving goodbye. He felt left behind. Abandon. 
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