The Locket Of Hair

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25. TLOH 84

A Bieber love Story

The Locket of Hair 84:

Ready to Go


*Sam’s point of view*

“No just no like you’re fucking kidding me right?” I gasped.

He laughed. “You like it?”

I looked up at him jumping into his arms and gripping him tighter then ever.

“The fucking Eiffel tower Justin? Really?” I cried into his ear.

He kept laughing and set me down taking my face into his hands again and looking down at me.

“I love you with all my heart. And I couldn’t think of a better place to take you to say I’m sorry then the city of love.” He said softly. 

I was crying at that point looking up at that beautiful building all lit up in the night sky. The last time we were in London he wasn’t able to take me to the Eiffel tower and he’d promised he’d get me there someday. That just made me an emotional wreck. Sure Justin tried to calm me down but it just wasn’t happening so he settled for holding my hand so I didn’t face plant in the middle of the fucking Eiffel tower. The problem began when we told me where in the tower we were going.

“So uh I got the whole place for just you and me. We’re gonna go to the third for dinner and hopefully I’ll get you to dance, move those hips a little.” He smirked.

I looked at the elevator and where it was going.

“And uhm . . . how are we gonna get there?” I asked eyeing it.

“Through the elevator silly.” He chuckled.

I looked at him giving the look that made him groan and start shaking his head.

“Oh my god please tell me you are not afraid of the elevator you have got to be joking!” He said.

I started to back up when he caught me and I screamed the tears coming for a different reason this time.

“No! no, no, no baby please it’s so beautiful I love it thank you so much but I just wanna go home! Please? JUSTIN NO!”

But he’d already pressed the button taking us up. I grabbed onto the rail and started having a heart attack just on the verge of hyperventilation. The worst part was the sound of the elevator. It’s so old that it was like squeaking. Justin was looking at me like I was crazy. I’m praying to God I don’t die on the longest elevator ride in history when Justin sighed and came over to me. He pushed me into the elevator wall and those fingers started digging into the skin of my waist the way he always did.

“I got you.” He murmured seductively. “Daddy’s got you.”

Everything froze when I felt his tongue touch down on my neck. I was still holding onto the railing and looking up at how high we still had to go but instead of praying to God not to die I was praying for Justin to next stop. He kept moaning against my neck biting it and running his tongue up my jaw.

“J—Justin.” I mumbled.

“Mmm . . . yea baby?” He asked reaching his hands around to grab my ass.

I’m pretty sure there’d be marks the next morning cause his grip was like a fucking snake bite.

I moaned. “gdfgkkjfdkjghsdfjkhgkkk”

He laughed a little. “What?”

That was it for putting words together. He moved his lips to my ear biting it till I moaned out louder and left him to snicker.

“How’s that period coming?” He asked sarcastically.

I rolled my eyes. “Who gives a fuck if it didn’t exist Justin?”

I pushed his head back down on my neck enjoying his love bites that made my blood boil. By the time the elevator stopped I was cool calm and collected. And maybe hot and a little bothered. He set me back down on the ground wiped the slobber off my neck and took my hand to lead me into the Eiffel tower. There was table set up for us in the back of the room with golden and red table clothes. Our food was already ready for us waiting on the table in pure elegance. There was a band literally playing music with actual instruments at the front of the room. Justin walked me over to our table opening my chair for me and scooting it in just the same. I don’t think I stopped blushing from there on at.

As soon as he sat down a waiter appeared speaking only in French so he naturally turned to Justin.

“Aimerait le M. Bieber de vin ?” He asked Justin.

Justin smiled. “Oui.”

I didn’t get a chance to respond when a bottle of wine was pulled out. For some reason I just had a feeling he was waiting for me to look at him.

“Justin w—we can’t.” I muttered.

“We can.” He reassured me. “The drinking age here is sixteen and it’s just wine. It goes good with the dinner just relax baby.”

Wanting the evening to go smooth I reluctantly agreed and let the nice Frenchman fill up my glass with a crisp white liquid.

“You’re gonna turn me into an alcoholic.” I joked.

He rolled his eyes. “It’s Bâtard-Montrachet not crack Sam a glass won’t kill you.”

I giggled. “Bâtard-Montrachet? What the hell is that?”

He shrugged. “They said it was the most expensive but that it went with the dinner so I got a bottle and we’ll just have to cut back on meals out for a while.”

I laughed again taking a sip and swallowing it. It didn’t taste that bad. I mean was it worth all the money not for me but Justin likes to spoil people so . . . The lobster was amazing especially the fact that it was already cracked open and I didn’t have to mess with it too much. Justin was the cutest when he ate just because his lips were so flawless. It became hard to focus on anything else but I managed because that was all I could ever do with that man.

He told me about the tour which made me both unbelievably sad and undeniably happy at the same time. It was the light in his eyes that told me whether he was a struggling musician playing his guitar in a coffee shop or selling out MSG faster than thirty seconds I would always support his music just because of that light. It was the smile and the laugh and the excitement. He loved what he did so much that I didn’t even understand it. But maybe I didn’t need to understand maybe that was just his special moment in his own head. And if anything I would give him that.

I told him about the clothing line. At the moment it was my new project, my new baby. It would keep me busy and keep me satisfied until it was done. He listened so intently that it almost made me feel self-conscious but I got over it quickly. The best part was when he asked questions.

“What if they wanna make it super expensive?”


“How would you handle school when it starts up again?”

You don’t really think about going to school when you’re off of it. You don’t think about going back or how it’ll affect your life when you do. But eventually you do have to go back and it will affect your life. I told him how much it meant to me to live in the moment and not stress over the future. He guessed that I’d used to plan everything out to a tee which of course I did. That left me smiling because he always knew me better than anyone else.

“You look so beautiful tonight.” He sighed stroking my arm with his fingers.

I blushed and swallowed. “You said that already I believe three times.”

“Mmm . . . Vous paraissez si beau Samantha de ce soir.” He murmured voice seductive.

My mouth fell open. “I have no idea what you just said and I really don’t care.”

He chuckled. “Just that you look so beautiful tonight Samantha. I never said it in French.”

I nodded. “Keep talking in French.”

Justin laughed and turned his face subtly into a frown. “But baby I’m not super fluent. I don’t know everything.”

“Humor me?” I begged with a puppy dog face.

He took a deep breath licking his lip at me so I would almost die!

“Ces plaisirs violents ont des fins violentes. Et dans là le triomphe meurt, comme le feu et comme la poudre. Lequel comme ils embrassent, consomme.” He said softly.

I took a small swig of wine since the Frenchman had barely filled the glass. No getting tipsy in here tonight.

“W—what’d you say?” I asked almost in a trance.

He smiled and picked up my hand. “These violent delights have violent ends. And in their triumph die, like fire and powder. Which as they kiss, consume.”

My mouth formed a gasp. “Justin you knew that?”

“Not exactly.” He shook his head. “But Romeo and Juliet is one of your favorites so I learned it for you.”

My stomach just dropped. I stumbled out of my seat and into his lap wrapping my arms around his neck and biting my lip to stop the tears from coming.

“That’s one of the sweetest things anyone’s ever done for me.” I whispered.

“Then I’m happy I said it.” He said leaning in closer till our noses almost touched.

When we kissed it was soft and sweet and he pulled away soon after to look me in the eyes.

He whispered. “Si seulement je pouvais mourir dans tes bras, Je wouldn t l'esprit.” 

I didn’t get a chance to get the translation as he slid me off of his lap and pulled me into the middle of the room. There was a seat waiting for me which he helped me in. Once again I was left in absolute confusion as he got up on the stage with the band and took a microphone. Yea, yea,yea singer plus stage plus microphone equals song I get it now thanks. He smiled at me and licked those perfect lips leaning now to talk into the mike.

“I didn’t really get a change to do this right the first time so I was hoping I could do it now . . . let’s go.” 

The band started up behind him in this cool acoustic beat that I recognized but couldn’t quite place.

“Say you love me, as much as I love you, yeah 
Would you hurt me baby? 
Would you do this to me? Yeah 
Would you lie to me baby? 
Cause the truth hurts so much more 

Would you do the things that drive me crazy? 
Leave my heart still at the door 

Oh I can't help it I'm just selfish 
There's no way that I could share you 
That will break my heart to pieces 
Honestly the truth is 

If I could just die in your arms 
I wouldn't mind 
Cause every time you touch me 
I just die in your arms 
Oh it feels so right 
So baby, baby, baby, please don't stop, girl 

Oh, Baby, I know loving you aint easy 
But it sure is worth a try 

Ooh, if there is a reason to call me a fool 
Cause I love too hard 
Are there any rules? 

If this is a lesson 
Baby teach me to behave 
Just tell me what I gotta do 
Just to stay right next to you 
Oh I can't help it I'm just selfish 
There's no way that I could share you 
That will break my heart to pieces 
Honestly the truth is 

If I could just die in your arms 
I wouldn't mind 
Cause every time you touch me 
I just die in your arms 
Oh but it feels so right 
So baby, baby, baby, please don't stop, girl 

Basically I'm saying here 
I can't live without my baby 
Loving you is so damn easy to me 

Aint no need for contemplating 
Promise me you won’t keep me waiting 
Tell me baby I'm all that you need 

If I could just die in your arms 
I wouldn't mind 
Cause every time you touch me 
I just die in your arms 
Oh but it feels so right 
So baby, baby, baby, please don't stop, girl 

If I could die 
I would make you believe girl 
That I wouldn't mind 
Aye, Aye, Aye 
If I could baby, oh! 
It's what you do to me 
Whooa, no no 
Baby please don't go girl 
Nooo, Nooooo 
No, no, no, no”

I started to cry by the chorus. The first time my ears refused to actually listen to the song. I was mad and angry and pissed. But to say there literally wasn’t a way to describe the way his voice sounded in that moment it the god honest truth. If his eyes weren’t closed when he went super high he was always looking at me. Those big brown eyes twinkled under the big heavy lights and I just wanted to hug him and never let go. Then by the end of the song I was ugly crying sobs and all. He looked out at me and bit his lip going to talk when I beat him to the punch.

“Oh God Justin!” I cried jumping out of my seat and going to hug him.

He let me attack him in his seat squeezing his body as hard as I could and hiding my face in his neck. I felt his soft fingers running up and down my back as he murmured soft encouragement in my ear.

“Baby don’t cry, come on your too beautiful for that.” He mumbled.

“It, it, it was . . . soooooooo perfect.” I cried.

He laughed a little and hugged me tighter. “Well good. I’m glad you liked it.”

“I loved it.” I muttered.

He pulled my face up to wipe away the tears and look into my eyes again.

“You’re the best thing to ever happen to me. And I love you with my entire being.” He promised.

I bit my lip about to cry all over again. “I love you too.”

After the most emotional song of all fucking time he asked me to dance with him. I smiled and let him start out all traditional two hands on my ribs and my arms wrapped around his neck as we looked at each other moving softly from side to side. 

“Do me a favor?” He asked.

“Anything.” I assured him.

“Take off your heels I enjoy finally being taller then you and these damn heels are ruining it.” He said.

I busted out laughing but agreed leaning on him to slip them off my feet and slide them away from us. He pulled me back into his arms again after that leaving traditional behind and letting our bodies touch. The band was good giving the feeling of love clear in the air. I wasn’t drunk which was a plus and Justin hadn’t vomited everywhere so we were doing pretty good in the sober department. It was just one of the best nights of my life because he showed me he loved me and he loved me more than normal people were capable of loving. I could never let that go.

We danced for a long time. Well if you call moving side to side with one of the two having obviously more rhythm then the other dancing. I ran my fingers up and down his back and he played with my pony tail as I leaned my head on his chest. Being in his arms gave me so much warmth and comfort that it didn’t even matter what happened the rest of the night.

They brought out a red wine to go with dessert because apparently you can’t have white wine with dessert or the French get offended. I don’t fucking know I just know they took away the white wine and replaced it with the blood or whatever it was. He got me my French vanilla with the whipped chocolate frosting and I giggled like a little girl letting him feed it to me. He left me speechless. I think I found a way to fall even more in love with him then.

When chocolate frosting “mysteriously” appeared on my nose he begged and begged until I let him take a picture of me flipping off the camera. After dessert we walked around the Eiffel tower while he took pictures and I tried not to fall through the glass. Security was there epic failing at being invisible but I didn’t even care at that point. I was in the fucking Eiffel tower with my fiancé. It was absolutely perfect.

The ride down in the elevator wasn’t as bad the one up and Justin kept me busy again making it that much better. A car was waiting for us to take the 2 hours back to Paris. I was yawning and carrying my heels and my rose in one hand and Justin’s hand in the other. He kept smiling at me and making me blush to the point where by the time we were in the car I was exhausted. But Justin didn’t mind that either he just wrapped his arms around me and encouraged the dark blanket pressing down on me.

*Justin’s point of view*

I held her in the car, on the train, and in the second car. She’d given me another one of the best nights of my life and I couldn’t even begin to describe it. It was literally just her presence. That smile. Those cheeks. The way she blushed every time I looked at her. When she cried. I poured my heart in that song when it was written and I poured my heart out in that song when it was sung to her. Nothing could’ve made it better. 

She mumbled in her sleep mostly my name which made me smile and kiss her forehead. I held her body close and smoothed back that pony tail of hers. It was around midnight when we pulled up into the back of my hotel and Sam continued on in those light cute little snores. I laughed and had the driver go around the block one more time. It took a little while to get her up but one she was all stretched out we go to the hotel all over again and I opened her door pulling her out to me.

Security escorted us into the hotel and the elevator and into our hallway. But that didn’t stop me from pulling Sam’s body up off the ground to kiss her. She was shorter without the heels and perfect for me to pick up. Her lips were sweet and tangy as we waited to include tongue till we were alone. We held hands rocking them back forth and being shy towards each other now as we walked to our door. I unlocked it for us and opened it up letting her head inside just to press her up against the door.

“Awake?” I asked softly.

She looked up at me with big, bold eyes and nodded timidly. I ran my fingers up her sides memorizing the exact angles of those luscious curves and the way they fell into the shape of my palm I wanted to kiss her so damn bad and I need. When her mouth was on mine things just felt easier, simpler. We didn’t need to talk to discuss things out she just let me pull her belt off before getting to the complications of that pant suit. Sure it’s all one piece but finding the thing that opens it was a journey in itself. Eventually I pulled her sleeves off those soft shoulders and the pant suite fell to the ground revealing a nice lace set to cover her body.

“A thong?” I smirked eyeing her hard.

She blushed a little and reached for me then our lips starting to dance in a wild unfocused tempo. Her fingers worked the buttons of my shirt pulling it to the floor before she reached for the white beater. Our tongues entered a fierce battle as I grabbed her face pulling it closer and releasing a groan inside her mouth. I slammed her body back into the door finding pleasure in the grunt that escaped her lips. Before I knew it she’d started to claw at my pants. Sam was just a natural born freak . . . and I loved it.

“W—what kind is that?” She sighed.

We’d pulled the blanket off of the count and snatched a pillow or two not in the mood to get all the way to the bed. After the awkward moment when the condom was so small it literally broke I didn’t know whether to be proud or disgruntled. I got one out of the men’s bathroom since apparently they have them in dispensers now and kept it in my pocket making sure it was actually the right size this time around.

“Uh . . . Trojan orgasmic charged I think?” I read.

She giggled and waited as I moved to slide it on pressing my lips into her neck and down her collarbone. Everything went crazy after that. Every few minutes we changed position never letting the other get too far away. When she was on top was the best. I moved her up and down on me listening to the mixture of her cries of pleasure and the sounded of our skin touching. It felt good. So, so good. And if I thought it felt good for me there’s no telling what the hell was going through Sam’s mind.

We were to a point where she was so loud that she couldn’t be loud anymore. Now she was just touching any part of my body her mouth could get because sound couldn’t be produced. When her body moved my heart just slammed in the pit of my chest. She worked those hips like no one’s business never stopping just moving up and down and all around. It’s hard to describe whether that was sex or making love. It felt like when I was on top I tried to make love to her but with her it just had to the hardest I could give her.

In the end I believe we were both satisfied her exploding five yes count it five times. I guess that’s why they call it orgasmic charged huh? With her at five and me at two we finally called it quits panting and groaning as I pulled myself out of her and she fell to the floor gasping. She giggled and I laughed watching how hard her breathing was after all that. We were both in similar states at that point exhausted and overly satisfied.

“I’m guessing this means I’m forgiven?” I asked.

She covered my mouth with her hand and took a second to get a little bit of breath back.

“Keep buying those condoms and you can be whatever the hell you want Justin.”

That’s my girl.

I wrapped my arms around her pressing her naked body against mine as we both started to yawn. The breathing slowed and we kissed softly her lips still just as sweet and tender as ever.

“I love you Samantha.”

“I love you Justin.” She sighed.

We snuggled together closer falling asleep wrapped in blankets on the hotel floor.

* * *

When I woke up something was hitting my leg. It pushed hard against the entire side of my body. I groaned not ready to wake up and keeping my eyes closed. It became evident that Sam was next to me so I snuggled closer to her and tried to dose off. But then that shove against my side got harder and I groaned rolling over to get away from it. Little did I know that push was a door that Scoter, Allison, Alfredo, and Ry Good were trying to get through to wake me up. And of course I didn’t get that until it was too late.

“Where the hell did you two go last night?” Scooter demanded.

Sam stirred then opening her and groaning. It was so adorable. She rolled over and snuggled her naked body closer to me not realizing the other people in the room.

“Mmm goodmorning baby.” She sighed.

Scooter started snapping to get our attention causing Sam to open her eyes and groan.

“Dammit Scooter can’t I have one morning where I wake up naked and you’re not in the room?” She groaned.

I laughed softly till I saw Scooter’s face then I just held onto Sam and stayed quiet.

“Where did you two go last night?” He asked again.

Sam smiled. “The Eiffel tower.”


I leaned down to kiss her cheek. “I took her to the Eiffel tower for dinner.”

Sam blushed. “And he sang my song for me.”

“And she danced with me without her heels.” I smirked.

She leaned up to kiss me causing Scooter to go berserk.

“Oh calm down Scooter they’re in love! Don’t be such a grandpa.” Allison defended.

Scooter kept talking while I was looking down at that perfectly perfect face of hers.

“We’re leaving for the airport in an hour so get ready. Now.” He demanded.

And just like that we were left alone her groaning and leaning back on the floor as I rolled over on top of her causing little giggles to rise from her throat.

“Good morning beautiful.” I murmured.

She bit her lip. “Good morning . . . Again.”

I smiled and ran my nose down her neck sighing at the natural scent of her body.

“You ready to take a shower?” I asked.

She shook her head and looked at me with a knowing look in her eyes. I nodded slowly hesitantly sliding my fingers onto her cheek and looking into those beautiful big brown eyes. Her lips parted pulling in a small breath as I moved down to kiss her softly. Sam reached for the sheet pulling it over us and rolling back over on top of me. I held her body close as we kissed sloppily and passionately not satisfied at all from the night before. Our breathing became rugged as I moved my fingers through her hair and pulled gently causing a gasp to escape from her mouth. I started cussing in her ear having every movement of her body cause my blood turn to lava in my veins. 

So when a key was stuck in our door to ruin that flawless moment needless to say we were both pissed off. Scooter brought Kenny, Moshe, Ryan, Alfredo you know everyone except Allison. When he saw us still on the ground more intertwined and close to penetration he went crazy all over again ordering people to get up and stop being so fucking hard headed. This of course pissed Sam off who always knew how to get under Scooter’s skin. She got out from under the cover fully naked and walked out to our room with a huff of a breath in front of six guys. I wondered if that strand of confidence had anything to do with the bikini wax she’d gotten in Canada or just a high from being angry at Scooter. Either way she had everyone looking and everyone but Scooter seemed pretty please. I wasn’t too sure how I felt about the situation.

I ran after Sam with the sheet wrapped around my lower body blushing a little bit as we got to the bathroom. She was waiting for me pulling her hair out of a pony tail till it fell loosely around her shoulders. I just bit my lip thinking she was the most gorgeous thing ever. The sound of the shower in the background as we stared at each other created a calm mood. Her body was bare in front of me showing things that I preferred only my eyes to see. We belonged to each other; I didn’t want anyone else seeing a part of her body but me and vice versa. I crossed the distance between us and grabbed her waist hard feeling it in my hands and making her bit her lip.

“This is mine. I don’t want anyone else to see it understand?” I asked.

She nodded softly tooth still sunken down into her lip.

“Whose is it?” I demanded.

“Yours.” She said softly.


“Yours!” She said louder.

I smirked softly reaching down and picking up her smooth, soft body into my arms.

I whispered in her ear. “What’s my name?”

“J—Justin.” She stuttered.

I shook my head. “I said what’s my name?”

I pulled her into the shower and let the water soak her body waiting for my answer. When I got it every emotion went from a 10 to a 200 instantly. It was on as soon as she said:


*Sam’s point of view*

“J—Justin baby it’s starting to hurt!” I cried.

He moved those hips like a jack rabbit breaking through me so hard I couldn’t breathe. I stared down at him going in and out lustful grunts escaping his lips every thrust he put down. My legs were numb yet he kept them hanging around his back and kept plunging into me.

“Oh I can’t stop!” He groaned his voice going from deep to high.

The problem was it hurt but the pain feel great. It hurt so good I just couldn’t bear to ask him to slow down. So I reached up to lock my arms around his neck and tighten my legs around his back. He was bouncing me up and down in the air holding my hips with a grip so hard it left marks. We kept going kept pushing till Scooter started to knock on the door. But Justin was close so he sped up ignoring Scooter for once and just focusing on my body. Every time he hit it my body ached in the best of ways. The grunts. The moans. It just left me with such a good feeling.

“F—fuck!” He grunted holding down on my hips.

He held me and held me good slowing down and just thrust slower but harder. I felt his body start to shake and clench up readying for the sweet release. I moved my lips to his ear giving the lobe a love bite.

“Come on baby you can it” I whispered voice seductive, lethal.

Justin let out a long deep growl pushing me into the shower wall and driving himself home over and over again. He started to throb getting closer and closer. His voice hit an octave from three years go leaving me limp on his dick. I moaned softly kissing those tender sweet lips. I hugged his body to mine as he slid out and we cleaned up running out the shower to go get dressed.

Getting dressed and packing back up to go to another country was crazy. Being the girl to hold Justin’s hand and keep him calm when he was surrounded by so much was even crazier. He kept stopping his packing to come kiss me. I still had his rose and intended to keep it. In all honesty I was looking forward to the flight to Italy. Just me. Just him. Us. Together.

Scooter wasn’t happy with us and I didn’t really care. Justin was ready to work hard and I was ready to watching him but the idea of not being able to have any fun in between just wasn’t realistic when it came to us. Everyone piled into cars and we went to the airport again. He held me in his arms while we waited rocking us from side to side while I hid my face in his chest. My big teddy bear all warm and soft that it didn’t even make sense. He’d look down at me and I’d smile getting butterflies in my stomach at the thought of him. When he kissed me . . . I just lost control.

The plane came and we all went through getting our bags checked and everything. It was kind of sad to leave Paris behind after everything that had happened there. Being so mad at this person that you know you love and you know you’ll eventually forgive but in that moment just not being able to get passed it. Now the whole crew was leaving for Italy and things were completely different. I for one didn’t hate Ryan anymore wasn’t sure if I really liked him but sometimes you just have to deal. And focusing on the positive though it’s like the hardest thing ever when you finally do it it’s so natural. My positives were my family, my fans, my ability to stay strong.

We boarded the plane and everyone took a seat not able to move as we took off into the sky. I was all ready to fall into pure snuggle mode when I noticed something. All the guys were staring at me with some exceptions. Not Scooter, not Kenny, and not Moshe and that proved it there. To Scooter I was a daughter to Kenny I was sister and to Moshe . . . well to Moshe I was probably just a nuisance that made his job harder because I can get Justin to do anything. Everyone else? They’d been in that room that morning when I decided to be bold and walk to the bathroom completely naked. And if they weren’t in the room it became obvious they were told of the previous events.

“Babe?” I mumbled into his ear.

But he’d already caught on keeping his eyes on the guys.

“They’re all staring at you aren’t they?” He whispered.

I nodded softly blushing as he sighed.

“What the hell are you guys staring at?” He yelled.

I caught them staring at my chest oblivious to my eyes. But of course the only with enough balls or idiocy to speak up was Ryan.

“I think the real question here is how big are the things we’re staring at!” He joked.

“Scooter!” Justin scoffed.

“See what happens when you can’t keep your clothes on?” He called back.

I lifted my arm in the air with a nice middle finger for everyone.

“Oh fuck you Scooter.” I sighed before turning to Justin. “Let’s just go sit in the other seats okay?”

He smiled a little probably feeling bad for me and kissed my forehead nodding. We got out of our seats and moved to the other seats facing away from the guys. The window for our seats showed the huge sky lay out before us. I sat down next to my baby and took his hand. He intertwined our fingers and kissed my hand softly. It caused chills to run up my spine and I loved it.

“You ready baby?” He murmured.

“Absolutely.” I smiled.

And as the plane moved through the air to head to another country and I held his hand so tight in my own I knew for a fact that I was indeed ready.

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