The Locket Of Hair

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24. TLOH 83

A Bieber Love Story

The Locket of Hair part 83:

The Train

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*Sam’s point of view*

The weight that had been pressing down on me was suddenly gone. His lips on mine as he started to laugh disgusted me. He was just so cocky and arrogant that it pissed me off beyond belief. So at first I didn’t care why or how he’d gotten off of me I was just glad to have him off. But that didn’t prepare me for what I was about to see. The first thing my eyes encountered was Justin yanking Ryan back by his t-shirt. Ryan’s head hit the wall and the cussword just started to pour out of Justin. They both fell to the ground after Justin threw a punch so hard he became unstable. Ryan deserved that one for kissing me so I didn’t mind that one too much. But then it just continued to escalate . . .

“Bro it was joke, it was joke!” Ryan screamed.

Justin punched him in his stomach grunting as the crew was oblivious to the situation.

“Who the fuck jokes like that?!” He shouted. “She’s mine you don’t fucking touch her!” 

I was all ready to gloat and smile at my baby standing up for me when I saw the look in his eyes. The phrase if looks could kill had never been so evident before me. He looked at Ryan like . . . like he wouldn’t be satisfied until someone was dead. And to extent I got it. So many times guys tried to take advantage of me just because I was Justin Bieber’s girl there was no way he could defend me. So he had to stand up for me and he had to drill it into every dirt bag’s head that no one was going to take me away from him again. But despite that fact I couldn’t let Justin kill him. And that’s exactly what was going to happen.

“Justin come on please get off of him!” I cried.

He was too busy trying to choke him at that point. I watched Ryan’s face turn red then darker and darker as I tried to grab Justin but it just wasn’t happening. My fingers tried to grip his jacket trying to claw at him over and over again. Justin would not budge. No matter how hard I tried he wasn’t moving. I yelled for him to stop one more time and pushed him as gentle as possible when Justin reached up and knocked his hand into my face. Was it an accident? Probably. Did it hurt like hell? Absolutely. Did I start to cry as I fell to ground? You bet cha.

Scooter came them running down the hallway and screaming at Justin. But he’d stopped. Ryan was keeled over gasping on the floor and Justin was just staring at me with these big bold eyes. I felt the tears drip from my cheeks and I felt the sting of where his hand had hit my face. The tears started to choke me settling in my throat as I started to shake my head back and forth staring at him.

“S—Sam.” He mumbled.

I picked myself up off the ground as more tears dropped and ran away not even understanding what had just happened.

*Justin’s point of view*

So I’d broken Ryan’s nose. There was blood all over the place and my hands were completely and totally messed up. Right after I was just so exhausted like I wanted to go into hibernation and sleep for six months. Scooter was yelling. Everyone was yelling as people ran getting towels for Ryan’s face. He’d touched her though. I didn’t give a fuck if it was supposed to a joke and he was just trying to get through her shell like he said. No one touches Sam and gets away with it. And you especially don’t put your mouth on any part of her. My first concert on the promo tour was ruined. And that wasn’t even the worst part of it by far.

I . . . hurt her. I put a hand on her. Whether it was an accident or not didn’t matter because she was off crying somewhere. Of course I wasn’t allowed to see her and I was separated from everyone to do cool downs and everything. Scooter went off to check on her instead while Allison stayed with me and patted my shoulder as a paramedic checked my hands for broken knuckles or something. I tried as long as I could to avoid talking to her but Allison wasn’t the type of person to let that happen.

“Justin what just happened?” She asked softly.

I’d calmed down by then and the only anger in my body was anger at myself for hurting Samantha.

“You wouldn’t get it.” I muttered.

“Ryan’s been one of your bestfriends since you were almost fourteen years old. Try me.” She said.

I knew Allison and I knew she wouldn’t let it go no matter how much I begged. It was better to just get the conversation over with.

“Okay,” I sighed. “Ryan decided that since Sam didn’t seem to like him so much that he was gonna try and seduce her or whatever. He doesn’t know her though and he doesn’t know how Sam responds to shit like that. So . . . apparently I walked in at the worst moment possible where he was going to pretend to kiss her or something. I don’t know I just lost it. She . . . I won’t let someone hurt or abuse her ever again. No matter how mad she is at me.” 

The paramedic said my hands were fine and just wrapped them up a little bit before leaving us alone again.

Allison groaned. “Only Ryan . . . Why did you hit him though?”

“Because he was all over her! He took it too far just like he takes everything too far. I just couldn’t justify not kicking his ass when he kissed my fiancé. I don’t care how bad he’s hurt right now because I’m still mad at him the only thing I care about is Sam.” I exploded.

“What happened to Sam?” She asked.

I let me face fall into my hands to stifle the groan. 

“I—I was on top of Ryan and . . . she kept trying to pull me off. I kept telling her like get off but she just wouldn’t listen. Then she grabbed my arm and I was trying to pull away from her but m—my arm it like connected with her face . . . I hurt her.” I whispered.

“Oh Justin.” She sighed wrapping her arms around me. “It’ll be okay. Scooter’s taking care of her right now.”

“I don’t want Scooter to take care of her. I wanna take care of her.” I mumbled. 

“Then what are we still doing here?” She asked a smile clear in her voice.

I smiled a little though it pained me to do it and we got up heading off to find Sam.

Of course she’d left the arena and gone back to the hotel with Scooter. So there was nothing else to do but smile for the fans and sign whatever was put in front of me. We got back in the car after that and drove back to my hotel waving to fans and everything when in all reality I was the saddest I’d been in forever. The driver took us to the hotel where even more fans were waiting. I smiled, I signed the autographs but I really just wanted to go see Sam.

Allison was there for me the whole time wrapping her arm over my shoulders as we went up in the elevator. We got up out and started to walk down to my room which neither of us had a key to and try and talk to Sam. But everything stopped when I heard Sam crying and screaming.

“Am I bleeding? Seriously am I bleeding?!”

I looked over at Allison and she just nodded her head knocking strongly on the door. My heart was stuck in the pit of my stomach at the sadness in her voice replayed in my head. I prayed that she wasn’t bleeding as we waited for Scooter to open the door. No one ran no one screamed. Because the only thing my eyes could bare to focus on was the little blood stain on his shirt. That was it for my heart. Scooter and I locked eyes and I knew instantly things weren’t okay.

“I wanna see her.” I mumbled weakly.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea.” He disagreed. 

I was just about to push it further when another shriek came from the bathroom.

“Scott, I need you! There’s blood!”

He left to go help her, leaving me helpless and defenseless. Would things ever go right for us? 

*Sam’s point of view*

There was blood in the sink. It dripped in big heavy bubbles onto the linoleum floor before bursting into streams of red. My lip had been split; not enough to require stitches but just enough for it to bleed out and hurt like hell. Justin had caught my mouth with the metal edge on the cuff of his jacket causing the blistering pain in my mouth. There aren’t words to describe how bad it hurt. Scooter came back grabbing one of the white hand towels and pressing it up against my mouth. My heart continued to hammer in the pit of my chest as I struggled to pay attention to what he was saying.

“You gotta calm down now okay?” He soothed.

I nodded shakily trying to control the gasps that kept leaving my mouth almost as much as the blood. He sat down with me on the floor and let me lean my head on his shoulder as I cried. Whether or not Ryan had been joking didn’t matter. I didn’t blame Justin for hurting me. I blamed him more for allowing it to get that point. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to hold him or beat the shit out of him. We sat there for a while me hiccupping and checking every now and then if my lip was still bleeding. Scooter was the best holding me in one arm and sitting in the silence.

The silence was broken when he told me Justin was outside. My heart came to a halt not thinking I’d have to face him that soon. The security of the walls of the bathroom were so roomy and small that I felt the need to stay there forever. What do you do in that type of situation though? I didn’t want things to get worse but they sure weren’t getting better with me bleeding on the bathroom floor. A paramedic was brought up to the room and Scooter said I had to go probably knowing I would’ve argued myself out of it otherwise. He helped me up off the floor and we walked out to the big open space the paramedic directing me to sit down and let him have a look.

“Ah something got you good.” He sighed staring at the gash. “What happened?” 

I felt the tension in the room double, triple, and quadruple within seconds. Scooter stepped in for me so I would’nt have to say anything.

“She caught her mouth on something. Does it need stitches?” He asked impatiently.

The paramedic shook his head. “Not stitches just some alcohol to kill the germs and bandage it up nice and tight so it doesn’t keep coming open. I’ll leave you with some bandages to change it out every day.”

So I screamed out like the biggest baby in the entire world when he cleaned my lip digging into Scooter’s arm so hard it looked like he was gonna cry with me. I found that by the time Justin was actually in the room I didn’t want him there. I was really mad at him. And more than that embarrassed of him. He didn’t say a word to me and neither did I just focusing on the pain in my lip. Scooter and Allison went to walk out the paramedic leaving me and Justin alone for the first time. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. What was there to say?

“C—can we talk?” He asked softly.

I got off the couch as soon as our eyes locked and headed for our room.

“No we can’t.”

He followed me into the room as I grabbed my suite case and started throwing things into it.

“What are you doing?” He sighed.

“What does it look like I’m going home.” I muttered.

“Come on Sam you don’t need to do that.” He murmured.

I stopped hand cold on my back turning to stare at him. Yelling stretched my lips and hurt like hell but I had no other way to get my point across.

“What do I need to do then Justin? Sit around here till you go crazy again and strangle me next time?” 

He shook his head. “You’re over exaggerating it wasn’t a big deal.”

“Justin yes it was!” I insisted. “You punched Ryan and you hit me!”

He stopped them leaning back on his heels and shaking his head harder than before.

“I—I didn’t hit you. I just . . . I would never hurt you intentionally. I love you.” He whispered.

I sighed and looked down trying not to let that velvet voice get to me.

“I’m going home.” I said softly continuing to pack.

I felt him cross the room and all of sudden he was touching me.

“Please . . . please don’t leave me I need you right now.” He mumbled.

I swallowed. “I’m not leaving you I’m just leaving this place.”

“I don’t care! Come on we’ll fix this we’ll work it out but I need you next to me Sam. I can’t do this without you.” He begged.

I softened a little bit listening to that soft subtle voice that drove me crazy. How could I leave him? How could I go back to an empty house with no one to be with me and hold me at night. Giving in just seemed like such a chicken shit thing to do.

“I should go.” I said weakly. “I’m mad at you.”

But he’d already found his hands onto my waist.

“I know your mad at me baby I don’t expect you not to be. But you can’t leave. Please? Stay here.” He whispered.

I sighed and looked down both of us knowing he’d won just like always.

“Fine.” I muttered.

He kissed my forehead softly. “Thank you. I’ll give you a minute alone okay? I love you.” 

As soon as he left I couldn’t help but feel as though I’d given up just because it was Justin. I literally couldn’t be mad at him.

*Justin’s point of view*

Seeing Sam hurt broke my heart no matter what. The fact that those tears falling down her face were because of my stupid ass just made me feel like shit. I still needed her. The idea of all the stress I was under without Sam made me ache just thinking about it. I couldn’t handle everything without her, she kept me calm despite the recent events that had transpired. If it weren’t for her and those fans I don’t know if I could wake up every morning and do the things I did. It was for them, for those smiles I came across more often than not.

So I thought then when I got her to agree to stay that we would be okay with that. I planned on turning in early and hiding under the covers together acting goofy. Yet she came out of our room in her sweat pants sitting on the couch and curling up by herself. She stayed on her phone while I took a shower and got dressed. Even when I came back out there sat Allison and Scooter talking while Sam was just in complete silence. She really didn’t want to stay with me. 

I just needed her to wait till Paris. If she could put up with me for just a couple hours until we boarded that plane I was hoping she would see that I cared, that I knew how bad I’d messed things up. Everyone turned in early and I prolonged the awkward moment of talking to her as long as possible tweeting the fans goodnight. But at the end of the day it was just me and her in that big ‘ole suite and I had to make the best of it. There wasn’t a single part of me that felt the need to take advantage of her and try anything I just wanted to get her to bed. She looked more exhausted than I did.

“You ready to go to bed?” I asked softly.

She just shrugged and let me help her up not holding hands or anything for that matter as we walked to our room. Sam pulled her sweatpants off as always and crawled under the covers turning away from before I could even get into the bed. I crawled in after her my hands still a little messed up and touched her without her permission. I just wanted her to know she was loved.

“Sam?” I whispered hesitantly.

“What?” She muttered.

I sighed and turned the lights off leaning down to touch my lips to her cheek.

“I love you. That’s all.”

I slid back into my place far on the other side of the bed and tried my hardest to get some sleep.

* * *

Oslo was crazy but everyone piled onto a plane again the next day to get to Paris. 
Ryan was kept away from me and still and Sam on the other hand literally hadn’t talk to me at all. But I always had Alfredo who sat with me the whole time and talked about everything but the huge elephant in the room. That’s why I love that guy.

In all seriousness I didn’t expect Sam to forgive me just like that. I just couldn’t help running back and forth in the aisle of the plane just to watch her glare out the window. In a simpler time I would’ve been the one to make her smile, giggle. Now she was just enraged. It left me wondering if Ryan being back on the crew was such a good idea. Having this big, huge plane to get her to forgive me became irrelevant though when the glass incident happened. I’d literally just heard Sam and Scooter talking because now that she was ignoring me I had to stalk her.

“He’s working too hard.” She muttered.

Scooter laughed a little. “Why do you care?”

I heard her punch him. “Because I love him. Why does he have to do everything back to back to back?”

“That’s the way it works Sam. He’s fine. He’s eighteen years old and has more energy than a fucking red bull. This is just the beginning.” Scooter explained.

“Oh because that made me feel so much better.” Sam scoffed. 

I smiled at how worried she really was about me and got ready to do the show. I was excited, I was pumped and I couldn’t wait to do the show. So long story short . . . I hit my head on the goddamn glass again. It hurt but like all the adrenaline in my system kept me going. We did like the last song and my entire body just felt like it was pumping over and over again. Kind of like it did every show but it just felt too fast this time. My head was hurting and I felt light-headed as everyone was congratulating me on the show. They always say speak up because you never know or blah blah blah but I felt fine except for my head. 

Everyone is laughing and clapping and it’s time to head to the stairs. I felt hot and I felt sticky just like every other performance. So I thought it was all normal. We get to the stairs and my head is just pounding now like it really hurt. I take one step down those steps and just black out.

*Sam’s point of view*

I was staring at his ass when he fell. It was impossible to not notice how fluffy and cute it was. Then out of nowhere his legs just seemed to buckle and he went flying down the stairs. I thought that that’s what happened, he’d just fallen down the steps. Now it didn’t matter how mad I was at him in that moment; how bad my lip hurt, or how bruised Ryan’s face was that was my fiancé at the bottom of the steps and no one was going to get there before me. So I got a sudden burst of speed and started screaming out his name till I dropped to the floor in front of his body. He was limp, like totally unresponsive and that scared the shit out of me.

“Scooter go get the doctor!” I yelled pulling his head into my lap.

Everyone was just standing there staring at me baffled like what had happened didn’t really just happen. And only when I yelled did anyone spring into action. The doctor was found and he started trying to revive Justin. He was out for like a good couple minutes before he woke up. I was crying like an idiot. The doctor was busy explaining what had happened and how bad Justin need to relax and get some rest. He had concussion but as far as I was concerned my baby had legit went into a coma. I didn’t like and I just wanted to go home and cook something really unhealthy and wake him inhale it like it was destiny. Was that so fucking hard?

At first they wouldn’t allow me anywhere near him. They were doing checkups and poking things and listening to shit with shiny metal like doctors do. Then after that they got him water and made him guzzle it and everything and I STILL wasn’t allowed to go near him. Only after he had tweeted the fans—who knew before Pattie was called that he’s fallen—and after the car had been called to come get him early did Scooter sigh and say go ahead. Believe it or not he and Ryan were talking when I walked in the room. They were laughing over some picture that apparently Ryan said would be his outfit for the next show. I guess that’s how guys make up? Then find something stupid to laugh over without having to say I’m sorry.

I walked into the room and they both looked up me awkward as hell but Justin smiling from ear to ear. The smart ass knew I was there to kiss him and make up. Ryan got up leaving the room and letting me stand at the foot of the door because I was too afraid to go inside.

“I don’t bite baby.” He smirked seductively.

I rolled my eyes and stepped inside walking over to him sitting in front of a lap top as he pulled me onto his lap in one swift movement.

I sighed. “I thought you were really hurt.”

He smiled. “Nope just a little bullet proof glass.”

I tried not to laugh but couldn’t help the smirk.

“Stop it . . . you were hurt. You’re working too hard.” I mumbled touching the slight lump on his head.

“Yea I heard you talking to Scooter. I’m fine. We work through it for the fans because that’s their time with me. They deserve it. If I can give them nothing else I can give them that performance.” He explained to me.

My smiled faded as I played with a button on his jacket.

“You still work too hard.” I mumbled.

He chuckled. “You’re really cute when you’re not hating me.”

“What makes you think I don’t hate you still?” I asked smirk back on.

“Well for one you’re talking to me.” He smiled. “And two you’re blushing again. And three you were checking me out while the doctor was looking at my head. And four . . .”

“Alright, alright I get it!” I cut him off.

He pulled me close. “I’m really glad you forgave me.”

“I still think you owe me something though.” I said eyes looking into his.

He caught on instantly. “I am . . . extremely sorry that I hurt you. You’re obviously not the only one with a temper problem and maybe I went a little too far.” 

I sighed and rolled my eyes. “You are partly forgiven. I’m still mad at you.”

Did we both know I was just saying that to make me feel a little less of a pussy for giving in so weakly? Yes.

“That’s fine baby girl.” He murmured.

I bit my lip looking down at him and those big brown beautiful eyes. He was still a little sweaty but those lips and that smile just had me head over heels. Being mad at him was like mission impossible. When we kissed it felt so good that the feeling flooding my veins was over whelming. I’d never expected to just need him like that so soon. His lips were sweet, soft and tender as I nibbled on his bottom lip and a moan escaped out his throat. My fingers flew into his hair and my legs fell over the sides of his chair till my body was pressed tight against his. My jeans were rubbing against his the better the kiss got and the more I wanted him in that moment.

He pulled away gasping against my lips. “Damn you’re gonna make me faint all over again.”

I giggled but was so rudely interrupted by scooter. I guess some things never change.

“Exactly no sucking face. The car is here so come on you two.” He muttered.

I got off Justin’s lap and helped him up babying him all over again and holding his body in my arms. We got in the car and he was still hot to the touch a little bit of sweat on his forehead. He leaned his head on my shoulder as I talked to Pattie on the phone explaining everything so that she didn’t worry. But of course we both worried anyway. I got him into our hotel room and into the shower leaving his sweaty clothes in the hamper and dialing room service. It was a twenty minute wait on our food when I heard Justin calling for me from the shower.

Afraid he was hurt I ran to the bathroom and threw open the shower door just to see him standing there with his arms stretched out wide as water dripped down that flawless body.

I bit my lip. “I have clothes on I’m not coming in there.”

He smirked and pulled me in anyway wrapping his tanned strong arms around my jean covered waist and kissing me full on. Our mouths connected tongues dancing fighting to lead one another. If only he didn’t taste so good it would be easier to let him go. But despite the fact that I couldn’t let him go he wouldn’t let me go either. My jeans got soaked and as did my button up shirt that I put on trying to be presentable. And as my bra started to show through the thin fabric it became present that presentable was not in any way what I was. 

Justin pulled away biting his lip and reaching for the buttons on my shirt undoing them as I looked down with a groan. My hair got soaked as he pulled my shirt off my body and continued to press his lips all over. The jeans were tricky but Justin managed peeling them off till they joined my shirt on the shower floor. Before I knew it he was picking me up and wrapping my les around that perfect back of his. He moved his mouth down to my neck sucking, biting, and licking it into a frenzy and I looked up into the ceiling and moaned. 

“I,” kiss. “missed,” kiss. “your,” kiss. “body,” kiss. “so damn much.”

I giggled and pulled his mouth back to mine noticing how he seemed to get better at kissing by the day. My lips ran over his tongue traveling the length of his mouth and moving to his neck this time. His skin was smooth and slick with the warm water running over it. He held me up in the air groin pressing into my stomach as I left love bites across his flesh. Soft groans left his mouth which on propelled me to bite down harder. That moment was perfect . . . and I didn’t want it to end. Which of course meant it had to.

A knock sounded on the door as Justin had started to pull on my hair and I sighed knowing who it was.

“Dinner’s here.” I murmured softly into his ear.

His arms tightened around me in response.

“I’m not hungry.” He muttered.

I smiled softly and reached behind me to break his hold slowly getting back down to the ground. We kissed one more time lips brushing against each other and I left him frowning in the shower as I pulled on a robe and rushed to get his food.

*Justin’s point of view*

Nothing felt better than having her forgive me. Sure she was still a little mad over the situation but at least we were talking. I got out of the shower and took the medicine the doctor gave me with some fancy name that I’m pretty sure was just Aleve. Taking it easy was important so I just put on sweats and moved out into the living room where that beautiful girl was getting my dinner ready even though it was already prepared for me. As soon as I walked into the room she pushed me down on the couch giving me a lecture on how the doctor didn’t want me to over work myself again. I sighed but did what she asked sitting on the couch as she brought the meal over. 

“Are you at least gonna sit with me?” I mumbled.

She smiled softly and sat down with her food kissing my cheek and leaving behind sparks.

The entire meal she was that lovey dovy girl that played with her hair subtly and licked her lips every few minutes. Damn I loved that girl. She picked at her food not really eating while I was shoveling it into my mouth as fast as I could.

“What’s wrong babe?” I asked swallowing. 

She shook her head not answering me at first. But I knew Sam so I moved my plate back onto the trey and wrapped an arm around her neck staring at her face with my eyes in a weird state. It took her a minute but eventually she had to look at me and then she just started cracking up. I smiled and kissed the side of her face.

“Now what’s wrong?” I asked again.

She leaned her head on my shoulder and sighed.

“You really wanna know?” She sighed.

I nodded swiftly kissing her forehead and making her giggle.

“It’s just that the other day we were in the airport and I heard Ryan . . .”

I moved her hair over her shoulder so I could see her face better and waited for her to continue.

She took a deep breath. “You guys are friends again I don’t want to ruin it.”

I shook my head and kissed her fingers. “It’s alright you can tell me.”

She nodded her little head and looked up at me with a smile playing at those beautiful lips.

“It’s just he was talking about like he doesn’t even have to be here cause of his job at Punk’d and all this bullshit. He was just being cocky and obnoxious and just . . . ” She muttered.

I smiled. “Ryan?”

“What?” She asked confused.

I wrapped my arms around her. “Baby Ryan’s just a dick like that. He jokes around all the time like if you even have to question if he’s being serious he probably isn’t. I’ll talk to him about it if you want.”

She sighed and snuggled up closer to me. “No thanks I feel stupid enough.”

I looked at her face while her eyes were closed getting lost in the beauty of her face. She opened her eyes to me staring and instantly blushed up at me.

“What?” She whispered.

I moved another lose strand of hair behind her ear and smiled.

“You’re just . . . extremely beautiful to me.” I said softly.

The blush ruptured in her cheeks and I smiled again appreciating her in that moment more than anyone would ever understand.

* * *

After dinner we went straight to bed climbing in and actually facing each other this time around. Her legs were cold from the surprise shower and I kept them around my back rubbing my hands up and down her skin to warm it up. She pressed her body into mine every curve sliding against me in a flawless swoop. I bit my lip looking her over when that cute little giggle entered my ear.

“What?” I smirked.

She gave a dramatic stretch and smirked right back at me.

“We’re so not having sex tonight.” She laughed.

I raised an eyebrow as she keeled over in laughter being over dramatic as always.

“And just what makes you think that?” I asked.

She sighed and kissed my forehead. “Oh baby your so cute when you’re naïve. I said I forgive you but I am still mad at you for one. And two the doctor said no straining physical activity when you’re not performing.”

“I knew that.” I mumbled. “That’s why you were gonna go on top save me some of the work.” 

She punched me screaming Justin and I rolled over pretending to be in pain. We laughed for a few minutes before calming down as I took her into my arms and looked down at that beautiful face.

“Goodnight.” I whispered.

She smiled. “Night.”

“Don’t you have something to tell me?” I pouted.

She rolled her eyes. “I guess I love you.”

I rolled back over on top of her crushing her with my weight till she told me she loved me more than anyone had ever loved in history. Eventually we got tangled up in blankets and held he each other close. The lights were turned off and we kissed softly over and over again not having the strength to pull away. When we finally went to bed I just remember pulling her as close as I cold because the thought of our bodies not connecting literally pained me. Sleeping was easy that night.

*Sam’s point of view*

The next morning I woke up and Justin was staring at me. He was shirtless and leaning on his arm staring at me with a smile on his lips. I stretched and rolled over hiding my face telling him he knew how hideous I looked in the morning. He pulled the blankets off and got on top of me saying I was the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen. I blushed as he took my hands in his and leaned down kissing me softly. It was such a sweet peaceful moment between us that ended as soon as our hotel room door opened.

Scooter had woken Justin up early and we all got up getting ready for more promo. I got to shower and rush around putting on my bieber support gear. My believe shirt was home made with the neon paint bottles and everything. It’d been super fun and creative and I loved wearing it. With my hair in a long pony tail and my shorts with Justin’s hand prints on the back I walked out to my beloved soon to be hubby smiling from ear to ear. He was supposed to be going over the schedule with Scooter but at soon as I walked in the room he looked up and his mouth dropped open. I blushed.

“Good morning.” I smiled.

He jumped off the couch and ran to me wrapping his arms around my waist with a huge grin. I giggled hugging him back as he pressed those precious lips to my neck causing goose bumps to run alone my skin. 

“I’ve got some press today,” he said softly smiling. “But I uh I got a surprise for you after is that okay?” 

I bit my lip. “Yea that’s okay.”

“Mkay. You ready to go?” He asked hands wrapped around my cheeks.

I nodded softly as he kissed me good morning with those perfect plump lips. And then we were off.

The whole day was hectic after that. Press. Fans. Fans. Perform. More press. Then a lot more fans. He spent as much time with them as he could and it was the cutest thing ever. I spent fifteen minutes with a group of girls discussing my outfit as they applauded me for the paint work. And when told that Justin’s hand were on the ass they really wanted them. I asked what for and they said to frame it. So I did give them the shorts after running back up to change into jeans and signed whatever I could for everyone else. 

Justin was in the best mood even pulling me into his arms in front of everybody and kissing me with a smile on his face. I waited the whole day to know what my surprise what and it really didn’t bother me. When the fans were satisfied we still had to show our face around the crew for a few minutes. 120 to be exact -_-. Everyone wanted to eat together and be a family but Justin told me to act like I wasn’t hungry and not order anything. This of course led me to believe he was taking me out to dinner. Watching everyone shovel foods into their mouths wasn’t exactly the funniest thing but I waited for Justin. 

Of course during lunch Justin and Scooter had a total father, son moment when they each got a phone call at the same time about something bad I guess. They paced back and forth with their eyebrows pulled up in pissed mode. It was literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. 

After lunch everyone went back to the hotel and Justin stopped me in the middle of the hall wrapping his arms around my waist and kissing my face sloppily.

“Go put something cute on? We’re gonna head out now to get back at a decent time.” He explained.

“Alright.” I smiled kissing his lips. “Where are we going?”

“Ah, ah ah.” He shook his head. “Can’t tell you it’ll ruin the surprise now go.”

He turned me around and slapped me on the ass as always before I was sent of my marry way. I put on a pale pink jump suit with a black belt around the ribcage and black heels to match. I flat ironed my long black hair and pulled it back again into a pony tail high up on my head. It was sexier with still a bit of edge and as soon as I walked out Justin stood mouth hanging open and already dressed.

My fell open just as fast at that boys outfit. He changed into the white, classier supras with the studs. His jeans were still at a saggy height with a cute button up shirt that left my boy more of a man waiting for me. With another one of those roses in hand that he just seemed to get from nowhere and his hair jelled back instead of the spikes he’d been rocking lately he smiled at me till I blushed. I stepped forward trying not to faint or fall in my heels and he instantly took my hand to steady me.

“You look really beautiful tonight Samantha.” He murmured.

No matter how sweet he tried to be there was always this layer of seduction in his voice.

“T—thank you.” I stuttered. “You look good too.”

He handed me my rose and I took it in both hands to keep them busy as he opened and held the door for me. We made the ride down in the elevator holding hands and being shy towards each other. It was a lot like a first day all over again. Justin still made me nervous and still made me blush and I was happy for that fact. Security led us out the side of the building and a driver drove letting us sit in the back seat. I snuggled into his arms and sighed as he tucked my head under his chin. That’s where I felt whole, complete. We were the type of couple that could be absolutely silent but looking at each other would tell everything either of us had to say. One touch, one look, they were a thousand words. 

I had my arm wrapped around his stomach rubbing my fingers up and down softly. Justin played with my hair making sure not to mess up the gelled perfection. He was the first one to talk and it made my stomach swell with butterflies.

“Any ideas where we’re going?”

I smiled. “Nope. You’ve got me just as confused as ever.”

“Just the way I like it baby.” He chuckled grabbing my ass.

“How romantic.” I muttered.

“I know right?” He smirked. A pause went by. “You still mad at me?”

I sighed and was about to tell him when the car came to a halt.

“Mr. Bieber we’re here.” He explained. 

Justin smiled. “Hold that thought. I’ll get your door.

The nerves started to get the best of me as I wondered and wondered where he’d taken me. I heard the sound of the car door as he pulled on the handle and opened it for me. He leaned his hand out for me and I took it happily smiling and turning to see what our destination was.

“A train station?” I asked. “You’re taking me on a train?”

Justin laughed a little. “Just a pit stop sweetie. Come on.”

He held my hand tight in his as we boarded the train and headed to a private section. As soon as we got settled and someone had brought us drinks Justin turned to me in full suave mood.

“So you were telling me whether or not you’re still mad at me?” He reminded.

“Oh right,” I sighed. “I mean I am still upset. I’m mad that it got that far . . . that I couldn’t stop you from hurting your friend.”

He looked at me oddly for a second.

“You’re saying you blame yourself?” He asked.

I nodded softly looking down and before I knew it he was pulling me into his big strong arms.

“Samantha look at me.” He breathed. “That was in no way your fault. You didn’t tell him to play that prank or tell me to lose my mind. We were both in the wrong but nowhere in there was any of that your fault baby I promise.”

I bit my lip looking up at him.” O—okay.”

He ran his fingers along my jawline and smiled softly. “I thought you were mad at me not yourself."

“I am mad at you.” I insisted. “Your temper is worse than mine. I understand when you get angry but you have to get better control of yourself. Because next time it’s not gonna be one of your best friends it’s gonna be someone willing to press charges. A—and if I you went you jail and I lost you I don’t know . . . I mean I just couldn’t . . .” my voice trailed off after that.

“Hey I’m not going anywhere okay? I’m gonna work on my temper for you. Just keep believing in me huh?”

I smiled a little looking at his lips. “I can do that.”

The rest of the ride we snuggled in our seats and looked out the window as I tried to guess where we were going. It was a long train ride with a couple bumps here and there but Justin being there made it hardly noticeable. He held me in his arms not really saying anything again. We were saving the conversation for the date and everything. So when the train came to a stop and all he did was take my hand and lead me off I was confused. We were just on another train dock thingy.

“Baby please tell me where we going!” I whined as he opened my door and we got into another car.

He smirked and just closed my door climbing in himself and letting the driver drive off all over. I begged and pleaded over and over again for him to tell me where he was taking me. All he would say was you’ll see and not yet. I was begging to lose my patience. When the driver gave Justin a signal I was forced to put a blindfold on and possibly ruin my hair. I wasn’t a happy camper and Justin laughing his ass off didn’t help. It was like another hour until the car came to a stop and I felt Justin’s hand on my thigh.

“You ready baby?” He asked softly.

“Oh my jesus yes!” I cried in desperation.

He laughed and helped me out of the car letting my hang on him as we walked and walked. I was positioned exactly where he wanted me before I felt his breath on the nape of my neck.

“Alright ready?” He asked again.

I took a deep breath. “Yes.”

The blindfold was taken off.

“Open.” He whispered.

I looked up in front of me and let lose a gasp not expecting what was there in front of me.

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