The Locket Of Hair

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23. TLOH 82

*Sam’s point of view*


The incident happened on May 27th. Justin and I had gone out to eat to spend time together before Norway. Chances are you already know what happened. And chances are you’ve already taken sides. So I guess you won’t mind if I take it back tithe beginning of the whole fucking thing. I was still getting over a disgusting rancid ass cold that led my sex life to go from ten million and a fucking half to a negative two. Justin had rehearsals where he was doing his thing and being flawless as ever. I was stuck in bed for four days tweeting about how pissed I was that I was stuck in bed. Justin came home every day with a different thing of flowers like I was dying or something but it was cute. He was cute.


I went to the doctor to get told what I already knew but he put on pills that knocked me out all day till Justin came home so I guess it was a win win situation. Justin came home and disinfected the room before holding me and talking till we fell asleep. Sunday was the day that the cough had stopped and the nose wasn’t running every two seconds. I was happy to get out and move for once. So I put on a cute summer dress and my ray banes forcing Justin to get dressed so we could go out. He put on these black sweatpants and a light blue shirt to go with purple high tops and a cute hat. My baby looked gooooooooood.


“So where are we going honey?” He asked.


“Calabasas shopping center?” I smiled.


“Anything for you.” He smiled back.


We set off to the shopping mall being lovey dovy as always holding hands and being sweet. But Justin wasn’t in the best of moods. He was grumpy, didn’t want to get up and only did it for mesa I tried to keep him calm letting him open my door without an argument and holding onto his arm as we started to walk around.


“I’m sorry I made you get up so early.” I murmured.


He nuzzled his head closer to mine. “Hey it’s alright. Just put up with me till Iwaki up huh?”


One flash of that smile and I was ready to die. We went to get coffee first—him needing it more than me—and then walking into shops along the mall. Justin was sweet no matter how tired he was making funny faces and wrapping his arms around me. When we walked we walked together intertwined in some way or another. It felt so good to slid back into the other side of our relationship. We have the goofy try on nerd glasses and take pictures with random people without them asking side. And then there’s the more mature stay at home and cuddle discussing our bank accounts type. Justin never cared about money he cared more about me being safe and taken care of no matter what. That’s what I loved about him. He put me first even before himself.


“Baby you want a t-shirt?” He asked looking through the one’s at Hot topic.


I got excited like a kid on Christmas because I just love t-shirts. Usually I ripped holes in them and pinned them back together to just look weird and distorted and get that grungy look.


“Yea Indeed more Bieber shirts!” I screeched.


He rolled his eyes and smiled helping me reach up on the high shelves and picking out every one I wanted. I didn’t mind those so much because part of the proceeds went to charity and it wasn’t just blowing money. I held his hand as we got them and he carried the bags kissing my forehead. Some fans came up when we were walking back to the car which I didn’t mind. They wanted both of us to sign stuff and take pictures alternating between me and Justin. I was taking picture with this girl about the same age as me when I heard a guy calling my name.


“You should let a man take care of you sugar.” He said.


First of fucking all who says sugar? Ya fucking pedophile. Second of all he wasn’t even remotely attractive like he was in his thirties trying to pick up an engaged eighteen years old. Smooth dick pie real smooth.


“I’m fine over here thank you.” I waved him off.


He was with another guy walking by. Justin kept looking at me because he knows I have a temper. There was no point in defending me because I could handle myself. We were on the same page . . . at least I thought we were.


“Why don’t you fuck off and leave my girl alone bro?” Justin asked.


Oh God.


But the guys didn’t want any trouble so they turned and started to walk away as cameras were pulled out. That’s when I heard one of them whisper:


“That faggot ass boyfriend of hers needs to come out the closet.” 


By now I hope you know what pisses me off? The word faggot or talking about someone else’s sexuality period as it defines them! Good job bitches. So . . . as a Canadian and a bitch—don’t worry I know it—I got a little word vomit and turned to them ready to kick ass.


“My faggot ass boyfriend was hitting it just fine last night bitch! Especially with the ring on my finger worth more than you’re fuckin house pronouncing him as my fiancé. So why don’t you go fuck yourself in your mom’s basement using pornhub ya stupid cunt.”


I wasn’t proud of it but in that moment I just got so angry that I started seeing red. Justin finished signing his autograph and came to wrap his arms around me.


“Babe I can feel your heart through your shirt calm down.” He murmured.


“No I won’t calm down that was so fucking unnecessary.” I screeched.


He did that thing where he held onto my cheeks and squeezed my face together so I couldn’t talk.


“Don’t let them get you all riled up okay? It’s not worth it baby just relax.” He said in a seductive quiet voice.


I sighed. “Alright, alright. I’m fine.”


“Give me a kiss.” He demanded softly.


I kissed his sweet lips and went to get a smoothie while he apologized to fans and security who weren’t very pleased with my outburst. But even in the media I didn’t try to portray myself as a quiet nice Jewish girl that went to temple and wore dresses to my ankles. Cussing was the norm for me and I’ve learned that if you embrace it but don’t overdo it people actually respect you for speaking your mind. And in my opinion calling a guy who gets pussy literally almost every day a faggot because your hair thinning out was a perfect example of need of an ass whooping. Why kill them with kindness when I could literally just kill them? Okay that was a little much but . . . you get it.


So that was the first incident. I went and got my smoothie and Justin came back holding me while I leaned my head on his shoulder and apologized for an embarrassing him.


“Oh what are you talking about you didn’t embarrass me.” He said softly running his hands down my hair.


I sighed. “But you’re right I can’t control my language. I shouldn’t have cussed like that in public I know better.”


He looked down at me with those hazel orbs and blew his sweet breath softly against my open lips.


“Samantha you’re not like ruining my image or whatever. The media . . . they’ll make of it what they will but my fans know I’m just growing up. Cussing—although don’t think anyone does it quite like you—it’s kind of to be expected. You’re fans are at the point though were cussing is acceptable. Some of mine are so young and I can’t just drop F bombs off on every prick in the world. It’s not worth it either. I’ve got you for that.” He smirked.


I giggled. “Thank you for sticking up for me.”


“You’re welcome baby even if you didn’t really need it.” He said kissing me softly.


And we tried to enjoy the day. He held my hand tight all day while we went out to lunch and tried to find Jazz’s birthday present. Justin hated missing her birthday and wanted to get her something special and cute. In the end it came down to a tie between the tricked out Barbie truck and a magic castle bounce house which I think he wanted more for himself then for Jazzy. We got both and got to pick out the wrapping paper which was my favorite part. We got a card that records the voice and everything. I was so excited to see her face cause I hated missing her birthday just as much as Justin. After that we planned ongoing home to cuddle. That’s not what happened.


Justin was pulling the car out driving horribly as always trying to get us home when the paparazzi started to press up against the car. He tried moving his hand in obscene gestures telling them to move but they literally pressed themselves more into the car. I rolled down my window asking them to move and they didn’t. Justin got fucking road rage and started hitting his fists down on the hornlike king Kong. You could hear what the photographers were saying as they tried to get pictures but someone said something that just set Justin off. There was one creepy look man that said something like don’t hurt her feelings she’ll slit her wrists. Justin. Went. Off. 


I saw his door open as he jumped out of the car and started to yell at people to move. 


“What’d you say? Get the fuck out the way bro!” He yelled pushing him.


I hurried out the car watching bumrush this guy. It was the look in his eye that scared me the most. There was like pure rage in pools of the hazel orbs. He looked like he was out to kill. Justin ended up falling against the photographer and losing his shoe to the point where they fell to the ground. People were starting to crowd around so I helped him up and took his face in my hands trying to calm him down.


“Justin! Come on calm down it’s not that big of a deal baby please?” I soothed.


His face and his arms were scratched up from the fall. Not to mention his shoe and hat now littering the ground.


“Sam did you hear what he said about you? I’m not gonna let someone disrespect you like that.” He said.


“What did you just say to me?!” I asked having to raise my voice for him to hear me then lowering it. “Justin people are watching now let’s just get in the car and go okay?”


I got his hat and his shoe and he was still fuming mad when the photographer and his wife or something started talking shit. He was completely blowing up the whole thing like Justin had shot him in the stomach. It was ridiculous and it only made him madder so when the cops were called we left done with trying to be mature about the situation. He wanted to drive home but I convinced him to just pull over into some restaurant parking lot. I watched him turn the car off and just stay locked in that position. The veins in his arms were so dominant in the skin that it scared me. He was looking straight ahead not saying a word just breathing and gripping the steering wheel with a death hold.


The hardest part of it all for Justin is paparazzi. Nothing makes him madder than people invading his privacy. He understands that that’s their job and he’s always willing to let them take their pictures and shit. It’s just the jumping on the car and the screaming hurtful shit for no reason where he gets mad. He has a really bad temper and I hadn’t even seen him anywhere near that level of anger before. But that wasn’t a ten. That was like a seven.


“Baby you’re hurt.” I murmured reaching for his arm.


“Don’t.” He hissed.


I pulled back shocked by the tone of his voice.


“What did I do?” I asked.


He was trembling in his seat glaring at the window shield like he wanted to set it on fire.


“J—Justin…” I whispered.


He cut me off. “WHAT?!”


I jumped in my seat not even realizing how scary Justin can be. 


“Y—you’re scaring me.” I swallowed.


He looked down at the steering wheel and sighed taking a deep breath before looking at me.


“I’m sorry okay? I just got a little upset.” He breathed.


I unhooked my seatbelt and climbed over into his lap ignoring his groans to stop when I moved. I waited hiking my dress up so I could sit the right way. Justin was always there for me. He always got through to me when no one else did. Allis wanted was to be that for him.


“Please look at me.” I said softly.


When he did the sadness in his eyes took me by surprise.


“Do you think I like acting like that? You think I don’t know what the press ingoing to say, what Scooter’s gonna say? I know Sam. I fucked up just like I always do and I’ll have to pay the consequences.” 


“Hey,”I disagreed instantly and taking his face in my hands. “You’re not the hulk Justin. You’re not a monster. We both heard what that man said to me and it was not okay. What you did was brave and it was sweet and it made me feel like I can always count on you. I know now that you’ll protect me. You didn’t fuck up you did the opposite.” 


He shook his head. “Everyone is gonna be mad at me.”


“You don’t know that.” I told him. “You did nothing fucking wrong. The people that really love you will know that and won’t listen to the gossip sites. Everyone in that parking lot saw it.”


“Yea?”He sighed.


“Of course baby.” I promised.


He took a deep breath. “Okay . . . cause I have booboos and I need them kissed.”


I giggled and looked at his scrapes kissing them more than necessary before looking at those ungodly perfect lips.


“Mm I think you have one more.” I whispered.


He smirked. “These hurt the most.”


I kissed him softly pushing his lips open and tasting his breath on the tip of my tongue. And that was kind of the end of that because it didn’t get a chance to escalate further. We were off to Norway.


*Justin’s point of view*


Everyone was going to Norway. Ry Good was back. Kenny, Moshe, Scooter, and my baby were all joining and I couldn’t wait to get back on the road. Performing it’s in my blood, it’s what I want to do and I hadn’t done it in soling I was like home sick. We went home after the incident and wrapped up Jazz’s present and got it sent off before finishing up packing. Plane rides were always crazy with my crew so a dull moment was not to be expected. Alfred was with us ready to go and Sam took for fucking ever which was I told her to pack the night before. Women just don’t listen. 


We got in a car to go meet everyone at the airport the entire crew squeezing together on one jet. I sat next to Sam and across from Alfredo and Ry Good which meant that any hope of getting sleep was just not going to happen. I’m not sure if Ryan just had his ear drums blown out and can’t hear how loud he is or if he literally just enjoys the sound of his own voice but he was one loud dude. Everyone loved it though cause he was funny and shit . . . well almost everyone. Sam didn’t particularly like the loudness. She much prefers the peace and quiet that lets her catch up on sleep when insomnia hits. 


So she became the only person on the plane not having a good time and I could tell too. She was all snuggled up in blankets and a pillow huffing and puffing trying to get comfortable but Ryan just kept going. And what do you do in that type of situation? Ask your bro to shut the fuck up because you know your girl can’t sleep at home and needs all the rest she can get. Or let her suffer little bit because he makes the ride so enjoyable for you? I took the give her cough medicine to knock her out route. She was still a little sick and I think we both just wanted her to sleep. Then everyone was happy and I got to talk tithe guys for a little bit.


“So what’s up with you bro?” I asked.


He shrugged. “Justin the punk’d gig. What about you? I know how bad it has to be without me.”


Alfredo laughed. “We replaced you.”


Ryan faked like he was hurt. “Who could replace me?”


Everyone’s eye traveled over to Sam who was usually the loud and funny one. With Ryan back around she just slid back into her shell.


“Cause she seems hilarious.” Ryan rolled his eyes.


“Shies.” I murmured. “Funnier than you anyway.”


“I think you’re getting caught up in boo bland!” He said a little too loud.


“Ryan. Shut the hell up!” Scooter called from behind us.


Guess Ry Good didn’t know cracking at jokes wouldn’t work with daddy Scoot around. The rest of the flight was full of the guys just being ridiculous and stupid while Sam slept. Die in your arms was released while we were in the air and Sam was still asleep not waking up till it was about an hour from landing. She started to stir in my arms and I kissed her forehead softly smiling as those eyes peered up into mine with a daze. A yawn broke through those cute little lips and she started to stretch flopping in her seat. 


“When are we landing?” She mumbled.


“About an hour.” I smiled.


She started to get out of her seat and I grabbed her waist biting my lip.


“W—where are you going? I missed you baby.” I mumbled.


“P—pussy.” Ryan coughed.


Sam rolled her eyes and I got the feeling she really didn’t care too much for Ryan.


“I’m just gonna get dressed. Sweats aren’t very cute.” She sighed.


I smirked a little bit. “Can I come?”


Ryan started laughing in his seat like the idea of her letting me come was ridiculous. I could tell that that tipped her over.




We got out of our seats and I clapped Ryan on the shoulder following her into the bathroom as she grabbed her clothes. It was a small little bathroom so I sat on the counter giving her as much room as I could while she pulled her pants down and was left in a baggy sweatshirt. I bit my lip and eyed her up down smirking again. When she looked up there wasn’t enough time to look away. But she just rolled her eyes and looked down.


“You don’t like Ryan.” I said nonchalantly.


She shrugged. “I don’t really care for him.”


“What’d he do to you?” I asked.


Sam sighed and got out her outfit running her fingers through that beautiful hair.


“Nothing really . . . he’s just really loud and obnoxious. His voice is like . . . I don’t baby that’s your friend I don’t want to talk about it.”


I slid off the counter going up to her and making her stop. She looked up at me biting her lip as I slid my hands onto her hips pulling on the edge of her underwear.


“S—stop.” She mumbled.


“Why? “I asked doing the puppy dog face.


“I . .. . I’m on my period.” She whispered.


“Already?” I said confused.


“Y—year know it’s weird.” She muttered looking away.


Why did I have a really weird feeling that she wasn’t on her period?


*Sam’s point of view*


So I wasn’t on my period. But something had happened that really hadn’t sat right with me and I wasn’t going to tell Justin about it. Ryan. The oh so cool and hilarious loud mouth seemed like the biggest dick in all the land. We’d been going through check out or whatever at the airport when I heard him talking shit about being back. It was all like oh I got this new gig on Punk’d and I don’t even have to be here I’m just doing it for the money. -_- When Justin got him the job in the first place and was always there for everyone in his team. That was just jacked up. But that was Justin’s friend and I wasn’t going to make a big deal out of it. It didn’t mean that I wasn’t angry because I was beyond pissed off. I just didn’t want to be lovey dovy with him while the anger was so strong.


I pulled on a light pink blouse and jeans with beige heels but those were set aside until landing. Justin knew I was acting awkward but he didn’t know why which was fine with me. We left the bathroom and he went back to our seats while I went to sit with Scooter. I didn’t give him time to complain and just kind of snuggled up to Scoot Scoot. He looked at me in confusion but one look into my eyes knew I didn’t want to talk about. I spent the rest of the ride talking to Scooter and ignoring the obnoxious loud asses behind us.


“You okay?” He asked.


I rolled my eyes. “I’m coming with you for the pencils of promise game right? Like I get to play?”


Scooter nodded. “You’re a spokesperson now. You sure you’ll be able to leave though?”


“I don’t think there’ll be a problem with that. You read for my jump shot?” I smirked.


He laughed and pushed my head off his shoulder jokingly.


The plane landed in Norway and the fans were insane. That was like some of the craziest I’ve ever seen for him. People were throwing themselves against cars and everything. A part of me wanted to smile and hold Justin’s hand knowing all those people were there for him and loved him. Yet I was stuck looking down at my phone and ignoring it all. I needed a smoke at that point. Besides the crazy entrance we got to the hotel safely and everything was put back into order as we all headed to rooms. I was sharing a room with Justin and Alfredo, Scooter, and everyone else were in the rooms next to and across from ours. Justin was headed straight for press and it had been decided that I would go with him. Until now . . . .


“I think I’ll just stay here.” I said.


Everyone was in our room getting Justin prepped and shit before all eyes ended up on me.


“What? “Justin asked.


I shrugged. “I’m going to stay here.”


“Why would you do that? There’s not even anyone that can stay here with you we need the whole crew.” He said.


We weren’t able to make eye contact because he was pulling his shirt on and was half way across the room but that was probably a good thing.


“That’s fine I don’t need anyone to stay with me I’m a big girl Justin.” I muttered.


He finally turned around. “I’m aware you’re a big girl Sam. So don’t start throwing temper tantrum. You’re coming.”


Not such a good idea on his part.


“Demanding me to go somewhere with you isn’t going to get you very far. I said I want to stay here so I’m going to sit my ass on this bed and stay here. Anyone that has a problem with that can suck my left nut and get over it.”


Now that I was clearly a little annoyed . . . okay I was pissed off everyone in the room fell silent. Justin knew me better than anyone and knew when it was time to change things up and try a different route. He came across the room to mean I looked down not dare letting him see my eyes. If he saw my eyes he’d know something was up immediately. 


“Maybe you don’t need me to get through the day but I need you. That’s why I brought you here why don’t you want to come with me?” He said softly.


“I just don’t want to go.” I mumbled feeling bad now. “I’ll come to the concert but I don’t want to come to press.”


He leaned close to get to my ear and whisper. “Is this because it’s that time of the month?”


He gave me a door to escape out of and I took it.


“Sure. “I muttered.


He sighed and got up as Scooter said had to go. I moved away when he tried to kiss me but Justin settled with my forehead before everyone started leaving. When he said I love you I said it back but still didn’t meet his eyes. Before I knew it was left alone with nothing to do and no one to talk to because I was too much of a pussy to say what was on my mind. 


*Justin’s point of view*


I had no idea what was wrong with Sam. I knew it made no sense for her not to want to come with me because she loved to be there for me. She wouldn’t look me in the eye or say what was really on her mind. And a part of me was scared and wanted to call the hotel and have them check on her but that would just push her away from me. I tried to trust her and settle with texting and asking if she was okay. It sucked because all those fans were out there being crazy passionate and I couldn’t notice because Sam was the only thing on my mind. I tried to get away from it all and focus on work because that’s what the professional side of me needed to do. But I talked to Scooter anyway.


“Can I change something in the show tomorrow?” I asked.


“What ‘son your mind?”


I looked down licking my lip. “I want to do die in your arms . . . and I wanna bring Sam on stage to do it for her.”


He let out a big breath and I just knew he was going to shoot it down.


“If you think it’s a good idea . . . and as long as the intentions behind it are good. “He said.


I nodded. “But I wrote it for her. The first time I perform it I want her to see how I felt when I wrote it. I want her to know she’s everything. Isn’t that reason enough?”


He smiled a little. “Yea I guess it is.” 


So I went and did my press hearing everyone on twitter talking about the song and how much they loved it which meant so much to me. And the fans in Oslo were crazy. There was only a little press to be done but hardcore stuff started the next day. But more importantly the free show for the fans . . . and Sam. I was hoping by the time I got back she would be happy again and ready to snuggle or something before bed but that was the opposite. She hadn’t even listened to die in your arms yet and had just gone to bed. It hurt so much because the song itself was for her and nobody else. I hated the feeling that she didn’t care or just wasn’t interested.


I changed out of my clothes and climbed into bed with a sigh not even knowing what to say to her. It was too much to be in bed and not hold her so I wrapped my arms around her body and pulled it to me. Surprisingly she didn’t protest probably because we were facing the same direction and she didn’t have to look at me. I moved her hair out of the way and kissed her neck gently. She shivered.


“Goodnight. I love you . . . so damn much Samantha.” I whispered.


“Love you too.” She swallowed.


I sighed and held her tighter closing my eyes to dream of a world where the girl I loved didn’t hate me for whatever reason.


* * *


“Guys I—I wanna do something special for you tonight. I wanna perform my new single die in your arms.” I said into the mike.


Everyone screamed and Dan got ready to do the song as I smiled at all those beautiful faces.


“But there’s someone . . . that I’d like to sing it to. And I have a feeling she won’t come out here without your guy’s help. Can I sing this to my fiancé?”


They screamed yes and that two second silent gap before the response where your stomach falls had me nervous. 


“Then Sam come on out!” I yelled.


I turned to the side of the stage where Scooter was supposed to be holding her hostage and saw she wasn’t coming.

“S—Sam? “I mumbled awkwardly

I moved over to the side of the stage and saw that she was putting up a fight. She had on her Jamantha sweatshirt which took me an hour to get her to put on and jeans. I watched her fight against Scooter who finally shoved her out onto the stage as a blush ruptured in her cheeks. I couldn’t believe she really didn’t want to come out. They got her a seat and our eyes connected mine filled with her hurt and hers with embarrassment. Personal shit had to be put aside though. The show must go on.


“Get it Dan!” I called into the mike.

So we did the acoustic version and the fans were going crazy. I tried to be romantic and look her in the eyes. But every time I tried to show her I loved her with every fiber of my being she just shut own. The song ended and as far as I knew it was the first time she’d ever heard it. There wasn’t a smile on her face or anything. Dan stopped playing, I stopped singing, the crowd started cheering, and Sam got out of her seat running away. I’d never been so confused in my life. 


I ran after her leaving everything else behind and saw her run straight into Scooter who was trying to calm her down.


“No! I told you I didn’t want to go out there Scott!” She screeched.


“W—why?” I asked from behind.


She turned to see me and bit her lip. I watched her shake her head and run away. What was happening? Like it didn’t even make sense.


“I’ll go after her JB.” Ryan said.


I wanted to disagree but Scooter was already pushing me back out on stage.


*Sam’s point of view*


I started to cry as I ran through the stage to leave. Moshe was following me trying to tell me to slow down but I wouldn’t listen. All of a sudden a pair of hands reached out to grab me and I screamed not wanting him to pull me back to Justin. But it wasn’t even Moshe. It was fucking Ryan and he told Moshe he had everything under control sending him away until it was just us standing there. The hallway was thin and dark with nothing but the sound of my throbbing heart and cries of desperation. His hand covered my mouth to muffle the sound of me crying. I was scared. I was mad. And I just wanted to get the hell away from the guy pressing all his weight down on me against a cold wall.


“I’m gonna take my hand off now okay?” He murmured.


I waited impatient as his hand finally left my mouth and breathing became possible.


“L—let me go.” I gasped out of breath.

He chuckled. “What if I don’t want to?”

I raised an eyebrow not understanding where he was going with all this.

“Too fucking bad. Let me go.” I said again

He pressed me farther and farther into the wall with a disgusting grin on his face that I yearned to slap off.

“I haven’t seen you in a long time.” He whispered sloppily.

“Dumb ass, we’ve never met.” I spat.

His hands traveled up my stomach and onto my shoulder, as he licked his lip with another grin.

“Just because we haven’t met doesn’t mean I’ve never seen you.”


He started to shake his head from side to side.

“Oh Samantha, im not a creep, your just so beautiful I cant help myself.”

I hated the fact that he called me Samantha. I hated the fact that Justin was on stage. I hated that we have fought over something as stupid as Ry Good, without him even knowing it. Being in the dark hallway, stuck under his grasp left fear boiling in my veins. He wasn’t even that strong, yet I felt helpless in front of him. He started to lean closer, nose skimming up my neck, as a soft groan escaped his lips. I just wanted to run.

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