The Locket Of Hair

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22. TLOH 81

A Bieber Love Story

The Locket of Hair part 81:

The Dryer
*Justin’s point of view*

“Does Sam like the car?” Ellen asked.

I squeezed the arms of the chair softly. “Yep.”

“You guys like to . . . I don’t know watch basketballs games?” 

“Yep.” I rushed.

A picture came up on the screen of me attacking Sam’s mouth so long ago at that game. 

“Doesn’t really look like you’re watching the game.” She sighed.

I started blushing shaking my head. “Nope don’t really watch a lot of games.”

“But she’s gone dark right? She dyed her hair?” Ellen asked.

I didn’t really see where she was going with this one so I humored her.

“Yea. She looks gorgeous.” I shrugged.

“Oh good, good cause uh . . . this picture had us thinking maybe you were cheating on her!” she sighed a sigh of relief.

It was me and Sam leaving iHop and leaning against the car. I was grabbing her boobs. No if ands or buts about it. It was just a full fledge boob grab and it made it so much worse that I was touching both of them. Regardless I looked down hiding my face as everyone laughed.

“My mom’s here . . . can you take that down?” I asked softly.

Everyone laughed again. “But I take it you two are happy? I’m still waiting on my wedding invite.”

“Oh wait no! She told me to tell you uhm . . . what was it?” I muttered.

“Maybe you forgot in when you were grabbing her breasts?” Ellen guessed.

The blush ruptured in my cheeks again. “No we’re going to Norway in a couple days so we’re actually getting all the wedding invites sent out this week. So I think she just wanted me to tell you to wait.”

“Oooh yay!” she squealed.

I announced my tour on the show and even gave away tickets for fans. To be honest nothing could’ve brought me down that morning and I was smiling from ear to ear. Sam wore her version of the girlfriend jacket I gave Ellen only hers said fiancé. The fans had no idea they were gonna be able to buy them but that was beside the point. That night with Sam was . . . just so amazing. I got a chance to sit down and appreciate her body. Make her feel good, make her moan over and over again. It was music to my ears and I abused it going and going even when she said she couldn’t handle it anymore. In fact—much to my amusement—she wasn’t walking straight when we woke up the next morning and had to lean on someone at all times. Swaggy.

We’d woken up that morning and it was almost as if we were still panting. Her body was cool wrapped up in the sheets and I just stared admiring every single thing about her. She was just too beautiful for words and I had no idea what to do with myself. Sam was there for me that morning trying through her soreness to be lovey dovy and give a shoulder for me to lean on. I took that shoulder eagerly though I wasn’t afraid of anything. Being near her just made my body tingle. I carried her to the car and let her lay down as we drove trying not to laugh when Scooter asked what was wrong with her. She’d punched me in my chest when I couldn’t hold back the chuckle.

“I—I pulled a muscle.” She’d muttered.

My baby was cute.

The performance on Ellen went without a hitch and I gave it all I had happy to be back on the stage again. It wasn’t the same as a concert but all those fans at the front were close enough. Seeing them smile and scream made me feel like all the hard work paid off. As soon as I got off the stage Sam snuck out limping and jumped into my arms to give me a kiss before “running” backstage to stay hidden from fans. I’ll never get why she didn’t want to be around me too much in front of me but I didn’t argue with her. She ran backstage and I sat down again with Ellen as the show continued to film.

She decided to give me a graduation because I didn’t get a traditional one. Besides the party Sam threw of course but I don’t think anyone but family knew about that. They pulled me up on stage and gave this gown thing which was so not Swaggy and then I tried to put my hands in my pockets but Scooter had to call up on stage and tell me to stop it. I had this thing put on my shoulders that was apparently a hat that wouldn’t mess up my hair. Scooter, my mom, Sam, and Kenny were all given seats to my “graduation” where Ellen gave a very heartwarming speech. By the time filming the show was over I was smiling from ear to ear. I was so happy that when they were taking pictures I picked Sam up and kissed her. She’d worn sneakers so she was nice and short again allowing me to wrap my arms around her when she didn’t expect it and kiss her sweet lips.

Sam blushed and looked down moving away from me and hiding behind Scooter. Usually I’d wait till we were alone to ask her what was wrong but it’d been a perfect day and I didn’t want it to be spoiled out of no where. Sam was my baby and I couldn’t be happy if she wasn’t happy.

“What’d I do wrong?” I asked moving over to her.

Her blush got deeper and her voice soft. “N—nothing.”

She tried to move away again but I grabbed her waist pulling her back to me. There were too many people around for her to fight me. Sam hated to make a scene.

“Tell me.” I murmured.

“This is your day go enjoy it.” She mumbled.

“I can’t enjoy it until you tell me what’s wrong.” I said.

She looked up at me and bit her lip getting captivated by my eyes the way she always did.

“It’s nothing . . . Just you shouldn’t kissed me like that in front of everyone.”

Only Sam I swear.

I rolled my eyes. “Will you please explain why I’m not allowed to touch my fiancé in public?” 

She sighed. “I don’t want to fight in public either.”

I snatched her hand up then irritated. “Fine we’ll fight backstage.”

She kept whispering for me to stop but I ignored her and everyone else. The stupid gown I was wearing complicated things but I wasn’t going to let her walk around in silence because she was afraid to speak her mind in public.

“Now why can’t I kiss you without you lapsing into silence?” I demanded.

She kept her eyes on the ground messing with her ankles.

“T—the fans wouldn’t like it.” She whispered.

“Sam what are you talking about my fans love you.” I sighed.

She shook her head. “Not if you’re shoving your tongue in my mouth every two seconds.”

I wrapped my arms around her no matter how much she fought against it. Moving her hair out of her face and behind her ear it took a minute to get her to look at me.

“Samantha come on . . . they understand that I love you. It’s okay for me to want you. It’s okay for you to want me to. It’s not our fault people are sneaking around to take pictures of us. We can’t punish ourselves for something that’s not in our control. Stop being like this baby please?” 

She got caught up on that last sentence which is the reason I added it in. Her face began to soften and she nodded softly letting me kiss her soft lips before we headed back out to the stage. 

Sam got to see that little girl again from one of the previous times we came on the show. She was doing great in school and found some other girls that believed in true love and loving Bieber which I think sounds like some badass friends. They took pictures together again and Sam even tweeted about her making that girls day once again. I felt confident that one day I’d get my two kids. I didn’t want just one—despite what Sam said—because me being an only child growing up I always wanted siblings. She’d give in eventually by maybe twenty four although she was stubborn as hell. And I couldn’t wait for that day.

We were already in rehearsals for Believe Tour. So I had to finish Ellen and then head straight back to the dance studio. I didn’t have time to eat or anything so we entered beast mode and headed straight there. To be honest all I wanted to do was lie in bed with Sam and play with her boobs. That sounded like the perfect day. But no even in the car we ended up separated and all I could do was hold her hand from behind while the driver took us there. For the first time she was gonna be with me for rehearsals. But then again so was Scooter so that kind of limited my time to play with her. Sam babied me again bringing a change of clothes in and a snack in my backpack. That had me smiling though all the guys tried to jump on me for it. Sam handled it by making a note of how many of them would get some that night.

This of course made Scooter angry and all of them shut up. But I was angry to because I wouldn’t get any that night. She’d already said so. Liar. I spend the rest of the ride trying to come up with a plane to trick her into sex that night. We pulled up to the studio and everyone got out ready to do something productive. I believe Sam was gonna be working while watching me. That girl never stopped. I wrapped my arms around her from behind while we got situated and she giggled.

“I love when you do that.” She said softly.

I tightened my arms around her and kissed her cheek.

“You gonna step in and learn some moves?” I asked.

She chuckled. “Oh yea.”

“Promise?” I murmured.

Sam rolled her eyes. “Sure babe.” 

She thought I was kidding but I knew for a fact I’d get her to dance that day. And I couldn’t wait for it to happen either.

*Sam’s point of view*

Justin got changed into his sweats and a black tanktop as they started rehearsals. The crew was kind of getting back together which I found unbelievably cute. I wanted to relax and rest my pounded vagina but I still had shit to do. And as if I didn’t know that Scooter was there to remind me every two seconds. I knew he meant well and only wanted to me succeed but he could really calm his nuts or go bother Justin. Although when they started practicing dance moves me and work just stopped working. I was drooling, not blinking and just staring at that beautiful man pop his penis all over the place. It was just too much for my body to handle.

“Sam!” Scooter screeched.

“What?” I asked shocked.

“Stop staring and focus on what I’m saying.” He demanded.

I sighed and got my last look at Justin before turning back to the screen.

“So you’re saying you’re done writing the book? It’s finished?” He asked.

I nodded. “I wrote the acknowledgements and the dedications yesterday. Everything is finished.”

He eyed me closely. “Who’s it dedicated to?”

I’m sure scooter was expecting me to dedicate it to Justin’s sex stamina or something widely inappropriate. So I pulled it up on my laptop and read it out loud.

“To all the girls and boys who smiled in public but cried behind closed doors. You are loved and you are not alone. I’m there with you.” I read.

I swallowed a little bit looking at the words and just thinking that I wish someone would’ve said that to me. Scooter’s hand reached out to touch me on my shoulder and I looked up with a little bit of a smile.

“That’s great Samantha, really.” He said.

All my chapters, dedication, and acknowledgements were sent off to the editor for spell check and shit. But I wasn’t going to let them actually edit the story. The way I wrote it was the way it was going into the stores because that was how I had it put in the contract. Words can’t describe how proud I was of that book. Nothing else could be said or explained and I was the happiest girl in the world because of it. Everything was put together and there was nothing left to do but wait. Now I was left with working with the wedding because now that we’d signed on with E it became work instead of play. Then again we’d settled on twenty million just to film the special—more then Kim K’s wedding which was an epic fail anyway—so I wasn’t going to let them suck the fun out of my wedding day. They had to have the dates and everything to show up for filming. Me and Justin had settled on the fact that they were not going to film our entire lives for a year. They’d get the necessary footage and that was it.

“I have a fitting for corsets to build into the dress tomorrow they should know that. Wedding invites are being shipped today. Justin’s not getting a fitting again until after promo tour. That’s all they need to know.” I explained.

Our wedding invitations were a lot different then I think people expected from us. We could’ve gone the goofy route but even Justin was very into the idea of having something elegant and mature. So we tried to find the balance between it still having our personality and the maturity so people would realize yes bitches this is happening. We’d taken a couple pictures in black and white and ended up going with one of Justin with his arms around my waist looking down at me as we smiled at each other. It was cute and it was romantic and I loved it. The invitation itself was white with a purple bow on the front to show our color for the wedding. In the fancy cursive was all the information and stuff. I just couldn’t wait for people to get them. 

Besides the wedding I still had to worry about my “career”. As much as Justin would LOVE for me to be a stay home wife doing nothing but popping out babies, cooking, and cleaning that wasn’t the plan for me. Just because I was getting married at nineteen didn’t mean I was going to live in the same period where women had to clean the piss and shit out of the toilets. -_- No bitch, no. When he was away the only thing that kept me sane was working. Did I need the money? No my baby took care of me. It was more so the pride of making money and then being able to give back made me extremely happy.

So the Stay Strong collection was in the works. Walmart wanted it, Kmart wanted it—but selena was with them so no thanks, and Khol’s wanted it. I was doing something completely different. We weren’t going to put it in some ridiculous store instead we were going to make our own. My idea I know I’m a fucking beast. It was supposed to be for anywhere from a girl to a woman and I was super excited. But in the meantime besides trying my hand at working with designers I was just the supportive fiancé watching my baby kill with his sexiness. He was in the middle of practicing All Around the World slayed and he was working so incredibly hard. There was sweat on his tank top. His hair was a mess. His cheeks were red. And damn was he one pile of sex.

“Let’s take fifteen for water then we’ll do cool downs.” The chorographer said.

Justin collapsed on the ground panting and smiling. I always thought he worked himself too hard. The problem was he loved to do it. So I grabbed his towel and the room temp water. Oh my Jesus let’s not forget the time I brought him cold water thinking that’s what he needed and a vocal person almost stabbed me. The band went off to pick food off the snack table and he was just lying in a pool of his own sweat. How attractive. 

“Here baby.” I smiled tossing him the towel.

He got off the ground and started that cheesy Justin smile that is only cute because it’s from Justin. I eyed him curiously not knowing what he was up to until he opened up his arms as an offer.

“Give me a hug.” He smirked.

I shook my head putting my arms out to stop him.

“Justin no!” I said.

“Oh come on just a little hug.” He smirked evilly.

“Scooter help!” I screeched running away.

He started to chase me around the room with sweat dripping off my body. I wanted to kill him.

“I’ll make you deal.” He said stopping and panting.

“What?!” I yelled from across the room.

“Dance with me and I won’t hug you!”

I stopped dead in my tracks. “You did all that shit to get me to dance?!”

He nodded softly and kissed the air at me. As much as the idea of punching him in his stomach was—because I didn’t want to hurt that face—I really didn’t want to get sweat on me. So very, very reluctantly I agreed to dance and I wasn’t fucking looking forward to it.

*Justin’s point of view*

She was the sexiest dancer of all time. One of my female dancers was trying to help her and she didn’t even need it. You showed her a dance and she did it perfectly. Would she admit it? Hell no she was Sam but that’s beside the point. My personal favorite the Ciara lean back and pop she did with grace. I knew she was flexible but there a difference between leaning her leg completely to the side to have better access to her vagina than watching all the muscles in her stomach flex because she wore a cutoff shirt. Then the black hair leaning all over the place. UNF. Yea didn’t think I knew that one did you?

When the dancing was over I knew she was happier then she would’ve been had I gotten sweat all over it. But by then she was sweaty to so she didn’t mind me wrapping my arms around her. She worked too hard. And every time I looked over at her from working on the tour and she wasn’t drooling over me she was doing one of two things. Either she had those worry lines on her forehead from thinking too hard or a neck vein started throbbing because Sam always has to yell when things aren’t going her way. Just as much as she thought I was stubborn about working Sam was three times more stubborn them me because she was a woman alone. Didn’t stop me from loving her more than anything.

“I love you.” I whispered looking down at her.

She blushed as I held her face in my palms and those gorgeous eyes looked into mine.

“I love you too.” She murmured.

I ran my fingers through her long black hair and watched those cheeks flame.

“Hmm really?” I smiled.

She bit her lip and nodded. “I married you didn’t I?”

I shook my head. “Not yet. 396 days baby.”

She got a shocked expression on her face. “How do you know?”

“I got a timer thingy set up. It reminds me how many days are left.” I shrugged.

“Awwww my baby is excited!” She gushed.

I rolled my eyes and silenced her with a kiss causing a sigh to escape from her throat. Her lips were delicious and pulling away was nearly impossible.

The day was so crazy and filled with stuff that by the time rehearsals were over we didn’t know what to do with ourselves. Sam was taking on so much with the wedding and me not having time to help her that when we got home I wanted to be there for her as much as possible. She took a shower, I took a shower and we got comfortable before going downstairs to sit on the couch with her laptop. Had we done it in the bedroom things more than likely would’ve ended differently. I sat with her legs in my lap playing with them softly as she clicked through things and pulled up emails.

“The lawyers looked over the contract for E and they can’t film tomorrow without an okay from the both of us.” She said.

I knew it was important to her after the fans generally agreed that they wanted to see the wedding. I’m a guarded person; letting people in, it’s hard for me. The filming experience I had with Never Say Never was that when stressed settled in all I wanted was for the cameras to go away. When you walk around every day with people stalking you with cameras them being closer to your face doesn’t make it any better. And planning a wedding is supposed to be super stressful despite the fun of the actual day. But twenty million for them to air it alone was a lot of money to walk away from. And I generally don’t care about the money. It was more the idea of taking care of the love of my life for the rest of our lives settling in and making me feel like I needed all I could get. I wasn’t doing it for the money. I was doing it for Sam.

“I’m okay with it as long as it’s what you want baby.” I said positively.

She smiled at her screen and reached to grab my hand.

“Thank you. I know how hard it can be for you.” She said softly.

I ran my fingers over her hand. “I’ll be okay with you.”

After the blushes and giggles she moved on to the next thing.

“Ellie says we don’t have to make a lot of decisions until the end of this year/ early next year but she did want us to decide on the menu to get things reserved for catering and stuff.” 

“We should have my grandma cook.” I joked.

She giggled and then suddenly gasped.

“What if we have some kind of chef or whatever make a rendition of her turkey and gravy?” She screeched.

“Is that classy enough?” I asked completely out of my element with weddings.

She rolled her eyes. “Baby we’re Canadian we’re really not that classy. I don’t want those super ridiculous meals that wouldn’t fill up a rat anyway. We can have the turkey, mashed potatoes, and . . . I don’t know it’s a summer wedding so lobster for the second course?”

“Sounds good to me.” I shrugged. “Probably some of that leafy stuff they put in salads too.”

She giggled but typed it out. We tried to plan out everything as best as we could. Of course Sam started to get dressed. You could tell because her typing started to get messy and when her typing gets messy she starts slamming down on the keys like a five year old. It’s quite cute actually. I didn’t want her to break the laptop so I decided to romance her. She kept huffing as I slid her legs off my lap and moved the computer onto the kitchen table. I didn’t give her a chance to complain pressing my lips down on hers just as much as my body.

“No stressing. It’s illegal.” I smiled.

She giggled and blushed nodding softly as I twisted around to lie on her as she stretched her legs out on either side of my head.

“Now what crazy shit can we get ourselves into at eighteen?” I sighed.

Her fingers traveled under my white beater to touch my chest. It tingled and I almost chuckled before she slapped me.

“I got it!” She yelped.

I rubbed my chest and popped out my lip.

“Your ideas always hurt me. What is it?” I muttered.

She giggled a little. “Let’s go skinny dipping.”

I wanna say thank you to not only God but Jesus . . . 

“Huh? That doesn’t sound like you.” I chuckled.

“Why not I never wear clothes at home anyway.” She said.

“True,” I smiled. “but aren’t you worried about the fans seeing you?”

She thought that through for a little bit until I was worried I’d blown it and she didn’t want to do it anymore.

“Well I’ll just say my wonderful, amazing fiancé had me do it to get more confidence in my body.” She smiled kissing my forehead.

“Sounds perfect.” I smirked. “Let’s do it.”

We went out the sliding glass door holding hands and chuckling at each other. Sam was excited. I was excited. And we were both just as equally as nervous. She stood at one side of the pool and I stood at the other facing each other with those equally nervous smiles. Once she started I just copied. She took her shirt off I took my shirt off, shorts, socks until we left to the real nitty gritty. Of course my fiancé had more balls then I did reaching behind her back to undo her bra. When the boobs came out Jerry started to stir. It’s just not fair to go skinny dipping without knowing you’re going to get some after.

“We’re gonna have sex after this right?” I smirked.

“Oh of course.” She shrugged making her breasts jiggle.

Lord give me strength.

We pulled our underwear down at the same time and looked back up at one another. Then we just busted out laughing.

“Ready?” I asked.

“Ready.” She nodded.

“Okay stop moving those things they jiggle like jello.” I muttered.

She laughed. “I love you!”

“I love you too!”

And then we jumped. The water was heated creating a warm refreshing wave hitting my skin. I opened my eyes and saw Sam swimming to grab her and kiss those sweet lips as we floated to the top. Her body pressed up against mine and I dipped my hands into the water picking up her thighs and wrapping her legs around my back. We kept kissing the kiss heating up till it was hotter than the water. I wanted her then and the more I felt the touch of her the more my wanting increased. We moved through the water till I dropped her and pressed her up against the pool. Before I could get captivated by her lips I was instantly captivated from those things a little lower.

“Take a picture it’ll last longer babe.” She murmured.

I couldn’t even look up to talk to her.

“Can I touch them?” I asked.

She shrugged them again and I grabbed her shoulders to make her stop.

“Go ahead Justin.” She sighed.

Breasts are a guy’s best friends. I mean there something to hold and play with. What guy doesn’t want to go to his girl and play with them? I bit my lip taking them into my hands and sighing. They were soft and firm too big for my hands to handle but that didn’t really seem like a bad thing. When I kissed one I felt her eyes on me. The lust had started to settle into her pupils as breathing became erratic. I pressed my lips to it moving across her flesh as the love bites started. Sam can’t ever keep quiet. I wasn’t even really touching her yet and she was already thrashing around in the water.

“B—bay calm down.” I whispered.

She took a deep breath and grabbed the concrete edge of the pool.

“It’s hard.” She whimpered.

“Let’s go inside then.” I suggested.

She looked up at me eye zeroing in my lips.

“Run.” She said softly.

And what my baby wants my baby gets.

*Sam’s point of view*

“No baby let’s do something different.” Justin murmured.

We’d jumped out of the water and ran inside the house. I headed for the stairs ready to get it in and he grabs me from behind telling me we’re gonna do something different. I don’t even what he’s talking about like . . . I just want his penis. 

“Where are we going?” I whimpered.

He bit his lip. “Laundry room.”

So we’re naked. We’re dripping wet. And we’re running to the laundry room. Classy.

Our laundry room is somewhat spacious. There’s enough room for me to have my neat little laundry baskets to separate all the clothes into different piles. There are shelves for the detergent and shit plus the actual washing machine and dryer. Justin took my hand and yanked me inside the room and running those big, strong hands up and down my body as he licked his lip. Why was that boy able to do these things to me? He picked me up in his arms and wrapped my legs around his back all over again kissing me hungrily and hard. I loved it.

I ran my fingers through his hair catching the wet strands and twisting them all up. Despite the water his body was hot skin steaming with lust as he held our bodies together. I felt his tongue touch my neck as he ran it down to my chest grabbing my boobs again and giving them a firm squeeze. My heart rate was increasing by the second getting higher and higher as my wanting to touch him did the same. He’d showed me that morning the scars I left on his back from scratching it with my nails. I had a feeling some more would join them soon. He slammed me down on the dryer giving a deep grunt that sent my loins in a blaze of ecstasy and spreading my legs with his mouth hanging open.

“Damn.” He whispered. 

I bit down on my lip arching my back as he touched me. It felt too good. 

“Stop playing with me.” I groaned.

“Mmm you’re so cute when you’re turned on.” He chuckled.

I glared at him until his face softened and our lips connected together. His hand stayed in-between my legs as I ran my tongue along the inside of his cheek. I needed to be closer and I tried pushing my pelvis into his stomach. It wasn’t funny. I needed him. He let me move my mouth all over his chest licking and sucking like life depended on it. Because when you’re making love it’s not just the need to satisfy yourself there’s a need to satisfy that other person in your veins. I’m not sure which one is more powerful. I remember only wanting him closer, like I needed to soak him in through my bones. My spine was tingling, my toes curling, and my legs muscles kept clenching. All of that without an ounce of penetration.

“Touch it.” He moaned biting my neck.

I reached down to grab him in my hand and listened to the sounds erupting from his throat. He hardened quickly growing in my palm as he sucked vigorously on my neck. It wasn’t enough. None of the four play would be enough.

“Put it in.” I wailed.” Put it in now.”

“Not yet.” He mumbled wrapping his arms around me.

“Why not?” I screeched.

“Because I have to figure out how to turn the damn dryer on.” He muttered.

I looked over my shoulder to see him messing with it and looked at him confused.

“Why?” I asked.

He smirked. “You’ll see.”

Whatever the hell it was I wanted to see already. I reached over his hand to press the start button that was CLEARLY labeled start and felt the dryer started to rock back and forth beneath us. A soft moan escaped my lips.

“Now I’ll put it in.” He whispered taking a hold on my hips. “And you’re gonna love it.”

He slammed it inside of me like every other time but this time was different. There was a vibration rocking our hips against each other in a natural motion without us doing it. That dryer was like God’s sex toy. It set my thighs shaking and traveled up my spine trembling and spreading throughout my veins. Our bodies couldn’t get any closer at that point. He’d pushed it in as far as it would go and wasn’t moving it out. Instead he grinded his pelvic bone against mine and let the vibration of the dryer shake himself inside of me. 

I clawed at his back, screamed into the ceiling like life depended on it. It’s hard to justify something in life being that amazing. How one man and one woman can create a level of pleasure for each other in some many different ways without breaking the cycle of doing that same activity. I didn’t want to move. I didn’t want to change position or do something different. Why mess with perfection? Justin stood in-between my legs hands digging into my thighs—serves me right for going all nightmare on elm’s street on his back—and relentlessly rubbing his body on mine. When I kissed him it sent sparks across my lips. A flame hot and sizzling spreading across my face in a wave of pleasure. 

“You’re so fucking beautiful.” He gasped kissing down the side of my face.

I groaned. “T—that feels . . . sooooo good.”

He started clenching up soon as his breaths got quicker and smaller. 

“I’m close.” He moaned.

All of sudden his finger reached down in-between the mess running his thumb across my clit and pressing down at the dryer shook it. My body started convulsing as he spit to get it wet speeding up and pressing down as he grunted with the force he was exerting. The dryer that’d we’d set for an hour turned off which is when he started moving his hips. I just remember him grabbing onto the sides of the dryer and going to town as if his life depended on it. He was holding back to get me off. That’s love bitch. 

I got closer and closer wrapping my arms tight around his neck and moaning his name out as he kept pounding me into the hot metal of the drying machine. We were both growling at each other sweat pouring down our bodies and my hair flopped all over the place as he made my body move. Justin moved his mouth to my chest planting little kisses because he knew it was coming. Knew I was cumming. 

“F—fuck yes I’m almost!” I gasped.

He slowed down then grabbing my hips and give shorter, harder thrusts inside of me. That shit just wasn’t fair.

“Come on baby you can do it,” He whispered voice seductive. “cum for me.” 

I leaned my hands back on the dryer and arched my back crying out. My legs started to tremble as Justin kept clenching tighter and tighter until it happened. We exploded together holding each other tight and panting over and over again waiting for our breathing to slow. He held me so securely in his arms like he was protecting me. It felt good leaning my hot cheek on his shoulder. He kissed my neck giving out those deep lustful grunts from lack of breath. It sent another round of shivers through my body. He was slow, he was strong, and he was romantic kissing my body so soft I couldn’t be sure his lips had actually touched my skin. I kept my legs wrapped securely wrapped around his hips keeping my eyes closed as he kissed me all over.

Somewhere in there I felt him pick me up again as we left the laundry room and our sweaty encounter behind. I was exhausted, satisfied and thought he was taking me to bed though it was only around ten—apparently we’d made love through the sunset—but we ended up in the bathroom instead. My eyes opened as he sat me down on the counter of the sink and smiled at me. Romantic Bieber always came out after we did it. As if he had to find a way to make me give me something for letting him touch me. And that sure as hell was not the case. 

Nonetheless I watched him move to the shower and turn it on as steam started to rise to the ceiling. He came back over pulling me close as we waited for the water to get to the perfect temperature. I blushed in his presence completely and uncontrollably in love with the man before me. The way he smiled and it pulled his eyebrows up into cute little wrinkles. The way those lips seemed to shimmer with seduction. The way his skin was so smooth and golden in the light. It made me thankful. Thankful for him making love to me, for wanting me out of all the girls in the world. Only I could be so lucky and only I could be so thankful.

We got into the shower and he took my face in his hands leaning it back so my hair could get wet and biting his lip.

“You’ll never understand how beautiful you are to me.” He whispered.

I nodded. “You’re probably right.”

He smiled running his thumb over my lip.

“But I think that’s okay. I don’t think anyone could ever understand it so I don’t expect you to. But you’re perfect baby you are.” He assured me.

I blushed and smiled looking into his big hazel eyes.

“Hold me.” I whimpered. 

“Happy to.” He smirked wrapping his arms around me from tbehind.

We stayed quiet for a little while the water running over our bodies and flowing down into the drain. It felt good to have him holding me. You know the relationship is working when you don’t have to even look at each other or say a word and his presence still makes you blush. I wanted to say I loved him but the problem was trying to explain how much I loved him. It’s like standing there in that shower he was the only thing keeping me down on the earth. Like he was so amazing that whole my body felt light as if I would float away. His arms were smooth satin wrapping around me and keeping me safe from all the dangers in the world. How could things get any better? Well I guess he could start singing to me.

“If I could just die in your arms I wouldn't mind cause everytime you touch me I just die in your arms Oooh, it feels so right so baby baby please don't stop girl!”

I bit my lip never hearing those words before but just having a shock run through my veins at the sounds of them.

“What was that?” I asked dazed.

“Die in your arms silly. I know I wanted you to wait till it comes out but I just wanted to give you a little taste.” He murmured.

I blushed and looked down as he released me from his arms and turned me around taking my face in his hands.

“It’s the one I wrote about you. You’ve given me everything Samantha. I’ll always owe you honey.” He said.

I shook my head weakly. “N—no I haven’t given near enough.”

His hold my face got stronger as he stopped me from shaking my head.

“You’ve given too much beautiful. Y—you’ve given me your heart, your love, your virginity.” He murmured eyes peering into mine. “You even spilt blood for me.”

“Justin no that wasn’t your fault.” I pleaded.

“Fine maybe it wasn’t but everything you are is everything I’ve ever dreamed of. And every time I touch you I feel that. It’s like it . . . it travels through our fingers, through our skin. Me and you what we’ve got it’s special. I won’t ever need anything else as long as I have you.” 

That struck a chord. In fact that struck all the chords. I started to giggle and cry and he smiled at me pulling his lips to mine. Our mouths were connected is a smooth subtle kiss as he held me in his arms. We felt the same way about each other and it was evident that we always would.

Justin pulled me from the shower and wrapped a towel around my body kissing my shoulder before we jumped into the bed. Our skin dried as we slid under the covers and snuggled together. He was warm and we was soft and I loved being in his arms all over again. My hair began to dry as he ran his fingers to it and kissed my jaw I sighed happily and looked up at him.

“Can I tell you something?” I asked softly.

He smiled teeth glinting. “Of course baby girl. What’s on your mind?”

“It’s nothing serious just . . . I really like being naked in front of you now.” I murmured.

The smile fell from his face and I thought I’d said something bad. Till he pulled me up in a bone crushing hugged and flattened my boobs into pancakes against his chest.

“That’s the best thing you’ve ever said to me.” He whispered in my ear.

That was one of the best nights of my entire life.

*Justin’s point of view*

That was one of the most amazing nights of my entire life. She said she liked being naked in front of me. This from the girl who would get undressed under the covers acting like I couldn’t tell her insecurities. We both knew how she used to feel but what mattered was how she felt now. The smile on her face made me heart skip beats. Wondering how could something be so flawless. But at the same time you don’t even care because at the end of the day she’s yours.

The next day I woke up with a smile on my face. We’d done something adventurous without leaving the house because we’re cool like that. She got all her little things settled for the wedding and I got to make love to her for almost two hours. I’d planned on romancing her the way I always did the day after we had sex. I don’t know why I did it I just always felt the need to make her feel special so she knew her pussy wasn’t the only thing that kept me coming back. So I woke up early, tried my best to clean the kitchen, and got dressed in a signature Sam loving outfit. The cargo shorts and a red tank top to match the red Chuck Taylors. I even picked out an outfit for Sam trying my best to pick through the bra and underwear. It sure seemed like she separated the under that I picked out from the underwear she picked out. I don’t understand what’s so bad about a thong anyway but that’s beside the point.

Everything was all set to go and perfect until I woke up Sam. She sat up and her eyes were like crusted shut. Coughs started tearing out of her throat like a wooping cough. When the coughing stopped the sneezing began and snot just started blowing into tissues. Who just gets sick overnight like that? I can’t get sick. Like we literally couldn’t afford for me to get sick, we had a wedding to pay for. She always kept these ridiculous doctor like face masks in the bathroom and I ended up having to put one on. At the end of the day she was my baby so I had to take care of her. So I thought you know steam opens pores or something and put her in the shower shutting the door so all the steam would like circulate itself or whatever.

She came out looking a little better but the coughs were still pouring out her mouth and she sounded like sicky Vicky.

“Oh baby I’m gonna call of rehearsals get back in bed.” I sighed.

She shook her head and blew her nose.

“N—no.” Her voice cracked. “You have obligations for fans and I have to go to my fitting.”

“But you’re really sick.” I said.

She shrugged. “I’ll be fine. Just let’s go eat like you promised?”

I sighed and gave in letting her get dressed and keeping my mask on. She took like seventeen different liquids and pills, scrubbed her face with hot water, and somehow walked out the bathroom looking presentable. E! was already filming at that point. There were cameras set up around the house and in the cars but the camera men themselves had to follow us around at the same time. It was gonna take some getting used too but I literally couldn’t think about anything but Sam. I got her door before getting in myself and we headed off to go eat. Our car conversations are so not even remotely normal.

“What do you think would happen if we like filled the car with helium?” She said out of nowhere.

I chuckled. “I don’t think we could babe humans kind of tend to need oxygen.”

“Oh my baby’s smart.” She over exaggerated.

There she went sick as a dog and start rifling through her purse for a cigarette. I almost stopped the car as I looked through my shades at her lighting up.

“How many damn times do we have to have this conversation? No cancer sticks in the fiska karma!” I screeched.

She looked at me as I stopped at a red light blowing smoke rings at me as the vein I’m sure started pulsing in my forehead.

“Alright, alright.” She muttered. “I’m putting it out your royal highness.”

I smiled as she did was ask and puckered my lips up waiting for a kiss. She leaned close and pressed her lips to mine before falling back as we drove to ihop.

“Ahhhhh ihop that’s my shit!!!” She yelled.

I started laughing. “Are you ever going to cool it with the cussing?”

She rolled her eyes. “Not unless we’re around your mother or siblings. Now come feed me pancakes bitch.”

We laughed on the way inside holding hands as those dumbass cameras followed us inside. She ordered her chocolate chip pancakes and fries because the idea of choosing between breakfast and lunch literally gave her a headache. I got my pancakes like a normal person and we settled in to start talking about random shit before wedding talk.

“Excuse me mam can I get some crayons?” Sam asked before the waitress walked away.

She looked confused. “Uh… sure.”

I started cracking up as she brought back the little things and Sam started doodling on her place mat.

“Are you feeling any better?” I asked.

She wrinkled up her nose. “A little bit.”

“I wish you would’ve stayed in bed.” I sighed.

Sam smiled up at me. “Baby I’m a beast I’ll be fine. Remember I’m Canadian.” 

“Oh that’s right. I forget you’re Canadian.” I smirked.

She rolled her eyes. “Bitch you moved to the US way before me.”

I reached across the table and covered her mouth. “Stop cussing before I get the soap and wash your mouth out.”

She took a deep breath and mumbled an okay into my hand. I pulled away and smiled.

“We’re gonna make a swear jar when I get home from rehearsals.” I chuckled.

She leaned her head on the table and made a puppy dog face as I took her cheek in my hand murmuring how beautiful she looked anyway. The blush ruptured in her cheeks and my heart went into another spasm.

We had a good lunch or brunch or whatever making each other laugh back and forth. At one point I bet her hundred dollars to start dancing in the middle of the iHop. She unfortunately did it and still made me pay for lunch. Then screamed oh my god it’s Justin Bieber and forced me to have to leave out the back of the restaurant. That’s my fiancé. 

I got back in the car and we made up kissing again. We went to pick up my mom to go with her for her fitting. Mom and I watched as Sam sneezed over and over and over again. I felt bad and I wanted to stay for the fitting but one I wasn’t allowed and two rehearsals were waiting. So I drove allllll the way out to this secret location so no one would see the dress or anything. I got the door for my mom first hugging her tight and thanking her for going with Sam. Then it was time for my baby and she was frowning before I even got the door open.

“Awwww baby you know I hate when you do that face.” I groaned.

“I can’t help it,” She mumbled. “I just want to stay with you.”

I reached for her and wrapped my arms around her thin waist not listening to her weak protests about being sick.

“I don’t care if you’re sick. You’re my boo just calm down, take a deep breath and listen to daddy.” I said softly.

She blushed. “Not if front of Pattie.”

My mom was on the phone anyway so she was just gonna have to deal.

“Please just go in there get fitted, maybe you know a size too small so the girls are seeable.” I smirked.

She busted out laughing and punched my arm as I kissed her cheek. 

“You know I’m kidding. You gonna be okay?” I asked pulling her closer.

She nodded softly. “Yea I got Pattie I’ll be fine. Good luck at rehearsals.”

“Thank you baby. I love you.” I sighed hugging her body tight.

“I love you too. I’ll call you after the fitting.” She breathed.

When it was time to let her go I really just wanted to stay with her and never let her go. But we’d stood outside for like ten minutes just mumbling I’m gonna miss you to each other. I couldn’t kiss her on the mouth so I just nuzzled my face into her neck until my mom said they really had to go. The cameras didn’t matter just as long as Sam was happy. So I ignored them and told her again that I loved her before watching her walk into the show room of Vera Wang. It sucked to not have her with me after everything that had happened the last couple of days. But I knew one thing and that was for the first week she would be there for the promo tour. Norway. Paris. Millan. I was going to spoil her like crazy. So even as I drove away and left her sick and sneezing there was a smile on my face. And I didn’t regret it once so ever.

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