The Locket Of Hair

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20. TLOH 79

*Sam’s point of view*

I spent the rest of the day with Ryan. It was kind of like old times just settling into the way we used to be. He was distant not telling me what was on his mind but I didn’t care. If he didn’t want me to know it was none of my business. We watched a random movie after we were done talking. I’d originally planned to leave after the conversation but he’s grabbed me hand directly after I got up and begged me not to go. I really had no idea what was going on with him but the face he made broke me. Leaving him was out of the question. So we settled in and ordered Chinese before sitting in his bed and watching it. The only thing I wanted was for him to smile and act happy and that’s exactly what I got.

“How’s DKP going?” I asked taking a bite of noodles.

He smiled. “Really good. This documentary I was working on Artic Adventure we just finished it. Maybe you’d like to watch it sometime.”

“Of course. We’ll make it a date night?” I smirked.

His face lit up at my words. “Like me and Justin and you and one of those lucky girls at school.”

He swallowed and looked down at his good grabbing an eggroll.

“Sure . . . sounds uhm sounds good.” He mumbled.

We went back to eating and just watching the movie. I sighed and leaned my head on his shoulder picking through my rice for shrimp. He stayed quiet staring at the screen while we ate. Justin should’ve been there. He knew him better; Ryan would talk to him and tell him what was going on. Me I was just replacement friend. It sucked thinking that I couldn’t make him happy when he meant so much to me. I packaged up my food and side crawling over Ryan and pulling my dress down. 

“W—where are you going?” He asked.

I sighed. “Home.”

He sat up throwing his legs over the bed and reaching for my arm.

“No you promised you’d stay with me for a little while.” He whined.

“Ryan I did stay with you. All day.” I looked down at my watch. “It’s nine o’clock.”

“It’s not like I have school tomorrow or something just . . . stay here tonight.”

I bit my lip. “I can’t just do that.”

“You can.” He promised. “My parents love you. We’ll rent another movie and make a bed on the floor in the living room out of blankets and sheets just like old times.”

It was tempting. It seemed so easy too and relaxing. That’s what Justin wanted me to do right?

“Alright.” I sighed. “I have to go back to the house for clothes though.”

He smiled wider than ever and got out of bed pulling on shoes before I could change my mind. We took my care back to the house listening to the radio where of course Call me Maybe came on and we had to swag it out in a car dance. I laughed the entire ride at his stupidity before we pulled up to the house and walked inside. No one was home so I just left a note before heading to my room and stuffing clothes into my bag while Ryan watched.

*Ryan’s point of view*

Nothing made me happier than the fact that she was staying with me that night. I felt bad for begging but I really didn’t want her to go. She went back to the house grabbing clothes and stuff while I watched. She bent over to buckle up her bag and the sight of her ass was just put directly in front of me. I bit my lip trying not to look though it was obviously impossible. Her legs were perfectly shaped going leading to the delightfully shaped thing. I couldn’t help it. Everything about her made my body made my mouth dry out. My palms were sweaty and my heart seemed to speed up in my chest. She had no idea the things she did to me and she never could. Her phone rang then snapping me out of my daze.

“Damn Ryan will you get that please it’s probably Justin.” She muttered.

“S—sure.” I stuttered.

Her little ringtone started up and a picture of Justin showed up sticking his tongue out. He was programmed in as baby and the realization that I could never be that dug at me. I answered the phone for her and put it on speakerphone with a sigh.

“Heller?” He asked in a ridiculous voice.

“Hey baby what’s going on?” She called.

“Ah nothing I’m on break. Do I have to keep eating these fucking salads? I’m a man babe I need a burger.” 

She giggled standing up and rolling her eyes. “I don’t care just please eat something that won’t cause you to die of a heart attack at the age of forty.”

“I’m too swaggy to die.” He chuckled. “Just kidding I’ll try. How are you baby?”

“I’m good, staying the night at Ryan’s tonight to relax like you asked.” She smiled.

“Oh . . . you’re not gonna be home tonight?” He asked.

“No honey why?”

“I was just thinking tonight we’d get a little phone sex action in.” He murmured

Someone obviously didn’t know they were on speaker phone. Fuck my life. The last thing I needed to thinking about was those two fucking each other. Sam blushed and plopped down on her bed and tried to move to a new subject.

“Sorry baby.” She said.

“I don’t get to remind you of that one time when we had a little alone time in the studio. I got Tom talking pretty good that time.” 


Sam was blushing and hiding her face and Justin was muttering an apology as I just left the room pissed off. I couldn’t help but be mad even though there was no reason for the anger. She wasn’t mine, she was his. And that was really hard for me to face. So I waited outside just calming down till she came out with her bag and whispered an apology. We didn’t talk about it for the rest of the night.

After we left the house things kind of settled back together as we went to the store for snacks and stuff. I couldn’t help but hold her hand as we walked. She didn’t want to—it was obvious—but she didn’t have the heart to tell me no. I’d take it anyway. We talked more about my production company which she was happy to hear of me succeeding but somehow we ended up talking about the wedding. Her face lit up when she talked about it. She was so happy that it didn’t even make sense. I’d never understand why he made her so happy.

“So like I don’t understand how this dress thing works.” I said as we picked out cookie dough.

She’d tried to explain the two dress thing but I didn’t understand.

“Well we want like a traditional wedding right? So I’m gonna gave my white traditional dress. But Vera loves untraditional so she’s making another dress that’s literally black and has this light rosy pink fabric underneath it. It’s gonna be very different but I love it so you better love it too.” She smiled.

I smiled a little. “I’m sure you’re going to look beautiful.” 

She flipped her hair in sarcasm. “Duhh.”

We went through picking out three different bags of chips as she explained fittings for the dresses. I could tell no one had ever really listened to her talk about that stuff so I paid attention no matter how confusing or boring it was. Listening to her talk was hypnotic to the point where I could’ve recited every word she said right back to her. I learned that she was nervous of the corset of her dress being too tight. She also thought her boobs were just going to pop out of the thing which I found funny. In fact now that I thought about it she worried about everything. The shoes, whether to have a veil or not, getting a tan, the makeup, the hair. She was just a stressed out little Canadian. But I’ll admit she was lot more relaxed in that moment then she usually was. 

We headed back to my house and brought all the snacks into the house my parent’s finally back from whatever the hell they did all day. My brother was off at a friend’s so it was just us for the night. But my parents were extremely happy to see Sam. My mom practically attacked her with hugs and tears hugging her like a long lost daughter more than her son’s friend. It was a little ridiculous to be quite honest but I let them have their fun. Everyone loved Sam. It was almost impossible not to.

She changed into sweat pants and a tanktop coming out and looking beautiful with her hair pulled into a pony tail. We pulled out blankets and pillows all over the living room and waited for my parents to go to bed before we really started talking. Sam and I always put on a movie for background noise but ending having the weirdest or deepest conversations ever. It’s another thing that I loved so very much about her.

“Ryan do you think you’ll ever get married?” She asked leaning her arm on the couch.

“Where’d that come from?” I asked nervously.

“It’s just that I’m getting married so young you know? And you don’t even have a girlfriend right now—though no girl is good enough for you anyway—I was just wondering if you ever planned on tying the knot?” She said softly.

Why did she have to pick times like these to talking about that shit? I just wanted to forget the fact that she was getting married yet every two seconds that’s all we could talk about.

I shrugged. “Maybe . . . . One day when I meet a girl that I love.”

I could tell she was looking for more of an answer but I really didn’t want to go into detail. So it was my turn to ask a question.

“What are you gonna do when you are married?” I murmured.

She moved closer to me making her thinking face that was too cute for words.

“I imagine things will be the same as they are now. I’ll probably just follow him around for that first year, you know not wanting to be at home while my new husband is in another country.” 

Husband. Ew. 

We spent the rest of the night talking about anything that didn’t involve her speaking of Justin. No wedding or anything of that nature. I just wanted to be with her and not worry about anything else so that’s what I did. And everything went perfect. She fell asleep on me curling up into my chest like I was a pillow. Though a part of me wondered if she yearned for Justin which of course she did. I chose to value the time I had with her. I was sitting there staring down at her face chest rising softly up and down when her phone rang. Justin.

“Hello?” asked.

“Well unless you’ve got a horrible cold I’m guessing your voice is a little deeper then Sam’s. What’s up bro?” He chuckled.

“Nothing much. She fell asleep.” I said.

He sighed. “Oh . . . . alright I guess I’ll let her sleep. How was she today?”

“She was fine.” Was all I said.

That left the conversation to take an awkward pause.

“Uhm okay. Well I can tell your on your man period so got to bed or something. I’ll talk to you later bro.”

I clipped the phone off without a word and just slid down into the covers holding onto Sam and forgetting about Justin fucking Bieber.

*Justin’s point of view*

I felt like I didn’t get to talk to Sam the rest of the time I was away from her. Sure we texted a couple times but other than that I never actually got to talk to her because someone else was always answering her phone. First it was Ryan when she was asleep. Then it was my Mom when she went to get her hair done. She was out all day with her parents or going to the spa. I was happy for her I mean she was getting the whole relaxation thing down. And it’s not like I was just sitting on my ass all day I mean there was work for me to do. But at the end of the day her voice is what I wanted before bed and I very rarely got it. For two weeks I lived in that dance studio working my ass off to get the steps flawless. Phone meetings to lock believe down and get the album ready and sleeping. They pretty much summed up my time in Cali to prepare for the awards which were coming up fast. 

To be honest I was ready for the awards only because I knew Sam was coming home. I flew to Las Vegas on Friday but Sam refused to fly in until the day of the award show. Apparently some big surprise that she didn’t want me or the paparazzi to see until that night. Saying no to her was out of the question so I went along with it. And here’s a funny thing in order to have any ridiculous experiences in Vegas you tend to have to be twenty-one. Eighteen becomes irrelevant and you still feel like a little boy surrounded by all these old ass people. So despite the fact that I couldn’t really go anything anyway we moved into full fledge rehearsals going through the whole thing without stopping. 

Saturday was the same thing the only difference was I found out about something super special. This girl she wanted me to come to her prom. And she put all this work into it and tried so hard just so in the end I wasn’t able to make it. All the girl wanted was for me to have a normal prom and for her to I don’t know I guess get a lucky dance and feel special. So I decided to invite her along with her sister to the awards. Sam thought it was the best idea of all time and even offered to stay at home. But I really needed to see her and that just wasn’t going to cut it for me. We got the invite out to her and I turned in early ready for the big day. Billboard awards here I come.

*Sam’s point of view*

I went straight from Canada to Las Vegas at seven o’clock in the morning on Sunday. I said bye to everyone that was awake and hopped on a normal plane for the four hour flight. Justin and I literally would not see each other till the show started. Nick picked me up from the airport and we went straight to some secrete studio or whatever that was holding my dress and the shit for my hair. So basically I woke up and sat in seat that drove me to a plane to sit in a seat where I got off to sit in another seat that drove me to sit in ANOTHER seat for another round of umpteenth hours. I was known for my short tight-fitted dresses so we stuck to that going with this deep electric blue dress with a black satin strip around the ribcage. The heels were of upmost importance considering Jeffery Campbell himself sent me these beautiful boots/heels that were black and leather with the studs on the back of the shoe. I loved it. But I don’t think my outfit was what people were going to be talking about that night.

They set me up to walk redcarpet for about twenty minutes before going inside. But all I wanted was to see Justin. He was the most important thing and the only reason I was really there that night. We texted the entire time him talking about how ready he was for his performance. I was excited for my baby and I couldn’t wait to dance my ass off to Boyfriend so we pulled up to the white carpet—so I don’t really understand why they called it a redcarpet—and Nick started to blubber at me about the rules and shit.

“Okay so you gotta move down the line and when I tell you to move on you move on. A couple minutes on the actual carpet and then we go inside got it?” He asked.

“Yea, yea, yea let’s get this shit down the sooner I do it the sooner I get to see Justin.” I muttered.

“He sure is gonna be shocked.” He sighed shaking his head as the door opened.

I was helped out of the car and Nick helped me to the line of press or whatever starting with like blog writers and stuff before we got to the big legues. The first people were shocked as I expected.

“Wow you dyed your hair black!” They exclaimed.

I gave a friendly smile and nodded. “Just thought it was time for a change.”

I didn’t know if Justin would approve but I got it done in Canada as a spur of the moment kind of thing. They’d cut in a bang similar to Demi’s old type of thing because I wanted the edgier, layered look. I loved it to be honest but the most important opinion was yet to come. I answered little questions and stuff until I got to Ellen’s little camera thingy and that girl with a lot of energy and shit that I’d seen before just completely gasped at me.

“You dyed your hair!” she squealed.

“I know!” I giggled.

“Wow it looks so beautiful does Justin like it?” She asked.

A weird way to start off the interview but you know it’s whatever at that point I’d answer whatever they wanted.

“Awww thank you. He hasn’t seen it yet we’ve been apart but I’m surprising him tonight.” I smiled.

“Well you look great too who are you excited to see tonight?” She slid the microphone toward my mouth.

“Uhm . . . I wanna see Justin obviously because he’s just gonna slay. And then . . . I don’t know Carly Rae because I know she’s worked really hard to get to where she is right now.” 

“Anyone outside of the family?” She laughed.

I really had to think it through because I wasn’t listening to a lot of music at the time.

“Uhm I actually really want to see Stevie Wonder perform so there ya go.” I said.

“Alright well we have time for one more question what is your favorite song out right now?” She asked.

I blushed and bit my lip. “You won’t like my answer.”

“Oh c’mon!” She scoffed.

Nick started ushering me along so I just had to be honest.

“It’s boyfriend! Swaggy!” 

We kept going down the line through interviews where I was asked pretty similar questions. Some were on my ring, my hair, my outfit, my taste in music. I didn’t mind I was just ready to get it done. Everything went smoothly running into a couple of people I actually knew and giving them hugs. It was when Nick pushed me onto the carpet for pictures were shit got real. We had maybe five or ten minutes until people started getting pulled inside. This meant Justin was finishing up his interviews and heading for the white carpet. There I was putting my hands on my hips and trying not to scratch my head after the hair stylist had given me a cute updo and put a pin in the wrong place. Some crazy ass people were yelling Sam over here over here when I heard it.


I turned my head and smiled as Justin stared back with mouth wide open. He looked at me like it was the first time we’d ever seen each other. For some reason I just felt really beautiful when he looked at me like that. His eyes ran over my body staying at my hair almost as long as my boobs or my legs. He surly wasn’t expecting that.

“You like it?” I smiled.

Why we were having a conversation on a white carpet three yards away from each other I don’t know but we’re Canadian so . . . 

He ran to me after that and I did my interpretation of running in heels until he caught me up in his arms and spent me around. The cameras faded into the background and nothing mattered but me and him as I pulled him into my arms. No suit just this swagged out leather/ denim jacket over a white t-shirt, dark skinny jeans, and the white studded hightops. His smile had my heart hammering in the pit of my chest. And instantly I felt like it’d been months instead of days. How the hell was I going to let him go on tour?

“I want a kiss.” I mumbled looking at his flawless lips.

He sighed. “I can’t in front of the cameras babe.”

I rolled my eyes. “Let them look.”

I wrapped my arms around his neck easier in the heels and didn’t take no for an answer pressing our lips together and going all out. They could call me a famewhore, they could call me a slut, they could call me fat, none of the shit they could come up with would matter because I was kissing Justin. I ran my tongue along his bottom lip and pulled away looking at his lips and shivering. He always did things to me that I wouldn’t understand.

We did the carpet half together and half alone. The whole he kept telling me how beautiful I looked and I kept blushing like a bumbling idiot. I’d feel his eyes on me when we had to look at the cameras and look up just for him to smile then he did the same thing. To be honest I didn’t care what the fuck happened the rest of the night after that cause everything was perfect. Everyone went inside to sit down our group front row and ready to grace the crowd with our swagginess. Justin had another date to attend to and meet and I had some other people to say hi to. Scooter was first puling me up into his arms and saying I looked beautiful with the new hair. Usher, then Alfredo, Kenny, some celebrities that I just kind of walked up to and said hi because I’d envied them for a while. Only then did I go up to Justin and Cady.

“Hi.” I said shyly. 

She and her sister looked super beautiful so I tried to just focus on holding onto that to tell her. I don’t know why she made me so nervous.

“I’m sorry for like intruding on your night. You both look really beautiful.” I smiled.

They gave me a hug and complimented me though it was uneccesary and everyone sat down as the award show started. Justin held my hand because we needed to be touching but I wouldn’t let him grope me with Cady behind us. Even he wasn’t in to all that.

“Do you really like the hair?” I asked.

He smiled a flawless Canadian smile at me. “Absolutely. It makes you look older, edgier. You’re sexy.”

I blushed my ass off and looked down as LMFAO brought their neon zebra pants, Jewfros, and body sweat out onto the stage. I’m glad everyone else enjoyed it because I however was no impressed. After the performance this lady that I didn’t know came up to announce the top social artist.

“That’s me baby.” Justin whispered his hold on my hand getting tighter.

Well let’s see here social artist. I couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t win like . . . wasn’t he the first artist to legit start their career from the media? I wasn’t worried and neither should he be. They played the voice thingy that announced the nominees. Justin Bieber, Shakira—yea I didn’t get that one either, Rihanna, Lady Gaga -_-, and Eminem. 

“And the billboard award goes to . . .” I squeezed down on his hand tighter then he ever had a chance of doing to me. “Justin Bieber.”

I screamed like a fucking lunatic and stood up clapping as he went to hug Usher, Scooter, and Cady before looking at me and shaking his head with a smirk. I just reached up to his sweet lips and smiled pushing him up on stage to give his speech. He got up there and he was nervous and scared and it was the cutest thing ever. Like he almost killed me. 

“Well first of all um I just wanna say h—how much of a blessing it’s been um the pass three, four years just you know growing up in front of everybody and you know . . . sorry I just wanna thank all my fans because you know the internet is where I got my start and uh all my fans have helped me get to this position. I wanna thank uh my boy Scooter Braun for all that he’s done. Scooter Braun um h—he basically is uh just more than a manager to me you know he uh helps me get through every day and he’s always just being a positive role model. I wanna thank Usher for not only saying okay you know I can sign him and just let him be but instead he takes the time to really care and he was a big help on my new album so I wanna thank him. It’s saying wrap it up so I’m gonna wrap it up. I want to thank my fiancé Sam for helping me stay humble and believe in myself no matter what I—I love you and . . . I wanna say thank you so much to my mom and my dad and to God . . . and I—I could keep rambling forever but thank you fans so much I love you. Swaggy!” He finished.

I giggled and smiled so proud of him as he ran off stage with his award. Every award nomination means something to him because that’s just people looking at his work and accepting it and kind of giving him some credit for the work he puts in. Social artist is like the definition of Justin. You take away social media and you don’t have Justin Bieber. No one else could’ve won that award but him. 

After that he had to stay backstage so I was stuck watching stupid ass people and irrelevant performances. I didn’t really pay attention to it though because I was busy texting my boo. He wasn’t nervous at all—that’s the Justin I knew—just excited to come perform for me. I reminded him of the fans and he sent me a -_- face like I was stupid saying of course but how the hell was I supposed to know? I waited and waited and waited some more for Justin to come out and perform. And to be honest I expected them to make me wait until the end of the award show like they always did but eventually the two co-hosts that I’d also never heard started talks of Bieber Fever while I was staring with my mouth wide open at the sexy ass Canadian on stage with white and neon yellow on. He was going to fuck slay. 

I knew I was in the front row but something took over me and made me stand up and start dancing as he started that performance. He looked . . . literally to sexy to describe. His voice was strong and seductive going through the dance moves like he’d been doing it all his life. I’m not sure if people were looking at me like what the fuck is this bitch’s problem but to be honest I didn’t care. The entire time no matter how many dancers he had with him he was always the focal point. He kept our eyes on him like he really was a brighter light bulb then all the rest. This big break down dance started and he was jumping and popping all over the place leaving me to nearly die. How Cady was sitting in her seat and not dancing along I don’t know but by the end of his performance I was a proud bitch standing up and clapping my ass off for him. Whether he saw me or not didn’t matter; he’d done a phenomenal job and being a voice in the crowd of approval was enough for me.

“I wanna go see him!” I told Scooter voice hoarse from all the yelling.

“Maybe you should wait here.” He sighed.

I rolled my eyes. “Would guys like to come?” I asked turning to Cady and her sister.

They both looked at each other shaking in their seats. “N—no we’re fine.”

Maybe it had something to do with nerves or something but Carly was performing as I was escorted backstage to a sweaty Canadian with a huge smile on his face. He was hugging al the dancers and thanking them not noticing me at first. I had my arms behind my back shyly just waiting and waiting till he turned around and bit his lip.

“Hi.” I said softly.

“Sam.” He breathed.

I was attacked shortly after that as he tore his headset off and ran kissing my neck and my face and anything else he could get his hands on. I giggled just missing the smell of him and the warmth that radiated from his body. The sweat didn’t bother me because it wasn’t like hardcore grossness so I held him tight waiting for him to pull away and look me in the eyes.

“You did absolutely amazing.” I smiled. “I’m so proud of you.”

He blushed a little. “Thank you baby. Did I mess up on my acceptance speech?”

I giggled. “You were nervous it was cute honey. You didn’t have to thank me though.”

His arms wrapped tight around my waist kissing my nose. “You’ve given me strength and courage and . . . you’ve taught me things about myself that I would have never learned without you. You’re just as big of a part in that award as usher or Scoot or my parents. I love you so much.”

A flutter of butterflies rocked my gut as he said that. I reached up to wrap my arms around his neck and pull his lips to mine. He tilted his head to the side sighing softly as my tongue forced his lips open. Nothing made me more thankful for just life in general then playing even the smallest part in that guy’s career. He was such an amazing talent and so special that it literally made me want to cry. Our kiss was beautiful and sweet and nothing could’ve made it better but something sure as hell made it worse. When the flash of a camera went off both of froze pulling away and looking down. When I looked backed up Justin had his pissed face on. The last thing I wanted was for a stupid camera to come in the way of his perfect night.

“Hey,” I sighed picked his face up and intertwining our fingers. “Don’t let them get to you okay? This is your night baby let’s go enjoy it.”

He took a deep breath and nodded smiling. “Okay I’m fine.”

We went back to sit and watched the rest of the award show watching Carly from backstage and then giving her a hug when she came off. I met Whiz Kalifa who’s one tall ass dude, Stevie Wonder who I was nervous as fuck over, Miley Cyrus who was actually a really nice girl, and then other people that I didn’t really remember hearing of. I was so out of the loop when it came to that stuff though that they were probably really big in music. Justin was completely happy even when the bullshit announcement that Lil Wayne had stolen male artist was given he clapped like a gentleman and went back to watching the awards. Everyone had such a good time that none of it mattered. He’d won first award of the night, did a flawless job at his performance, and that was all that mattered.

After the awards Justin was hungry so the entire crew got into cars and headed back to the Palms. That’s when the cuddling started. It was Scooter then me then Justin who slid into the car immediately taking me into his arms. I sighed smiling as Scooter started talking about how much he missed me when Justin just kissed me out of nowhere. His lips were soft and smooth and everything else became irrelevant. Pulling away sucked.

“Well I’m done talking to you two.” Scooter muttered.

I giggled a little and looked up at him leaning my head on his shoulder. He started kissing my skin taking my arms and moving his lips over my wrist and up my arm,

“I missed you so much.” He said.

I smiled and blushed like an idiot. “I missed you too.” 

“You ready to get some grub?” He asked pulling me closer.

“I’m ready to get some of you.” I murmured.

He bit his lip leaning his face close to mine so close our lips were almost touching.

“You can have some later.” He whispered.

I bit my lip. “Can’t wait.”

We snuggled up the rest of the car ride holding hands and kissing skin. Everyone headed for the N9NE steakhouse with the group and Chris Brown. I was nervous to meet him so I stood aside while Chris went around hugging everyone else. I blushed looking down as he came up to me. Chris is like this really goofy loud guy but he’s really nice and I’m all shy so we’re like the complete opposite. 

“Jb this ya boo boo?” He asked smiling.

Justin came over while I was in a fit of blushing and smirked.

“Yea that’s my boo boo babe say hi.” Justin said.

“Hi.” I whispered.

I reached out my hand for a shake but he hugged me instead before we all sat down to eat. Everyone talked to each other and had conversations and stuff while I just held Justin’s hand and hid my face in his neck. He didn’t mind talking to his friends and rubbing my thigh in the process. I was just a very quiet girl and then when I’m around my friends I become the loudest most obnoxious bitch on the face of the planet. I was asked a question and I’d answer but as soon as possible I’d let the attention move off me onto someone else. The best part was when the food came and Justin decided to start feeding me.

“You want some?” He offered.

I shook my head blushing. “You eat.”

He started cutting up his steak and made me eat some anyway. Then he cut up my steak for me which I thought was the cutest thing ever. We fed each other off of our own plates and kissed and flirted and stuff and I settled more into my natural self with him. Everything went perfectly. I finished eating and my bladder started to protest like a bitch so I kissed my flawless baby and headed off to take a piss.

*Justin’s point of view*

“Damn ya girl is quiet.” Chris said.

I laughed as she walked away and shook my head. “You should see her at home.”

“She a freak?” He smirked.

I looked down blushing and noticed Scooter eyeing us. “Fuck bro you’re blowing up my spot. She’s just loud.”

He started laughing and clapped me on the back telling me he was just kidding. I smiled as we all got boxes and got ready to go back to hotels. Chris and everybody were probably going to clubs or to the casino or something but me and Sam were checking in for the night. I missed my boo so I was planning on taking her swimming or something. We met the chef that made our meal and took pictures or whatever before Sam came back looking beautiful as all can be.

The black hair really looked good on her to the point where it didn’t even make sense. This updo or whatever kept it all out of the way so it just contrasted so good with her skin. I just wanted to eat her. But that was for later. She came over expecting her kiss which I gave her and wrapped my arm around her thin little waist. I was told to carry the boxes so I did and we went through hugging everyone before we got ready to go. Scooter gave Sam a kiss on the cheek telling her they’d get together soon. She hugged Chris who was so nice to her it made her blush. Then we waved goodbye and headed for the elevator holding hands and swinging them back and forth. I kept the boxes in one hand snaking my other arm around her waist and sloppily kissing her neck.

“Justin!” She giggled.

“I’m sorry,” I smirked. “You want to go swimming?” 

“Can we? I thought you were just gonna throw me down and start laying down the pipe.” She said.

I busted out laughing shaking my head as we skipped down the hallway to our room. My stuff was all over the place and her bag had been brought up to the room by some attendant or something. She groaned as I set the food down and her OCD kicked in picking stuff up off the floor and hunting down my bag.

“Justin come on you can’t leave this shit all over the place.” She complained.

“Baby drop the shirt please.” I muttered wrapping my arms around her from behind. “Come on I missed you let’s go play in the water.”

She finally dropped the shirt and relaxed in my arms. 

“Thank you now go get dressed sexy.” I whispered biting her shoulder softly.

She giggled and ran away snatching her bag up and running to the bathroom.

I got dressed outside just sliding my jeans off and pulling on my shorts. The fans deserved a picture so I took one in the gigantic mirror and put it on twitter. Sam took a whole hour to get her ass ready while I just sat on the bed screaming to hurry up. She finally comes out in this vintage floral two piece with the high waisted bottoms and her skin was all beautiful and tan. The urge to eat her came up again.

The whole way down we were all over each other kissing and fondling whatever we could. I felt so good having her in my arms and making those giggles come out of her mouth. We got into the pool splashing around and being as cute as possible without messing up Sam’s hair. We had a lot to catch up on now that the award show was over so we just kind of waded through the water with my arms still around her and my lips kissing her skin.

“Did your parents like the gifts?” I asked.

She sighed. “Yea. Baby you didn’t have to do all that. My mom did not need pearls. And the flatscreen you got my dad was ridiculous.”

I smirked. “I wanted to get them something babe. You don’t always have to get what you need it’s okay to sometimes get what you want.”

“Well thank you it was really sweet.” Sam said.

“Any time baby. What about Ryan? Did you ever figure out what was wrong with him?” I asked as we moved through the water some more.

She rolled her eyes. “No. He was so distant the entire time. Like I tried to be his sister and stuff and cuddle or whatever but he just kept staring at me. I asked him over and over again like what’s wrong but he just kept saying I can’t tell you, you don’t understand I can’t tell you.”

I shrugged playing with her hips. “You know Ryan he’s weird. He’ll come around baby don’t worry about it.” 

“I guess.”

I picked her up in my arms wrapping her arms and legs around me and nuzzling my face into her neck.

“I can’t believe how bad I missed you. I couldn’t even sleep at home.” I whispered.

She ran her wet finger tips through my hair making me sigh. “Where’d you sleep baby?”

“I got a hotel room.” I explained.

“Awww baby.” She sighed.

I ran my lips along her collar bone and neck sighing pulling her body as close as possible.

“Being without you is the hardest thing like ever. You don’t even understand.” I said softly.

She looked down at me tightening her legs around my back. “Yes I do. It’s really hard when we like live together and we go from spending every second together to not seeing each other for days. I hate it but . . . if I text you that I want to be with you it’s just gonna end up costing money or something and we’ll never learn to be apart. Of course I understand how hard it is baby.”

Looking up at her as water dripped from her body ice started to form in my veins. Her lips were plump and soft looking as she looked down at me with these beautiful bold brown eyes. The tan skin and the undeniably plumper ass in my hands all of it just made my want for her heat, melt, and freeze all at the same time. I ran my fingers and along the curves of her body and bit my lip nodding. My eyes ran over her body as my loins began to stir. Sam was all that needed, all that I wanted, and right then and there I just had to have her.

“Y—you ready to go upstairs?” I asked hoarsely.

“Yea sure I’m getting pruny.” She smiled.

Sam hopped out of my arms and moved to get out of the pool not even noticing what was going through my head. We’d had to shut down the pool for us to even go but it was always easier to just stay in the room because you hate shutting people out of stuff. I took a towel and helped her wrap up and slide her sneakers back on. Sam never did wear sandals; her legs and her feet were always two different colors and it made me chuckle. We got in the elevator and I just held her in silence kissing her neck over and over again. I held her body feeling the warmth that radiated from it. She was always warm and sweet like my own little cake. Ya see if Rihanna hadn’t made birthday cake that couldn’t have been taken as a sex thing.

I took her back to our suite walking through the “clutter” and closing our door. I waited till she closed the door to sneak up on her from behind press my lips against her spine. She shivered in my hands and I moved my lips to her ear.

“I love you.” I whispered.

“I love you too.” She murmured back.

My hands ran up her sides till I got the knot on her bathing undone and watched it fall off her chest. Her skin was so smooth and soft, I licked my lips in anticipation. She still faced the door way leaving nothing but her back in view. Still I saw her back and my hands traveled down to her bikini bottoms and tugged on them sliding them down her legs and biting my lip. She sighed relaxing her shoulders as I stared at back physique.

“Turn around.” I breathed.

Softly she turned on the heels of her feet until I was left to stare at her bare body. My mouth started to water as I moved my arms around her waist and pulled those lips to mine. We kissed softly lips pressing against one another her mouth hot on mine. I felt her fingers move toward the edge of my trunks as we moved backwards toward the bed. I moved my hands to her chest groping, fondling hard as she moaned against my lips. She fell against my body as we tumbled to the bed holding each other in a tight embrace. We pulled at the covers as I pulled my trunks off and tossed them to the side crawling in after her. It wouldn’t be a real reunion without making love right?

*Sam’s point of view*

His body was hot sweat replacing the dampness of the water from the pool. I clawed at his back moaning and convulsing and he sucked on my neck. We were all wrapped up in the sheets going slow just reuniting kind of as our bodies moved together. I felt him move his hips slow and deep his thrust powerful and causing my insides to melt. It got down to the final throws when I just grabbed a hold of his hair and screamed. 

“R—right there!” I moaned.

He moved his mouth down kissing my chest and gave a little moan himself. He took my waist in his hands and starting digging into me his smooth gentle thrusts getting rugged and crazy. My heart started to pound in my chest as I pulled his hair tighter and tighter in my hands the closer I got. When climax hit I threw my pelvic bone into his locking us together so he couldn’t move and screaming as we got there together. My cry lingered in the air despite the now still silence and our panting breaths. I kissed his chest loving the feeling of just his body holding mine.

How could something feel so good? His body ontop of mine holding me, caressing me. That’s a reunion bitches. Justin rolled over pulling me on to his chest as our heart beats slowed and the sheets wrapped loosely over us.

“Babe?” I whispered.


“Laying on my stomach really hurts my boobs.”

Before I knew it we were both cracking up as I adjusted my breasts to not be a pain in the ass. His chest shook as he laughed and wrapped his arms around nice and tight.

“That was really amazing.” He said softly.

“I told you my pussy game was sick.” I smirked.

He rolled his eyes laughing again. “No baby really.”

I took a deep breath and snuggled closer to him. “I know . . . Don’t think that I’ll ever be able to describe what you do to my body cause I won’t.”

I could practically hear him smile. “I love you.”

“For the twentieth time today.” I giggled. “I love you too.”

We snuggled closer together and kissed each other back in our honeymoon like state.

“You wanna go walk around and try and find something that eighteen year-olds are allowed to do?” He asked.

It actually seemed like a good idea. We usually just stayed in bed and took a shower just to go have sex all over again. Why not change things up a little bit? So I agreed and we got out of bed getting dressed and making ourselves look presentable. I combed my hair out and smiled at the black hair now touching my shoulders. We both had our Jamantha sweatshirts so we put them on—Justin one of his caps on his head too—and I slid on my bright neon pink shorts which was a new thing I was into at the time. Justin loved when I wore my Chuck Taylors so I put those on too and a headband keeping this cute thing going on. I walked out to Justin with his camo shorts and his Chuck Taylors as well. Not to sound cocky but we just looked like a fucking bitchin couple.

“So where are we going?” I asked taking his hand.

He smiled kissing my forehead. “We’re gonna go to the movie theater downstairs cause everyone is relaxing in the casino or whatever and I don’t want to make Moshe come with us. There’s games and stuff I think you’ll have fun.”

“Yay,” I smiled. “But first I want a picture.”

He humored me and took the picture of swagging it out in the bathroom before we left the room again. I posted the picture twitter because he always did. Then I tweeted to the fans thanking them for voting and mention how sexy our baby was up on stage. We got in the elevator again me taking both of his hands and intertwining our fingers pushing his wrists down as we looked at each other.

“You’re so fucking sexy.” He said out of nowhere.

I started giggling and blushing my ass off.

“Wow so romantic.” I smirked.

He smiled and licked his bottom lip. “Sorry that black hair is getting to me.”

I smiled back and stopped playing with his hands pulling them onto my waist and looking up into his beautiful, hypnotic eyes.

“Tell me something.” I asked softly.

“What is it baby?” He asked back hands touching my ass.

“Just . . . I don’t know promise me that when tour and promo and all that shit starts we’ll still be like this. I wanna stay lovey dovy and romantic.” I mumbled.

He smiled and moved his hands to my cheeks squeezing softly as he kissed my forehead.

“I promise Samantha.” 

I smiled up at him as the elevator opened and our date night continued into another flawless night.

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