The Locket Of Hair

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18. TLOH 77

*Justin’s point of view*

“Tell me something you’re never told me before.” She whispered.

We were lying in bed, me holding her body close under the covers. We’d walked home after the hill talking more. Her body was soft covered in one of those long t-shirts that stopped just after her thighs. My hands held the fabric securely in my fingers tips as we looked at each other her eyes seeming so deep and powerful. She wanted to know something I’d kept from her. How the hell was is supposed to do that?

“Okay . . . but you promise you won’t make a big deal out of it.” I asked.


I sighed and kept my eyes on her chest looking—for the first time more than likely—on the material of the shirt more than the breasts it contained.

“I’m . . . . afraid that I—I’m gonna lose you some day.”

“What? Justin that’s ridiculous I’m not gonna leave you.” She protested.

“I didn’t mean divorce, more like death.” I whispered. “C—can we please not talk about it? Maybe someday just not today.”

“Oh.” Was all she said.

I bit my lip sneaking a peak up at her face.

“Will you tell me something you’ve never told me before?”

She looked down at me and needed softly.

“I . . . am afraid of you failing.”

I raised an eyebrow and she smiled.

“Not like that.” She sighed. “I know for a fact that whether your richer than aright now or broker then all can be that I’ll show you. I’m not here for the money.

That made me smile. “Then why are you afraid of me failing?” 

She ran her hand through my hair and smiled back.

“Because you’re such a perfectionist you crazy bastard. And I mean I love that about you, your drive is what makes you successful. But you get so down on yourself when things don’t go exactly the way you want. You work so hard . . . I just don’t like to see you that way when you actually do such a good job. There’s nothing worse than feeling like everyone around us is happy except you and me. Because baby when you’re not happy I’m not happy.”
It was a hell of a lot better than my depressing one. But it really had me smiling. Knowing that I have this woman, this woman extraordinary that can say a couple words and make my heart feel tougher, stronger it’s perfect. There’s a lot of people who will go through life not knowing that feeling. Love is . . . your best friend and because you yourself are your worst enemy you like to put the fall on love. When you’re hurt what is it that builds you back up? The love of someone you love. But when it comes to romance I feel as though love becomes a whole other game. When I say people will go through life not knowing the feeling I’m not saying the feeling isn’t there because everyone is surrounded by love. What I’m saying is some people are so blinded by ignorance that they don’t see that love. I smiled at Sam and I kissed her because I loved her. She owned my heart and I gave her everything that I had; everything that was because she deserved and because she was the only person on this earth I wanted to give it to. I actually found pleasure in her face being the first and the last thing I saw every morning. That’s love.

“What was that for?” She smirked.

“For caring about me the way you do. And for earlier that meant a lot to me.”

She rolled over suddenly smirking and taking my hands. The way she smiled drove me crazy.

“I love you I can’t help it.” She said.

“Hmm it’s a good thing I love you back.” I smirked as we reached to kiss each other again.

That night was a huge milestone in our relationship. I’d shown her my hill that was all I’d had my entire childhood. Now it was like we shared it, like a part of her would always be there. It was so important to me too. Knowing that she supported me no matter what left me relieved. And once again I found a way to love her more than ever.

We took a shower together since a bath tub wasn’t really available in my grandparent’s house. She washed her hair and smiled laughing at me the entire time. I still couldn’t get over the beauty of her naked body. Not even from a sexual point of view she just took my breath away. The smoothness of her skin. The curve of those beautiful thighs. She never got that I actually really wanted curves, that meat on her bones was a hell of a lot sexier then weighing ninety pounds at eighteen years-old. Maybe it was her ass . . . her doctor had altered her diet giving her weird foods to eat now and then. They were putting a healthy amount of fats and carbs and shit in her. And man was it working. Her hair wet spanning out and sticking to her back. She didn’t know I was staring but she really was the most gorgeous thing I’d ever seen.

After our shower we got out and fooled around as we got dressed. I was happy to relax and not moving so we sat in bed and took pictures. I don’t know what it is but when they’re in a relationship girls love to take pictures. In every pose, light, background. They just love it. I really liked taking pictures with her. What’s a relationship if you can’t look back when you’re like ninety and see a couple thousand pictures of you when you were eighteen in your old room? Red carpets wouldn’t be so bad with Sam on my arm. Whenever she smiled I’d just look at her with compassion and confusion. I’d never understand why that girl was so damn perfect. This of course led to me screwing up ninety percent of the shots but she didn’t care we just took more.

We went into the kitchen making snacks and touching each other. I’m probably even more affectionate then Sam but she loves it and it makes her blush so that only drives my affection. I liked treating her like a doll and just picking her up out of nowhere. It made me feel kind of a badass for one and two she just looked adorable. I pulled her onto the counter while we waited for cookies to bake, ice-cream to soften, and popcorn to pop. Ice-cream sandwiches, popcorn, and any drinks we could find? Canadians are so amazing. I was playing with her legs trying to bend them in weird positions. She giggled and told me to stop but never actually complained of it hurting. She was flexible . . . I liked that . . . a lot. 

“Your legs are amazing.” I sighed.

“Take a picture it’ll last longer.” She joked.

“Mmm…” I murmured wrapping her legs around my back and pressing my stomach to her pelvic bone.

She bit her lip. “We can’t do anything tonight you know that.”

I sighed. “I know. Doesn’t make me want you any less.”

She smiled reassuringly. “Why don’t you pick out a movie this time? Anything you want.”

She didn’t have to ask me twice. I helped put the ice-cream on the cookies and get all our junk food organized before we headed to the living room. She sat down got her little sexy ass comfortable not having any idea what was about to hit her. It was stepbrothers’ time.

*Sam’s point of view* 

Stepbrothers’ is like Justin’s favorite movie of all time. I’ve literally never seem him laugh harder than when he watched that movie. He was like stomping on the ground and falling all over the place close to tears with the laughter. I found his response to the movie funnier than the movie itself. But for the most part we just cuddled and watched it laughing and eating. Somewhere in the middle of the movie I got horny. It had nothing to do with the movie although that one “romantic” scene in the bathroom sure got me going (sarcasm). I don’t know I guess when we were at home I just got the feeling and I could be like yo bitch get your pants off . . . . Okay not like that but you get it.

I couldn’t help but move closer to him and start nibbling on his neck. Of course the movie was just SO amazing (more sarcasm) that this boy didn’t even notice. Pulling away there was already a hickey on his neck so how he didn’t notice I haven’t the faintest idea. But I moved back in kissing it and running my tongue along the smooth warm surface. He finally got it and sighed looking over at me.

“Babe what are you doing?” He mumbled.

I kissed it again. “Nothing baby.”

He cleared his throat. “Sam you just said an hour ago that we can’t.”

“I know.” I agreed. “We don’t have to anything but kiss.”

“Hmm . . . we’ve never done that before.”

Well that was true sadly. It was always either we kissed and did it or we kissed and made plans to do it later. Why not spice it down a little bit? I moved his face away from the screen and pulled those lips to mine. He groaned automatically and slid his hands forcefully around my face yanking me closer and running his tongue across my bottom lip. We fell back slowly and softly to lie down on the couch and knot our fingers in each other’s hair. His tongue was so smooth finding its way tenderly into my mouth. I moaned against his mouth as his hands left my hair and traveled gradually to my ass grabbing it tight. Things were going so well. I ran out of breath but I pulled away gasping and moving down to his neck.

“Oh fuck this isn’t gonna work Sam.” He groaned.

“Why not?” I giggled biting the skin softly.

“Because you got me hard already.” His voice came out hot and husky.

I bit my lip hard curiosity building up in the pit of my gut. I felt his hands running up my sides and getting caught up my shirt pulling it up to expose my stomach. He moved his face into my cleavage grabbing my boobs like there was a prize for them or something. I groaned as he ripped around my shirt pulling it down so the bra stuck out and started to fondle me. It was ridiculous how good it felt. This is why we always had sex . . . the fucking sexual tension could be cut with a knife. I made the mistake of running my fingers down his stomach and heading for his pants when the curiosity of a hard on just became too much. To be honest thank God for the sound of a key in the door because Pattie couldn’t have gotten there at a better time. We sat up faster than a bitch at a crack house rearranging clothes and sitting as far as humanly possible from each other panting hella hard as she walked through the living room a little tipsy.

“Goodnight you too turn the lights out when you go to bed.” She smiled.

As soon as she left there was just pure tension wavering in the air.

“I’m gonna go take a cold shower.” Justin said fast get up out of the seat and leaving the room.

So much for just making out.

* * *

The next day we spent with Jeremy and the kids. We’d both missed those kids like crazy and being with them made us so completely happy. It was fun to play parents for the day again so we sent Jeremy, Pattie, and the grandparents off for the day, and took the kids out. Watching Justin with those kids was the best time of my entire life. If you saw the way he smiled at them and played them you’d probably burst into tears. While most parents would sigh and find a reason to make their kids stop Justin literally did whatever they wanted at whatever time they wanted. By the time we got them home they’d fallen asleep in the back seat with happy meal and candy wrappers all over the place. The important thing was that they were happy and we didn’t mind cleaning out the car when we got home.

In fact everything was absolutely fine until Friday. Spending the whole day with the kids meant no time to run home and fuck so for the mean time Justin was keeping it in his pants. The problem came when Ryan came over on Friday after school. I was sitting in Justin’s lap with my legs across the couch playing with his hair and being flirty. Ryan walked in and sat down next to us doing a handshake with Justin as I laid across both of this now with a sigh of happiness.

“Comfortable now?” Ryan smirked.

I smiled. “Yep.” 

Justin chuckled. “So what’s up bro?”

“Nothing much man . . . you just gotta come to this party tonight.” He said hesitantly.

“Guys send you?” Justin asked knowing it just as much as I did.

“Absolutely, so you coming or what? It’s really going to be cool.” He urged.

So what does everyone do? They all stare at me. Like I control Justin or something . . . okay so maybe I do. But if you had a fiancé you likes to just do the dumbest shit ever you have to let him do it moderations. Like the time he literally asked me to jump off our roof and into the pool not realizing that he would break his ass bone. I just couldn’t allow him to do stupid shit sometimes but it’s only because I care. 

“What?” I groaned.

“Well baby what do you think can I go?” Justin asked.

Ryan coughed pussy and I knead him in the chest. 

I sighed and looked up at him. “I thought we were supposed to be relaxing.”

“We can relax after the party. Come on you can put on something sexy and walking in there all swagged out with me. It’ll be fun I promise and you can keep an eye on me.” 

As much as I hated to admit it . . . I really wanted to go to that party. I’d never been to one before that wasn’t full of celebrities or something ridiculous. The idea of being normal and grinding on my baby was actually very exciting. But I couldn’t let him know that.

“Ugh I have to go too?” I mumbled.

“Well no but I’d really like to have the love of my life right by my side.” He said seductively.

What was I supposed to say to that?

I blushed my ass off. “Okay baby.”

He kissed me softly until Ryan almost punched me in the vagina and we had to stop.

So that night we all got ready at the house Chaz arriving later to keep Ryan company while me and Justin got dressed. He slid on skinnies and sagged them with one of those thousand dollar belts that wasn’t going to do anything to keep up his pants up and white t-shirt with a leather jacket. His surpras were white and studded and he’d brushed his hair into that new swooshed up do he’d been rocking lately. He was smiling and he was busting out into random dances because that’s what Justin likes to do. The guys had piled into our bedroom acting like dumbasses. But all of that stopped when I walked out of the bathroom.

When I entered the hospital for not eating I was just over ninety pounds. After a couple weeks of still working out safely with an instructor and shit and just eating with all these vitamins I’d gotten back to 120 pounds. The weight distributed in three main areas thanks to the instructor. My ass. My boobs. And my hips. I wanna thank not only God but Jesus . . . no just kidding. The dress I was wearing was a sleeveless dress with a corset built into it and the skirt part tight fitted around my thighs. The corset lit up with sparkles over a black material while the rest of the dress was just the black material. My shoes were Jeffery Campbell’s so I could “dance” and I wore my favorite bracelets with it walkig out with my hands on my hips. Everyone fell silent staring at me like a piece of meat. And for once I didn’t really mind.

“What?” I smiled biting my lip.

“How did you get that again?” Chaz asked.

Justin’s mouth was hanging open. “I have no idea.”

I rolled my eyes and went to pick up my phone smirking and shaking my head as I went to the living room to wait. Men just seem to think with their dicks.

*Justin’s point of view*

The way she looked when she walked out that bathroom just doesn’t make sense. That dress was so tight it looked like it’d been painted onto her body. And somehow she didn’t look trashy at all. Like she knew she’d be dancing so she barely wore any makeup and even though the dress was short it’s not like you could see her underwear unlike I’m sure a lot of the girls that were going to be at the party. The idea of going suddenly became so much greater and I got up fixing my collar and smirking at my boys.

“If you excuse me I have a woman to seduce.” I said exiting the room to go find her.

She was standing by my mom bent all the way over tying her shoes and giving the best view of her delightfully shaped ass. I ran back to get the guys so they could see. I don’t know I guess I just didn’t mind when people looked at Sam. She was like my most beautiful painting; letting people look was to be expected as long as they didn’t touch because touching was just me and her. Like the time my idiocy and ignorance towards her feelings led to the topic of a threesome. It seemed like a really good idea for down the road until she opened up the idea of another guy. Who just wants another man’s dick in his girl? Not me and when you think about it I can’t see how Sam of all people would be open to the idea of my dick in another girl. I’d be fine with being inside her.

We all got inside the car me driving—because Ryan didn’t want us in his precious car that I bought him—and Sam sitting next to me. The first thing I did before turning the car on is reach for her face and kiss her. She was taken aback but she caught on quickly letting my tongue move into her mouth and gasping onto it tight with her lips. I pulled away quickly smiling and watching her swallow hard.

“Only a taste babygirl . . . for now.” I murmured looking at her mouth.

She groaned but so did the guys. “Shut the fuck up and drive nasty asses!”

I laughed turning the car on and backing out of the drive way as we headed to this party. The whole ride there the guys were pumping themselves up and acting absolutely crazy in the backseat. I was driving and alternating between the Justin that screamed just as loud as they did and the Justin that reached over to take Sam’s hand and kiss her cute fingers. The interesting thing was that Sam was acting just as excited as the guys. Sure she tried to hold in back but I could see the twinkle in her eyes. She was actually really happy and I had feeling it was going to be one bitching party.

We pulled up to the beach house thanks to google maps and everyone started getting hyped up.

“Ahhhhhhh shit we in this bitch!”

Everyone looked as Sam and busted out laughing as we got out of the car.

The music was blasting from inside the house blowing out across the ocean. Cars were everywhere plus the teenagers littering the place as well. We headed inside the guys behind us and me with my arm wrapped tight around Sam’s waist. It seemed like everyone noticed Sam. Just walking up to the door all these guys nearly dropped their drinks turning to stare. It was a little unnecessary but I didn’t fret about it too much. It was Ontario so the legal drinking age was nineteen—which I don’t think many or any for that matter of them were—yet everywhere I looked people were drinking. We literally took to steps into the house when Sam pulled me aside and looked up at me with one of those Sam faces.

“What?” I smirked running my hands up and down her arms.

“You know what.” She said softly. “I want you to have fun but we both know there’s alcohol here.”

“So what I can’t have fun?” I said over the music.

“You can do whatever you want I just want you to know the consequences of it.” She said.

I sighed. Sam has a very good view on things and even though she’s young she has the ability of looking at things with the perspective of someone like Scooter or my mom. The only difference is she knows I’ll listen to her . . . for the most part.

“No drinking?” I guessed.

She shrugged. “You’re not legal even here but I’m not going to stop you. Just . . . please don’t do something you’re going to regret I need you to be careful tonight.”

“Alright, alright now come kiss me already.” I muttered.

She smiled and rolled her eyes as I wrapped my arms around her waist pulling her arms around my neck as we connected by our lips. Then the party got started. 

The drinks were in the kitchen covering a huge counter space. They got absolutely everything. From what I understand buying alcohol can be either really easy or nearly impossible but obviously tonight’s turn out wasn’t so bad. Ryan and Chaz walked in like pros Ryan grabbing a water bottle and Chaz grabbing a beer. I was waiting for Sam to get hers first when the onslaught of A cups and vaginas came.

“Justin!” They squealed.

I think one of them was in my class in like the sixth grade and the others were just random girls that I probably went to school with two I just didn’t remember. One of them jumped on me first hugging me and pressing herself all over me. I tapped her back softly trying to be polite because again I had no idea who she was.

“H—hi sweetheart.” I guessed.

That just made them all go crazy. I wasn’t really thinking that that would happen at home. I wanted to just come home and be irrelevant to anyone but my family and my friends. They all started talking to me and “casually” running their hands over or something or gripping my arm out of nowhere to compliment my muscles. 

“Oh my God you have to come dance with me.” She giggled drunkenly.

Yes because that was going to happen.

“Um actually I have someone else to dance with.” I said softly.

“What who?” She smirked.

“My fiancé.”

As if on cue my bad ass woman walked up out of nowhere with two drinks in her hands and a sexy grin on her face.

“Hey baby I got you something if it sucks I’ll go back again.” She smiled softly.

Then she turned to the group of little girls compared to her and that smile faded . . . quickly.

“Hi. Are these friends of yours babe?” 

I didn’t want to be mean but . . . “No not really just nice people I guess.”

Me and Sam have such a good connection she knew what that meant immediately.

“Oh well that’s sweet. But uh . . . if you excuse me I’d like to dance with my fiancé so…”

She took my hand and flicked her hair over her other shoulder turning on the tip of her heel and making me smirk as we headed for the dance floor. I started to laugh as soon as we were far enough out of reach and wrapped my arms around her from behind kissing her neck tenderly. We danced with all the people in that part of the house neon lights set up and music so loud that the floor shook. Whatever was in my cup burned my throat like hell but me and Sam downed our cups for some reason thinking it would help get through the first cup. And then we danced.

They had house music playing for the most part so legit dancing wasn’t really necessary it was just a lot of grinding and popping. Thank God for grinding and popping. Sam kept throwing her hair back leaning her ass against me grinding and holding my hands as we both looked down at her body go. She looked so good I didn’t care what anyone else was doing. I moved my fingers down her body bit my lip and pulled her ass against my groin as we started to grind against each other. She giggled and leaned her head down a little bit as we kept dancing for a good half hour. Sweaty and a little buzzed she went to sit down and rest her feet while I got refills. The table with all the booze was really kind of intimidating. But I’d been to enough parties in LA to know what to mix even though I never drank it. Scooter would’ve kicked my ass.

Sam was more into the stuff mixed together to keep the drink not as strong so I tried to recreate her diet coke from Mexico. I ended up with a vodka tonic shrugging and heading back to Sam. There was a guy sitting next to her on the couch flirting like a drunken dumbass. He was all over her but she was looking around hopefully for me. I did recognize the guy this time around. He was one of the dicks from the basketball team that tried to jump on me because I was smaller and give me a hard time on the team. I took a huge gulp of my drink thankful for her helping me the last time and going in to save me baby.

I walked over as she was trying to pull his arm from over her shoulder and shut that shit down. She didn’t even see me as I pulled her up from the couch and snatched his arm off her shoulder. He looked up at me with a drunken haze but quickly smiled.

“Bieber! Bro . . . is this you girl?” He asked slurring his words together.

“Fiancé bro and I really don’t think she’s interested.” I said.

He laughed. “My bad, my bad. You two joining the beer pong or you still not drinking?”

The basketball team used to lift boos off the older teams on away games. I wasn’t into all that.

“We’ll play.” Sam shrugged.

I smirked taking her hand as the dick of the century lead us outside to the sand. People were all over the little beach making out and sitting around a fire not to mention the beer pong came being set up. A keg had been bought—nice—and they were filling up red plastic cups and setting them up. I felt these gigantic hands clapping down on my back as this dude screamed out to everyone.

“Hey bitches! We got a duo playing tonight. Mr. and Mrs. Bieber are gracing us with their presence so who’s gonna go up against them?”

“We’ll go.”

*Sam’s point of view*

To be honest I was a sip away from being hammered. But when I saw the itty bitty girls step out in their heels that they couldn’t walk in and a twisted face I got pumped. I think that’s what boos do to you they just get you pumped for absolutely no reason once so ever. They looked at me with their fucked up nose jobs and I was ready to kick some high school ass. There was a crowd of losers surrounding us just to watch a game of beer pong but I was certain me and Justin could do this. Those girls were sloppy drunks and there was no way they could even see straight but I wasn’t going to risk it. So I . . . let’s just say alcohol can make you say some crazy shit.

I wrapped my arms around Justin from behind before he went to throw his ball and pressed my lips to his ear.

“If we win this maybe we can full fledge highschool and hook up in one of the bedrooms.” I whispered.

He stopped cold and turned to stare at me licking his lips and nodding that that gorgeous head. It was on bitches because if there’s one thing Justin is, is competitive and if you add in the possibility of sex there’s no way we could lose. We won. Probably downed another liter of beer but it really didn’t matter because as I said we won. Do you know the look on someone’s face where they hate seeing other people happy? That scrunched up grimace look of evil? That’s what they looked like . . . only a little more stupid because they were so drunk.

Justin pulled me up into his arms kissing me sloppily with the taste of beer still on his lips. That feeling of warm lips on mine just fueled the drunken lust in my veins. Maybe that’s why whores are whores? But then again even when they’re not drunk they still act like whores so at the end of the day just close your legs and stop being a whore. We moved back into the beach house as more people set up to play the next round. I was done drinking at that point but Justin was still chuckling around a beer as we finally spotted Ryan and Chaz on our way up the stairs.

“Where are you two going?” Chaz asked.

Our eyes locked and I looked down blushing. 

“Just looking for some alone time man.” He sighed.

One look at us in our drunken state gave us away. Ryan still looked sober shaking his head and telling us to be careful as we ran upstairs giggling and stumbling over each other to into a bedroom. I was giggling still as he hiked up my dress and started kissing my chest. The door was locked and he just kept moving his mouth all over my neck. I moaned a little bit leaning my head up to the ceiling and giving him better access as he bit down on my neck. Drunk Bieber is . . . very handsy. He was all over me but drunk McCartney got into. There I was just enjoying his hickying up my neck when the sensation of those beautiful lips stopped. I looked down to him falling to his knees and staring at the lower part of my dress.

“W—what?” I asked biting my lip.

“I’m thirsty.” He said huskily.

Oh. My . God.

He reached for my dress then hiking it up and licking his lips. I didn’t get a chance to breathe before he was yanking on my underwear and sliding them down to my heels. When it was all set and done he licked his lips again and looked up at me with sweet beautiful eyes that didn’t even waver from being drunk. If he wanted to be seductive he would be seductive and the alcohol flooding his veins sure as hell wasn’t gonna stop him.

“I won’t do anything you do want me to. Just put my face where you want it.” He told me.

It was like an out of body experience like I watched myself grab onto his head and ease it down lower while he spread my legs. But I could still feel the sensation of his tongue; licking, probing, and biting me softly. We fell to the floor and he took my legs into the air before popping them open and spreading them wide. He kept looking at me telling me to tell him what to do. Only drunk Bieber would let me be in control. But by the time he was ready for his action my control deceased and he climbed ontop of me as the penetration began.

* * *

The rest of the party was absolutely crazy. Justin and I were funniest drunks of all time and didn’t mind just laughing at each other for like ten straight minutes. I got a lot sloppier as the night went on but Justin just laughed at me as I fell all over him. By two in the morning people were passed out all over the place or being driven home by their designated drivers. In our case that was Ryan. He didn’t need drinks to have a good time and usually we didn’t either but it was a good night. Justin and I got into the backseat still giggling with the bottles of water Ryan gave us to sober up. I wrapped my arms around him laughing.

“I love you sooo much.” I giggled.

He laughed. “That’s not even funny!”

“I know right! I don’t even know why we’re laughing.” 

We fell over the seats laughing again as Ryan drove us home. We blasted music and car danced like idiots until the car stopped in front of our house. Justin went around hugging Ryan and Chaz sloppily before it was my turn. I hugged Chaz messing up his hair and still laughing before Ryan came up to me.

“You gonna be okay?” He smirked.

“YA! I just love you so much.” I laughed holding onto him. 

He kept laughing at me. “You’re so crazy just here.” 

He pulled me into a hug and I just wanted to fall asleep at that point. I grabbed his cheeks still laughing and started playing with them. And then I kissed him goodnight. Now of course I know what you guys are thinking but let’s just remember I had more alcohol in my system then Snooki and Deena combined. After that me and Justin stumbled into the house leaving Ryan and Chaz behind. We fell all over the place before finally getting to our room and lying down in the bed as giggles came over us.

“That was really cool.” I said.

“What was your favorite part?” He chuckled.

“What the fuck is this Dora?” I asked.

He keeled over my stomach laughing again as we continued to act like dumbasses.

“I liked the dancing.” I said woozily.

“I liked your vagina.” 

That lead to more and more giggles until I think we literally passed out from exhaustion. 

*Ryan’s point of view*

She kissed me. I know she was drunk and she didn’t mean it but . . . it didn’t mean I hadn’t been banking on that kiss for two years. It also didn’t mean that I felt it in my veins pulsing and heating up causing a stir in my gut the same it had the last time she kissed me. I thought about it the rest of the night, about her and her smile. What kind of guy did that make me? To be . . . in love with her. Yea in love and it dug at me to know what being in love with her meant. I was Justin’s bestfriend; we were more than that we were family everything he doesn’t like to talk about anymore I was more than likely there when it happened. I felt wrong, disgusted with myself. But I was in love with Sam. And knowing that I could never have her didn’t affect my feelings once so ever.

That night they got to come back and act normal for a little while. They got crazy drunk and partied all night long. And I was jealous. Not because they were drunk because I could’ve if I’d wanted to. But because they did it together. When I saw them dancing all I wanted was to be Justin. When they snuck upstairs to have sex it broke my heart. The hardest thing anyone can do is watch the person you love with the person you’re in love with and knowing you would never do anything to stop it. It just didn’t seem fair that after all the shit that happened they were stronger ever. I didn’t think Justin even realized what she was like when she came back to Canada. And more then that I resented him for making me go to her. If I could’ve just stayed away I wouldn’t have fallen for her and it wouldn’t make me sick to my stomach every time they touched. 

I tossed and turned all night that feeling still hot in my veins. When I slept she was there running to me, hugging me, kissing me. It wasn’t right but I just couldn’t help myself. But Justin was leaving soon to prepare for the awards and all the stuff he had going on. And I knew I’d be spending a lot of time with Sam. I just hoped that I didn’t let my feelings get the best of me. I couldn’t let my mind think that she was falling for me or something. I love her too much to make her chose or anything. I’d seen her hurt so many times and it wasn’t fair. Justin loved her . . . whether it broke my heart or not didn’t matter because he did and he treated her right. If I couldn’t have her as hard as it is to say I’m glad they had each other.

Justin was heading back that day so I got up that morning picking up the Tim Horton’s because it was my turn and heading to Bruce and Diane’s house. The entire drive I tried to remember that Justin was my best friend. The car I was driving he bought. Any time I needed something he was there even though he was one of the busiest people I’d ever met. Driving to the house I remembered that I would never cross the boundaries of Sam. All I could do was be a good friend . . . to both of them. No matter how much it killed me.

*Justin’s point of view*

I woke up to the worst headache in all of mankind. My brain was throbbing against my skull and my body felt like someone had attached it took a car and drove around dragging it through the streets. It hurt to breathe but at least I wasn’t vomiting this time around. I opened my eyes and everything got seven times worse. A groan rocked my vocal cords as the sun poured in through the window. Why was everything so bright? Why couldn’t I just die?

“Justin you have to get up.” My mom’s voice called.

“Oh God woman why are you so loud?!” I screeched into my pillow.

“Excuse me?” 

I wanted to cry she was so loud. Then I heard another groan beside me.

“Oh God my head!” Sam cried.

“What is wrong with you two?” My mom mumbled. “And why do you still have on your clothes from last night?”

It took us half an hour to get out of bed and another half hour to let the Tylenol kick in. We both had shades on just sitting in the bathroom drinking water by the gallon to sober up. Sam was sitting on the counter next to the sink in just a t-shirt and no pants. Funny how even in my physical state I could still want her like that. I groaned loving when she babied me and moving into her arms. She let me pull her legs around my back and ran her hands under my white beater cool finger tips touching the skin.

“Did you at least have fun?” She giggled handling her hangover better than me.

“Yea,” I sighed. “It was an awesome night regardless. I just can’t remember all of it.”

We were supposed to be getting ready for a shower so she started to undress me—probably because she didn’t have a lot of clothes on to begin with—pulling my white beater over my head with a smirk.

“Well I do you just don’t hold your liquor well baby.”

I smiled a little. “What happened?”

She ran her fingers over my chest biting her lip.

“We started the night off with a bang because you brought me a cup of jack like we’ve been drinking for years. A couple of sluts tried to run up on you and I stopped that shit quick pulling you onto the dance floor with me. You rubbed your dick against my ass for a couple songs. We won beer pong, did shots with some guy named Riley, and even found time to have sex in a random bedroom. Over all I’d say we succeeded in being complete and total whores for a night.” She explained.

I chuckled. “Are you sure we did it in a bedroom?” 

That’s when I realized that though her legs were wrapped around my back she was missing something pretty important. Underwear.

“Wow even I don’t remember losing those.” She said eyeing what I was looking at.

I shook my head as we got undressed and hopped in the shower wiping off the scent of alcohol and sweat from the night before. The shower helped the groggy feeling even though I was still feeling beat up it was nowhere near as bad as when I first woke up. Sam let me rest of my head on her shoulder holding onto her and whimpering how bad I felt. I over exaggerated and we both knew it but . . . I really like when she babied me so it was fine. We got out of the shower me drying off quicker and pulling on sweatpants before falling back into bed. I heard my mom calling to alert us that Ryan was on his way in which made me smile.

I hated the idea of going back so soon but it made me feel good to come back and see all the guys again. That especially meant Ryan. I don’t know I guess at the end of the day they say friends come and go but Ryan he’s like my brother. We’ve been family since I was a little kid and nothing could ever change that. Him being there just made me feel worse about leaving but I knew he’d take care of Sam and keep her busy while I was gone. Their friendship was important and I was really grateful for it after I blew up on him about flirting. He came in while Sam was still in the bathroom and plopped down beside me with a bag on Tim’s.

“What’s up Bro?” I smirked taking the bag. “You look like shit.”

“Thanks.” He chuckled.

“No problem. I thought you stayed away from the drinks.” I asked biting a donut.

“I did . . . just couldn’t sleep last night.” He shrugged.

I could tell he didn’t want to talk about it so I let the conversation drop as Sam came out the bathroom. Her hair was pulled up high on her head and her sweatpants were in place looking cute as always but she was still fumbling with her bra. For a girl she’s always sucked with those.

“Justin help.” She muttered.

I groaned. “Babe my head hurts. Have Ryan do it.”

She sighed and finally noticed him sitting there.

“Pleasssssssse Butsy? I’ll owe you forever.” She smiled cheesily.

He looked down closing his eyes and taking a deep breath as I continued you to eat.

“S—sure.” He mumbled getting up.

I don’t know why he looked so hesitant when he got over there like the guy had never touched a bra before. He picked up the little clasps or whatever and bit his lip fixing them together. Then the dude just retreated without a word and plopped down on the bed. Sam’s the only person that hates to wear a shirt almost as much as me. You can always tell when she’s happy with herself again because the shirt just comes off. She sprawled out across our bed grabbing her bagel and thanking Ryan. It was just us three for a little while before I spent a little time with the rest of the family. Then it was back to Cali for me.

“So Butsy did you have fun last night?” Sam asked chewing.

He shrugged looking down at his phone. “It was alright.”

But Sam knows him almost as well as I do.

“Who spit in your Tim’s?” She asked.

“No one. I’m fine.” He muttered.

She sat up raising an eyebrow because Sam always has to fix everything and eyeing him down. Sometimes guys just want to sulk in their problems.

“Did I do something to you?” She pushed.


She smirked. “You stuttered. What I do Butsy?” 

He rolled his eyes. “Nothing Samantha.”

“Don’t nothing Samantha me Justin make him tell me.” She whined.

I sighed. “Baby if he doesn’t want to tell you he doesn’t want to tell you.”

She crossed her arms and pulled up her eyebrows like a five year-old.

“There’s nothing to tell.” He insisted.

“Sure buddy, sure.” I smiled clapping him on the back.

We spent the rest of the morning eating as Ryan calmed down and settled more into his usual ways. Sam put on her shirt with me on it because I was leaving and started to get sadder and sadder the more the day progressed. I hated it but it happened every time so I just had to deal with it. She stayed by me the whole time and I didn’t mind because I was going to miss her the most. I sighed holding her in my arms and talking to everyone while she just stayed silent. She held my hand and Ryan’s with a bite of her lip while I tried to spent a nice day with her.

We ate a nice meal before I had to pack and everyone else was okay with it. Ryan helped and my mom helped me get everything together before we went around to do hugs and all the sappy shit. My grandparents were first.

“I’m gonna miss you guys.” I sighed. “Thanks for letting me eat all the food again.

We grouped hugged and they chuckled as I pulled away and turned to my mom. She smiled her little Pattie smile as I picked her up off the ground and turned her around with a hug leaving her to giggle.

“I love you mom so much.” I sighed. 

“I love you too sweetie. And I’ll see you soon.” She smiled.

Next was Ryan who was always cool with it and we did our handshake and a hug as always.

“I’m gonna miss you Bro.” I sighed. 

“Ahh I’ll miss you too. Just send me a graduation present huh? Preferably something gold.”

I chuckled. “Will do.”

After I finished hugging them I sighed and turned to Sam. She was hiding her face in a wall in crying. Her anxiety still gets to her sometimes so understood the tears. Us being apart just really got to her until became a tradition for her to cry whenever I left. I’m not a dick so I didn’t care I just wanted to make my baby feel better. 

“S—Sam.” I said softly.

She shook her head looked at me through her hair crying. “No.”

“Come on we gotta do this.” I said.

“I don’t want to say goodbye.” Her voice cracked.

I moved over to her pressing her into the wall and tilting her head up as she swallowed a lump in her throat.

“Baby look at me alright? We’re gonna be just fine. You’re gonna stay here okay and you’re gonna hang out with your friends and your family and just relax. And then I’m gonna send a jet for you to come to the awards with me and we’re gonna be fine. You gotta trust me and you gotta give me a hug and a kiss because I can’t leave until you do. I need to know you’re gonna be okay.” I pleaded.

She looked up at me eyes opening slowly and nodded softly. I wrapped my arms around her waist and she grabbed me fiercely hugging my body close to her and hiding her face in my chest.

“I’m gonna miss you so much.” She cried.

My arms tightened around her. “I know me too sweetie me too.”

I ran my hands up her sides pulling her body away from mine so that our faces were inches apart. She sighed as my fingers ran up her sides and took her face in my hands. I pressed my mouth down on hers hard kissing her with all my might and trying to put everything I had into that kiss. I needed her to have all of my heart and keep it while I was away.

“Tell me.” She mumbled when I pulled away.

“Tell you what baby.” I asked running my thumbs across her cheek bones.

“Tell me you love me.” She whispered.

I sighed lifting her face up again and looking deep into those eyes.

“Samantha I love you with all my heart. You’re absolutely everything to me and I would never leave if I didn’t have to.” I promised.

She took and deep a breath and nodded. I hugged her again as hard as I could before it was time to go. Everyone walked me out to the car as I climbed into the backseat with my driver ready to take me to the airport. Ryan held onto Sam and so did everyone else soothing her because she was the only one in tears. They all waved as the car started to pull away. I watched as she thought I was gone and cowered into Ryan’s chest in tears. It was heart wrenching.

“S—stop. Stop! The car I have to go back.” I said.

“Mr. Bieber we have to go.” 

“No! Take me back the fucking jet will wait.” I yelled.

But he didn’t move fast enough. I opened the car door running down the street to get back to house.

“Sam!” I screeched.

She looked up to see me as I crossed the yard and picked her up into my arms kissing her harder than ever. She wrapped her body around me tight kissing back and running her hands through my hair. I smiled against her mouth and she did the same pulling away and setting her on the ground.

“That should’ve been our goodbye kiss.” I smirked.

She giggled. “I love you now go before your late.”

“Ah ah ah.” I said remembering what we did the first time we reunited at my grandparent’s house.

“What?” She asked.

“You know what I want.”

Her eyes lit up as she remembered too turning around and bending over. I slapped her ass and she giggled again the tears done just like my time in Canada. I waved goodbye one more time before the car picked me up all over again. Time at home was exactly what I needed and I was ready to go hard and maybe bring Sam home an award. Those people I left in the yard meant the world to me. They were everything and leaving them behind sucked. I boarded the jet by myself heading back to LA where Scooter, Alfredo, Kenny, and Moshe were waiting. I was ready because no matter how bad leaving them sucked now I had all the drive to the world. We were just getting started.

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