The Locket Of Hair

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17. TLOH 76

*Justin’s point of view*

We were both panting when it was finally all over. She was still straddling me hunched over so her hair touched my sweaty chest. Her hands were barely keeping her up as they wobbled. My arms were still on her waist and my legs probably look disjointed as we stayed connected. The idea of moving when she was still so sensitive inside was highly unlikely. But the way she was breathing was making that chest move in ways that made my mouth watered. Her body was slicked with sweat and she looked beautiful, delectable. How was it even physically possible that I wanted her all over again?

“Come here.” I panted tugging on her hair so it was out of my way.

We kissed and she leaned back her back itself seeming to bend until we fell backwards and I was once again in-between her legs. I felt myself stir inside of her as I tried not to move it too much. Her lips were amazing twirling with mine in a hot messy heap. Her hands moved to my back digging into it hard as I ran my tongue along her neck. She screeched out and it propelled me further despite the fact that she really did hurt my back with her claws. I bit her neck sucking to the point where pulling away showed a dark red mark on the flesh. I’d never forget the pleasure that coursed through my veins in that moment. It just didn’t even make sense.

*Ryan’s part of view*

Everyone was standing trying to block the door now. No one wanted them to get caught we just wanted to make fun of them for it later. The door was cracked still but we tried to smoosh together to block it. Pattie watched us with a wary expression because she already knew what was going on. And why did she know what was going on? Because the two dumbasses couldn’t stop moaning for twelve seconds. They were completely oblivious to the group of people standing outside their room.

“Uhhh baby d—don’t stop!” Sam screeched.

She was defiantly the yeller of the relationship. Like how amazing can an eighteen year-old be in bed even the great Justin Bieber?

“You like that?” He sighed.

“Enough! Enough move out of my way!” Pattie muttered looking like she was on the verge of vomiting.

She pushed through all the guys and practically kicked the door open as everyone saw the scene waiting in the bedroom. Though the lights were off you could see Justin on top of Sam and her legs clothed in sheets wrapped loosely around his back. I don’t really know exactly what Pattie planned on doing when she walked into that room I just know that as soon as she did things got so much more awkward then ever before.

“MOM!” He gasped.

Then before you knew it Sam was screaming Justin was trying to pull out to cover himself but it was all pointless because Pattie was already speaking her piece.

“You two are ridiculous! You’re grandparents are two doors down how can you sit here screwing each other. Shut the hell up enough is enough already!”

Then she walked right back out of the room and slammed the door. She gave us one look and everyone scattered running back to the living room not daring to mess with Pattie Fucking Mallette.

*Sam’s point of view*

“Justin I am so, so sorry!” I muttered.

After Pattie had burst into our room like that we were both blushing like crazy. I don’t really know right though to be honest. Because if you think about it we get caught going at it like way too much for comfort. But when your mom catches you inside of your fiancé it’s awkward for anyone and when you’re the fiancé you just feel cheap and sad. We were both going to hell at this point.

“Baby it’s okay it’s not your fault. Well . . . you do moan too loud but really it’s okay.” He assured me. “Let’s just get cleaned up and go get embarrassed by the guys I guess.”

I bit my lip and moved into his arms hugging him tight and listening to him sigh.

“Look I’m still a little hard and your boobs pressing into my chest aren’t really help baby.” He mumbled.

I blushed and looked down sliding out of bed and going to look for clothes. We dressed in silence the awkwardness left over from Pattie entering the room. I pulled on sweatpants and a tank top brushing the knots out of my hair and pulling it into a pony tail. I washed my face and brushed my teeth as my heartbeat started to slow from all the “activity”. Justin changed while I was in the bathroom leaving me with a few moments to forget about what we’d just been doing. And let me tell you it was a hell of a lot harder than I thought.

The way his I could feel his pelvic bone through his skin. How hard he sucked on my neck tongue locking tight on it like a vase. Our flesh merging together the harder we pressed ourselves to the one another. His breath hot and sexy in my ear saying words that caused a spasm in my chest. Words cannot describe how good Justin is in bed. I wanted to stay there forever and if I could I would. He’s literally so satisfying that I could never get satisfied. If that makes sense once so ever.

I was biting my lip and thinking back in the things that had just occurred when Justin came into the tiny bathroom. Our eyes locked through the mirror and he bit his lip as well wrapping his arms around me from behind. His touch was pure electricity coursing through my veins.

“You left marks on back.” He said nonchalantly.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered.

He nodded softly his sex hair flopping all over place as he pressed those perfect lips to my shoulder.

“Come on I need to eat something, you wiped me out with that pussy.” 

Before my heart could react to the sexually stimulating sentence he was pulling me out the bathroom to head to the kitchen.

Cooking for twelve boys is ridiculous. But when one is hungry all of them are hungry. Not to mention due to a recent turn of events I wasn’t really in the position to turn them down. They promised not to bag on us if I made the grilled cheeses yet as I wasn’t even in the kitchen yet when they started to make fun of Justin. My name was brought up a lot unfortunately but I tried just focusing on the grilled cheeses. Justin stayed in the living room with the guys to give me some space and let the horniess evaporate. But Ryan came to keep me company scooting up onto the counter while I cooked.

“What’d you come to make fun of me?” I muttered.

He smiled. “No I just came to keep you company. It’s not my fault you two act like wild animals.”

I blushed and looked down at the bread. “I’ve been told that too many times.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t make animals noises that everyone in Stratford can here.” He chuckled.

“Alright, alright enough mocking my sex sounds. I missed you Butsy.” I sighed.

He smiled softly a smile that only Ryan could conjure. “I missed you too, a lot.”

Flipping sandwiches in the pan I looked down as we kept talking.

“Can I ask you something?” I murmured.

“Sure.” He shrugged.

I flipped another sandwich onto a plate. “It’s just that I was working on my book and I had to talk about you a little bit . . . W—when you came up to me at school that day was it because you wanted to or because Justin asked you to?” 

I heard him sigh and had a feeling nothing could be good.

“He asked me to find you. I found out we went to the same school and saw you that day at your locker. You looked . . . broken, fragile. I didn’t even want to breathe on you. After we ate lunch together that day I told him you were depressed. I guess he told Scooter said he wanted to come down but then Scooter called me and said to stop. So I did . . . at least that’s what I told him. But the next day you were sitting in your car crying a—and I just decided that you needed protecting. Seeing you happy it—it makes me feel like I did an okay job.” He shrugged.

I pulled the last sandwich out the pan and looked up at him. Ryan is one of the most intelligent, kind hearted, driven people I’ve ever met in my entire life. He wasn’t in love with me like Justin had thought. He just loved me like family, like the way he loved Justin. He’s probably one of the only people that understands me even close to the way Justin does. With a bite of my lip I reached up on the tip of my toes and wrapped my arms around his back to hug him tight. Ryan reached his arms back around me hugging me back and sighing happily.

“Thank you.” I whispered.

He hugged me tighter. “Don’t even think about it. I’m just really glad you’re okay now.” 

The truth is Ryan noticed the scars way before Justin did. He used to let me stay at his house when my mom wasn’t home or we’d fought the night before. Needless to say I spent a lot of time at Ryan’s house. His family really just took me in like I was their own but that’s beside the point. The first time he noticed I blamed it on something stupid like catching my wrist on a fence or something but he bought it. It was the next time that he caught me the day after I’d made them leaving them still fresh on the wrist that he knew it was for real.

“Y—You cut yourself?” He mumbled.

I remember looking down and letting my hair fall in front of my face.

“Yes. I just . . . I’m really unhappy. And to be honest the only thing that makes me even remotely happy is being here. I can get through all the bullshit at school and the stuff my mom calls me but I don’t think I can go without you guys. I’m asking you to please let this go.”

And sometimes when a friend asks you something the answer isn’t so simple. From outside perspective it’s she needs help tell someone. But from Ryan’s perspective it was this girl he loved like a sister that he wanted to help. In that moment she was telling him that the only thing that could help her was him keeping it a secret. It sucked but it’s the way things were. He kept my secret and I’ll forever owe him everything for it. Some could say he endangered my life but I sincerely believe he saved it. 

I hugged him then knowing we had a friendship different than most. A connection, a bond that couldn’t be broken my stupid petty shit lied in the DNA of our relationship. I loved Ryan and at the end of the day I was still thankful for him keeping that secret. I was okay and it’s true it could’ve gone a different way but it didn’t matter. In that moment things were good between us no matter how bad he should’ve told.

He helped me load the sandwiches onto a plate and carried them into the living room. In two seconds flat a group of boys attacked the plate till nothing but crumbs were left. We all sat down on the floor me in-between Ryan and Justin leaning my head on one and holding the hand of the other. They both were my best friends. I just happened to be engaged to one of them. The guys were watching some stupid movie that I didn’t care about. But watching all of them on the floor watching it and talking over the actual movie brought a level of happiness. They were just a big bunch of babies and it was funny. 

Throughout the movie I just kind of talked to Ryan and Justin. We talked about stupid stuff like what would happen if we could create a sundae with anything on it. Or a road trip where we just drove for days. Of course Ryan mocked that we’re too famous for that but it was all fun ans games. They started talking about the past and I just listened then. No one really knew how hard Justin had it except Ryan. The way they explained it left me respecting my baby even more. As open as he was to the world about it he still wasn’t even really being open at all. And I was the last person he’d ever tell that stuff to. I fell asleep as Ryan was talking about school and snuggled deep into Justin’s arm with an exhausted sigh.

* * *

I woke up to the smell of bacon and the sound of glasses clinking. My eyes opened slowly as the Canadian sun streamed in through the window. People were talking but I was still tangled up in the sheets lying on the floor and remembering my surroundings. An ache in my back propelled me to hop off the floor and stretch groaning. There were no long obnoxious boys all over the place yelling like they didn’t understand the world whisper. It was just a quiet peaceful morning in Stratford. 

I walked to the kitchen yawning and scratching my head as I finally spotted Justin. How sexy I must of looked. Justin sat with Ryan, Bruce, Diane, and Pattie. They were talking quietly among themselves until I walked it and everyone stopped. The look on Justin’s face when he saw me made my insides tingle. His eyes literally got brighter staring at me. He bit his lip and smiled at me. They didn’t even have to look at me to know who came in the room. They just had to see Justin’s face. Why did he always look so happy to see me? 

“Sam.” He breathed.

“Good morning.” I murmured walking to the table only focusing on his face.

He wouldn’t let me sit in a separate chair and insisted on pulling me down onto his lap. I blushed but didn’t complain as he slid his hand around my neck.

“I missed you.” He said softly.

I looked down blushing. “It’s been like a couple hours.”

“A couple hours to many.” He muttered pulling my lips to his.

It was as if his mother hadn’t just caught us having sex the night before. But his mouth tasted so good I couldn’t help but react groaning against his mouth and not caring about anything else. He pulled away and smirked kissing my forehead and pulling me close.

“You hungry? I’ll cook you something.” He offered.

“Baby I’m fine with a bagel.” I assured him.

He shook his head getting up and giving me his seat. Before I could protest he was back with a cup of coffee my sugar and cream already inside of it. 

“I’ll make you something just wait okay?” He asked.

I sighed giving in. “Okay.”

He kissed my forehead and headed off to do his thing leaving me with the rest of the family.

“So where’s the pack of mongrels?” I asked Ryan. “And why didn’t they take you with them.”

He rolled his eyes and flicked my arm. “People have to work and study for finals. I however have already studied and did not wait for the last minute to study.”

“Ohhhh Busty got smart.” I joked.

“Psh I’ve always been smart. I’m pretty sure I helped you pass geometry.” He reminded me.

I shook my head. “That doesn’t count. They’re fucking shapes how can you call that math?”

Everyone at the table chuckled at me as Justin called out from the stove.

“Baby you want a bagel or are we doing toast this week?!” 

Every now and then I alternated between a bagel and toast it really just depended on my mood for the day.

“Bagel please sweetie!”

Pattie was sitting next to me but not looking at me once so ever. I’d once again messed up and it once again included my vagina. I poked her arm softly and she ignored it. I poked again then again and one more time until she sighed and finally looked at me. As far as I knew Bruce and Diane had no idea that their grandson had fucked the breath out of his fiancé under their roof. If only the same could be said for Pattie.

“Do you hate me again?” I asked softly.

She glared for a second but her face softened slowly. “No.”

I smiled. “I’m sorry about that . . . . it was my fault.”

She rolled her eyes. “I highly doubt it was but I appreciate you apologizing just . . . try to refrain from doing that here please? You two will send me to an early grave.”

I giggled and looked down blushing. “Okay. That sounds like a deal.”

She patted me on the back and let me lean my head on her shoulder.

“Do you still respect me?” I asked looking up at her.

She smiled down at me. “You’ll always be one of the most respectable people let alone women I’ve ever met. It’s a little hard to separate that you’re a woman with needs when it’s my son who . . . . has to satisfy those needs.”

The look on her face was hilarious because she really did not want to have this conversation. Justin came in then to break up the awkwardness.

“Mom is there any way we can like not talk about me satisfying my fiancé at the table . . . or anywhere for that matter.” He muttered.

I smiled as he set a plate in front of me. My bagel had been skillfully cut into the shape of a heart. His famous scrambled eggs were steaming and the bacon was crispy the way I liked it.

“Bon appetite belle.” He said in the most adorable French ever.

Belle meant beautiful which I’d learned the first time he said it. I felt like the only Canadian that couldn’t speak French, it was actually quite embarrassing.

“Mmm I love it when you speak French.” I sighed. 

He smirked. “J'aime quand tu me déshabille.”

“Justin!” Pattie gasped.

“What? What did he say?” I asked confused and a little dazed by the French.

“It was a joke.” Justin rolled his eyes. “I just said I love when you get naked.”

Everyone else at the table laughed well except Diane.

I chuckled. “Give me a kiss before you get yourself in trouble.”

He smirked again and leaned down close so our lips were almost touching. 

“Je pense que je peux faire ce que.” He whispered. “Aka I think I can do that.”

I kissed him softly keeping it short and simple as to not upset Pattie before letting him go. He sat down beside me watching me eat as we all kind of talked like a family. Ryan’s parents didn’t mind him missing school so close to finals because they weren’t learning anything new. So for the day it was just the three of us to walk around and act stupid. Pattie was there and Bruce and Diane were willing to hang out or just let us go about our business but I didn’t care what we did. It was hard to talk to Ryan and Justin when every time I looked at Justin I had a hard time breathing. His lips were so plump and perfect I just wanted to lick them. They were talking about something I didn’t know and I just sat there staring, drooling.

“Sam? Hello???” Justin called waving a hand in front of my face.

“S—sorry.” I mumbled blushing.

“It’s okay sweetie. We’re gonna go shopping or something I guess. Why don’t you go get dressed?” He asked.

“Aren’t you coming?” I bit my lip wanting a reason to hold onto him.

“Yea I just have to help clear the table I’ll be in in a second.” He smiled.

“Okay.” I sighed leaning in to kiss him.

I went around the table hugging and kissing people before skipping off to go get dressed.

*Justin’s point of view*

“Thanks for doing this bro” I sighed snapping hands with Ryan.

“Ah it’s fine I got better things to do then hang with you losers anyway.” He joked.

We weren’t going shopping at all. I was taking her back to the ice rink just us this time around. After last night and after she forgave me I still felt bad for the bullshit that was pulled. Calling ahead it was closed out until the family skate came around and we could just skate around together. I was looking forward to being with my baby for a little while. The next day we’d stay at home or go pick up Jazzy and Jaxon but for that point in time it was just a Jamantha day. Due to my mom and grandmom’s command I helped clear the table before I headed back to our room. Thankfully washing dished wasn’t on my chore list for the day.

Sam was in the shower and I’d already taken mine before she woke up so I went to pick out an outfit. Black sweats with the zippers on the thighs and a white t-shirt. I was leaning down and sliding on my supras when the bathroom door opened and Sam stepped out. She’d dressed in the bathroom and came out looking . . . I’m sorry I would’ve finished that sentence but I was drooling just thinking about it. She had on dress which wouldn’t work so well on the ice but at the moment blew my breath away. It was completely made up of lace and this dark black silk material. It had no sleeves and it was stopped just over her thigh. And people wonder why I have to tap that so often it’s because she dresses so provocatively all the damn time.

She turned to looked at me in her heels with the leggings inside of them and a black hat on her head. Those lips stuck out shiny from some type of gloss while her eyes lashes were bold and long. I know she saw me drooling. I know I probably looked like an idiot. But when you have literally the most amazing woman in the world in front of you getting tongue tight is normal believe it or not. 

“Baby you okay?” she smirked.

I coughed mouth dry and swallowed deeply trying to smile. “Y—yea you just look really beautiful.”

She blushed and my entire body froze.

“You look orgasmically sexy as well big daddy.” She giggled.

“We should go.” I said automatically.

She laughed but got the point not standing too close to where I’d have to attack her again. I knew she wore that dress for me. Lately Sam was in her sneaker phase again where she loved like shorts and t-shirts with sneakers. That dress much like the one she’d surprised me with the night before was brought down to Canada solely for me. I think she meant well but all it did was turn me on . . . which now that I think about it is probably what she wanted. I took her hand intertwining our fingers as always while we walked back to the fam sitting at the kitchen table.

“Wow . . . You look beautiful.” Ryan said.

“Thanks bro.” I joked.

He shook his head and laughed as Sam blushed.

“Thanks Butsy.” She smirked.

We all got up going around and squeezing my mom and grandparents. Just so she didn’t know what was going on Ryan was coming with us to the rink. I just told her they called and said I left something there and she didn’t think of a thing. The drive was fun though me driving and Sam pretending like I was going too fast. Like I was going to kill us or something. I didn’t text when I drove so if I wanted to leave one hand off of the wheel that should be allowed. We were almost to the rink when Sam brought up something.

“Baby when are you gonna take me on a date?” She asked.

I smirked to myself. “What made you think of that?”

She sighed. “I don’t know.”

“Well just be patient. I just agreed to marry you isn’t that enough?” I muttered.

“Psh that was march bitch it’s time to bump it up a little bitch.” She joked.

Ryan was laughing in the back seat and I just rolled me eyes pulling up to the ice rink.

“Well your bitch has to go inside you coming?” I asked.

“Sure.” She shrugged. “You coming Ryan?”

“Nah I’ll stay here.” He said sticking to the plan.

We got out of the car and I wrapped my arms around her waist smiling at myself for coming up with the date so soon. She had no idea what was about to happen and I loved that aspect of the whole thing. She giggled as we walked inside and I clapped my hands over her eyes.

“Justin what are doing?” She gasped.

“Shhh and walk forward.” I smiled.

She sighed but let me move her through the building. We got closer and closer to the ice and she just kept asking what was I doing. I just shhh’d her and moved her to the ice. Our skates were waiting for us including a jacket for her. The lights were dimmed but still kept bright enough for me too see that flawless face. 

“You ready?” I asked softly.

She nodded hard. “Yes what is it?”

I smiled softly and pulled my hands slowly for the full reveal.

*Sam’s point of view*

At first I didn’t get it. Like I was shocked to the point of no return.

“W—what is it?” I gasped.

He smiled. “I just thought that since I was such a horrible fiancé last night you would skate with me right now.”

“Oh Justin is this because of what I said in the car cause baby I was just kidding.” I groaned.

But he just shook his head. “No baby I already had this planned. You just have either really good or really bad timing.”

I blushed and bit my lip. “This is for me?” 

“All for you.” He whispered taking my hand. “Now come on let’s get out there.”

He took my hand and led me over to the stands and propped my legs up on his lap taking my feet in his hands. He slid my heels off smiling and put the skates in place going so far as to tie them for me too. I didn’t push it finding it cute and romantic. He set my feet on the ground and putting on skates of his on. Justin stood up walking like a pro in his skates and pulling me into his arms to help me on the ice. As soon as my feet left the floor I felt free. The air was cold but Justin had a jacket waiting for me and it felt good against my skin. The rink was huge and I spread around sliding my feet across the frozen floor and smiling at Justin.

“You look so beautiful.” He sighed at me.

I blushed and looked down hearing him skate up to me and take my body in his hands.

“You’re so amazing. You treat me so good.” I smiled.

We started to skate around in a circle because we’re Canadians and we’re beasts like that.

“So baby what do you think about getting a house down here? After last night?” He reminded me.

I rolled my eyes. “I mean I can see where it’s a good idea. But . . . .”

“But what?” He asked hands tightening on my waist.

“But I just feel like we need to sit down with the lawyer and the business manager before we go house hunting. That would be our third house if you include the one we bought for the wedding. You know I don’t want to be one of those couples with seventeen million dollar houses.” I groaned.

He nodded. “I understand. So what if . . . we talk about it in the meeting for next week? And we don’t have to get a million dollar house baby it’s Stratford I think the most expensive is like a hundred grand. We’ll get a nice small little honeymoon like house you know? Something practical that speaks to us.”

He used that deep throaty, sexual voice that made me melt. 

“You’re such a salesman.” I giggled.

He kissed my neck and my giggles just got more giggly. 

We kept skating holding hands as he smiled at me and we got the chance to talk about anything and everything.

“Tell me something.” Justin smiled skating backwards.

Show off.

“What?” I smiled.

“When we get married do you think things will change?”

I smirked. “You trying to get rid of me Bieber?”

He smiled and kept skating. “No just wondering.”

“Well . . . Baby I don’t know. Maybe it’ll be the same. Maybe the first years will be hard and the rest won’t. maybe it will be the exact opposite. I don’t know how it’s going to be all I know is whatever happens, I want to do it with you.” I promised.

He wrapped his arms around my waist so fast I almost fell in my skates.

“You always know what to say. I love you so much.” He sighed.

“Then why haven’t you kissed me yet?” I asked.

He smiled wide and pressed our noses together running his lips against mine softly. I moved away smirking and skated ahead. There was silence in the ice rink except for metal hit the thick, smooth surface. Everything was so calm and peaceful. We’d skated for hours and it was starting to take a toll on my feet but I was just too happy to care. It was the perfect date more so because of who I was with. Being with Justin just really made me happy. Nothing ever made me happy like him.

We got to ride in the Zamboni before we left. Justin loved watching the big heady machine smooth out the ice and leave it a perfect sheet of glass. He watched it the whole time eyes glinting at the view. I on the other hand just watched him smiling to myself at how flawless he was. We got off the Zamboni, changed back into our shoes, and headed back to the car with me leaning my head on his shoulder. His arm was wrapped securely around my waist.

“I hope you had fun baby.” He murmured.

I blushed. “I really, really did.”

“Anything else you wanna do before we head back?”

It hit me right then.

“Actually . . . yea. Can I drive?”

He looked a little confused by agreed handing me the keys and still opening the door for me. Twenty minutes later I was pulling into the parking lot of the same tattoo parlor that Justin got his first one ever done. I stopped the car and turned to look at his curious eyes as he took in our surroundings. 

“You want a tattoo?” He asked.

I nodded. “The one Demi got for my birthday. I promised her I’d get it.”

“Why today?”

I shrugged getting out of the car and taking his hand. “Because I want you to be there when I cry, tell me it’ll be okay and get me ice cream after with all my favorite stuff on it.”

He smiled warmly. “Sounds perfect.”

I smiled back and held onto him as we walked together into the big tattoo parlor. It’s not every day that a girl in a dress and heels walks into a tattoo parlor . . . at least not sober. Justin knew the guys so the same guy who did his eagle was going to do my neck. I signed the papers sat down in the chairs with my face in this this plush operation chair while Justin filmed me with his fucking phone saying something about a viddy. I had no idea what the hell he was talking about not to mention I was a little busy have ink imbedded in my fucking skin. But hey no big deal.

The guy took the picture and looked it over asking if I wanted it altered or to look exactly like that. I of course wanted it to be exact. He started and I swear I thought he was stabbing me.

“What the fuck?!” I screamed. “OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!”

Justin started to laugh.

“You can go fuck yourself.” I cried.

“Awww baby calm down it can’t hurt that bad.” He chuckled.

“Why don’t you get your balls tattooed and see how you like it!” 

He kept laughing as the guy continued to do my tattoo trying not to laugh himself. Justin sat down on the floor and looked up at me at my head was stuck in the whole of the headrest. His eyes hazel orbs of beauty peered up glinting and making my heart pound instantly. Sure he was still filming but I didn’t mind so much when he didn’t laugh at me.

“Baby,” He murmured seductively. “It’s gonna be okay alright. I’m right here.”

I bit my lip and whispered. “Okay.”

He smiled and got up taking my hand and fliming my neck I guess.

“It looks great Sam.” He said.

I smiled and tried to ignore the pain. That was the longest hour of my entire life. It hurt like hell and it took him forever to just write some fucking words into the skin. But Justin got me through it. There wasn’t a second where he didn’t hold my hand and talk me through the pain. He brought up everything and anything just to keep me talking and keep me calm and it worked. Whenever the pain just became too much and I started to cry he’d get down on the floor again and wipe my tears looking at me with those beautiful brown eyes until I melted into silence. When it was done Justin got up first and went to take pictures of it.

“H—how does it look?” I asked. 

“Perfect,” He said. “Just like Demi’s.”

I sighed and smiled sitting up as the guy went over how to keep it clean and blah blah blah. IT came out good and that’s all that matter. Looking in the mirror I knew Demi would be happy and Justin sent her the picture so she heard from me and not the tabloids. Standing up and sighing he was standing there waiting for me with open arms which I walked into gladly.

“You did great baby.” He sighed.

I giggled. “Baby I cried the whole time.”

“That’s okay you still looked beautiful. A beautiful hot mess.” He chuckled.

I smiled and shook my head looking at him for a second. When the second idea hit me that smile just grew by a mile. Like I knew I probably looked like a serial killer but I didn’t care cause this was going to be amazing.

“What is it baby?” He asked.

I smiled. “I need you to go wait for me out there.” 

“Are you okay?” 

I nodded. “I’m fine babe just trust me.”

He sighed okay and kissed my lips softly before walking out of the room. I sat back down in the chair in front of the guy and lifted up my dress to my lower abdomen to tell him:

“I want the seagull.”

*Justin’s point of view*

She was gone for like another twenty minutes. But the day had gone so well I didn’t want to ruin it by upsetting her so I just stayed put. The fans were laughing at the video of her getting the tattoo and I knew how satisfying it’d be for her to see them enjoying her pain. It kind of reminded me of the kevin hart stand up. When I got called back into the room I was confused as all could be. I thought she was done and we were going home so it didn’t make any sense that I had to go all the way back to the ink station. She was stand in front of a mirror with her dress pulling up to her stomach and I couldn’t see what was going on.

“What is it?” I asked.

She bit her lip and turned around to face me showing a very familiar looking tattoo on her lower abdomen.

“I know we talked about cheesy tattoos but . . . I think this has a little more sentimental value.” She murmured.

I bit my lip. “You got that for me?”

Sam nodded and I ran through the small space picking her up in my arms and hugging her body as tight as I could get it. She giggled and letting me hold her as I please kissing those sweet beautiful lips. We took a picture with the guy who did her tattoo and a couple of other people who asked before walking out to the car again holding hands. She had to have the tattoos covered but she was so excited to go home and tell everyone about it. When they started to hurt a little bit I took her to an icecream place and told her to get anything her beautiful little heart desired. With my arms wrapped around her small waist and chin on my shoulder—you know the normal Jamantha pose—she ordered her ice-cream in the most adorable way ever.

“Can I please have chocolate mixed with vanilla and gummybears on top?”

And after that I just took her home ready to chill out, relax. Maybe Sam got to spend some time at home but I had more coming up than ever. The weekend was all I got and I had to be back in LA on Monday. We went home and I got out of the car opening her door and helping her out before I started to laugh.

“What?” She smirked.

I shook my head and scrunched up my nose still laughing.

“Justin what?!” She complained.

I tried to control the laughs choking out. “You gotta chocolate mustache babe.”

She frowned at me making fun of her but I got a hold of myself and took her into my arms again smiling.

“Oh don’t get mad at me baby. Here daddy’ll make it all better.” I promised.

I leaned down kissing and gliding my tongue along her top lip till the mustache was gone. She shivered.

“D—don’t.” She muttered.

As much as I yearned to say something seductive and dirty I knew how pissed my mom would be if she found us again. Why is it so impossible for me to every get some?

“Okay.” I murmured. “Let’s go inside. You can put on some sweats because I know you’re not comfortable anymore. We’ll watch a movie.”

A little smile danced across her lips. “And actually watch it?”

“I promise sweetheart.”

True to my word we went inside and she went to change coming back as the family all sat together in the living room. My mom sat on my left and Sam on my right while my grandparents sat on the loveseat together. Ryan had headed home decided to cram even harder for a test he swore he knew backwards and forwards. I wished him nothing but luck besides maybe that he took a break to enjoy like for a little while. I don’t exactly know what movie they were watching because I was pretty much in my head the entire time reflecting on current events.

Sam had forgiven me for the stupid bullshit I pulled the other day and once again we came back better, stronger. I got to see my friends and they brought out the kid from Stratford in me again. My grandparents once again found a way to baby me while at the same time making me wash take out the trash like I still lived there. But at the end of the day I didn’t mind any of it. It made me feel normal and as much as that lacks from my world now that’s really what my life used to be. Maybe it’s not normal to be engaged at eighteen or have everyone around you—except maybe the fans who I don’t think knew anyway—be okay that you slept in the same bed together every night at that age. And maybe if I really thought it through I’d realized that I’m not normal.

It doesn’t even have to do with the fact that I’m famous or I get to go all over the world and do so many different things. I’d never been normal because the way I was raised was different then a lot of people. We’re a big family and we all grew up with big hearts and big heads loving hard, and thinking things through more than they maybe need to be. It wasn’t the fact that I was engaged at eighteen it was the fact that I was so in love with her at eighteen. Most eighteen year-old guys literally aren’t able to feel passion yet, or an emotion close to what I feel when it comes to Sam. When I’m with my friends yea we all act the same—stupid, loud, and fowl mouthed—but even then I was different. I was the one with that big heart and that big head that got out of shit when we fucked up.

Sitting on the couch with my arm wrapped around my mom and Sam I smiled to myself. There was a sense of security when it came to being a Bieber. We just don’t take shit and we learn to overcome things that normal people don’t. I was blessed to get that from both sides because Malletes don’t mess around either. I just felt so happy to be there, home with my family. Maybe not my entire family because we’d need a couple countries to fit the beliebers into, my crew, my friends, Sam’s family, at the end of the day it all intertwines. Whether your related or not you come to find that it doesn’t really matter. You’re family.

They watched the movie while I kissed my mom’s cheek and kissed Sam’s forehead. They each gave me flawless smiles not even knowing what they meant to be. Everything. Both of them were undeniably the most important women in my life—with exceptions you know what I mean—and it never seem to stop. Even there in that moment without them knowing it they were keeping me whole. When dinner came around we all ate at the dinner table. Something we didn’t used to do until I got famous actually. Then it just became a ritual to eat at the actual table instead on the couch or on the floor. Once again I was flanked by my mom and Sam.

As we said grace I held onto those two amazing woman’s hands found a way to thank him for that moment. For those women. For my family. If you can’t be thankful for family . . . what can you be thankful for. After dinner everyone usually kind of goes off to do their own thing. Mom headed out to go visit friends. Grandma and Grandpa turned in already. Old folks what are you gonna do. That left me and Sam pretty much alone in the house. She was sitting up on the counter as I got out her medicine for her and got a glass of water too.

“You know I’m not that weak anymore.” She smiled. “You really don’t have to get my pills for me anymore.”

I shrugged. “It makes me feel like I’m contributing to helping you feel better.”

She rolled her eyes. “The one thing that makes me feel better is you.”

I looked up at her and smiled waiting till she took the pills to kiss her softly.

“Let’s go for another walk.” I told her. “I want to show you something.”

“Okay.” She smiled.

So still in sweats and sneakers we got out of the house and held hands as far as she knew just strolling through the neighborhood. Yet I took her someplace completely different. It was a hill sort to speak. Like a playground with the swings and stuff but no one ever came to it. It was the midway point between me and mom’s old house and grandma and grandpa’s. There was a big oak tree that blocked the sun whenever it came out. We sat underneath it now watching at the wind whipped around the other trees. 

“My mom used to let me go over to my grandparents’ house by myself. She always told me straight there and straight back. So as if I didn’t spend almost every minute there as it was I could take my bike over there whenever I wanted. The thing is is that when it was time to go home, I didn’t want to go. I was so ashamed of where we lived and I used to come home and my mom would be crying, she’d just be sitting at our sad excuse of a kitchen table and cry. When I walked it she wiped away the tears and just pretended like nothing had happened, like I couldn’t see the pain on her face. So whenever I wasn’t ready to go home yet . . . I stopped here. It was quiet and peaceful and it kind of made me feel like a badass for not going straight home like she’d asked.”

I kept talking, the words just spilling from my mouth and I didn’t even look up to see if Sam was paying any attention.

“I wrote my first song here.” I smirked. “I wrote a lot of songs here now that I think about it. None of it ever had music but I’d pluck at the strings until everything fit together and I never forgot it after that. Though I probably couldn’t play it for the life of me now. I just . . . I used to sit here for hours, like sometimes I never went to my grandparent’s house at all. It was like no one could find me. No one could come and say hey you have to go home now. You have to go watch your mom look through the cabinets for dinner when you no there’s nothing. You have to listen to her call grandma and ask for money because she lost another job. And you have to go back to not understanding. That was the worst part because I get it now. I understand all the shit she went through but back then I didn’t get it. All I knew was Mom isn’t happy. And I don’t know who to blame or if it’s my fault I just know I want her to be happy the way I am.”

When I finally stopped talking it seemed like it’d found a way to get darker. The clouds were getting thicker pressing down on the sky like it was trying to keep us safe from the world. I kept my eyes on the swingset in front of me not saying a word. Neither of us said a word for a while. Then there came Sam taking one of my hands and kissing it just to make me feel whole again.

“This place must mean a lot to you.” She whispered.

I nodded. “I brought a girl here once. I really liked her, thought she’d understand. She just looked at it and wondered why I even came here. She never looked at me again. I guess she found another boy who could take her miniature golfing or whatever dates used to be. That’s the last time I brought a girl up here or anyone for that matter . . . except now.”

I could just feel her smiling at me.

“You’re such an amazing human Justin.” She said.

I smirked and took a deep breath as if to disagree.

“No I’m serious.” She stopped me. “This place it . . . has to hold so many memories. And it has to hold a lot of pain and a lot of searching for things you didn’t get. I know how hard it has to be to show this place. But telling me everything you just said right there I know it makes you feel better. I know you even better now. You just showed me another one of those sides of you that you like to keep hidden and locked up away. Not a lot of people have the ability to feel and to love and to hurt the way that you do. It’s why you’re story is so amazing because of your heart. Baby this place is huge and you have to know that.”

I finally turned to look at her and she took my face in her hands using her speech voice again.

“Guess what?” She asked me.

I humored her. “What?”

“You can take care of her now. You found something . . . that maybe guys tried to pick on you before that now covers the mortgage on her house. She’s never gonna have to cry and ask for money because her son is an extrodinary human being that works harder then anyone she’s ever met to be successful. Your drive is what makes you different Justin. The past and everything you just told me is part of you and it’s a part of who you are. Don’t regret it be happy it happened and be happy that any time you don’t want to get up for radio or you don’t want to do press that you can look back and remembered the nights your mom didn’t eat because there was only food left for you. Never let it go okay? It’s who you are and it’s the reason you’re everything to so many people.”

I took that to heart. It meant everything that she could say those words to me and make me believe them. Because had someone else spoken them, chances are I wouldn’t have believed them. When she was done I just hugged her. I hugged her so hard and it felt so good. No tears came, no one wept yet I felt this over-whelming swarm of emotion that rocked my body from head to toe. That woman in my arms made me who I am and chances are she probably didn’t know it. I used to sit on that same patch of grass praying that I got a girl like Sam. Now there I was eighteen years-old and holding her like life depended on it. Shit happens it’s what you do with the shit that’s dumped on you that counts. Learning that is probably one of the hardest things I ever had to do. But feeling her body in my arms made me realize it was all worth it.

“You have not the faintest idea how much I love you.” I whispered.

And I took pleasure in the fact that she really truly didn’t.

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