The Locket Of Hair

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16. TLOH 75

*Sam’s point of view*

“Can we get the Zamboni out please! Justin will be here in forty five minutes I need the ice ready!”

It’d be a hella long day full of running after people who weren’t doing their job correctly aka to my standards. Pattie was there to keep me calm and I had to calm her down every time she started to cry over the idea of her baby graduating. Everyone did their part though and we worked together to keep in all together. The cake had been shipped to Canada after I made it. I remember making the trip to Hoboken, New Jersey to visit the one and only Cake boss. Maybe what I was asking for seemed like a lot but the show showed some pretty weird requests but some really good cakes so I thought . . . why the hell not and bought a plane ticket out telling Justin I was staying with Demi.

“Hi uh I’m here to see Buddy.” I said to one of the ladies at the counter.

The place was packed and there was camera crew around which just made me nervous but I tried to keep it under wraps. The lady led me to a table and got some coffee while I waited for Buddy to come up. This big Italian guy comes up and I stand up not knowing to like do the awkward side hug or shake hands. He kissed my cheek which is weird but I didn’t fret about it too much. We both sat down and his voice just came out big and throaty.

“Hi Samantha what can I do for you today?” He asked.

“M—my fiancé just graduated highschool and we’re throwing him like a surprise party at home because he hasn’t been back in such a long time.” I explained.

“Oh that’s cool why hasn’t he been home?” He asked.

I shrugged. “He’s just been really busy working on his album and doing promotions so we haven’t been able to really make the plane ride down there.” 

He looked at me like he had absolutely no idea what I was talking about and I raised an eyebrow.

“You don’t know who I’m engaged to do you?” I asked.

He shook his head. “I’m afraid not ma’am.”

I smiled a little. “Justin Bieber.”

“Oh. Uh wow okay what were you thinking of doing for the cake?” He asked shoked.

“Uhm well I kind of promised I’d be involved in making the actual cake.” I said awkwardly. 

“You want to help make it?” 

I sighed. “That’s the plan is it doable?” I asked.

He nodded. “I think we can do that. What kind of cake do you want to do?”

“Well we had this French vanilla cake at his birthday dinner. He really, really loved that cake so I know he’d know it the second he bit into it. I want to incorporate Canada so if we could make it like five tiers and have it be red and white would be perfect. He doesn’t like too much fondant or whatever so just like keep that to a minimal and I defiantly want it to have like chocolate fudge frosting.” I explained.

We ended up having the five square tiers and they altered from red to white. In the middle was a Canadian flag and piping had been done to write some of Justin’s slang on it like swaggy, leggo, believe, and never say never. I was actually really good in the bakery can’t say that I’m surprised but me and that frosting had a good ole time. It felt really good to know I was going to actually eat the cake this time around. It got shipped to Canada and now it was sitting safely on a table away from the ice. I really wanted Justin to love that cake. 

The guest had started to pile into the room talking and doing whatever as we waited for Justin to arrive. I couldn’t really dress up to go skating so I wore a thing white long sleeved sweater and leggings to fit nice into my skates. I looked pretty sex-afied to be quite honest but that’s beside the point. The crazy neon lights were flashing and the ice was slick and smooth ready for skates to touch it. Smiling to myself I looked up at everyone so excited to see Justin. There was something in side of me that kept squeezing tighter and tighter. I needed Justin to love this party. And to be happy.

“Everyone in the corner their coming!” I screeched looking down at my phone.

We all ran and crowded into the corner as footsteps sounded on the ground.

*Justin’s point of view*

I still had no idea why the hell everyone wanted to show up at the rink we used to skate at. But at the same time I wanted to see the old place and relive some memories. We’d gone everywhere that day and it felt good to hang with my bros and not have to worry about anything else. Everywhere we went it was a ball and it was non-stop all day. Being home was satisfying, I felt like I never wanted to leave just by that one afternoon. The guys were acting stupid as we walked inside the rink and it looked like it was shut down.

“Are you sure we should be in here?” I asked looking around.

“Oh come on Hollywood are you scared a pap is gonna show and take your picture?” Chaz teased.

Wasn’t really like him but you never know with Chaz.

“Fuck you.” I muttered.

We walked to through the big doors to get to the ice which is where and I saw it and where I once again got a big surprise. 


“What the fuck.” I gasped.

Everyone was standing by the ice with all these lights flashing around. The guys started clowning on me proving they knew about it all along. A banner read happy graduation and it suddenly all made sense. My mom was in the middle of everything crying with open arms just waiting for me to fall into. I hugged her tight thanking her for everything. She was amazing and having her there meant the world to me. My grandparents were next hugging me from both side and crying in my ear how proud they were. 
Friends. Family. My dad was there with Jazzy and Jaxon. It was the best thing I could’ve asked for. But it was time to party. Hard.

Everyone put on skates though some people preferred to not go anywhere near the ice. But all the guys were competitive and raced to get them on so we could get out on the ice. Of course baby showed up on speakers playing my voice from before puberty. I sounded like I’d just been born it was so high. The guys were mocking me singing in obnoxious chipmunk voices. It was all fun and games to me but we liked to act like we were hard asses.

“This song made more than your houses put together bitches!” I insisted. 

“Oh he made all the twelve year olds wet!” Mitch joked.

The guys laughed at the joke and I just shook my head.

“Uhm excuse me who are the two guys that hit on every one of my sexy bitches the first time I flew them out?!” I asked skating across the rink pass Chaz and Ryan and clapping them on the back.

“Justin watch your mouth!” My mom called.

I rolled my eyes but listened to her keeping my voice a little less loud with the guys. The party was great with my friends all over the place causing a ruckus. I even skated with my mom during one of her favorite songs from the old day. She let me wrap my arm around her neck and we took of skating around the rink while she told my life story of the times she used to watch me skate around that very rink. It was kind of embarrassing but she looked so happy that I just let her keep going. O dodm’t know what in the world could make the party better.

*Sam’s point of view*

So you know how I said I honestly wouldn’t care if Justin didn’t talk to me during the party just as long as he had a good time with his friends? Well bitches I lied. It started as soon as he walked in hugging every person in the entire room except me. I think he even hugged the guy who drove the fucking Zamboni. But it occurred to me that he was just excited to be home and caught up in the moment. So I let it go and went to put my skates on then the party started. He spent about half an hour skating with the guys then he skated three songs in row with Pattie. Now that was cute I mean spending time with your mom is important so I didn’t fret too much. Then people that I didn’t even know were invited to the party started to skate with him. It got to the point where I just got off the ice and went to sit with Diane and Bruce.

“Calm down sweetie he’ll notice you eventually he’s just glad to be home.” She assured me.

I watched him out there skating and smiling and laughing. It was depressing and I didn’t really understand why.

“Is there something wrong with me?” I asked. 

They both laughed. “No there’s nothing wrong with you.”

I got up and pulled off the skates replacing them with my boots and grabbing my purse. They let me go when I said I just needed air but I had to move through the ice to get to the other side. Maybe I should’ve waited till I got to the other side to take my skates off but it didn’t really matter. I left because . . . I guess it hurt to see him having so much without me. Being jealous was stupid but look at it from my point of view. I didn’t know any of those people. We met once or twice but other than that nothing. Justin had this world that I wasn’t included and it left me thinking to just leave him to that world. 

Before I knew it I’d completely left the party and went back to Bruce and Diane’s house. I wanted him to enjoy the party I just didn’t want to watch him enjoy it without me. In my head I saw our first night back together. Saw people crazy about each other that loved to touch and be touched. Saw the beginnings of life transforming whether on the couch or on the counter tops. A relationship so beautiful because of the triumph they had concurred together. Being in that house just made me miss Justin. I took a shower trying to calm the nerves because getting stressed over the party made no sense if I wasn’t even there.

My ringtone kept sounding but I didn’t care enough to get out of the shower to check. I wasn’t in a bi-polar episode and I wasn’t going to do something of epic consquences I really just wanted to be a jealous bitch. Like my fiancé isn’t paying me any attention and that hurts. When you have all these emotions that are so deep and big and scary it actually feels good to be mad over something stupid. I’d rather be jealous that Justin isn’t spending time with me then be jealous of the girl at the party stuffing her face with food and being able to tell that she’s not gonna gain an ounce. I felt good in my skin, I felt like an actual human being. And there was comfort in knowing that. So when I did get out of the shower and I did check my phone and I saw that everyone had called me multiple times except Justin that hurt. It hurt a lot.

“Hello?” I breathed.

“Sam where are you? Everyone’s been looking all over for you we want to bring out the cake.” Pattie said.

“I—is Justin worry about me?” I asked.

“He hasn’t noticed why?” 

He hadn’t even noticed. How cute.

I sighed. “I went back to the house. You can give him the cake without me.”

“But Sam you made that cake you were so happy to give it to him what’s going on?” She asked.

“Pattie I’m fine I’m really just fine.” I assured her. “Please give him the cake don’t try to get him to come get or something cause it’s not necessarily. I just out the shower and everything is okay. I promise.”

I could hear her sigh into phone trying to figure out what to say to me. 

“Okay just be safe alright? I’ll bring you something to eat after the party.” She said.

I smiled. “Thanks mom.”

“Yea, yea, yea don’t try and butter me up. Bye Samantha.” She sighed.


I got dressed and crawled into bed with my lap top and my phone and decided to do something fun for the fans. I started a little video chat for them to come into—though it took me an hour and half to actually figure out how to turn it on—and just planned on relaxing and basically talking to myself and a camera.

“Ello bitches how is everyone?” I asked setting it out on the bed to lie down. 

Scrolling through the comments it seemed like everyone was either saying I love you, you looked pretty, and where is Justin. 

“Well I love you guys too and . . . I’m sure you all look much prettier than me. And Justin is at a party so I’m here . . . sitting in bed . . . like a loser.” I explained.

More stuff from the fans.

“Did he leave you all alone? Poor Sam.” I giggled. “No I was at the part I through a bitch fit guys I don’t think he realizes I was actually at the party. It was just something I through together with Pattie for graduation.” 

There were a lot of awwwws and follow me on twitter but all the questions focused on Justin till it was really just a girl convo for me to blow off some steam. Why the hell not? So I explained the entire story to them stopping to read comments and reply to a couple. But the fans were amazing mostly because they took my side. We talked about why Justin was being such a douche and why he thought ignoring me was cute but at the end of the day I guess I understood.

“He probably just really misses being home. You guys have no idea how homesick he gets sometimes like it’s sad and all I wanna do is like hold him or something. So maybe being here is just reminding him of the times before he had a fiancé? What do you think?” I asked.

Yeses came through left and I right and I smiled.

“So all agreed I shall forgive Justin and make him take me out to dinner to make up for his stupidity? Good now on to new topics!”

We stayed online for hours just talking and acting stupid. They’d helped me with my crisis and even though the comments were coming in too fast for me to really read I tried my best to respond to the questions. Fans are family as far as I’m concerned. They’re there for you when family isn’t or can’t be and you can tell them anything without them judging you. They’re the ones that wait outside for hours to meet you. They’re the ones that save money just to buy something related to you. And at the end of the day they’re the ones paying for you bills. If you don’t trust the fans enough or respect them then what’s the point of even being “famous”? What’s the saying like don’t bite the hand that feeds you? I just feel like way too many people in the industry bit their hands to fucking much. Don’t pretend to be sincere about you’re fans just actually do it like it’s not that hard.

We talked a little bit about me not eating and I was honest in everything I told them. They knew that I was such an open book and like to give them everything that I can so that they feel connected to me. And when it came to things that could actually affect them I took it very seriously. So when I said I stopped eating I told them why and I told them how I stopped taking my pills and how much weight I’d lost. Not because I necessarily wanted to but more because they wanted to know. The connection with them was what got me through everything. I needed them to be honest and the fact that they were just so willingly to be there for me was amazing.

“Sam I brought you food.” Pattie said.

She walked into my room with a bag and smile and I turned the laptop around so everyone could see.

“Guys say hi to the beautiful and perfect Pattie Mallete. And she just brought me food so I’m gonna go eat but . . . I love you guys and thank you so much for talking to me and going through the Justin crap. You’re all amazing and I want you to stay strong and let me know if any bitches try to start stuff. I love you byeeeeee!”

I turned the laptop off with a swaggy and climbed out of bed to go to Pattie.

“What Justin crap?” She asked.

I ignored her question. “Is he here?”

Pattie shook her head. “They stopped to get food themselves I think the guys are spending the night like old times.”

“Oh . . .” I mumbled looking down.

She wrapped her arm around my waist and before I knew it she was pulling em towards the kitchen.

“Come on sit and tell me what’s on your mind.” She pushed.

I sighed and set my food down pulling it out of the bag as I started to talk.

“He just . . . I threw that party together right? I mean I know everyone helped but I did throw it didn’t I?

She smiled. “Of course you did and it shows that you care about him why?”

“Because he hugged every single person in that room except me. I didn’t even get so much as a wave and for two hours he skated with his friends and his family and you and I was just over on the sidelines watching him enjoy it all.” I mumbled.

“Oh Sam you know he just missed being at him and seeing everyone. You two are together an awful lot sweetie.” She breathed.

“I know, I know,” I muttered picking at my foot. “But . . . I thought I’d at least get to tell him I love him and that all the hard work and the dedication paid off and maybe he’d look me and say thank you for studying with him till three in the morning or believing him when he didn’t believe in himself. I just thought that graduating would mean more to him when me by his side.”

“You thought a lot about this day didn’t you?” She asked softly.

I nodded into the table. “I was so proud of him and so . . . happy to see him succeed in something he didn’t think he could do. I watched him push himself so hard for this because of how much it meant to you and to me. I just wanted to celebrate that with him.”

She reached across the table to take my hand and smile reassuringly at me. I was read for some Pattie advice when the front door opened and whole bunch of guys started running in screaming with French fries hanging out their mouths. Bruce and Diane were laughing with them as they came in but I just sighed. All those guys meant I’d never get any alone time with Justin. I sighed and picked up my food trying to smile but failing.

“Thanks for the food I—I’m gonna go eat my room.” I said softly.

She nodded softly not pushing me on the subject and letting me go. And suddenly coming home wasn’t so fun anymore.

*Justin’s point of view*

I kissed and hugged my grandparents as they headed off to bed but my mom insisted on staying up with us for a little while. No one cussed or said anything inappropriate around her cause they knew how she reacted and it was never pretty. It took a while for the house to calm down as people moved into the only bathroom and changed into sweats or basketball shorts for the night. We’d stopped for fast food after an amazing party with badass cake and the bros were staying the night. Call it childish or whatever but lying on my grandparent’s floor surrounded by dudes I’d know my whole life felt good. Being home and being normal, it felt good. We all settled it on the ground ready to eat until my mom came into the room.

“Justin I need you.” She said as I was about to bite into my burger.

I sighed and dropped my food back onto the wrapper.

“I’m coming.” I muttered getting off the floor and following her into the kitchen. “What’s up?”

“Have you noticed something missing? Something out of the ordinary?” She asked.

I thought for a second and shrugged. “No why?” 

“No one that’s always been by your side that you kind of ditched tonight?” She pushed.

I sighed. “I’m sorry if you felt like I was ignoring you mom that’s not what I wanted to do.”

I went to hug her and she put a hand against my chest shaking her head.

“No Justin, no. You actually skated with me tonight I’m talking about the person that threw you that party in the first place.” She said.

I was so confused. “Mom I have no idea what you’re talking about who threw the party then cause I thought it was you?”

She rolled her eyes. “Sam.”

“Oh . . . . w—well where is she?” I asked.

“In her room eating alone because you haven’t said two words to her all day. Did you even notice that she left the party early? Did you notice her at all?” She asked.

I sighed and nodded. “I know, I know I’m going.”

I turned to leave and she gave me a gentle shove pushing down the hall with a smile. Heading to our room and opening the door I saw her sitting there picking at her burger with her in her face to hide. She still looked beautiful but the realization of how I really just blew her off told me she wouldn’t be too pleased with me. She looked up as I walked into the door and then quickly back down with a twist of her lips.

“Pattie talked to you.” She said softly.

It was more a statement then a question.

“Y—yea showed me I was being a dick to the person I care the most about.” I said.

She shook her head. “Well it doesn’t matter because I don’t care so you can just go eat with the guys.”

I walked over to the bed and she turned away as I sat down next to her.

“You don’t care that I ignored you all day and went off the play with my friends?” I asked.


“And you don’t care that you put all this work into a party for me that I didn’t even thank you for?” I asked.

“Not in the slightest.”

“And you don’t care that—“

“Stop it!” She interrupted. “I told you I don’t fucking care so just go. I want to eat in peace not be reminded of what a bastard you are.”

She sure didn’t care alright. I sighed and stood up watching her glare into the ground waiting for me to leave. Leaning down I tried to kiss her hair but she moved away. I touched her hand anyway and left the room knowing I messed up. My mom was waiting outside the door for me when I walked out biting my lip. She knew that was a sign things hadn’t gone well.

“I messed up.” I sighed. “Will you just stay with her please? I don’t want her by herself.”

She smiled a little and nodded patting my on the back.

“Make sure she takes her pills and she eats and everything. Text me I want to know what’s going on with her.” 

“I will I promise.” She said.

I thanked her and let her go into the room I wasn’t allowed in anymore. Turning to go back to the guys I realized I didn’t want to. I wanted to be with Sam; make her laugh, make her happy, make up for the bullshit I’d put her through. But with Sam it’s best to let her cool down before you talk to her. I unfortunately learned that the hard way. The guys were watching some bullshit comedy but I just sat down plucking at my burger and wondering if Sam was okay. The way she pulled away from me like that. It wasn’t even the fact that she was mad it was the fact that I didn’t realize any of it. I’d completely fell back into life without her as if I forgot she existed. She put that entire part together herself for me. And if it weren’t for her I probably wouldn’t have passed the test either. 

My friends were probably worrying about parties, finals—barely--, and who they were gonna hit on at those parties. I had someone else to think about though beside myself in fact I had a lot more people to think of beside myself. And it’s not that I minded it I mean I loved my fans and it made me happy that they counted on me. Scooter’s dad always said he held to extraordinary standards because he wanted him to be extraordinary so Scooter passed that onto me. I could be held to normal stands or no standards at all and I wouldn’t be where I am today. But I enjoy being pushed no matter how much I complain about it at the time. I enjoy being held to extraordinary standards because I do want to extraordinary. It was I thrive to accomplish and to become. 

So is it unrealistic to never want to fail? Yes. But I was always told to dare to be unrealistic because no one great ever came from being realistic. What I mean by all these inspirational quotes and shit is that I don’t want to fail Samantha. It’s not realistic I know that. And I know that sometimes we’re gonna fight and we’re gonna go at each other’s throats and say some shit we don’t mean. But I just feel like thriving to not fail her limits that. It’s why we could never be one of those couples that end up in a divorce and an alcohol problem. Couples lose sight of why they got married so young and try to blame it on the age and all the other factors except themselves. They lose sight of the fact that they loved each other. That being apart used to literally pain them. They stop talking, stop respecting each other and things just go downhill. It’s when you stop fighting; when you let all the emotions bottle up inside that the relationship fails. We’d learned that the first time around. 

“Yo Jb you alright?” Ryan asked.

He was sitting next to me and I sighed leaning my head back and shaking my head.

“Nah bro I’m not.” 

He smirked. “Sam finally blow up on you for ignoring her?”

I looked up him. “You knew I was doing that?”

He shrugged. “Bro she was sitting in the stands by herself for two and half hours. You didn’t say anything to her I thought you guys were fighting or something.”

I punched his arm softly. “Seems like everyone noticed it but me. She’s pissed, she should be.”

“Yea but you know her. Go say something to make her feel bette you two will be all over each other in no time.” He assured me.

I disagreed. “Nah it doesn’t work that with her. I know her so I know she’s in there right now wondering why I don’t care about her when I do. Her mind is her worse enemy.”

“Then why are you sitting out here instead of doing some of that romantic shit you like to do?” He asked.

I smirked and he pushed me over. “Go, she’s more important than this dumbass movie anyway.”

That’s why Ryan’s my best friend. No one’s ever understood me or knew me better than him. I headed down the hallway all over again remembering what he said and trying to remember not to take no for an answer. As soon as I got to the door I could hear them talking and it just really broke my heart to hear her voice that way.

“Don’t cry sweetie.” My mom sighed.

I heard Sam sniffle. “I—I’m sorry I don’t know why I’m over reacting I just . . . I don’t know.”

“You’re hurt it’s not over reacting it’s just emotion.” Mom promised.

“I just wanted to make him happy.” 

I couldn’t listen to anymore after that and knocked on the door biting my lip.

“That’s probably him why don’t you go to the bathroom and freshen up.” She said softly.

I waited timidly tapping my foot and waiting until the door finally opened.

“I need to fix it Mom not you.” Was all I said.

She nodded softly and squeezed my shoulder walking out and heading to her own room. I closed the door and headed to the bathroom cracking it open softly to see her staring at herself in the mirror. She looked down when I moved inside and sat on the counter next to where she stood. I really hurt her just by not being there for her. It just goes to show that the simplest things can break a person down. Sam started to wipe away make up that had dripped from the tears throwing tissues away and ignoring me. I watched in silence licking my bottom lip and waiting as she pulled out more make up.

“What are you doing?” I asked. 

“Fixing my makeup.” She said obviously.

I reached and grabbed her arm softly not letting her pull away this time.

“You don’t need to do all that you’re perfect the way you are.” I told her.

She bit her lip. “Apparently not perfect enough for you to even notice I exist.”

I sighed. “I’m sorry I really am. I got so caught up in being home I forgot the one person that makes me feel at home whenever I’m with them.”

She blushed a little and looked down. “Who’s that?”

I took her hand and intertwined our fingers. “You.”

She bit her lip and giggled but soon stopped looking back down.

“You don’t have to forget me yet.” I whispered. “Just come take a walk with me.”

She looked back up tooth still stuck in her lip. “A walk?”

I nodded. “Please?”

I waited watching her think through but the more she looked at me the weaker the resistance became until her face softened. 

“Okay. Let me grab my shoes.”

We walked out to the room where she put on these white knitted boots. They looked so good on her because those legs were tan as all could be to contrast against the boots. Her sweatshirt was white too with grey stripes and a hood with pockets to slide her cute little hands into. Her hair was long and straight shining like a commercial. With her shorts high up of her waist she was read to go and I was ready to drool over her. I opened the door for her and she stepped out as we both walked down the hallway and through the living room.

“We’ll be right back guys.” I said as we walked passed.

They started whistling and throwing popcorn at us like the idiots they are. Ryan wink and didn’t our handshake with me before we headed out the front door. It was quiet outside, nothing but the darkness of the sky pressing in our small little town leaving the feeling of safety and security. We walked down the street, one of the first times I’d been allowed to do that without a camera in my face and it felt good. The air was slightly cold leaving a good feeling in my lungs as I breathed in deep. Sam shivered beside me before those thin little arms wrapped themselves around the arm that was stuck in my pocket. She leaned her head on my shoulder and sighed as we walked down the street.

“Do you forgive me yet?” I smirked.

She smiled. “No I’m cold. You haven’t said anything for me to forgive you yet.”

“Hmm . . . what if I said you’re the most amazing thing to ever walk the planet and I don’t deserve you or you’re amazing personality and warmth?” I suggested.

She giggled. “I’d say by amazing personality and warmth do you mean ass and boobs?”

I looked her body over and licked my lip. “Nah those are just bonuses.”

She rolled her eyes and looked at the ground as we kept walking.

“I really am sorry boo. Hurting you wasn’t my intention once so ever.” I assured her.

She sighed. “I know I overreacted.”

“No you didn’t I was an ass. You deserve better.” 

“Well that is true.” She smiled.

I smiled when she smiled liking the way it looked over her skin. We kept walking her holding onto me and shivering.

“You cold?” I asked stopping.

She shrugged. “A little.”

I pulled my jacket off not minding the cool air and slid it onto her as she blushed and bit her lip.

“You’re so beautiful.” I sighed taking her face in my hand.

“Baby stop it.” She giggled.

I shook my head. “No it’s the truth you’re perfect.”

She looked up at me licking her bottom lip. “Really?”

I nodded softly smiling at her as the blush ruptured in her cheeks.

“We should head back now don’t you think?” She asked.

“If you’re ready to.” I said.

She looked down biting her lip. “I bought this outfit for you for when we came home.”

I bit my lip in response. “I’d like to see it.”

She looked up at me. “Okay.”

We walked home after that staring at each other as the sexual tension settled in. She looked so beautiful that I had no idea what special outfit was going to make her look any better. I wrapped my arms around her from behind and we headed back to the house laughing. Leaning my chin on her shoulder left her giggling all the way into the house as we stumbled through the living room.

“We’ll be right back.” I told them keeping my eyes on her the whole time.

More whistles and everything but we just blushed and toppled over each other till we got to our bedroom. She bit her lip and looked up at me kissing me softly with those powerful lips. I wrapped my arms around her waist digging into the skin because I knew it made her hot and trailing my tongue around her bottom lip. She sighed against my mouth and my slid my hands over her shoulders pulling my jacket off her. It dropped to the floor and she pulled away taking these deep long breaths.

“Get ready for bed I’ll go change.” She said softly.

I bit my lip nodding as she turned and walked to the bathroom. She swirled those hips back and forth just leaving me wanting them but closing the door on purpose. Then it was on like fucking donkey kong. To be honest I don’t think I’ve ever taken my clothes off that fast before. I mean I used the skills of doing it during concerts but sped it up by about 350. She was in there for quite a while leaving me time to give myself a pep talk anywhere. Standing in front of the long mirror against the wall I shook my hair in nothing my boxers at this point and taking deep breaths.

“Calm down Justin she wants you. She’s gonna give it all tonight.” I bit my lip and nodded knowing I was ready.

Crawling into bed and waiting for Sam was hard. I mean she took so long I wasn’t sure if she’d snuck out through a hole or something. I sat on my phone and tried to zone out playing games and stuff but it just seemed as if there was only one thing on my mind. Sam.

“Baby?” I called. “Ya coming?”

“Yea! I’m coming now!”

The door finally opened as the bathroom light turned off and she stepped out into the room.

“Well . . . What do you think?” She asked.

It was like a little mini night dress almost. The fabric was a thin silk with skinny straps on her soft shoulders. The dress was really short stopping just over her underwear that looked like a bikini bottom with lace as the material. The waist line came all the way up to her chest where the baric actually separated and showed her cute stomach. She looked so beautiful it was hard to breathe. I looked up at the ceiling groaning and she got scared.

“What is it what’s wrong?” She asked.

I bit my lip even her voice was a turn.

“I’m going to hell.” I sighed.

She sighed a sigh of relief and came to slide into the covers. Her eyes ran over my bare chest and I took her into my arms needing to feel her body next to mine. She kissed me pushing her lips into mine and letting me take her bottom lip into my mouth. Her mouth tasted good as I slid my arms around her and down that beautiful back. Her skin was warm and soft running through my fingers just as silky as her dress. If there’s anything Sam knows how to work it’s me and that’s for sue.

“Mmm . . . wait did you bring any protection.” She gasped against my mouth.

I kept kissing her shaking my head. “We don’t need any . . . you’re tubes are tide it’s safe.”

She tried to fight against my mouth still wanting my lips but at the same time trying to argue with me.

“P—precautions. Go find something Justin.” She mumbled.

I groaned and rolled off of her before I got too into it. She smiled and said thank you as I rolled my eyes and pulled my sweatpants back on. The things I had to do to have sex are ridiculous but Sam was so worth it. The guys started screaming as I walked back into the room grabbing my car keys off the counter and heading to look for rubbers in the back of the car. Yep defiantly going to hell. One of the times we’d gone to stock up on condoms we bought like seven boxes so we wouldn’t have to go out for them again. They were hidden in the trunk. When you have condoms hidden in your trunk it really says something about your character. 

I shoved the box into my sweatpants which just made it look like I had a rectangular boner sticking through them. The guys were defiantly gonna notice. And as if to prove me right as soon as I snuck back into the house Ryan was walking back from the kitchen and busted out laughing before I could hide myself. Then Chaz came over and started laughing and a crowd started to form as I pushed through them muttering a fuck you guys and getting back into our room.

“You so owe me for the torture I just endured.” I muttered.

But turning to look at her sitting up in bed reminded me of why I did it and I smiled walking back over and sitting next to her. 

“Did you get one?” she giggled.

I sighed reaching to my pants and nodding as she busted out laughing. Enough of that I wanted my baby. I crawled on top of her making the giggles stop and looking deep into the beautiful brown eyes.

“I don’t want to play games with you. I want you. Right now.” I whispered.

Her heart started to speed up so fast I could feel it.

“Okay.” She said in a dazed voice.

I lied her down and pulled the fabric of the dress to the side to see her stomach. She let me lay in-between her legs kissing my way all over her body and listening to her groan. The dress came off with ease leaving her in that bombshell bra and lace panties. She reached across the bed to turn off the light leaving us in the darkness with nothing but the sound of our breathing as I ran my tongue down her chest.

“J—Justin.” She whimpered.

I smirked nibbling a little harder on her skin and moving slowly down her body.

“Mmm you like it. I know you like it.” I sighed.

She moaned in agreement but that wasn’t enough for me.

“Tell me, tell me you like it.” I teased moving closer and closer to her panty line.

She bit her lip and looked up at the ceiling. “I like it.”

I skimmed my nose down her belly button hooking my thumbs into her underwear and tugging it down. She was already shaking her back and forth biting a pillow and I hadn’t even done much yet. I was almost afraid to eat her out . . . almost. I tucked my finger inside of her feeling the hotness that erupted from her core. She let out a low grumble from her chest and arched her back. Going nice and slow I pumped my finger inside of her feeling her insides flood and biting my lip. My mouth moved kissing the skin not having the patience to let my fingers do the talking anymore. I ran my fingers down her thighs and moved her legs as wide as they would go looking down at how good she looked.

“Do it already.” She muttered.

I chuckled softly and kissed the lips between her hips listening to her soft moans. 

*Sam’s point of view*

I needed him. I needed more than the sensation of his tongue diving inside of me in ways I still didn’t understand. We were both groaning and panting as his mouth moved at incredible speeds. MY hands had found their way into his hair gripping it tight and getting closer and closer to the point of no return. It’s when he attacked my clit that everything went over. His smooth soft tongue touched the skin and I couldn’t hold it any more arching my back so hard my face fell backward into a pillow. Justin had to keep his hands on my legs to keep me from flying up into the air like possessed bitch on crack.

Then the tumbling through the sheets started as I got him out of his sweatpants all over again. His body was hot skin a golden tan only the godlike creature I was engaged to could possess. My fingers were in his hair and his fingers in mine as we struggled to kiss each other enough to satisfy the other. I heard the tear of a wrapper as he moved a hand away from my hair and under the covers. We weren’t close enough for me. I needed all of him. In every sense of the words and I needed it then and there.

I whispered in his ear. “I—I wanna be on top.”

He moaned just as the though and looked at my mouth licking his lips.

“Okay go ahead.” 

I felt his hard on press into my stomach as I rolled over ontop of him throwing my bra across the room and climbing onto his dick. He pressed his lips to my ear moaning as I bottomed out and felt him sliding deep in side.

“Fuck.” I muttered. 

“Ride me.” He whispered.

I was confident that I could that. 

*Ryan’s point of view*

Ten minutes later we all heard something from down the hall. It wasn’t obvious that it was Justin and Sam but everyone knew that that’s what it was. When Chaz got dared to go peak into the room we all knew he’d actually do it. Chaz is just that kind of person. But when he agreed everyone had to get up to go peak too. We’re guys. You say there’s sex going on it’s pretty obvious we want to see it. I don’t really think anyone was too heavy on the Justin aspect of that but Sam was a must see for them. Not to mention we needed material to clown Bieber with the next day.

So we all got up and snuck down the hall but it turned out sneaking a peak wouldn’t be necessarily. Justin was in such a hurry to get it in the dumbass left the door cracked. It’s a small house defiantly not one you should fool around in with your mom and your grandparents down the hall but to each their own. Taking a look inside was a scene right out of a porno to be quite honest. The covers were bunched around their bottoms not showing anything we really didn’t need to see but the rest was enough to be too much.

Sam’s back was out except for her long hair which she kept moving out of her face. Cowgirl style would work for calling him pussy the next day. He had his hands on her hips and she was jumping up and down on him like a crazy person. They kept moaning and groaning while everyone else outside was cracking up. To us it was hilarious to see such a thing. Until they started talking then things just kind of got out of control.

“Damn it’s huge.” She gasped. 

“D—don’t stop keep riding.” Justin grunt

She leaned her head back and stared at the ceiling eyes rolling back into her skull. Even that wasn’t the worse part. The worst part was when her boobs came into play. Because at that point you want to look away. It’s not right that’s his fiancé we shouldn’t be looking. So why did not a single person look away? They just kept going and going. It was mesmerizing . . . and scary at the same time. No one knew what to do. No one said a word we all just stood around the door not breathing let alone moving. But through all the awkwardness and all the boobs and inappropriate language the worst part was yet to come.

“What’s going on?” We heard.

Everyone turned to see a short, tired Pattie standing in the middle of the hallway. And then it came or I guess you could say they.

“Oh fuck baby yes!” 

“Mmmmmm . . . yea!”

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