The Locket Of Hair

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15. TLOH 74

     *Justin’s point of view*



                I was nervous. The rehearsals had gone all most perfect but I wasn’t impressed with my steps. Didn’t mean I wasn’t gonna go out and give it 250% it just mean I was focusing more on the possibility of failing than succeeding. They had me performing last in the show so I had the whole shoes to go over steps in my head. I tried to hide what I was feeling and put up this front that said everything was good. But there one person who saw through it and I should’ve known it wouldn’t work once so ever. Sam.


                She was told to keep her distance and let me focus. But by the time I got my fifteen minute warning I needed her. One text and she was there sneaking into my room. She wore high waisted shorts and another Bieber t-shirt proudly with her chuck taylors. That alone had me smiling. Sam walked straight into the room without a word pushing past Moshe and hugging me fearlessly. I hid my face in her neck feeling a thousand times better with her body pressed against mine. Her fingers ran up and down my back soothing me softly like no one else could.


                “Do you want to pray?” She asked softly.


                “You’d do that for me?” I asked


                She nodded. “I’d do anything for you.”


                We sat down together and she took my hand as we both closed her eyes. I knew she wasn’t used to it but it was the thought that counted.


                “Dear God . . . We ask that you look over Justin tonight. Let his moves be clear and his voice be as strong as ever. We ask that you let him have fun and be safe and just give it his all . . . Uhm . . . Amen?”


                “Amen.” I sighed.


                She moved into my lap and ran her hands through my hair despite the do my hair stylist had already put in. Sam kept me calm, collected and as long as she was there the nerves kind of vanished. Scooter and everyone walked in a few minutes later saying it was time to head to stage. I kept Sam with me till the steps of the stage. She was gonna sit in the audience so I could see familiar, beautiful face. She took my hands and intertwined our fingers.


                “You’re going to be so great up there.” She smiled.


                I smiled back weakly. “Thanks baby.”


                “Good luck kiss?” She offered.


                “Good luck kiss.” I whispered.


                 She smiled and kissed me tenderly biting down on my lip.


                “Alright I gotta go. Don’t be nervous sweetie.” She sighed hugging me tight.


                Then all of a sudden she was gone and I was left alone to get ready for this performance.


                “If I was your boyfriend I’d never let you go. I could take you places you ain’t never been before.”


                The lights came out and I started the dance moves solid. Moving down the steps and dancing with the girls I did the song just the way we rehearsed it. A couple of time I messed up and it just pissed me off but the song kept going so my voice kept going. At the end right before I almost screwed up big time but fixed it and flew right back into the bridge jumping up and down the dance I should’ve. Thankfully the rest of the dancing and vocals went through with no problem. I was a professional and I knew what was expected of me. But to be honest . . . by the time all those beautiful fans started applauding it took everything in me to smile. When you’re a perfectionist everything is very precise and to the second. Mistakes are like dirty word. It felt like I was letting someone down. In the crow I saw a girl with a sign. It was huge and it read I love you on it. That girl was my fiancé. And with that and all my other beliebers I suddenly found a reason to smile.


                “Baby that was amazing!” Sam yelled running to me and throwing her arms around my neck.


                I smiled. “Babe I messed up.”


                She rolled her eyes. “You sounded perrrrfect. The falsetto was on point, your outfit was swagged out. Who cares if you missed a dance step or almost messed up a line you’re human.”


                “Critics. Me.” I pointed out.


                She took my hands in hers. “Justin the critics can go fuck themselves because everybody in the crowd loved that performance. And you? Well . . . you can go fuck your fiancé.”


                I laughed and shook my head not having a chance at being sad and leaning down to kiss her neck. “I might have to take you up on that.”


                We were interrupted by the whole crew bumb rushing me with hugs and congratulations. Scooter awkwardly told me he was proud of me before everyone started to embarrass him. Then Sam made him carry her around piggy back style all around backstage. I smiled at everyone and it felt good to have support but . . . I was exhausted. I wanted to go back to Canada. See my friends, see my dog, see my grandparents and have them yell at me for eating all the food out of the fridge, I missed Canada and the idea of walking through a Canadian airport and see actual Canadians , and eating actual Canadian Tim Horton’s sounded amazing. But there was still work to be done so professional Justin came back into play.


                After I was all cooled down and fully smothered by the guys they told me I had to an interview. I wanted to complain but I didn’t and Kenny led me to a chair to sit down with this woman. It was a short little interview then straight to the airport but in-between that was the fans. They waited outside till we came out Scooter still carrying Sam and complaining the whole way about the hair falls in front of his face. There were some familiar faces, the Cali beliebers that showed up every time I was there. And they felt it was all their doing of re-creating Jamantha. I guess in a way they were I mean they did find her for me. So we stood outside for as long as we could and talked to them. By the time we’d be pushing it for the plane everyone was happy and satisfied. Even me .  . .well somewhat anyway.


                “Ugh I’m so ready to pass out.” I groaned laying my head in Sam’s lap.


                She smiled. “Only a few more minutes till we’re there babe.”


                Looking around the empty truck it felt good. I love my team. And I’m thankful for everything they do for me and sacrifice for me daily. But there are times actually a lot of times where I just want to be alone. I want to hold onto my baby and not have to worry about who in the car is going to clear their throat this time. Moving out of the house with my mom was the first step to getting the little privacy I got. I didn’t want to move too fast in growing up; it was the main thing my mom had made me promise her when I started making big decisions. House with Sam? Okay but please don’t grow up too fast you’re still my little boy. The sex started. You’re breaking my heart right now but you’re still my little boy. Engaged. I was engaged. How could I possibly still be a little boy? But she told me: “You’re not a little boy anymore Justin. But you’ll always be my son. Remember that okay?”


                I’d just graduated high school. I felt like it was the one thing I could give my mom that would make her happy despite those couple times I’d disappointed her. There’s nothing worse than the thought of disappointing my mother. I love her too much. Everything seemed like it was meant to go the way that it had and that much told me it was I was blessed. Lying in Sam’s lap gave me a sense of calmness. No one was attacking the car. No one was yelling at me to focus. I just got to relax.


                “Baby wake up we’re here.”


                I groaned and sat up my back filled with a tension I’d never felt before. It was as if my spine had aged seventy years in that time span. Falling asleep after thinking through all of that stuff I was ready to go back to sleep. I felt exhausted and couldn’t wait for the bed waiting for me on the jet. I helped Sam out of the car and wrapped my arms around as we walked with airport security to check in. It took a good half hour till someone was leading us to the jet. Sam stayed cuddled up to me hiding her face in my chest and I kept my arms around her waist resting my chin on her head. I whispered I loved you as we were finally called to head onto the plane. It was time to go home.


                                                                                *Sam’s point of view*


                I was planning possibly one of the best surprises of all time. Like looking at the plane and how it was supposed to go I wanted to applaud myself. It was such a beastmode moment that it’s not even funny. A graduation party. And we were doing it the right way. The friends he grew up with. Family. Scooter, Alfredo, Kenny, and Carin were coming down on a separate plane without his knowledge. Pattie was waiting for us in Canada. Diane was cooking. Bruce was ready to hug Justin to death. I’d canceled our reservations for a hotel and the same room that milestones had been passed in our relationship was waiting for us to share all over again. It was going to be epic.


                There’s something big about graduating. I’d done it a year early and never got to walk with my class who still hadn’t graduated. Justin sometimes has to work harder then others at school because he’s so ready to move and run around that keeping him still just doesn’t work. We’d sat down for three nights working on studying for his big exam that determined whether or not he passed. His tutor had lived with him and his mom but when it came to studying it was all up to Justin. If he didn’t take the responsibility to do it then he just didn’t do it. I still remember the night he asked me for help. He’d come upstairs with all these books and dropped them on the bed. When I looked at his face he was rolling his eyes and sighing.


                “Help.” He mumbled.


                I couldn’t help but laugh at him. He was acting like such a little kid it wasn’t even funny.


                “Use your big boy words please?” I asked softly.


                He took another deep breath and bit his lip.


                “Sam I need help. This means everything to my mom. If I don’t graduate because of this exam I’m going to break her heart . . . I can’t do that.” He murmured.


                I nearly cried right then and there but instead I pulled my hair behind my ears and licked my lips.


                “Come on we’ll start with the mathematics, that’s your weak point and that’s what you need to have down because there’s no partial credit except maybe for the work. If it’s wrong it’s wrong.” I said.


                He sighed a sigh of relief and plopped down next to me on the bed. It was a hard couple of nights that’s for sure. He got frustrated, he got angry, he didn’t understand something and he’d try to move on to a new subject but we couldn’t. I worked through it with him trying to show him little things to remember that could help him. Justin has a different kind of mind then some people. He works better with words that’s why things like English and music and history interest him, he can work through it easier. I had to get him to look at the numbers as words instead working the information into equations so he could solve them. Keeping him neat on the paper wasn’t the easiest thing either that’s for sure.


                The hardest part was me knowing everything and him not knowing it. He hated that and I couldn’t necessarily blame him. Try going into a studio and being afraid to touch a single button but this boy walks his ass in there, takes a seat, and starts playing with them without even looking up from his phone. It stressed him out and we took a couple breaks him going off to eat some brain food and me smoking a cigarette. Then either I’d go down there and move into his arms or he’d come find me and apologize and we’d kiss and get back to worth. When it came down to it I couldn’t be there with him for the test. I cooked his breakfast, gave him a pep talk and hugged the Canadian out of him—hahaha like that’s possible we’re Canadian bitches—before letting him go off to do his thing.


                He passed and the smile on his face when he got the news was indescribable. Maybe Justin wasn’t allowed to go to a normal high school not that I really think he wanted to but I sure as hell was going to give that boy time with his friends. He could include me and hold me and grind with me if he wanted to but it was the God honest truth to say I wouldn’t be mad if he didn’t. He needed time with his friends and his family whether I was a part of it or not and I was just happy to be the reason behind it.


                Justin was so tired when we stumbled onto the plane.  We had to sit in our seats till the pilot announced that we were at cruising altitude so I sat down next to him as we buckled our seatbelts and lifted off into the sky. He didn’t really seem like he was in the talking mood so I just listened to music and waited for the sweet sound of the pilot.


                “We are now at cruising altitude feel free to move around.” He said.


                I turned the music off and turned to Justin who was cracking his back this way and that with a groan.


                “Maybe it’s my turn to give you a rub?” I asked softly.


                He actually smiled and nodded.


                We unbuckled our seatbelts and headed quietly for the bedroom in the back. I don’t know how many planes need to have a fucking bedroom in them but I guess it’s for people who get tired or whatever. As soon as Justin pulled his shirt over his head I was done complaining. I crawled into the bed before he slid in-between my legs and did a little stretch. My fingers ran over his skin softly at first before they started to knead the skin. He groaned and hung his head low as I smiled to myself.


                “Now who’s tense?” I smirked.


                He sighed. “Me.”


                “You’re going home.” I whispered. “Please relax? I just want to be with you.”


                He paused not responding for a second. “Okay . . . I’m sorry.”


                “N—no.” I mumbled. “I understand I just want you to be happy.”


                I pressed my face against his back softly kissing the middle of his spine as he let out a moan.


                “Sam . . .” He breathed.


                “I’m sorry.” I whispered. “I’ll stop.”


                It took a minute for more words to come out of his throat but they ended up being the words I yearned to hear.


                “Keep going, please.”


                I couldn’t see his face but the urgency in his tone was enough to propel me further. The only sounds in the room were the pressing of my lips to his skin and the shaky sounds of our breathing.  My fingers ran up his stomach feeling the hardness of the muscles that had settled there now. I nibbled on his skin working my way up to his neck before biting his lip ever so softly. He groaned again before I felt him turning over and moving his lips to mine. Nothing was rushed or forced we just kissed softly, slowly intertwining  and twisting our lips together over and over again. I moved my hands into his hair and moved my fingers through the strands gripping the back of his head fearlessly. Our bodies touched and I felt the electricity coursing through my veins.


                His skin was warm and fragrant leaving me breathless. He ran his tongue around tracing my lips before pushing them open and sliding his way into my mouth. Our tongues wrapped around each other tangling together in a messy heap. His fingers pulled at the bottom of my shirt tugging on the fabric till it fell against the bed. He moved on top of me then pushing my body softly into the bed. I began to melt as the sensation of his body on mine became dominant in my veins.


*             *             *


                When we finished making love I snuggled into his arms and went back to kissing his chest. He was tired and I didn’t mind letting him sleep. Those beautiful eyes slid close and soon soft snores trickled out of mouth like a river flow. I listened to his heart be pressing my ear to him and listening to the subtle sound of his breathing. There were bags under his eyes but his body lay without the tensed up shoulders. I kissed his forehead and whispered I love you hoping it’d find its way to him through his dreams before sliding out of the bed with a sheet wrapped around my body and headed for the bathroom. I dressed quietly smiling to myself over him.


                He just worked so hard that you couldn’t not be proud of him. And he did it for the right reasons. He was hungry, he had the passion that was lacking from most of our generation. While everyone else was taking pretty faces and altering the voice instead of finding real talent Justin was in the studio till sic o’clock in the morning recording real vocals, pouring out his heart into the music because he knows everything he can’t say will be said. And the fans will understand. That’s why he hadn’t disappeared because he’s not a pop sensation and in all reality it never was. He’s an entertainer and the world doesn’t really see too many of those. As if I needed to say it I felt blessed to be a part of his life.


                Watching him perform that night was a big deal for me. I hadn’t really seen him actually perform since the last show in Atlanta and that was like four inches ago. That was before thing went sour. Of course Justin wanted everything to be perfect. And he stressed so hard it got the better of him. But when he sings . . .  the world stops. His voice pours out entering the air and showing the talent that for some reasoned seems to always be questioned. It brought goosebumps to my skin. And of course Christina was nodding her big ass head after beliebers called her out on her shit. Stupid bitch . . . Now back to the story.


                I slid on Justin’s sweatpants but didn’t bother putting a short on because I was too lazy. Walking out to sit in one of the seats I grabbed my laptop and thanked God for wi-fi on airplanes. There was a lot of work to be done for this party. We were keeping it low key and having it at the ice rink he used to practice at as a kid. People would be skating, music would be bumping, and hopefully he'd be smiling. My therapist sent me a sweet email telling me to relax and enjoy being home. My sponsor wished me good luck too. Pattie emailed me that Diane's famous cobbler was done and to hurry down. No one was more excited then Pattie. No one.

"How long till we land?" I called to the pilot.

"About half an hour mam."

I thought about Justin back there sleeping and shook my head.

"Is there anyway to slow down? Give him some time to rest up." I asked.

"Kind of defeats the purpose of a private jet . . . But sure Mam."

"Thanks." I smiled.

With an iced coffee and bagel with cream cheese on it I took the time to write another chapter of my book. It was short but held a lot of  depth.

                     Chapter 12: Darkness

Nothing makes sense when you're in love. And at that point in time it's a good thing. You don't want anything to make sense because . . . When you're alone for the first time everything crashes down on you. At least that's what happened to me. Despite living most of my life alone the darkness didn't really settle in until Justin left.

When I say I was broken you don't even know the half of it. The problem was it was all my fault. I left him in California without an explanation or even a goodbye. The last picture I had of him in my mind was him staring at me in my itty bitty bedroom eyes just as broken as mine and a tear in his eye. Maybe tour sick of hearing about me and Justin. To be honest for a while i was too. Every question, every interview every time we went out to eat. I like to eat so the paps need to have a mothafuckin coke and a smile and sit their asses down.

Look the point I'm trying to make is . .  If you're reading this you're probably a fan of mine. Which I hope means you love me almost as much as I love you. And if you ever feel like your tired of hearing about jamantha I want you to do what I do. Think of what would've happened had he not come after me that night. Would I be alive? Absolutely not. Would I have shared my story either you and gave you something to believe in? That's a no. Would you have ever stopped cutting or starving or working out till you vomited? Probably not. And here's a big one. Would you be alive right now? Or would something have pushed you over the edge, lowered your self-esteem past the level of non-existence that it was at to begin with? Maybe, maybe not. So maybe you can be a little bit more grateful for Justin bieber. Now onto my nervous breakdown.

There was an entire month when i didn't leave my room for anything but food. My mom was putting in log nights at the firm probably trying to get away from me. Every day I decided to stop cutting. Every day I decided to call Justin. And every day I never picked up a phone. And every day I sliced another line into my wrist. When I ran out of room on my wrist I moved up on my arm just painting angry gashes in the flesh.

That's it. I was angry. I mean I was pissed. This rage in my veins tempting to use if I was around an actual human being to use it. There's nothing worse then having all anger, all this emotion built up and having absolutely no one to pin it on but yourself. I didn't want it to be real. I wished every night to wake up the next morning and have Justin there. Every morning I woke up a little angrier, less hopeful, and bitchier.

when I went back to school things went back to normal. I became irrelevant and everyone ignored me as always. Well . . . Not everyone. Ryan butler. I met Justin's best friend on Christmas and that was it. Yet we somehow went to the same school. When he waked up to me that  first time and I just wanted to scream. Because looking at him only brought one thing to mind. Justin. It's like I was Bella 2.0 in that bitch. He became my best friend. My only friend. And I let Karleigh and Alyson move on with their lives without any interference from me.

Everyday he drive me home from school because every morning he picked me up. Of course I already had a car but there was an incident when I drove passed a Tim Horton's Justin took me to for the first time and had a nervous breakdown again. There wasn't too much driving for me after that. He always asked was I gonna be okay. Every day. I lied and said yea and sure. Then I'd disappear inside the house to find something share. Cutting was . . . My only release.

There was so much pain bottled up inside and not all if it was from him. My family was seriously fucked up and I'm pretty sure most of my problems stem from that. But at the end of the day it didn't matter what it was over I just had to cut. And one day Ryan drove me home and stopped car to say the same thing all over again.

"You gonna be okay?"

And to this day I still remember what I said.

"NO! Alright? I'm not okay. Im not gonna be okay ever. I hate life Ryan. I hate it, it's a bitch and it stabs you over and over until you die! I'm never going to be okay. Fuck just get over it."

I got out of the car and slammed the door with all the strength in my body. That was the last time he showed up there. And that was the day I decided to move to California . . .

I looked at my computer screen with a smile. Twelve chapters of my
Entire life and I still had almost a year to catch up on. Every page was weight off my shoulders. Fuck the interviews and the stupid questions. This was for the fans. I was going all in.

The plane finally landed and I put everything up heading to the bedroom to check on Justin. He lied shirtless the blankets covering him up to his waist. His hair was messy and sexy so I grabbed me phone snapping a picture of that adorable boy.

"Justin . . . Babe wake up." I murmured shaking him.

He groaned and rolled over pushing my hand away.

I giggled a little. "Come on Justin get up I want some Tim Horton's."

His eyes opened at that as he jumped out of bed and started pulling on clothes. I watched him get dressed ogling over his body and biting my lip. He pulled on black skinny jeans that sagged and almost pissed me off. And a long sleeved red plaid shirt with the white t-shirt underneath and red supras. Why was he so shockingly perfect?

"I'm sorry I fell asleep like that." Justin sighed.

I smiled standing up and pulling him into a hug as I kissed his cheek.

"You of all people needed sleep. I got some work done on my book. I'm fine." I assured him.

He nodded an kissed my forehead. "Well good. Let's go I'm ready for some Tim's."

We headed off the plane smiling at each other every two seconds. Security had to escort us out just in case but Justin wad in high spirits so he didn't really seem to mind.

"Baby can I have a piggy back ride?"

He smirked and stopped. "Sure why not?"

Justin leaned down and let me climb onto his back. While I was up there I thought I might as well mess with him.

"You're so strong carrying mr around like this." I whispered softly.

"I know right?" He smirked 

"I wonder . . . How strong you would seem in between my legs." I said seductively biting his ear.

He stopped in the middle of the airport letting a sigh wrong from his lips.

"Please don't make me have to fuck you in my grandparent's home. I will officially go to hell." 

I couldn't help but giggle. "Sorry, sorry Ill be good no one is going to hell."

He took a deep breath and slowly started walking again with a shake
of his head.

When we got to Tim's I was practically bouncing on the edge of my seat. I had his friends waiting for him and he had no idea. So he opens my door attacks me with kissed and pulls me out of the car like a rag doll. Then he takes my hand and intertwined our fingers as we walk up to the door.

"You know I think I love you . . . Almost as much as this place." He sighed.

I rolled my eyes and punched his arm sending him into a round of laughs as he got the door for me.


*Justin's point of view*

The loud roar of guys screaming--though nowhere near as loud as my fans--scared the shit out of me. My friends were standing there and I couldn't remember the last time
I'd seen them. I entered guy mode automatically running over to hug and smack hands with people. Ryan and Chaz were at the head of the group pulling me into a group hug. Losers.

"Damn I haven't seen you guys in forever." I sighed.

"Yea thanks for telling us your engaged dickface." Chaz sneered.

"Oh yea cause you guys care so much about my love life." I rolled my eyes.

"Hey I'm the one that's gonna have to put on a suite for this damn thing!" Mitch called out.

"Calm the fuck down!" I said playfully.

"Now if you excuse me there's this engaged chick over there which I have absolutely no chance of sleeping with that I must indeed flirt with." Chaz interrupted.

Guys. Their best friend comes back to town for the first time in months and one girl in the room leaves nothing else on their mind. Not to mention she was what was it? Ooooh that's right MINE! Sam was lucky she didn't get raped . . . Maybe that would've been a little funnier had we not already dealt with an actual attempt. She was standing in the line ordering the same thing I'm sure she'd been getting since i met her. She wore my sweatpants which looked better on her anyways and the bieber shirt was back in place after being ripped from her flesh from her Canadian sex God. That's me by the way.

Chaz attacked her with a hug that she laugh and slapped his cheek softy.

"Same old Chaz." She sighed.

I don't think that was a compliment. Out of everyone Ryan got the biggest response.



Yea I still don't get it either.

They hugged like brother and sister more then just friends. Everything was sweet despite my growling stomach until Chaz opened his damn mouth again.

"So Sam any quickies on the ride over here?" He asked.

Everyone groaned.

"What?! Someone has to be getting some action here!" He weakly defended himself.

Everyone turned to Sam to see her reaction.

She was smiling. "Alright I guess I can tell you something."

Chaz made a sound that sounded like a bird. Even the other guys were leaning in to hear as well. Me and Ryan were the only ones not impressed. I was scared.

"His penis is massive." she whispered.

"WOAAAAAAAAAH!" they all screeched.

Sam and I busted  out laughing and I wrapped my arms around her waist moving into line with her. While the guys were off googling therapists to get over Sam's joke I was making her laugh and blush which was the best job ever.

"I'm sorry about Chaz he's a dumbass." I laughed.

She smiled. "Its okay I think he'll stop asking about our love life now.

I smiled and leaned my head on her shoulder as she giggled.

"Did you really do all this for me?" I asked.

She turned her head at me and flashed a trillion dollar smile.

"When are you gonna realize I'd do anything for you?"

I shrugged. "When your old and wrinkly and you start letting me screw younger women."

She busted out laughing and shoved me off. "Justin!"

I was thankful for having that type of relationship with her. We joked all the time about the countless groupies I had on speed dial. Whenever I got stuck in traffic she blamed it on my other "girlfriend". Some girls wouldn't do that. They're too afraid to open up the door of possibilities of cheating. Sam knew better. They always say a woman has to keep her man satisfied in the bedroom and still get him to want to talk to you after. Sam . . . Sam must've taken a sex class or something because the way she moved in bed just isn't logical. But the point is that the way she is in the bedroom isn't the only part of her I enjoy, it's not what's keeping me around. Her smile, her laugh, the way she sneezes, her personality. She doesn't have to try. Everything is effortless. Why did I even need to keep looking when I had it all. Not
To mention everytime I'm turned on she's turned on so I'm never left waiting in that department. 

I was brought back out of my thoughts by Sam ordering for me.

"And he also wants the coffee two cream, four sugars. Thank you."

She knew my food order at Tim Horton's. I could never let her go after that.

We all crowded into a big table me with my arm wrapped around my girl and the other hand stuffing my face with a donut while all my guy friends caught me up on stratford drama. Losers that had tried to bully me were now not gonna graduate. A couple car accidents with no big consequences except a pissed off
Parent and a summer job to pay for the car. For the most part Stratford was still just the tiny little town I loved. Except now the stuff we used to know about but could never do were open to us.

"There's a party this weekend. You gotta come." they said.

I smirked. "Of course I'm coming."

Then everyone started eyeing Sam who didn't look too pleased by the idea.

"What kind of party?" She asked.

They left it to Ryan to explain because he was the only one she'd listen to. It was gonna take a little convincing and they knew if she asked me not to go chances are I wouldn't go.

"Just your typical highschool fun on the beach. Some chick is throwing it." he smiled.

Sam was smarter then that

"So by typical you mean drunken whores riding any dick that'll stick up in the bathroom and passing out in the sand." She said

"Hopefully!" Chaz interjected 

The guys laughed except Ryan who gave him the death stare. If the guys were gonna suck at this it was my turn. I gave a look that said watch how it's done boys before turning to Sam.

"Baby I know you only have my best interest in my mind but . . . I never get to do anything. I'm stuck in the house or I'm stuck in the studio or I'm stuck with security. I just want to have some fun. Please." I asked softly.

She watched me talk biting her lip like I was trying to seduce her and it was working. She looked down and closed her eyes.

"Justin I know and I want you to have fun I just don't want you to do something you'll regret." she sighed.

I needed the big guns. So I picked up her chin in my fingers and tried to make my voice raspy and hypnotic thinking if I could turn her on she'd listen to me.

"Baby look at me." I murmured.

She opened her eyes and her mouth was hanging wide open.

"I'm going to be fine. It's just a little party. I need you to trust me. Don't you trust me?" I asked softy

Just for extra measure I ran my finger tips down her neck and listened to her sigh. She didn't even have to say it. I won.

"Okay." she mumbled in defeat.

I knew how much she hated losing even the littlest of our fights so I gave her a good kiss watching the guys cheer in silence at my victory. It was just a little party how bad could it be?

We stayed there for hours catching up and being stupid. I didn't have any friends in Cali. I had people I worked with and got along with and maybe we went out to dinner but I didn't trust people. I learned the hard way and I didn't plan on going through it again. That's why I wasn't too big on dating in the industry when I used to
get asked who I liked. Were there beautiful girls out there sure but did I want to date any of them no. These were my friends. The goofballs that took off a day at work to come
Meet me when my best friend/ fiancé asked them to. The guys who did hit on Sam to be funny and see how many donut holes they could fit in their mouths at once. My idiots. My boys. I didn't need any other "friends".

*Sam's point of view*

"No I love you more." I giggled.

We were waiting for more donuts to come so I could take them to pattie. The guys were gonna play their part and take Justin out all day WITHOUT boos or anything which took me yelling and hitting them for them to understand. Justin knew he was leaving me soon so he became lovey dovy pressing me into the counter and attacking my necks with kisses.

"Nu uh I love you more." He promised.

"Mmm show me." I asked

I felt his tongue touch my neck and bit my lip to hide the moan.

"Tonight. Later. I'll show you all night long." He whispered.

"HEY STOP DRY HUMPING AND LET'S GO!!!" The guys screamed.

I moved my head over Justin's shoulder.

"Talk to me when you have someone willing to screw you!" I called.

They became quiet after that. Justin chuckled and grabbed the donuts holding my hand as we walked to separate cars. I put the donuts in the car and sighed turning to frown at Justin. 

"Awww baby don't be sad I'll be home as soon as I can. Just go hang out with the women unpack I'll be home ripping your clothes off in no time." He smirked.

I giggled. "I'll try."

I still looked down biting my lip and wanting him to come home with me. Then I felt his arms wrap around my waist.

"What do you say I give you one of those dramatic movie kisses you love?" he asked softly.

I smiled. "I'd like that."

Then all of a sudden I was moving through air as he lifted me up into the air. My legs were fit securely around his back and he pressed me into the car with a smile kissing me with those beautiful sweet tender lips. My heart began to speed up thumping in the pit of my chest as I snaked my tongue inside of his mouth. I felt the explosion of fireworks behind me as he kissed me and nothing felt better. In that moment with him and me it just felt good. It felt perfect.

He set me back down on the ground and gave me a soft hug.

"I love you baby." He murmured.

"I love you too." I whispered

And as he pulled away to go hang with his friends I was excited to show him just how much I loved him. It was party time.

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