The Locket Of Hair

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14. TLOH 73

*Justin’s point of view*

We rehearsed all week for the Voice. There were dancers and lights and everything. My voice was strong, clear whenever I sang and I knew there’d be no problem with that. It was the goddamn steps that kept messing me up. I’ll admit I wasn’t always focused a 150% the way I should’ve been. It was hard not to think of Sam at home all by herself. She was getting stronger, better and better each day. But her weight wasn’t improving half as much it’d dropped. By the time the performance was only two days away she was just a hundred pounds. I came home that day because Dr. Simon to discuss her health. A therapist, a doctor, and a nutritionist? Dude’s a beat.

“Hey baby.” I breathed.

I’d just walked into the house and there she sat on the couch wearing a sweater that was still too big on her fragile shoulders. 

“Hi. I missed you.” She smiled biting her lip.

I’d never get used to the way that girl looked at me.

I pulled off my jacket hanging it up before she could yell at me and walking over to kiss her forehead.

“I’m sorry I’m late. I stopped to get you a treat.” I smiled.

Sam groaned. “Baby no more food please? I’m eating as much as I can.” 

I rolled my eyes and pulled out the little Bieber bear I found at the store.

“You can imagine the look on the woman’s face when I asked to buy my own bear.” I smirked.

She blushed and grabbed it giggling sweetly.

“Thank you baby it’s sweet.” She said softly.

“You’re welcome beautiful.”

I kissed her hair before standing up to shake Dr. Simon’s hand. We all sat down on the big plush couch as she pulled out his pad and a pen ready to take notes.

“So how’re you feeling Samantha?”

I turned to watch her face as she spoke bobbing her knee and watching her hands while the words spilled out.

“I feel a lot better. I hated feeling so weak and fragile. The cold is gone. Uh my ring is starting to fit. I’m just . . . still adjusting.” She explained.

“To the emotional aspect you mean?” He guessed.

Sam nodded. “Yea. I mean it sucks to know that I couldn’t even make love because I was so tired.” I’d blushed at that. “Sometimes I’ll look in the mirror and just wonder how I got to this. It feels like yesterday I was one thirty just trying to slim down a little bit. I have a tougher time . . . facing the fact that I just stopped eating than anything else.”

Dr. Simon nodded writing it down on the pad.

“I thought you didn’t write with me?” She smirked.

He smiled though I didn’t get it. “I kind of have to now. I’m very interested though in how you tow are doing as a couple.”

We looked at each other and she gave me that in love look.

“Why don’t you answer this time?” She murmured.

“Okay.” I said smiling at her and holding her hand. “We’ve done a lot better recently. She’s come face to face with a lot of things lately and all I can really do is be there for her right? That’s all I’ve tried to do is give her space and support her.”

“Mhmm . . . Now Samantha told me that her major breakthrough will all of this was when you yelled at her.”

“I didn’t yell at her.” I defended myself quickly. “It’s just that . . . I’ve always let her do anything. Like, I always agree with her because I don’t want to fight or hurt her. But I learned that sometimes you have to fight because at the end of the day she was wrong. I had to get her to see that somehow even it meant raising my voice a little bit.”

He nodded. “That’s good, and a lot of older males that I deal with don’t necessarily see that. But you see how her major breakthrough—the thing that led to her over coming those obstacles—was you finally putting your foot down and telling her she’s wrong. I’m not saying the only way to resolve your problems is fight but . . . raising your voice to just say shut the hell up and listen it helps sometimes. She’ll listen to before anyone else because you’re her partner and she has a trust with you.”

I smiled at that and she settled in snuggling closer to me.

“I’ve noticed that the relationship seems to strengthen between you two after each challenged is faced in a way I don’t usually see even in older couples.” He noted.

Sam spoke up. “Yea. When you have all this shit you have to go through and you have this perfect human smiling at you with these flawless teeth all the damn time it’s hard not to fall deeper in love.”

Everyone laughed but she looked up at me seemed to get lost in my face.

“No really. He makes me happy. Everyday I feel closer to him. No matter how cheesy it sounds I found my soul mate. He can get me through anything and everything.”

I smiled. “I’m honored to do some.”

She leaned up to me and I couldn’t help but kiss her back.

Dr. Simon said I was very critical part in Sam’s recovery. It’s different when you’re married or engaged and you’re starting a life together. We made a commitment to be there no matter what pain the other might face. She needed me. Now Sam’s the strongest person I’ve ever met next to my mother and her back bone was tougher then a shark. But underneath all that; underneath the I don’t give a fuck attitude, and the cursing, and the eagerness to speak her mind laid something more. There’s a part of Samantha that’s not as tough as the rest of her. It’s vulnerable and it’s afraid to speak up sometimes. She doesn’t like to admit that, that part exists in her but I of all people knew that it did because I’d seen it. It was a big deal to me to be there for that part of her too because that’s the part that carried all the insecurities. 

“Alright Samantha I’m afraid it’s time to stop on the scale.”

She sighed and bit her lip asking me to help her up. I nodded standing and holding her hand as she stood. Dr. Simon took over then walking her over to the scale set up at the front of the living room. She closed her eyes and stepped on not daring to look down at the numbers as the thing beeped.

“What’s it say?” she gasped.

“You . . . lost a pound.” He said checking papers.

“WHAT?! How is that even possible I eat something like every two seconds!” She shrieked.

He sighed. “Honestly things just happen sometimes. Your weight is probably fluctuating and we just caught it at the wrong time. As long as you’re eating everything will come together you don’t have to make yourself sick trying to make up for calories. It’s okay Sam you’re doing just fine.”

She nodded her head softly and jumped off the scale running right back to me. I walked Dr. Simon to the door after that. He told us both to keep up the good work and smiled before leaving. I headed back to the couch letting Sam crawl into my lap and wrap her arms around my neck.

“Five . . . Four . . . Three . . . Two . . . One . . . kiss me.” She smirked.

I smiled leaning in to kiss her tender lips. She sighed pushing mine open and sliding her tongue inside. The French kiss deepened as she gripped me tighter and re-positioned herself to straddle me. She forced her mouth down on mine lips hot and eager.

“S—Sam.” I mumbled against her lips.

She shook her head pulling lips back to hers. I sighed and pushed her back gently taking a deep breath after the recent lack of oxygen.

“Baby stop.” I ordered softly.

She looked at me in confusion. “Don’t you want me?”

“O—of course I do.” I assured her. “Just not like this.”

Her face went from confusion to hurt in half a second. She climbed off of me and looked down playing with her engagement right that was just now starting to fit.

“You’re not attracted to me.” She whispered.

I rolled my eyes. “Sam that’s crazy.”

She shook her head. “Physically . . . you’re not attracted to me.”

I tried to take her hand but she yanked it away with a sudden burst of strength.

“Sam . . . I love you. And I’m insanely attracted to you. It’s just . . . that’s not the body of the girl I love.” I tried to explain.

“You won’t make love to me until I gain weight.” She said completely ignoring what I’d just said.

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

She didn’t say anything to that just got up biting her lip and heading for the stairs.

“Sam come on please!” I groaned. 

“Just go back to rehearsals.” She muttered. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

But rehearsals were over. I had nothing to do. I could call up scooter and move the studio up but what was the point when the only thing I wanted was right up stairs? I move quietly off the couch and up the stairs tying to think of ways to apologize. She stood facing the full length mirror next to our dresser. Her sweater was pulled up over her stomach as she stared at it. Then she spotted me her eyes locking into mine through the glass.

“Am I really that ugly?” she asked desperately. 

I shook my head just as desperate for her to see the real her. She bit her lip as tears welled up in her eyes. When her head dipped down and I could no longer see those eyes I moved into the room till I got to her. I took that face into my hands and kissed her passionately slipping my tongue into her mouth. She sighed against my lips as I held her cheeks securely in my palms. I could feel the reluctance in her mouthed at first but I worked through that kissing her harder until she surrendered with a groan. Her waist fell into my hands as I pulled her softly to our mattress. I moved my way in-between her legs and fumbled with the button on her shorts still kissing her.

She reached up to wrap her arms around my neck. Her fingers weaved their way into my hair playing with the strands. I broke away from her mouth with a sigh and lifted her legs into the hair keeping them pressed together. I licked my bottom lip pulling those shorts off and letting them fall to the ground. She watched me tug on her underwear till they joined the shorts on the ground. I slid my hand in-between her legs and she buckled groaning my name softly. No words were spoken but I kept going hovering above her body and sliding a finger deep inside her. I didn’t want to be dirty because there are times for that and this just wasn’t one of them. Really I just wanted to make love to her the best way I knew how. So . . . that’s what I did.

My finger slid out of her hot, drenched center running past her clit just once and leaving her to shake. Our lips found each other again as I pulled her sweater over her head and bit my lip. We tumbled around in the bed removing clothes and sliding under the covers.

Sam’s body was warm, smooth. I moved my mouth over her skin planting kisses and nibbling on the tender flesh. Her moans came from deep within her loins roaring hot satisfaction in my ear. When I reached for her boobs she arched her back and let out another one of those deep whimpers. I leaned down softly running my tongue over them and listening to the sweet sounds of her groans. The time had come and I wanted her, bad. She let me position myself softly on top of her trying not to crush her with the weight. I moved her house of her face and kissed those sweet lips.

“You ready?” I asked softly.

“Yes.” Her voice came out a shallow breath.

She parted those long, slender legs and I slid my arms above her head entering the depths of her body with a lustful groan of my own.

* * *

We cuddled afterward though we both faced the same direction and weren’t able to see each other’s face but able to feel the warmth of one another’s arms. Her hair was cute when it was wild and I smoothed it out pulling it behind and kissing her ear. She gave a satisfactory sigh and a smile. The room was cool despite the sweaty atmosphere we’d created drying the sweat slowly. I ran my fingers along her hip and down to her naval and back mesmerized by the coolness of her skin.

“Still think I’m not physically attracted to you?” I smirked.

She shook her head and chuckled playing with my arm and running her smooth fingertips over the sking.

“Shut up . . . The Cymbalta makes me a little sensitive when I first start taking it you know that.”

I ran my lips against the back of her neck.

“That was real emotion in your eyes. You don’t have to lie to me about how you feel.” I said softly.

She sighed and nodded softly know I knew her too well to be fooled.

“You know . . . as soon as we get back from Canada I’m gonna have to go straight to work right? Billboard awards, tour meetings, this album?”

She shrugged. “Yea what’s your point?”

I ran my fingers over her shoulder trying to keep the peaceful mood.

“I was just wondering . . . maybe you’d like to stay down in Canada a little longer. See your family, relax and get away from Cali.” I suggested.

She lapsed into silence thinking it over for a few minutes.

“When would I get to see you?” She asked softly.

“Whenever you want.” I promised. “I’d love to have you on my arms at the Billboard awards but if you don’t want to that’s fine.”

She nodded softly rolling over and moving deeper into my arms so she could look at my face.

“I’d like that . . . But I need to be back for the Billboard awards. I want to be on your arm showing everyone how strong we are. Together.” She smiled.

I smiled back kissing her lips softly.

“That sounds perfect. Now . . . what do you say we go take one of those ridiculously complicated bubble baths you love so much before I take you to the studio?” I smirked.

Her face lit up. “I’ll go get the bubble bath kit!”

She went to get out of bed but I pulled her back feel her naked body running through my hands.

“I love you.” I told her.

She leaned down to kiss me. “I love you baby.”

Three of the most important words you could ever tell someone and now we said them with ease and grace. It was perfect the way we worked.

*Sam’s point of view*

The way our bathroom is set up is where if you’re sitting in the tub you can see you’re reflection in the mirror because the opposite wall is basically entirely a mirror besides the cabinets and the his and hers sinks. So when I made the bubble bath and put my hair up in that sexy messy do with pins that Justin loved and slid into the tub with him we could see our heads and arms hanging out the tub. I leaned my head back on his chest taking a deep breath and smiling as he ran his nose up my neck and kissed the skin. Sitting there I just felt so protected being wrapped up in his arms. He let me give him a bubble beard and we chased each other around the tub giggling and laughing. I even got a bubble bra. Well until SOMEONE shoved his face into it. But I didn’t care about him seeing me naked. When he stared he stared with good intentions. He stared because he liked it and that meant so much to me.

“So what are you doing in the studio tonight baby?” I asked was he washed my back and made me blush.

“We gotta pick the songs for the album so Usher and Scooter are coming out to help.” He explained.

I nodded. “I’m excited. This album is gonna be so swaggy.”

He looked at me seriously. “I love you.”

I shook my head and laughed as he kissed my jaw.

“Come on honey I miss Scooter I wanna go.” I said getting hyped up.

Justin shook his head never understanding why I got along with him so well.

“He’s going to be in professional mode baby he won’t be able to be daddy Scooter today.” He assured me.

I smirked. “We’ll see.”

Justin as always got out first and brought me a towel wrapping me up in his arms and pulling me out into the bedroom. We got dressed giggling and running around our room chasing each other. He always caught me and kissed my sweetly before we repeated the process all over again. It took us like an hour to even get out of the house. And by then Scooter was texting Justin where he was. He tweeted he was late to the studio and a winky face and I laughed. We drove to the studio holding hands and singing to cheesy songs on the radio because we’re cool like that. It felt good to have him there, next to me. No matter what I’d always have Justin. 

“Scoot Scoot!” I screeched.

We’d driven to the studio, checked in and all that and Justin was ready to get to work while I was ready to see Scooter. Scooter and I have this really cheesy, really goofy thing we do where we just looked at each other from across the room and just bumrush it. Like a little girl seeing her dad pick her up from school and she just runs and jumps into his arms. It’s funny because I’m a five foot six woman jumping into a grown man’s arms. But when it’s all dramatic and ridiculous it’s funny. So we walk into the studio and I scream his name out and we do the whole bit where he catches me up in his arms. Then we laugh and sit down just to look around and see everyone staring at us like we’re insane. Even Justin didn’t get it. Stupid hoes.

“Babe why don’t you go sit down and color a picture or something?” Just joked trying to come off cocky on purpose.

“Get ‘cha ass kicked infront of your friends Justin.” I said.

You heard the little oohs and ahhs of people mocking him so he looks over at my knowing he either stands up or comes off looking like a bitch. He walks up on me acting all hard and everything and I’m trying not to laugh. Justin takes my face in his hands and kisses me hard and intensely going for the sexual rout.

“I think if Tom wants a visit from Jerry tonight you’ll sit that little sexy ass down and draw me a picture.” He ordered.

Now here’s the thing . . . I could’ve embarrassed his ass in this moment with someone witty comment that involved him masturbating. But he just promised me sex so automatically that becomes a stupid move.

I bit my lip. “Yes daddy.”

He smiled and slapped my ass to impress people which I really didn’t care because he just looked so cute.

“Now come give daddy a kiss.” He murmured seductively.

I groaned and reached up to kiss him again as he attacked my mouth with tongue.

“COME ON! WE DON’T WANT TO SEE THAT!” They all groaned.

I giggled and pulled away blushing looking down as he headed over to work. Being a good little girl I sat down with a piece of paper and sharpie and started to draw a picture. A pornographic picture. It was so hard to keep the giggles in and I failed epically but no one really paid attention because they were working. My stick figure had flying saucers for boobs and a Nicki Minaj type ass. Justin’s jerry looked more like an elephant trunk and the caption for his said *moan* uh swaggy. I think it would make some legit money in an auction. They sat there for hours trying to pick out tracks and everything while I was just laughing my ass off at the picture. Scooter came over to look at it and nearly died trying not to laugh but not able to keep himself quiet either. After that Usher came over and looked at it then he laughed. Kuk came over, a sound guy game over until everyone was surrounding me and my picture except Justin. 

“Juju?” I called looking around for him. “Oh daddy?!”

He sighed and turned over finally seeing everyone laughing. 

“Oh God Sam what’d you do?”

“You told me to draw you a picture daddy I was trying to be good.” I frowned.

He got out of his chair and headed over to see the picture. His eyes squinted not believing what he was seeing at first and then not being able to hold in either as he busted out in one of those adorabl Justin giggle fits. 

Everyone went back to work and I just sat down tweeting fans about what was going on with me. If you don’t take time out of the day to talk to people who are putting food on your table and allowing you to do what you love you very obviously don’t deserve the life you have.

@NinjaBell3 : How are ya feeling? Love you please answer

Me: Well first I love you too! And second I’m feeling so much better thank you sweetie!

@lov2shawtymane : How are you and JuJu?

Me: ;) We are good he’s still the hot piece of Canadian ass he’s always been. Like am I right?

Beliebers always ask the best questions because they’re beliebers, bitches don’t hold back for shit.

@justyYMCMB : Does Jerry ever hurt you?

This was a risk. I could either have such a fun day with the fans and get some laughs or there could be parents demanding I be shipped off to live on a fucking abandoned island. Oh well.

Me: Hmmm not really he’s usually very nice to me. Especially Tom him and Tom get along just fine. 

There was uproar on twitter over that tweet. I laughed my ass off right along with them promising them I was just kidding though they were all like psh bitch please Justin is fucking you every night. At the end of day it wasn’t taken too seriously and I didn’t get hate for it. So I sent out a little fun tweet:

To show my appreciation for Beliebers I’m in the studio with our king and I suppose I shall upload some pics of him swaggin it out right?

So I snuck up behind him taking two or three pictures and uploading them. Bitch was fangirling all over the place so I tweeted:

Now for the grand finale . . . I present . . . Jerry. <3

Of course the picture was just actually Jerry but to me it was like the funniest thing of all time. We went on until Justin was done and it was time to go home. It’d been a really good day and I finally felt like I was getting back to who I was. Justin wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me up onto a table wrapping my legs around his back and kissing my lips softly and sweetly. When he pulled away my heart had already started to accelerate.

“You hungry?” He asked kissing my neck.

I bit my lip. “Yea.”

He kept nibbling on my neck leaving a trail of kisses and leaving me to giggle.

“I’ll stop on the way home. Get some protein in you so you’re ready for what I got planned.” HE smirked.

“And what exactly do you have planned?” I blushed.

“Mmm I think we’ll light some candles . . . clap those lights off . . . get you in the water, maybe sit on my lap a little bit. We could turn some music on just . . . talk a little bit.” He whispered in my ear.

I bit down on my lip so hard it hurt and swallowed deeply.

“It doesn’t really sound like talking is on the list.” I said voice hoarse.

“We can do whatever you want baby girl.” He said teeth grazing my earlobe.

“I wanna go home.”

I could hear him smirk. “What about dinner?”

“There’s food at the house we can eat after I want to go home.” I said again.

“Alright, alright. Let’s at least act orderly for the guys. Just wait till I get you home.” He sighed. 

I did as was asked and hopped off the counter going to hug Scooter, Usher, Kuk, and all the other people that I didn’t really know. Justin’s hand didn’t leave my ass the entire time we said our goodbyes and by the time we got out of the studio he was chasing me back to the car.

* * *

The lights were off. Candles lit up the bathroom just like Justin had promised. In the background good oldies music played and we got right back into the tub. I guess the pros of a bath are just getting to sit there with someone holding you in their arms and whispering things in your ear. It’s romantic and it’s cute and it feels good to have that security. He’d grown so much that he was half a foot taller than me now. Now his legs were barely being contained in the tub. His hair was wet and shook out into spikes and I smiled kissing his neck.

“I love you.” I said softly.

He smiled. “I love you too.”

He wrapped his arms around my waist and played with my belly button making me giggle and shaking in the water.

“You ready for the performance?” I asked watching our fingers intertwine in the water.

He sighed. “I hope so. I don’t know I feel like I’m getting stressed over it.”

“Don’t worry about it baby.” I assured him. “I saw you in rehearsals you look amazing. Just let it come from the heart you know? Give it you’re all because at the end of the day that’s all the fans are looking for.” 

His lips touched my cheek. “You’re so amazing honey thanks.”

I exhaled over dramatically. “You’re welcome darling.”

“You’re gonna come though right? Be my good luck charm? I need you there.” He said.

I looked up at him. “Baby you know I’m coming. I’ll always be there for you.”

He smirked and kissed my nose. “I know just wanted to hear you say it.” 

I smiled again. “You promise I could play with your hair before we got out.”

He rolled his eyes and sighed moving around in the tub till he was in-between my legs and I was left with a bottle of shampoo and my skillful hands. I don’t care what he says Justin looked fucking adorable when I played with his hair and it was always so soft when he ran a towel through it that I didn’t care. We sat in the tub talking about anything and everything just making each other laugh. I told him about what happened on twitter and his teeth pulled into that grin of his as he laughed closing his eyes and grabbing his nose. It was so cute I just wanted to kiss . . . which I did.

I gave him a hug from behind and he kissed my hand telling me he loved me again. When I asked to get out we rinsed his hair and rinsed mine before jumping out of the tub together. Lying in bed wrapped up in towels and blankets Justin turned the tv on so we could see something actually going on in the world. We fought over what to watch me wanting glee and him wanting some dumbass show about single guys who just hook up with whores stuffed with silicone. But we did agree on New Girl which was the only show either of us ever took time to seriously watch together. He put on the episode while I got dressed pulling on one of his t-shirt and under wear before crawling back into bed. Justin wore sweatpants and stayed shirtless letting me snuggle up into his arms as we watched the show.

“I wish Jess and Nick would just fuck already.” I sighed.

Justin chuckled. “Isn’t it supposed to be more romantic then that? Like fall in love and live happily ever after?”

“Babe have you seen Nick? We’ll see they just need to have the awkward sex to get it out of the way then they can start dating. Enough with jacked up exes.”

“Not everyone can have it like us.” He said.

“True dat.” I agreed holding up my hand so we connect in super swaggy highfive.

It was fun though we laughed and we talked and it was just being normal for a little while. Tomorrow he’d go off to rehearse for a performance for millions. When you do things like that it’s hard to just take a minute and relax you know? But in that moment with me in his arms and his fingers running absent mindedly through my hair that’s just what we did. I held him and kissed his chest every now and then loving the feeling of his smooth skin across my mouth. He held me close and played around with me being the best fiancé in the entire world.

“Mmm . . . come here!” He ordered in a chuckle pulling my legs up around his back till I was pressed against him nice and tight.

“Baby you’re so demanding.” I giggled.

Justin rolled his eyes. “Nu uh! I just want you right here.”

I felt his hands heading south to my ass and it was my turn to roll my eyes.

“You take advantage of me.” I whimpered. “Because you’re just too strong for me.”

He smirked and rolled ontop of me pinning my arms above my head.

“You got that right baby. Just do what I say and everything will go okay you got that?” He raised an eyebrow.

I giggled. “Okay daddy.”

When he kissed me I sighed feeling those smooth lips push into mine and tangle messily.

In the end we didn’t have to end the night with making love again. We’d chased each other around the bed like animals or something being silly and being cute and that tired us out. Justin wanted me to eat a little something before bed though so he cooked his specialty—eggs—bringing me my medicine for the night and kept biting my skin as I ate. The affection we showed each other made me smile and blush and laugh because it just felt good to be in love. When it was bedtime I was happy and I felt good about myself. Justin held me under the covers whispering a million ways to say I love you before we even turned the lights.

“I just want you to know you’re beautiful.” He whispered.

I smiled in the darkness. “Thank you baby that makes me feel good.”

I snuggled up into his arms yawning which in turn caused him to yawn sending us both into laughs. We said goodnight to each other one more time before I got the honor of falling asleep next to such an amazing man.

*Justin’s point of view*

“Yo Scooter can I talk to you for a minute? I wanna ask you something.” I said.

Sam was off with Alfredo helping him pick out anniversary gifts for Demi so this gave me a chance to ask Scooter the awkward stuff on my mind.

Scooter came over and plopped down in the seat beside me as I ate the salad Sam made me order to be “healthier”.

“What’s up kid?” He asked.

I looked down biting my lip and poking around in the leaves and he groaned.

“I have a feeling I’m really not gonna look forward to answer this question.” He said.

I looked up. “Well it—it’s about sex.”

“You didn’t get her pregnant did you?!” He screeched.

“No! Will you keep it down damn. I just . . . yesterday she wanted to right? And I tried not to be mean and everything. We got over it but I don’t was it wrong to tell her I didn’t want to have sex?” I asked.

“Well what happened?” Scooter asked.

“Like she was just all over me sexual frustration or whatever. When I pushed her away she thought it was because of her body, like she was too skinny now.” I explained.

“Well was it?” 

I sighed. “I don’t like it obviously. I want her healthy but it’s not the reason I don’t want to have sex.” 

“Then what is the reason?” He pushed.

“I . . . don’t know.” I exhaled. “I just I want her, like the way I always do but I don’t get it.” 

“Maybe the fire isn’t finally starting to calm down a little bit the way it needs to.” He suggested.

I smirked. “You obviously weren’t around ten minutes later in that situation. The fire is there, I know that I know that looking at her gets things stirring that I didn’t know could stir. I just can’t help but think that maybe she was right. Maybe I really was disturbed by her body.”
“Well Justin I mean she did go from a hundred and thirty pounds to ninety or eighty or whatever it was. I really don’t think it’s such a bad thing to not be attracted to all that. You love her, you know you still don’t want anything else so it’s all good just keep supporting her.” He adviced.

“Thanks ScootScoot.” I joked. 

He got up probably ready to run away and clapped a hand on my shoulder.

“No problem kid.” He sighed.

“But uh . . . I have another question.” I said.

He sat down with another groan and started mentally preparing himself.

“How many times . . . are you supposed to be able to go?” 

This time I wasn’t able to look him in the eye as the deep grumble came from his chest.

“I really think that all depends on like age and shit.” He assured me.

“But I thought the younger you are the less time you could hold it.” I said confused.

“Usually yea but the more you get used to it the . . . easier it becomes.” He explained.

I smirked into my salad taking another bite.

“I really am a sex God.” I murmured more to myself than anyone else.

“Alright ya horny bastard you got your questions, conversation over.” He huffed getting up from the table.

I laughed and blushed a little bit going back to my salad. The question had only accured to me when I thought back over how long me and Sam had gone at it the day before. It was never ending. And I’d never heard of teenagers lasting for three or four hours. When Sam came back the stirrings began to stir themselves. She looked so beautiful it made me ache. Her skin was soft looking edible and delectable. She wore a simple shirt and shorts with sneakers and she was beautiful. I called her over and she sat on my lap giving me those sweet beautiful lips. As her mouth touched mine and I intertwined our hands I got the feeling that no matter how long I lasted in bed or how long I could stop myself from basically attack her kissing her was amazing. Those lips never ceased to amaze me and I kissed them with passion as the most amazing person in the world sat in my lap with a huge smile wide upon her face.

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