The Locket Of Hair

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5. TLOH 64

The Locket of Hair part 64:

The Big Talk

*Justin’s point of view*

“Oh God! I’m dying, this is it’s over it’s my time to go!”

I was lying on the couch not sure if I was crying or not. My head was on fire and I felt as it someone had thrown bricks at me like snow balls. My entire body ached and the whole time all I could think back to was Scooter screaming at me after Alfredo told him what I did.

“What have I always told you! What did I tell you just last week when they wanted to get you drunk Justin? You’re supposed to be growing up! I need to depend on you so you go and get drunk? You’re such a fucking disappointment right now.”

He’d stormed out of the room leaving me with the night to sober up. My phone was taken away, my laptop just in case I tried to get on twitter while I was drunk. Sam was called and probably on her way down if I knew her at all. I hoped so because I needed her really bad. So I sat there all night literally thinking about what I’d done and where it had gotten me. Let’s just say it wasn’t a fun night. They found me on the couch withering away in pain like I was coming down for a high on crack rather them a pub up the street. I’m pretty sure Scooter was laughing.

“Sam . . . did you call Sam?” I groaned.

“Yea last night she said she’s on her way to kick your ass.” Alfredo said.

I couldn’t help but smile. Only Sam would have me smiling on my death bed.

“I pushed interviews back a couple hours you’ll be doing them in here. So get in the shower before Sam gets here.” Scooter said.

“Carry me.” I moaned.

“Yea . . . No. Alfredo get him in the shower.”

*Sam’s point of view*

“I’m on my way to kick his ass.” I said into the phone.

Last week he told me he had no desire to drink or do drugs or anything like that. What the hell happened? I ran around the room throwing stuff into bags when I heard little foot steps. Dammit I forgot about the kids.

“Carty?” Jazzy said.

“Hey Sweetie,” I sighed. “I have to get you a babysitter.”

“Why?” She asked scrunching up her brows just like Justin.

“Bieber’s sick I have to go get him and bring him home.”

“When are you gonna come back?” She asked.

“Two days honey. And I’m gonna be on tv! Will you watch me?”

She smiled and I nodded as I pulled her into a hug.

“You’re so brave Jazzy.” I smiled.

I set the kids up with their snacks and cartoons before grabbing my phone. Only one person came to mind when I thought of someone to babysit. And he sure as hell owed me.

“Nick?” I asked into the phone.

“Sam! Wow I haven’t seen you in a while. I’m so sorry I missed Ellen they said I didn’t need to be there.” He said.

“I need a favor.” I said bluntly.

“Oh well anything what’s up?”

“Are you sober?” I checked.

He sighed. “I haven’t had a drink since Sam I’ve been going to meetings and everything.”

I smiled. “Good I need you to babysit for a couple days.”


“Yes Jazzy and Jaxon. I have to go to London. Justin’s . . . having some problems.”

“Would he be okay with that?” he asked. 

“he doesn’t have a choice he’s the one that fucked up. Look they have food. They’re good kids please? Just help me out.” I begged. 

“Okay, okay I’ll throw some clothes together. I’m on my way.”

I sighed happily. “Thanks Nick.”

“No problem.”

I ran around packing after that. The car came to pick me up when I was deciding on whether or not to take Justin the present I bought him. A sweatshirt that I got made at the mall read Jamantha, July 22nd, 2013 and a hashtag swaggy. I’d been so happy to give it to him. I threw it in my bag last minute and hugged Jazzy and Jaxon goodbye before turning to Nick. He needed to know how important those kids were to me and how I needed to know that they were safe and in good hands. And at the end of the day I did know they were in good hands.

“Be careful with them Nick I swear to God if something happens I’m coming for you. Not too many sweets, I want them in bed by ten, no more then two bags of fruit snacks. I’ll call before I take off, when I land, and when I get to the hotel!”

They all ganged up on me and started pushing me out of the door. Traitors. 

* * *

Arriving in England I went straight to the hotel. I talked to Nick the whole time checking on them frantically. Alfredo texted me that Justin was asking about me. I tried so hard not to smile but I couldn’t help it. How romantic that in his state of an epic hangover. I was the only thing on his mind . . . besides keeping his vomit down. I check in pulling all my bags up to the elevator and down the hallway seeing Scooter and Kenny immediately.

“Sam god it’s about time you got here.” Scooter sighed hugging me.

“I’m here.” I said softly.

“Where are the rugrats?” He asked.

“I left them with Nick . . . I didn’t want them to see him like this.” I mumbled.

He gave me that look saying he knew Justin wouldn’t like it.

“You did the right thing,” He patting me on the back. “Do you wanna see him?”

I sighed. “Let’s go see this dumbass.”

They took my bags for me as I opened the door of the room and walked inside. Justin was sitting on the couch in a white robe with his head hanging inside of a trash can blowing chunks into it. How cute.

“He’s been at it a good ten minutes. That should be about it besides the head ache.”

Justin looked up weakly from the basket. “H—hey beautiful.”

“Only you would try to flirt with me in the middle of throwing up a lung.” I sighed.

He smiled but suddenly was undertaken by another round of nausea. We sat there for another ten minutes as he continued to projectile vomit all over the place. I honestly felt bad because it seemed like his first hangover was so much worse then mine. I’d thrown up the first time and then that was it for the most part. When he finished I held my breath and took the trash can to a staff member or whatever knowing no one else would do it and because he was my baby and I didn’t want anyone but me taking care of him. 

“Come on,” I murmured leaning most of his weight on my shoulder. “You need a bath.”

He was groaning all the way into the bathroom. I put bubbles in so I would have Jerry staring me in the eye the whole time. He leaned against the counter taking deep breaths. I moved closer to him when the water was ready and pulled off his robe leaving him exposed to me.

“Don’t try and take advantage of me while I’m hung-over.” He smirked weakly.

I bit my lip trying not to smile and kissed his chest leving him to give a different type of groan.

“You’re burning up Justin come sit.” I said sighed.

He got into the water sitting down as soon as he could an taking deep breaths still.

“I fucked up Sam.” He whispered.

I took the washcloth and rung it out starting to clean his chest.

“Yea . . . you did. It was a mistake but all you can really do is pay the price and hopefully learn the lesson.” I said softly.

“It didn’t take good.” He complained looking up at the ceiling. “It burned my lungs to be honest and hurt to drink but . . . it got my mind off the other pain so I thought just maybe you know it wasn’t so bad.”

I looked at him confused not having a clue what he was talking about.

“You want me to wash your hair?” I asked.

He nodded softly moving closer to the edge of the tub. I knew normal voices would only hurt him so I stayed quiet. Justin sat up in the water and let me pull a wet washcloth over his hair to wet it. I grabbed his shampoo and started running it through his hair as he looked ahead and sighed.

“Sam why did you call my dad?”

I bit my lip knowing now that he knew the truth and everything snapped into place.

“Because he deserved to know how bad he hurt you, baby just because you don’t admit it doesn’t me I can’t see it.” I whispered.

He swallowed loudly as I started rinsing his hair out.

I watched his Adam’s apple bob. “Justin he broke your heart did he? You’ve lied to everyone about how good of a father he is because you love him enough to keep it back. But Jazzy and Jaxon they have what you never did and that kills you doesn’t? No matter how much you love them it hurts.”

I kept my sight on his face watching as his eyes thickened with tears and a little boy started to come through. I had no idea how right I was. He let me pull his wet head into my arms hiding his face because I knew he didn’t want me to see him crying and breaking down the way. It broke my heart because . . . me and Justin had even more in common then I though.

“Baby you cannot hold on to that pain and that hate forever. It will tear you up inside and I of all people know it will. He loves you sweetie he really, really does you just have to give him a chance to show it. Tell him, tell him how it hurt don’t hold the grudge and keep all your feeling inside because you’re missing out on a relationship that can be really special that some people never get to feel.” I said into his wet hair. 

He shook with the tears his body vibrating with pain. I held him harder the wetness of his body soaking my shirt as half of it hung out of the tub. We sat there for a while until he eventually stopped and just stayed in my arms. I ran my fingers through his hair pushing the strands back so they wouldn’t stick to his face. When he spoke he spoke into my chest not moving. 

“Can I just have a minute please? Alone.” He whispered.

I let him go nodding softly.

“I’ll just leave your towel here and go get your clothes okay?”

He nodded gently as I turned to leave the room.

“Sam?” He called voice cracking like thin candy.

“Yea baby?” I said tenderly.

“I . . . love you. Thank you so much.”

I smiled to myself. “I love you too.”

I walked out to the couch where everyone was sitting to pick through my bags for a new shirt. I gave him his minute leaving him in the tub to fix himself up or do whatever he needed to do.

“You guys okay?” Scooter asked.

“What would be wrong with me?” I asked wondering why he wasn’t worrying over Justin.

“Well you’re crying so . . . “

I looked down as a tear dripped off my cheek. It’d never occurred to me that I’d been crying too. But thinking back to the way he looked in that tub. The way his body was trembling through the tears it made sense. I’d rather die a thousand times then to watch him like that again.

“Guess I didn’t realize how bad it was.” I mumbled.

I grabbed a shirt and his present before heading to Justins’ room to riffle through his bags for underwear. I laid out the jeans he liked and a shirt he’d look sexy in with the underwear before changing my shirt and combing through my hair with my fingers. When Justin came into the room his eyes were blood shot and his chest bare. His teeth chattered as he shivered and climbed under the covers.

“Are you sure you can do any interviews today?” I asked staring at his eyes.

“I can’t let my fans down because I made a moronic mistake.” He sighed.

I nodded softly climbing beside him and pulling my hair behind my ears.

“I got you something.” I said softly.

“Really what’s that?”

I picked the bag up off the floor and handed it to him blushing a little and looking down. He sat up beside me his damp shoulder touching mine.

“Oh wow Sam this is awesome . . . Did you get one too so it’s like a matching thing?” He asked.

I giggled. “Yea but I didn’t know if you’d like that.”

“I love it baby thank you.”

I looked up as he snaked his arm around my waist and pulled me closer. When we kissed it was afraid of puke breath but was instantly rewarded with minty freshness. His lips were smooth and soft, tender sking running over mine. I groaned and he smiled pulling away with satisfaction.

“I missed you.” He breathed. “But I’m sorry you have to come down here like this.”

I took his hand shrugging. “I missed you too. I had to go to New York anyway.”

“Can I take you to dinner tonight to say sorry?” He asked breath hot on my neck.

I shook my head. “You’re still a little hung over I think we should stay in, watch a movie, chill.”

“Mmm okay whatever makes you happy.” He murmured.

“Are you? Happy I mean.” I asked softly.

“With you in my bed and my arms wrapped around you? I’ve never been happier.”

Scooter came knocking then before opening the door and saying we better be presentable.

“Hey we really gotta get you out for these interviews.” He said apologetically. 

“I’ll have him out in five.” I said.

He thanked me and smiled at us before leaving me with again.

“Here.” I said handing him his neatly folded clothes and getting out of his bed.

He frowned. “Where ya goin?”

“To let you get dressed.” I said obviously.

“No I want you to stay. Baby . . . you’ve seen all of me anyway.” Then he added when I was about to say no, “It would hurt too much if you go out that door.”

I couldn’t help but smile and still feel a little sad at the same time. He got out of form under the covers and pulled off his towel. I watched him stand up with the towel falling back onto the bed. I marveled at his chest and the smoothness of his tanned skin compared to the clean sharp cut of his jaw line. The broadness of his shoulders surprised me as he stood fully naked in front of me. He stood with confidence not a cocky smirk just his eyes filled with an emotion I couldn’t quite place. I bit mylip not out of lust but more so out of appreciation for his body. No body was as beautiful as Justin. But as promised five minutes later I was sitting on his lap fixing his hair as the first interviewer came in.

“Alright I gotta go now.” I murmured.

“No stay.” He mumbled.

I giggled. “I have to you need to work babe.”

He clutched me closer for a second with a simple demand. “Kiss.”

I smiled pressing our lips into a sweet soft embrace before sliding out of his lap and letting him do his thing.

In my head I thought about going to get us food while he did interviews but I had too much fun watching him work. He was cute and funny and kind and sexy. Everything about him made my heart thump. Me and Fredo watched from across the room him meeting my eyes every now and then and me looking down as a blush ruptured in my cheeks. The best part of the day was one particular interview.

She had on a red YMCMB sweatshirt and a pretty face. When she asked Justin what british words meant and he failed . . . no epic failed . . . no it was so bad there are not levels to describe the embarrassment. I busted out laughing and he playfully yelled to shut up. And by playfully I mean in the same voice he used in that Utopia commercial with the whole: “Mom stop filming me I’m play utopia!”

He had fun thought which was the most important thing to me. The face was genuine and the questions weren’t boring for him to answer. I think he had to have done like five or six interviews right there but none of them compared to that one. I left him there to take pictures and walked out the hotel to talk to Nick on the phone. When he answered I heard Jazzy laughing in the bathroom listening to glee. I felt betrayed . . . that was our show.

“Oh my gosh Sam these kids are hilarious!” He laughed into the phone.

I rolled my eyes. “Yea I know that I miss them.” 

“So what do you want cause uh we’re kinda about to cook dinner together. Spaghetti to be specific.” 

I sighed imagine in my head me and Justin cooking spaghetti with them and making them laugh. It was so perfect.


“I’m sorry back.” I muttered. “Uh no just checking in. I’m gonna be on Kelly on Monday if they want to see me. You could set it to record or something.”

“Oh I will. You okay? You just sound a little down.” He said.

I sighed. “Justin’s hungover . . . yea it’s a long story I’m okay just you know a little stressed.”

“Wow you sure everything is okay over there?” 

“I’m sure Nick thanks. Just please keep me updated those kids are everything to us.” I said.

“Hey I will I promise now I want you to go order something deep fried and smothered in chocolate you’re too stressed.” He complained.

I smiled a little bit. “Okay Nick I’ll talk to you later.”

He chuckled. “Bye Sam.”

I turned around and Justin was walking out into the hallway with a smile on his face.

“Everything okay out here?” He asked.

I took a deep breath and walked over to him taking his shirt in my hands and smoothing it out softly.

“Yep I’m fine. How about you? Ready to go talk to Jeremy?” I looked up hopefully.

His face fell instantly as he stared at me. I took his hands intertwining our fingers and he looked down at them.

“Baby I can’t cry anymore . . . guys don’t cry.” He said softly.

“Men do.” I whispered.

He looked at me. “Is that so?”

I nodded. “A real man could look his father in the eye and tell him he fucked up as a dad and it hurt that boy for almost eighteen years. Justin Bieber you are a man.” 

He took a deep breath and locked his jaw.

“I’ll only do if . . . you go with me and hold my hand.” He whispered.

I smiled. “Baby I’ll sit on your lap and feed you applesauce I don’t care I just want you two to get through this.” 

He sighed. “This is what happens when you get engaged to someone who helps people with their problems for a living.”

I laughed. “I’ll go get him okay? You’ll feel more comfortable if we do it in your room I know it.”

He nodded softly. “Okay thanks.”

I reached up to wrap my arms around his neck. He kissed me tenderly and passionately pulling away and looking at my lips with his eyes so deep and emotional.

“You’re such an amazing woman.” He said hoarsely.

“Mmm I have to be I mean I accepted a proposal from a very amazing man.” I giggled.

He let me go as I headed to Jeremy’s room and he slapped my ass from behind. I could practically hear him bite his lip behind me.

*Justin’s point of view*

We were sitting at the table together now my dad across from us and me holding one of Sam’s hands between both of mine. She’d kissed me all over telling me it would be okay and that everything was gonna work it’s self out I just had to be patient. What it was about her I don’t know but I couldn’t help but believe it. It was the trust we shared. That . . . feeling when you look into someone’s eyes and know they’d never let you down or let you fall. She gave me something that I needed to go sit at that table and it was all because of her being her. Sam just gave me a reason to smile. But I was nervous now running my lips over her knuckles because I just didn’t know what to say and she let me. She got it more than I ever could’ve imagined. 

“Jeremy you should start.” She murmured softly. 

“W—what am I supposed to say?” He asked her.

I clenched my teeth and she felt it on her hand saying ow softly.

“What about yesterday?” I asked him. “Did that do anything to you at all? Is there any ounce of remorse inside of you for dropping us off in a house where the lights barely worked with no money and heading off to another province?” 

He finally looked me in the eye. “Justin . . . I know that you think I didn’t care about you but I . . .”

“But what? Some magical feelings lied underneath one of those tattoos you seem to always have fucking money for?”

“Justin.” Sam whispered.

I turned to her. “You said say how I feel. Please don’t ask me to hold back what I’m feeling.”

“Justin look at me.” Jeremy said.

I bit my lip and looked at him once again.

“You didn’t deserve that okay? I should’ve been there for you.”

“Yea you should have.” I nodded. “You left my mother with not a dime and she almost killed herself.” I choked.

I looked down at that part. Something my mom didn’t even want to tell me was her suicide attempt. It was the reason the both of us went so crazy over Sam. Too many memories. So much pain.

My dad and I started going back and forth. He’d say what he should’ve done and I’d point out what he actually did. He was trying to get through but I was too damn stubborn and Sam just sat back listening not judging either of us. It got down to what I really needed to hear and he still hadn’t said. Ever. The words had never come out of his mouth.

“You left us! You left me! I understand you didn’t love mom anymore but what about me? How could you just stop loving me?” I screamed at him.

“Justin,” He said softly.

“What?!” I spat.

“I’m sorry!” He yelled. “Okay? I fucked you over and never had the balls to go back and fix it and I’m sorry.”

Sorry. Sometimes it means nothing. But sometimes . . . it means everything.

I looked down at the table shaking my head as the tears started to swarm and I felt like my manhood was being taken away leaving me a little boy all over again weak and defenseless. He was sorry. You had to care to be sorry. He cared. The words blinked in my head like a neon sign. He actually cared. I kept blinking at the table shaking my head trying to deny the fact that I was breaking down. Sam’s hand disappeared and the chair across from me screeched as he moved. Before I knew it he was hugging me in a way I couldn’t remember my dad ever actually hugging me before. It was always the side bro hug never the you need this let me give it to you. For a while we just sat there in a tight embrace and for the first time in a long time I felt connected to him.

“I really am sorry son.” He whispered.

My voice was fucked but I murmured anywhere. “I know.”

I heard Sam come back into the room and he finally pulled away.

“You want me to go?” He asked.

I looked down running my hand over my face and sighing.

“We were gonna order in. She wants to watch movies or something, invite the crew in. You can stay . . . if you want.” I said.

He tried to hold back the smile and couldn’t. 

“Alright well whatever it is it’s on me.” He assured.

“N—no dad it’s not necessary.” I mumbled.

“Ah shh.” He said shaking my hair up. “I owe you a hell of a lot more.”

I smirked and pulled away. “Especially considering you just fucked up my hair.” 

He shook his head and grinned going to give Sam a hug. She’d gotten him just the way she didn’t everyone else her smile just captivating and alluring. Yea Bieber can do big vocab.

I walked over to her as he left for a minute and wrapped my arms around her letting her run her fingers tips softly up and down my arms.

“Are you happy now?” I smirked.

“Only if you’re happy. Are you happy baby?” She asked me.

I nodded softly smiling. “I really am.”

“Would it by chance make you even happier if I kissed you really sexily right now?” She bit her lip.

I nodded again my mouth hanging open. She laughed softly and took my face in her hands kissing me so intensely my heart moaned. I reached my hands down to her beautiful ass missing the feeling of her flesh and squeezing it harder than normally. She moaned. I moaned. Then I ran my tongue over her bottom lip feeling how soft and smooth it was.

“Wow I missed this.” I whispered.

She sighed. “I know. But I think you’re going to leave indents on my ass.”

I smirked and grabbed it tighter leaving her to gasp a little bit. My eyes roamed her body staring at her chest and how completely big and beautiful that was.

“You’re body . . . I missed that.” I licked my bottom lip.

“Shut the fuck up and kiss me already.” She gasped.

I picked her legs up in the air wrapping them tight around my back the way I always did and kissing her the way she demanded. When the door opened again my mouth was in her cleavage licking, sucking anywhere I could. Her hands were deep in my hair pulling on it the way I usually did to hers. We didn’t stop at firs too deep in to realize but then I heard Scooter’s deep voice:

“They never stop . . . I’ve seen a lot worse.” He said.

I turned us around to see everyone had shuffled into the room and was watching me leave big red streaks on her skin. We blushed together and I sat her down on the ground before we all sat down to wait for the food.

*Scooter’s point of view*

The food had come and everyone was eating except for the two hormone raging teenagers on the other end of the couch eating more of each other’s tongues. Jeremy wasn’t used to it not that you really ever did get used to it but I had a feeling it wasn’t really a teenager thing because that only lasted a couple months and then the two got sick of each other and broke up. These two just kept wanting each other more and more. Sam was sitting on his lap all wrapped around Justin holding his face in her hands as he kissed her too loud for anyone to ignore. Jeremy was just flabbergasted. He didn’t get why no one was stopping it.

“You can’t really stop it.” I shrugged. “We’ve tried you know separation whatever but they literally can’t be apart. They get depressed and moody and they don’t want to do anything but see the other. But when they’re together for the most part they encourage one another to work. She drives him harder then I’ve ever seen he literally wants to work at everything he does because he’s got something to go home to now. Someone to take care of. And I’ve always told him it’s not about the outfits you can pay for now it’s the thing later down in life you don’t know is gonna happen yet. He wants to do that for her. Who am I to take away the thing that’s driving him to work hard and makes him happy.”

“So you really think they should get married at eighteen?” He asked.

“They have it planned for next year so that’s technically nineteen but I get the question. It’s a weird topic because I used to worry that they were just gonna run off one day to vegas and come back hitched. They’re oddly smart for a couple of kids thought. They talk through things and they plan and ask questions. Justin just set up a meeting I had nothing to do with because he wants Sam to know about the money and how they’re going to work on it together. I think that . . . if we stopped them from getting married which their eighteen so we can’t that they would still do it eventually. He’s known it since the day he met her. He doesn’t just ask for anyone’s number after they’re the OLLG but he didn’t stop talking about her after that and he hasn’t done it since. As corny as it sounds I honestly believe they’re kind of meant to be together.” I explained.

“They what’s the rush a couple of years right? What’s the difference?” 

“The difference is that you don’t really get the way Justin works. When he sees something he wants . . . he has to have it and he will go to the ends of the earth to get it. He ot her back when she said he didn’t want him anymore. That’s what it is I think she’s different because while every other girl is throwing herself at him she’d never bought his album before the concert. She didn’t even like him. He had to chase her to get her. He fell in love and then he got his heart broken. He thought he fell in love again but he didn’t so he had to go back to that love which meant chasing her all over again. But we all knew it wasn’t a chase anymore. They’d never really left each other to begin with.”

“You make it sound like a love story.” Jeremy sighed.

I nodded. “In a way it kind of is. He’s not making a mistake I can promise you that. He’s in love with her like nothing I’ve ever seen before. He wrote a song about her for the album could literally rival classic love songs and he hadn’t even recorded it yet. It was just the lyrics and it’s crazy.” I shrugged. “They just gravitate towards each other. It doesn’t make sense and they don’t care so why should i?”

We looked over at them and she was playing with his cheeks pushing them in different directions as they giggled at each other.

He whispered against her nose. “I love you.”

She smiled and blushed down at him. “I love you.”

Then instead of furiously feeding each other tongue and helping me keep my dinner down he just pulled her even closer and wrapped his arms around her back. They sat in the quietness looking at each other like they could read each other’s mind. I’d never understand their relationship no matter how long I was forced to be in the same room as them. She’d pull away for two seconds to grab her phone and go on twitter then they’d talk to fans together leaving them to laugh over some of the more ridiculous tweets. He kissed her hair watching her work the keys and probably smiling because he thought it was cute the way she pressed the buttons. Kids I swear.

“I want you to help me with something.” She whispered to him.

Yea they’re horrible at whispering.

“Anything you want babygirl.” 

“When I get back I have a meeting for the clothing line. I want to work in a way to give back, give some of the proceeds to charity. I want to . . .”

He smiled. “Help. You want to help?”

She smiled at him. “Yea . . . getting means nothing if you can’t give some of it back to the people who really need it.”

He kissed her and I shook my head but still smiled at the positive influence.

“I’m really glad you said that.” He nodded.

They sat there the rest of the night talking and I eventually tuned out of the conversation. One by one people turned it from Kenny to Jeremy to Alfredo and Moshe leaving me with the two horny teenagers. I don’t think so. I gave Sam a hug kissed her cheek and punched Justin mockingly before leaving the two alone for the night.

*Sam’s point of view*

Justin’s nose started to skim my neck seconds after Scooter left and I giggled.

“We’re not having sex tonight.” I told him.

He groaned. “How did I know you were going to say that?”

“You’re a genius babe. But . . .we said it would be special when you came home. I still want it to be special.” I said softly.

He nodded. “Alright I can wait honey.”

I smiled.

“So what are we gonna do play checkers?” he joked.

I shook my head. “Let’s . . . go buy some food for the fans outside. They’ve been out there all day.”

He looked at me again with that face that just said: you are everything good in the world. And I blushed my ass off.

“On one condition.” He said.

I sighed. “I’m not sucking your dick.”

He rolled his eyes. “Nice Sam and that’s Jerry to you. Anyway . . . I want us to wear our matching sweatshirts. For Jamantha.” 

He picked up my fingers and held them softly and I just had that thought: he is everything good in the world.

“Let’s do it.” I smiled.

So we pulled on our sweatshirts and grabbed our shoes, told Scooter where we were going. Then we snuck out of the back to go the twenty four seven mcdonalds buying forty mcflurrys plus two for ourselves. The entire time I looked at him smiling because I knew in that moment I was with the love of my life. And that’s all I would ever need to be happy.

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