The Locket Of Hair

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4. TLOH 63

A Bieber Love Story

The Locket of Hair part 63:

The Pub
*Sam’s point of view*

“Alright guys this is the house. We’re gonna have so much fun our pants are going to explode. I’ve got movies. Snacks literally falling out of the freezer. You’re rooms are made up perfectly and as promise tomorrow we can go swimming.” 

I’d finally gotten the kids home after sneaking around paps for an hour. We picked up McDonalds on the way home and listened to radio Disney thanks to Jazzy literally screaming until I turned it on. I was excited and they were so cute it wasn’t even funny. I felt awkward that they had to come upstairs with me to change but they jumped into our bed so fast and started to jump up and down like crazy kids. I changed in the closet into sweats and one of Justin’s shirts liking the smell and the way is made me smile. When I came out Jazzy was holding Jaxon down and tickling the crap out of him. I couldn’t help but giggle.

“Jazzy let your brother up. Come on you two let’s go downstairs and eat.” I smiled.

They both jumped into my arms and we made our way down the huge stairs me groaning about all the extra weight.

“Carty I wanna watch glee!” She squealed.

I sighed never have watching the show but not being impressed with it once so ever.

“Sweetie maybe Jaxon wants to watch something different.” I smiled with big hopes on my little man.

One look at Jazzy and he shook his head. Jaxon didn’t talk much but he always followed his sister which was cute . . . most of the time. I didn’t have to worry about Jazzy but Jaxon was a little younger and he still needed help with some things. For all I knew they weren’t even supposed to have McDonalds and I’d already broken a rule but who knows. I set them down on the couch set up their kid’s meals and plopped down in-between turning on the Netflix to watch this godforsaken Glee.

Four Episodes later:


“But I have to pee!” Jazzy cried.

I realized how much of idiot I’d become since the first time I saw Rachael and Finn do a duet to Don’t Stop Believing. So I ran her to the bathroom giving her toilet paper so she’d be comfortable and sitting down to watch the show. We watched Glee all night until around one in the morning when I’d seen every episode Netflix had to offer and Jazzy and Jaxon were sleeping snuggling up to each other. I took a picture of how cute they were and picked the little sweet hearts up. They shared a bed cause I didn’t see the point in putting them in separate rooms down the hall together. So I slid them under the covers and kissed their foreheads turning the lights off and closing the door softly.

“If I was your boyfriend I’d never let you go. I could take you places you ain’t never been before!”

I ran to my room to grab my phone up just to see my picture for Justin lighting up. The time differences in England and California must have made him call me.

“Hello?” I gasped after running.

“Hey I’m sorry I didn’t call soon I got out of work late. Did I wake you up?” He asked sympathetically.

“No, no I haven’t gone to bed yet. I was just . . . watching Glee.” I said.

He chuckled. “I thought you hated that show.”

I smiled. “A little friend introduced me to it it’s not that bad.”

“Oh that’s nice. What are you doing now?”

“I just got into bed. You?” I asked looking at the big empty bed.

“Awww how cute.” He sighed. “I just got back to the hotel. I get a couple hours alone.”

I think I knew what he was going to ask so I decided to just head that way myself.

“Oh you’re in your room all alone?” I asked.

“Yea . . . Y—ou wanna?” He murmured.

I could practically see him biting his lip.

“What like . . . like phone sex?” I smirked.

“Please? I need something and your body is the only one that gives me any pleasure.” He whispered.

I mean that was just like a straight shot of tingling sensation to my body. He sure knew what to say to get what he wanted. I bit my lip and crawled under the covers turning the lights off and taking a deep breath.

“Okay . . . I’ll do it.”

* * *

You know I never thought that phone sex was a smart idea I mean it’s like what a loser go get some pussy but . . . lord have mercy on my bat shit horny soul. There’s something so hot about Justin’s voice just coming softly into my ear rugged and cracked. It leaves everything up for interpretation. Because I don’t know that he’s holding jerry but it might sure as hell sound that way. I could practically feel his breath tickling my ear and it just sent me into a wave of pleasure. He finished and I finished before we both took the time to calm our heart beats.

“D—damn baby you’re going to give me a heart attack one of these days.” He chuckled. 

I giggled. “I’m sorry daddy but our bed is huge and I’m all alone.” 

“I’m sorry I hate being away from my little girl but you’re right I think. This is good for us you to get used to being away from each other for little intervals.” He sighed.

As if he could see me I nodded. “What a fucking coincidence Sam was right.”

He laughed at me before I started to hear the knocking on the door in the background.

“Shit . . . Uhm Coming!” He yelled.

“You gotta go.” I mumbled.

“N—no baby just let me clean up okay? Stay on the phone.” He said.

I waited for a little while yawning and finally starting to feel tired. Justin fell due to the sound of a huge thump and him muttering an ouch to pull the door open. I heard him mutter come in but be quiet because he was trying to talk to his baby. That’d be me bitches.

“I’m back.” He gasped.

I smiled softly. “Baby you should get going I know you have a lot a work to do. I think I’ll head to bed now anyway.”

“Oh yea it must be like two in the morning there. Well . . . I love you beautiful and I miss you so much okay? Text me when you wake up tomorrow I want to fill you in on what’s going on okay?” He said.

“I will I promise.” I yawned.

“You’re tired, I’m keeping you up.” He mumbled. “Goodnight baby sleep well.”

“I love you have a good interview.” I smiled.

Turning the phone off I plugged it up and rolled over sexually satisfied just as much as emotionally satisfied.

* * *

“If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go. I could take you places you ain’t never been before!”

I rolled over in bed feeling around for Justin only to come up missing and see he wasn’t there. I sighed knowing that was going to happen a lot. The California sun started to come up and it was only like six in the morning yet I jumped in the shower anyway. Showering alone was interesting and by that I mean horrible. Missing Justin was hot in my veins but I tried to get through it. I mean you have to miss someone in order to be happy when they come back right? So I washed my hair and cleaned myself up knowing that even though I was missing Justin’s gentle touch . . . eventually that touch would be back.

*Justin’s point of view*

“So what’s the schedule for today?” I yawned over a cup of coffee.

“Right now you’re heading to Capital Breakfast, Kiss FM, and then the Super Club London Press Conference.” Alfredo said.

“It was a lot sexier when Sam used to read me my schedule.” I sighed. “No offence bro.”

“None taken but we gotta go.” He said.

“Alright but I just want to call Sam.” I said grabbing my phone.

“Justin we’re eight hours ahead here she’s not awake yet.”

“I don’t give a fuck I can leave a message to tell her I love her damn. Let’s just go I’ll call her in the car.” 

I was still really excited to head out for interviews and fans and stuff. I hadn’t seen any of them in so long that I was starting to forget about those beautiful faces. Scooter tried to take away my phone but I took Alfredo’s because it’s bros before jobs apparently. I made it nice and quick just enough to give her something nice to wake up to.

“Hey baby uh it’s Justin sorry Scooter took my phone away even though I’M EIGHTEEN!” I added in for Scooter to see. “Anyway I miss you and I love you and I’m positive you look absolutely beautiful right now. Sorry the time zones are fucked up right now but call me when you’re awake no matter what I’ll answer okay? Have a good day.”

I turned the phone off and gave it back to Fredo as we pulled up to the next spot for an interview.

Talks of Jerry, gnomes, and unicorns let to a very interesting morning. It was fun though, everyone had a great time and there were plenty of laughs. I tried to stay positive and focus on the fans and the music. Although it’s kind of hard to focus on anything else when you have hundreds of girls bum rushing you. I knew it came from a good place though so I didn’t really mind. We ran around London trying to get from point A to point without someone raping me. Then at the conference they just had to bring up Jerry and sex. I think they talked about it more then Sam. Oh Sam. I missed Sam.

“Scooter I’m going out!” I said.

Everyone was in my room hanging out after interviews because they never seemed to have lives. Just kidding.

“And where exactly do you plan on going?” He asked.

“Shopping if it really matters.”

I could hear him groan all the way in my room. Scooter was trying to teach me to be smart with my money and I worked really hard on saving and all that but sometimes you really just want to go out and buy something just because you can. It’s not because I’ma famous prick or something it’s just a natural reaction. I used to do it when I was little whenever my granddad would give me like a five because my mom didn’t have anything to give me. You can’t help it. 

“You just spent too much money on that damn car Justin!”

But today was different.

“It’s not for me it’s for Sam! I’ll keep a hundred dollar limit just something small.”

He sighed, he loved Sam too much to say no to something that would make her happy.

“Fine. Take Alfredo and Kenny with you.”

I smirked slid my supras on and grabbing my jacket and then we were off.

All the fans were waiting at the front so we snuck out of the side and got into a car that I could drive instead of being stuck in the back like a child. I drove to the mall me and Sam went to the last time we were there and no one could tell a thing. For just a little while I was normal. Just a guy shopping for his girl. And even though I knew I’d never really be normal I was grateful for that time as a human being because I didn’t always get the time to feel like one.

“What are you gonna get her?” Alfredo asked.

I smirked. “She likes stuffed animals. Is it romantic to go to build a bear?”

They laughed. “Knowing Sam it probably will.”

“Swaggy. You should get Demi one too.” I suggested though I knew I was a better romantic then him.

“Let’s do this.”

We walked around the mall stopping at the store so that the little british girls could scream. They it pretty low kew though so know could start giving me attention that I really didn’t want.

“Justin can I have a picture?” A girl who couldn’t have been more than six asked.

“Of course sweetheart.” I smiled.

I picked her up and her mom took the pictures. I said thank you beautiful and signed her box that she was taking her bear home in. I promised I’d sign more after I built a bear which was kind of the purpose of the store. But I didn’t really know what to do so a store assistant or whatever had to come and help us. 

“Who are you building for?” She asked.

“My fiancé and then my little sister.”

I didn’t know when I’d get to see Jazzy but I wanted to have a present ready for her anyway.

“Okay well first you can go through here and pick out the animal you think they’d like.”

“Sam likes pandas. And I’ll get Jazzy a bunny.”

Alfredo picked out a bear for Demi.

“Next you’re gonna stuff it.”

And us being the immature douches that we are laughed.

“Okay I’ll stuff Sam’s first.” I said trying so hard not to laugh.

The entire time the fuzz was going into the panda Fredo made comments on my stuffing abilities. It was funny though I imagined actually stuffing Sam and had to start thinking about cold things.

“Now you can add an arrangement of certain things. One that sings a song or you can record a special message for the bear to say when squeezed.”

“I’ll record something.” I picked.

She handed me a little box and I instantly had no idea what I wanted to tell her.

“Sing to her!” A girl half way across the store screeched.

I smiled and looked down at the little box taking a deep breath to prepare my falsetto.

“I’d like to be everything you want, hey girl let me talk to you . . . I love you Sammy.”

There were girls awing all over the store. I shook my head smiling and knowing she would love it before shoving it the box into the panda’s hand. We added a heart and then they stitched it up. They had outfits and stuff but I didn’t really want anything to take away from the animal. I record my voice in Jazzy’s too telling her Bieber loves and misses her. I made a wish on the heart for Sam’s to let Sam always know she’s beautiful. Maybe it wasn’t realistic with her condition but I didn’t care. On Jazzy’s I wished that she grew up knowing she was beautiful and that I didn’t have to kill a boy one day. Then I sat to name them.

“The panda is . . . Swaggy Magee.” I chuckled typing it in. “Parents Sam and Justin Bieber just to make her laugh cause she still doesn’t think she’s taking my name.”

The details didn’t matter much but we had fun sitting in chairs designed for five year olds to create animals for the girls. When I was done I took pictures with all the little girls giving hugs and kissing cheeks. The staff had a couple cases of Bieber fever. I didn’t mind taking pictures with them either it was cute. When it was all set done we each had a box because I made Kenny carry Jazzy’s. We headed to the food court for lunch setting down to some quality bro time.

“Why the hell are stuff animals so expensive?” Alfredo muttered.

“You’re telling me I got two of them. And then they try to sucker you in with clothes. It’s a wonder a kid doesn’t drive their parent’s into bankruptcy in that store.” I said.

Kenny laughed. “Romance swag ain’t cheap boys.”

I shook my head staring at twitter on my phone and smiling at fans.

“How many days are we here again?” I asked.

Alfredo looked over catching my staring at Sam and rolled his eyes.

“Three days here, two days in New York.”

“Ahh New York,” I sighed. “Piazza and Sam what more could a guy ask for?”

“What time is it here anyway?” Kenny asked. 

I checked. “Five. Which means its . . . nine in the morning over there.”

“Do you think she’s up?”

I shook my head. “Nah she usually doesn’t get up till around noon. I’ll have to wait a couple hours.”

*Sam’s point of view*

Nine A.M Cali time:

“Jazzy stop hitting your brother!” I yelled.

My peace had ended as soon as I got out of the shower and heard Jaxon crying. That girl was headed towards a time out which if she was anything like me would do absolutely nothing. So I pulled her to the side and sat her up on the counter before I lost my patience.

“Jazzy we’re friends right?” I asked.

She nodded smiling big and wide.

“Friends do things for each other right? Because they love each other?”

She nodded again.

“Okay so for me . . . Can you please be nice to Jaxon? You’re hurting his feelings when your mean to me like that.”

She gave me the look I’m sure I used to give my mom and I sighed.

“What if I take you guys shopping?” 

She started clapping and squealing and I couldn’t help but smile. They were both just too adorable. So I got them dressed, fed them, watched Dora the Explorer find these creepy ass stars and then sat outside for half an hour trying to understand the complexity of a car seat. And that man wonders why I didn’t want kids.

“alright, here we go everybody ready?”

Jaxon was asleep and Jazzy was already giving me the ferocious glare telling em the consequences of not putting on Radio Disney. We drove to the mall for Toys R Us and I was actually happy. I could see having a kid down the road . . . to baby sit. We drove there laughing and having fun. I decided to text Justin I was awake only to turn my phone onto a very adorable voicemail. I smiled and told him I was up but driving and that I’d text him later. We got to the mall and I had to figure out the strolled Jeremy gave me. Jazzy had to help me out but together we got it eventually. I slid a sleeping Jaxon into his stroller and Jazzy right beside before we headed inside. 

“Jazzy I’m gonna call Bieber so you have to be very quiet okay?”

“Okay.” She said in that adorable little voice.

I smiled as I picked Justin out of my contacts and pushed those heavy kids into the damn store.

“Ello gorgeous.” He said in a horrible british accent.

I giggled. “You really need to stop with that.” 

“What?” He asked incredulous.

“Baby your british accent is horrible.” I chuckled.

He laughd. “ No my british accent is amazing!” 

H had me laughing all the way through the story until I had to take deep breaths in order to calm me down.

“Oh gosh I love you.” I sighed.

“Awww I love you too.” He said breaking the accent.

“Where are you? I mean not to sound stalkerish just making conversation.” I smiled at a bieber display.

“Fredo’s driving us back from the mall.” He said. “And you don’t sound stalkerish babe.”

I moved down the aisle letting Jazzy see the barbies and smiling.

“What a coincidence I’m at the mall too.” 

“Oh really are you getting me something?” He asked playfully.

“I’ll work on it. What about me?”

“Sorry babe saving money.” He sighed.

I stepped and reached to help Jazzy with a toy.

“It’s okay. Do you mind if I use the card or should I used cash?”I asked.

“Uhh go ahead and use the card for shopping. But if you like eat out or something use cash we have the money and I don’t want to run up a credit card bill that will just be frustrating to deal with. We have a meeting set up though with the lawyer, business manager, and Scooter. I want you to come you know? Scooter said it’s all about being educated so why not? How much did you take from the safe?”

“I took two fifty. I’m gonna full up the car with gas while I’m out.”

“Okay that’s fine baby.”

We really did talk like a married couple huh? 

I blushed. “I like when you call me baby.”

“Of course you do my tender sex kitten.” He murmured.

I giggled. “Hey what does Jaxon like in the toy department?”

“Uh I’m pretty sure a lego set or something would suffice. But get jumbo size so my prick of a father doesn’t blame me for him choking or something.” 

I sighed. Jeremy was staying at a hotel before he went to meet Justin. So guess they were still hated each other.

“Calm down please? I hate when you get all flustered.”

“Sam I’m not flustered. I’m pissed off.” He insisted.

“Jazzy pick out one okay? You can’t have both.” I whispered before talking to Justin in a normal voice. “Baby please? For me? I only want you to be happy.”

He sighed. “Okay, I am happy alright? Don’t worry about me.”

I smirked. “You know I will anyway.”

“Yea, I know.”

We talked for a few more minutes before I told him I loved him and got off the phone. Jazzy was stubborn as hell and I had no choice but to get a cart and buy half the store for her to take home. I bought Jazzy his legos and some of the baby toys that supposedly helped them get smarter. We went to a clothing store and bought some stuff for them to wear. How do you spend 500 dollars on one trip to the mall I have no idea but the jew in me made me hate spending that much money. But they were so cute I couldn’t help it. We left before Justin and I could go bankrupt.

On the way home I used cash to fill up the car leaving two kids sleeping in the car. I saw the paparazzi snapping pictures and gave a nice middle finger to show my appreciation or lack thereof for them. Going home I suddenly felt exhausted and ended up passing out with the kids in my bed.

*Justin’s point of view*

“Everybody shut the hell up my baby’s on!” I screeched.

I turned the volume up till it hurt so good and smiled excited to see Sam on Ellen.

“My next guest has a new documentary airing on MTV next week take a look.”

I watched as she walked through the streets of London to get to a school and meet the students. But the commercial didn’t show much. It was like a teaser, it just left you wanting more. Sam walked out and my heart stopped. She had on high waisted shorts her legs long, tanned and soft looking. She had this white t-shirt tucked inside of the shorts that I’d bought her. It read I can’t sleep. I really hoped that wasn’t the case for today but I tried not focus on that. Her shoes were Jeffery Campbell and they sparkled with glitter. She even had her engagement ring on. I smiled.

“Hi!” she said brightly when she sat down like she was happy to be there.

“Hi! Don’t you look cute?” Ellen complimented. 

“I know right?” She giggled. “No M—my uh friends he bought it for me at thrift shop.”

“A friend huh?”

She smiled. “Yes Ellen a friend.”

“I think I know that friend.” She said.

Sam started shaking her head before the picture came up. It was us on easter sitting on the swing and kissing all tangled up.

“He’s a really good kisser.” Sam said nonchalantly.

“You look just adorable.” Ellen smirked.

“It’s easter there I remember because I let him drage me to church and he made me change my dress because my boobs were to ‘revealing’. But I don’t get how a pap can just stalk people like God’s holy day that’s supposed to be there day to realize how horrible human beings they are. It’s creepy.” She muttered.

The audience laughed. 

“They can’t help it. I’m sure y’all are just so sweet.”

“Ells why do you care so much about our relationship? Are you trying to steal me away from Justin?” She giggled.

“That’s exactly what I’m trying to do.”

The audience laughed and so did we.

“Still in love?”

Sam blushed. “Still in love like you wouldn’t believe. He gives me butterflies probably more now than ever since I know I get to keep him forever. He’s overseas right now though so I miss him but . . . he’s got other girls besides me to please. I have to share him.”

“Awww and speaking of wedding invitations you know I didn’t get mine yet.”

Sam laughed. “I haven’t been able to sit down with him long enough to make out let along sent out wedding invitations. We wrote down general names and stuff but he has to have time to pick out the invitations. You’re on the list through I promise I’ll still have it sent to the show.”

“That’s why you’re my favorite.” Ellen said. “Now about the documentary.”

I smiled watching her interview. She was so smooth and funny and cute. She was open—more than most—but she controlled it. And when it came to the documentary she said that she put everything out there almost like therapy. She felt vulnerable and naked going through it but she said she had such great family and fans which went hand in hand to her that she didn’t care. They deserved to know the truth. 

I watched her tell everyone how hard it was to look people in the eye sometimes and tell them their worthy of so much more than cutting when she couldn’t believe it about herself at all sometimes. The documentary was being picked up by other network after signing deals with Sam and MTV and I knew how much that meant to her. The last question of the interview took Sam a minute to answer. 

“When are you happy?” Ellen asked.

She looked around the room licking her bottom lip. She had the sexiest thinking face ever.

“You know I think that . . . I’m happy when I’m stepping out of the box that our society has kind of built for women my age.”

“How so?”

“Well they told me I couldn’t graduate a year early when I’d already started late. I graduated at barely seventeen. They said celebrities don’t date fans and I’m engaged to Justin Bieber biebering my ovaries away like all the rest of them on twitter. They said that as a woman I couldn’t’ go in and create a name for myself in a positive way because Demi already did that yet I did. Eighteen year olds do not get engaged yet there’s a damn ring on my fingers without a growing fetus in my stomach. It makes me happy to prove them wrong and I seem do that . . . you know a lot. So just being me is when I’m happy.”

Ellen smiled at her. “That’s great really. Well her documentary debuts on MTV and you can catch it next Thursday at ten o’clock eastern. I’m very proud of her. Sam McCartney everybody!”

I sent out a tweet when it was over:

Congrats to @SamMcCartney on the @TheEllenShow today. You looked really beautiful. We should go out sometime.

And . . . 

You should defiantly watch the documentary. I might just be in it . . and it might just be the most emotional you’ll see me get.

I was smiling watching all the tweets about the interview and all that. Everything was absolutely perfect . . . until Moshe came in.

“Uh Justin you got someone here to see you.”

I immediately starting going through all the people it could be. Sam. Please let it be here in all her beautiful sexy glory.


Unless Sam had a REALLY bad cold the voice was too deep to be her. It was no one else but him . . . 

My dad.

* * *

“Guys can we have a minute alone please?” Jeremy asked.

I was clenched up on the seat shaking my head and looking down at my phone. This had Sam written all the fuck over it.

The guys got up and started to leave awkwardly patting me on the shoulder and heading out the door. The rage was there again as I thought back through all the horrible things he said to me about not just me but my fucking fiancé. I was supposed to give him all this respect but at eighteen fucking years old he couldn’t respect me enough not to give one car in the world about my feelings? My eyebrows were pulled up into one line as I scowled at my phone dreading the conversation. I felt the couch creak as he plopped himself down beside me like we were even remotely on good terms.

“How’s London?” He asked.

“Why the fuck are you here?” I burst.

He sighed. “Come on Justin hear me out.”

I stood up pissed off. “Hear you out? You want me to hear you out? What do you think I owe you something because I fucking don’t! I owe you nothing! You did nothing for me or my Mom and you sat your ass in Canada with a new family introducing me like I had anything the way you give Jazzy and Jaxon!”

“Justin I know okay I’m sorry.” He said softly.

“Why because Sam called you? Because she had more balls then you do? Now you see how amazing she is and it was just a mistake huh? How about how it affected me? You fucking tore me apart and a sorry is supposed to fix all that? You don’t get what she means to me and the worst part is because you didn’t care. No one gets it but when I said I wanted to propose they respected me enough to not tare me down for it. But you’re my dad you’re supposed to know me . . .you’re supposed to love me more than Scooter or usher or any of them ever could. You should’ve been the first person I called and you’re not. I didn’t call you at all. When we talk it’s to see Jazzy or Jaxon or me flying you down on my own damn dime to see you. I don’t care about the money that’s not the point. The point is that you fucking suck and coming down here to say I’m sorry when I’m trying to work was idiotic and stupid. And your bullshit of an apology is not accepted.”

He started calling my name but I didn’t care anymore. I was so mad I was seeing red. I wanted to hit my dad and that wasn’t okay. So I grabbed my jacket and stormed out of the hotel room slamming the door and shrugging off all the real family I had that tried to hold me back. It was London and there was something I could only do here to get my mind off things. They let me take the keys and go down back to the back of the hotel slamming my way into the car and pulling off down the street. Ten minutes later I was sitting outside of a pub with my driver license in my pocket as I.D not even remotely wondering if I could be making the biggest mistake of my entire life.

It was dark and the dirty grunty alcoholics were starting to file in because it was just early enough to start drink. I kept my hood down moving to a far corner at the bar and looking at all the regulars. A waitress came up with her uniform a little over exposed which nothing for me but make me miss Sam. 

“What can I give you? “She asked not even looking at me.

“I don’t know what do you recommend for a first timer?” I asked.

She looked up trying to see my face but I hid it too well.

“How bout I just bring you a beer? You try it tell me what you think.”

“Sounds good.” I muttered.

Seven and a half beers later:

“A—Alfredo!” I laughed into the phone.

“Justin? What’s up bro you’ve been gone for hours everyone is looking for you.”

“I don’t . . . feel good can you walk over and drive me back to the hotel?” I giggled away.

“Uh yea where are you at?” He asked.

I laughed out the street name and clinked my eighth glass to the guy beside me.

“Okay you just stay put okay?” He asked worriedly. “I’ll be there in five.”

I closed the phone and looked up at the waitress who was smiling at me.

“Can you get drinks to go?” I asked.

“I can give you some bottles to go if you really want but you don’t need to yell darling.” She said in a british accent.

I busted out laughing. “You talk funny!” 

She shook her head laughing with me and I bought two more beers shoving them into my jacket. I tried to get up but fell against the stool laughing. It took ten minutes to get to the door. I waved to everyone before stumbling myself outside just as Alfredo came up. He got out of the car and came over to me looking me in the eyes like I was crazy and I just tried not to laugh at him. We got into the car and he started driving me playing with the switch to roll the windows up and down and trying not to chuckle at it.

“J—Justin are you drunk?” He asked.

I swallowed looking up and all around.

“W—who me?” I stuttered. “N—no.”

“You reek of beer and cigarettes.” He said.

I busted out laughing. “I didn’t smoke.”

Alfredo starting groaning and moaning how dead I was once Scooter saw me. But I wasn’t in the right mind to care. In fact the only thing on my mind the entire walk/ stumble up to my room was me wanting to drink those other beers. Alfredo pushed me into my room and slammed the door leaving me there like he wanted me to drink them. Why resist temptation? I twisted busted the cap off on the table the way the guy at the pub had shown me and smiled started to chug it down. The alcohol hit my veins like a fresh wave in the ocean. It felt good, hypnotizing. I was stuck in the trance of feeling good not knowing what I was missing all the time. I just kept climbing up higher and higher as I sat on the floor downing the beers. I started to use them as drumsticks when they were empty tapping them against the floor before throwing them and listening to the crash of glass against wood.

“I am Justin Bieber!” I screamed.

Just then the door opened up . . . 

It was Scooter . . . 

And no matter how drunk I was I had enough common sense to know I was not in for good news.

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