The Locket Of Hair

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3. TLOH 62


A Bieber Love Story

The Locket of Hair part 62:

Canada and goodbyes

*Justin’s point of view*

I woke up literally to Sam’s face. Her smile with those big plump lips curled up high. She made my heart want to break into a broad way number. Usually it took a hour for me to fully wake up but seeing her just left me eager to move. I scooped her up in my arms till she was laying on top of me and kissed her sweet tender lips. She giggled at me blushing and we hadn’t even said a single word to each other yet. I sat up at far as I could so wrapping her legs around my back and my arms around hers.

“Good morning you sexy hunk of love.” She giggled.

“Morning my tender sex kitten.” I smirked.

I pulled her close so she could touch her lips to mine again just delicately like a gentle breeze.

“I love you. I wanted to start the morning off by just saying . . . I really, really love you.” She breathed.

“Baby I love you to with everything inside of me.” I told her.

We sat there for a few seconds the sheets all messed up from me yanking her onto my lap and appreciated the fact that we loved each other the way that we did. I moved my lips across her neck briefly before she pulled away giggling and crawling about like the sweet sex kitten she was. We showered and dressed talking the entire time. While I showered she picked out her outfit and told me how she was gonna sit on the phone and go through anyone we’d ever met to create a list for the both of us to go through and pick who was invited to the wedding. When I was getting dressed she showered and I told her how I could see her boobs. We laughed and had fun me pulling her body wet and dripping out the shower onto the counter to kiss her softly. She blow dried and straightened her hair while I tried to figure out if I wanted to gel mine up the way I’d been rocking it lately or just let it do its thing. 

“I think your outfit would look good if you just let it be.” Sam said.

“Thanks babe sounds good.” I kissed her cheek and went to lie in bed waiting for her to get ready.

“Usher man what’s up?!” I called into the phone.

“Nothin much man I’m surprised your even up this early.” He laughed.

“Taking the girl out for lunch or brunch or whatever they call it. You know I gotta keep that romance swag in high gear.” I smirked.

He laughed at me. Usher always laughed at me.

“That reminds me I have to take you two out to dinner. As a congratulations on me.” He said.

I pulled away from the phone. “Baby Usher wants to take out to dinner!”

“When?!” she screamed back.

“What day you thinking about?” I asked.

“Uhhh how about after the show when you come to New York? Before you run for the plane I’ll do something special ya know?” 

I flipped through my calendar looking at dates. The thing was on the twenty seventh which was the same day Sam was scheduled for Fallon in New York. It should work out.

“That looks good. I’ll talk to her about but she has to be there for an interview anyway so I don’t see why it shouldn’t work.”

“Cool, cool. You stay safe man okay?” 

I smirked. “In the sheets or in the streets?”

I could practically hear him shaking his head.

“Both Justin, both.” 

“Alright man just playin love you I’ll see you soon.” I said.

“Love you too. Bye.”

Sam came out as I got off the phone. She had on a nice summer dress, navy blue with a yellow and white band around the waist and nice sweater to match the heels. It was funny how one day she looked rocker and edgy then the next it was sweet girl from the prairie. Her hair was curled softly and she wore no makeup the way I like it. Once again I was left with no words to describe her.

“You like?” She smirked.

“I love you.” I said.

She giggled and grabbed her purse off the dresser stuffing things into it before we headed off for lunch.

“What did usher say on the phone?” She asked.

“Uh he wants to go out after his performance before we get on the plane to go home. I checked your schedule and you have to come down that day anyway to do fallon and Kelly. So we have to go. I mean have you even met him before?” 

“Dammit I’ll have to get a baby sitter.” She muttered.

“What?” I asked.

“I meant. Hmm . . . I don’t know that I have. Anything you want baby I’d be more than happy to go I know he means a lot to you.”

I smiled hopping out of bed and going to hug her.

“Kind of like you.” I smirked.

“Except for the fact that you’re fucking me.” She pointed out.

“Ah, ah, ah not recently. Jerry hasn’t seen this little action since Tom had the fucking cat pox’s” I muttered playfully.

She laughed. “You’re so funny.”

We headed downstairs me bragging about my comedic abilities and her telling me to shut the fuck up. Then I opened her door for her and we got in the car to make one of the most difficult decisions of our young lives: Where the hell were we going to eat?

“What about that sushi place?” I suggested.

She groaned. “If I eat raw fish one more time I’m going to vomit.”

“Okay well them tell me where to drive because I can’t just go down this road forever.” I said.

“Uhm i-hop?” She suggested. 

“Baby we just went to i-hop I want something different.” I muttered.

“Fine just pick something I’m hungry!” She demanded.

I thought it through for a minute before take a turn onto a different street.

“Where are we going?” Sam asked.

“It’s this pizza place Fredo took me too. Joe’s Pizza it’s in Hollywood. Pizza okay?” 

She smiled. “Yep. As long as I get some food.”

So we made the drive to west Hollywood which is an hour away from the house but pretty close to the studio. I asked Sam since we were making the drive if she just wanted to come to the studio with me. She complained about her laptop not being on her arm but I had mine my bag that she could use so there was nothing left for her to say but yes. And at the end of the day I got to spend it all with my baby. 

*Sam’s point of view*

The days leading up to Justin’s departure for London we were inseparable. I liked it and he was so damn sweet I think I stayed in an instant blush the entire time. He had nothing to do but studio just pulling final things together for the album that would be ready by June 19th. But while he thought I was worrying about nothing but the fact that my boobs seemed to still be growing accord to Vera I was worrying about going to Canada. 1. It is so hard to go to anywhere without a single pap. And 2. Jeremy already had me pissed off to the extremes by banning Jazzy and Jaxon from the wedding. Be a dick all you want but those kids meant the world to Justin and me. They were going to be at my wedding. 

The day he left I had to get him up and in the shower as Alfredo, Scooter and Kenny came over with their bags. I made breakfast though they all swore they were fine until the bitches ate EVERYTHING in sight. Luckily I made a plate for the sexy Canadian upstairs that came down looking . . . I don’t even know. How the hell am I supposed to describe it like really? It was just . . . and he . . . with the UGH. Oka let’s just say if I was still virgin—with thanks to Jerry is long out of the way—I’d jump that boy like a mothafuckin leap frog. He had on his R.A.R.E individual sweatshirt that I bought him. His Louie Vuitton backpack that always took with him on plane rides was sitting on his shoulder and his jeans although super sexy were sagging beyond belief. I mean it was like he was going for a record or something. 

“Hey.” I breathed biting my lip.

“Hi.” He smiled.

I was sitting on the kitchen counter kicking my legs back and forth in anticipation and now I couldn’t even move a muscle. But Justin sure as hell could. He came over to me so tall I was almost intimidated and picked my thighs up shoving himself in-between my legs like we were making love. He wrapped my legs around his back with confidence. That was one of the sexiest parts of Justin. I’d never seen someone so confident in themselves without being a cocky asshole. But Justin’s just perfect.

“You look so beautiful this morning.” He breathed against my nose.

He pushed our noses together breathing in deeply before he went to kiss me. The flames licked across my skin in a wave of heat as his mouth pressed down on mine. He forced his entire tongue into my mouth moving to the roof of it before coming back down and meeting mine. I groaned and reached for his hair pulling him closer with my arms around his neck. I didn’t want to let go, had no plains of letting go. I enjoyed the sound of him going “mmm…mm” again my mouth. His soulful groans were music to my ears. And apparently only my ears.

“Cut it out! We’re eating here!” Alfredo and Scooter screamed.

Justin pulled away looking at my lips.

“You can all go fucks yourselves.”

And then he crashed his lips down on mine again with a smile as big as mine.

When we were done saying goodmorning I sat him down and got his plate knowing he just never ate when he had to go on planes. I liked the idea of feeding him, cooking for him. It made me happy. 

“Here baby.” I said setting it down in front of him.

He smirked and kissed my hand. “Thank you honey.”

“You’re welcome. You enjoy I’m gonna go get dressed okay?”

“Alright give daddy another kiss though.”

I giggled and leaned down to kiss those sweet beautiful lips and everyone else to groan.

“This is why none of you ever get pussy.” I muttered on my way upstairs.

My bags were hidden in the car and thanks to Scooter we were killing two birds with one stone. If I went home and then back out to the airport paps would get me for sure. But if I waited till Justin was on the plane and everything I could just take my bags and go not drawing attention to myself at all. So I put on jeans and my Mrs. Bieber sweatshirt that my baby got me pulling my hair up into a ponytail because I was too lazy to do anything else. And my hightops to match but I had more “elegant” outfit for the meeting with Jeremy. The idea of telling Jeremy he shouldn’t hate me for marrying his son with a shirt literally rubbing in his face that I am Justin’s wife seemed a little well pointless. But thanks to ScootScoot who came up the steps to tell me the plan it seemed like nothing could go wrong.

“Alright I’m monitoring all interviews so just in case you do get caught I’ll let them know not to ask questions on the topic. If all goes well you call me and let me know. If he gives you trouble call me and let know. Just . . . call me okay?” He sighed.

I giggled and pulled him into a hug kissing his cheek.

“I will Scooter don’t worry okay? No one is able to resist me. I’m just the perfect combination of bitchy and adorable.” I smirked.

He rolled his eyes and smiled headed for the stairs. 

We all piled into the car and drove to the airport together. I held Justin in my arms whispering to him about how amazing it was going to be London. He was moping since I wasn’t going with him but I was almost determined to have him leave ONE time where I didn’t jump on a plan and go after him. I’m pretty sure even Selena spent less time with him. But we’re a cuter couple so I guess that’s really irrelevant. I attached my lips to his neck trying to cheer him up and convince him that everything would be okay. At the end of the day he was ecstatic to see those fans and I knew that as soon as he touched down in London he’d be smiling from ear to ear.

“You got everything?” I asked softly.

The plane was late again so everyone was standing around waiting.

“Yea,” He mumbled. “Except you.”

“Justin you’re mad at me for not going. That really sucks cause all I’m trying to do is support my fiancé.” I muttered.

I turned to pull away and he grabbed me up in his arms not letting me leave.

“Hey, hey, hey you’re too gorgeous to be upset. I just want to be with you and my fans okay? I’m sorry baby I’m not mad at you.” He said softly.

I sighed and nodded picking up his yellow NEFF hat and putting it securely on his head.

“You look good.” I smiled. 

I looked down at his pants and shook my head.

“But this is ridiculous.”

I grabbed his jeans starting to pull them up as he laughed.

“Baby there’s nothing wrong with my pants!” He chuckled. 

“Yes there is I will not let you go over there dressed like no one gives a damn about you. The jeans are coming up.” I demanded.

The only thing Justin would argue me on was his pants. He did not want those pants to go up. So he won . . . this time.

“Justin it’s time to go wrap it up.” Scooter said.

I moved away from Justin kissing and hugging Scooter, Alfredo, and Kenny as the tears started to kick in. Everyone was else was getting ready to leave and Justin was just hiding in the corner with his head down.

“Are you gonna come say goodbye to me?” I asked swallowing tears.

He looked sown shaking his head. “Can we not? I don’t want to say goodbye.”

I didn’t realize he was taking it that hard.

“O—okay . . . I’ll just go then.” I murmured. 

I gave him one last look before turning away and heading back to the car.

*Justin’s point of view*

She started to walk away and it broke me even further. And I just had to realize that hugging her one more time was so much better than having her walk away at all. I dropped everything standing there watching her walk away from me. And I promised myself that if she looked back I’d go after. So I stood there just whispering to myself look back, look back. She stopped halfway to the car and looked back at me unhappiness plain on her face. I started to move after her gaining speed and going faster and faster till I caught her up in my arms wrapping her legs securely behind my back and kissing her with everything I had. Her hands knocked my hat off holding onto it our lips meshed together. She tasted so damn good I couldn’t help it. When I set her down on her feet people were clapping which is what happens when Justin Bieber and Sam McCartney Hollywood’s “It couple” do a dramatic movie moment in public.

“No I need little more.” She gasped pulling my mouth to hers.

We kissed all the way to the car until I pulled away and kissed her neck looking her in her eyes and taking a deep breath.

“I love you so much. And I’ll call you as soon as I can okay?” 

She smiled and nodded putting my hat on my head for me.

“I love you too. You go tend to your bitches,” she giggled. “Your main bitch will be waiting at home.”

“M—maybe when I get home we could think about making love again. Just as like a celebration of sorts.” I smirked.

She bit her lip. “Sounds like a plan.”

“Justin we really have to go!” Alfredo called.

She sniffled and smoothed out my sweatshirt.

“You go okay? I love you.”

I hugged her one more time kissing her neck before leaving with a smile and running for the plane. 

I moved to the plane with my crew next to me and we all sat down to settle in for the flight. Everyone noticed I was smiling from ear to ear and they all knew it was because of Sam but that didn’t explain why the situation that got started got started.

“Who has to make appointments to have sex?” Kenny asked.

I sighed. “The guy engaged to a girl who wants to wait.”

“Are you kidding me you guys have sex all the time!” Alfredo exploded.

“Dude I haven’t gotten any since . . . since the week she dragged me to dinner with Rob and Kristen. Oh my god I haven’t had sex in weeks.” I groaned.

“Uhm may we remind you of TWO days ago when we caught you going down on her?!” Scooter interrupted.

“That doesn’t count even Sam said so.” I pointed out. 

“You poor, poor sexually frustrated boy.” Scooter said sarcastically.

“I know you love Sam and all but is there a reason you have to hate on my sex life so much? I mean is Carin not putting out?”

Everyone did the OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and Scooter looked at me like I’d just slapped him in the face.

“Watch yourself Justin. Remember respect is the number one factor or you’re just a man whore.” He pointed out.

“I’m guessing my first time was better than all of yours too. Kenny what about you?” I asked. 

“Man my first time was nice! Prom of ’94 with Keesha Woods in the back of my dad’s car. Ahh good times.” He sighed.

Everyone started cracking up until we moved on Fredo.

“Ahhhh Mariana Martinelli in my room like a gentleman. Parents went out on a vacation so everything was perfect. I was one beast of a sixteen year-old.”

I was cracking up. 

“I’m so glad you guys are encouraging this!” Scooter said.

“Oh come on ScootScoot you’re the oldest! First time!!” We all screamed.

He chuckled and looked down shaking his head. “Mallory Silvermen. I met her in highschool during a bat mitzvah. We both agreed it was just a one time thing and I think her family moved that summer.”

I through my fists up into the air cheering. “How am I the manwhore when I’m the ONLY one who did it an actual relationship? See take notes. I got a hotel room In San Francisco with rose pedals and a dinner at her favorite restaurant. I was the beast of all beasts!” 

“Yes because you were a seventeen year old who made 53 million that year.” Scooter pointed out.

“Yea but I was with girl who didn’t care about the money. That’s why we did it.” I smiled.

“You did it because you wanted to have sex that’s the reason behind every guy’s first time no matter what.” Scooter said.

“Of course I wanted to do it.” I sighed. “We both did but it’s not like I pressured her into begging to get into her pants. She asked me first and I said no cause we weren’t ready obviously I mean I was sixteen. But before she went to rehab just seemed like . . . the right time to show her I loved her.” 

I looked down smiling at her face on my phone before the eruption of testosterone came.


I shook my head and smiled down at my phone. They could call me a pussy all they wanted because I had her. And at the end of the day I was never gonna let her go.

*Sam’s point of view* 

Fuck I was so nervous. Like my stomach was twisting in knots and getting stuck like ear buds in a jacket pocket. But standing in front of Jeremy’s door in the tightest skirt I owned because I bought the wrong size and wanted to wear it for the first time to talk to him I just breathed. My shirt that tucked into the skirt was cute though and it looked good with my heels so I was okay. Knocking on it took and everything in me and when he opened it he looked so shocked to see me I had no idea how this was going to go.

“H—hey Jeremy.” I said softly.

He looked at me so far in shock he couldn’t talk as Jazzy ran past and saw me.

“Carty!” she squealed running into my arms.

“Hey beautiful!” I smiled picking her up. “Can I come in?”

“Is he with you?” He asked seriously.

“No he left for London doesn’t even know I’m here.” I told him.

We all ended up in the house me and Jazzy on the couch and Jeremy sitting across from us.

“Where’s Jaxon? I miss my cutie.” I smiled.

“Why are you here Sam?” He asked.

I sighed and looked at Jazzy. “Can I talk to dad for a second alone? Go find me one of those books you’ve been telling me all about on the phone okay?”

She smiled wide and ran off skipping leaving me alone with him. I had my legs cross bobbing my knees and tapping my nails against them.

“Why do you have a problem me?” I asked.

He sighed. “It’s nothing personal Sam it’s just that you two are too young to get married.” 

“Just like you were too young to have Justin? Or maybe too young to break up with your girlfriend and leave her alone with your baby.” I said calmly.

He gave me the death stare. “I made mistakes and how dare you judge me about things you know nothing about.” 

“You’re right. But what I do know is what Justin told me and what Pattie told me and from the sounds of it they’ve forgiven you for a lot of shit. Are you going to tell me that that man lied when he looked me in the eye and told me he used to stare out the window waiting for you to come pick him up when Pattie had to tell him you couldn’t make it? That looking back on it he could tell when you were hungover and he used to think you were just sick. I don’t blame you for your mistakes but I blame you for not even knowing your own son.” 

His face was . . . there weren’t words to describe the disappointment in his eyes.

“So you a guy for three years and suddenly you think you know my son better then I do?”

I took a deep breath rolling my tongue around my cheek.

“Let me tell you something about me Jeremy. I’ve gone through a lot of shit and I’ve learned that just really fucked up things happen to people. But I’ve learned that some people came learn to do the best with what they got and turn into something special. Maybe I do know Justin better then you because your so fucking clueless you don’t seem to get that you made your own son feel like he was worthless. I mean Down to Earth did you even listen to it? Understand the words at all? The stuff you said was so horrible that I don’t even know how he kept it from me for so long.” 

“You will not cuss in my house.” Jeremy ordered.

“You told your son Jeremy your own flesh and blood that you weren’t going to come to his wedding. Those kids in there are everything to him and you banned them from the wedding as well. Are you insane? Did you get one too many tattoos and the ink got into your blood stream? To be honest you’re acting like a child, a small helpless little child who can’t come to grip with his feelings.” I said.

“Why did you even come here today?” He spat.

I took a deep breath. “I came here to say that I love your son. I love him and he is the most special, amazing person in the entire world. He treats me like a queen and he’s the only thing on this earth that can make my heart beat slower and faster at the same time. I almost lost him I . . . almost let go of the person that gave my life meaning. We’re not making a mistake by getting married. Is it early yea but . . . when you love someone time shouldn’t matter. He listens to me and he’s there for me and he’s the biggest man I’ve ever met because he stands up for what he believes in and he takes responsibility for his actions. Justin loves you . . . he loves you Jeremy so much but he doesn’t even feel like you raised him. I mean more to him than either of us can understand and telling him that you don’t respect that broke his heart. You might not be ready for him to get married but he is. All I’m asking is that you tell him that you love him and that you’re there for him the way Scooter, or Usher, Or Bruce was.” 

He looked down at the ground as I spoke listening to me this time around. When I was done my heart as hammering in the pit of my chest and I could barely breathe. He looked at me and something had changed in his eyes.

“I . . . never meant for him to feel like I didn’t love him.” He mumbled. “That’s my boy he’ll always be my boy.”

“I think that you should go to London.” I said softly. “Go there and just tell him that you love him. He’s so broken right now Jeremy he needs to know that you care.”

“I—I can’t just leave the kids here.” He sighed.

I smiled. “I already have everything planned. You’re ticket to go to London is all set. The kids will come back to California with me and stay at the house. I already have rooms set up for both of them.” 

He smiled. “You usually get what you want don’t you?”

“I just work really hard.” I said.

I pulled him into a hug against his will and he said sorry so soft I wasn’t sure I’d heard it but I’d take whatever I could get. 

“Jazzy! It worked get your bags we’re going!” I called. 

Jeremy looked at me like I was crazy but me and Jazzy were best friends. So of course I had to tell her my master plan. 

Jaxon was so happy to see me and I helped both of them back while Jeremy was in his room getting ready. We packed up toys and stuff because quite frankly I had nothing that classified as a toy besides a dildo but that was a . . . very, very different kind of toy. Jazzy had her little backpack on and so did Jaxon and we all put everything into the car waiting outside before taking the drive to the airport. Looking out the window I remembered the first time I got on an airplane was to go see Justin. How nervous I’d been about the whole thing. I smiled at the memories and how much I’d grown up since then. I never thought that I’d be the woman I was.

“Now daddy is only gonna be gone a couple days and if you need me or anything just have Sam call me.” 

He was leaning on the ground holding on to Jaxon and Jazzy who was trying to run to me.

“Okay daddy Carty’s waiting.” She muttered.

He laughed and kissed them sloppily before standing up and looking at me.

“Thanks Sam. I really don’t know what to say but thank you.” He sighed.

I smiled and hugged him one more time. “No problem tell him I love him though.” 

I picked up the kid’s hands and we all waved by as Jeremy headed to his commercial flight. However we were taking the jet home because I could not handle two kids around actual people. Not to mention we’re just beasts like that. So I took the kids and we all started giggling and laughing all the way to the plane.

* * *

Jazzy and Jaxon fell asleep on the plane. I had have mind to fall asleep myself but I stayed awake thinking about Justin and just hoping he was happy. I smiled at the thought of Justin with his fans and looking on twitter they all seemed so happy to have him in England. I couldn’t call Justin even though I just wanted to hear his voice. But when he tweeted how crazy the airport was I thought maybe we could talk on twitter. I took the laptop in the bathroom so he would know I was on the plain and tweeted him to see if he could get on skype.

Him: What’s wrong with your phone baby?

Me: It’s almost dead I left it off the charger all night. If your busy I’ll understand.

Him: No I’m eating right now is that okay? I’ll send you the request.

Me: Okay :)

I waited impatiently in the bathroom until I got the request and I saw his beautiful face.

I sighed. “Really? You look like a fuck angel.”

“Is that a bad thing?” He laughed. 

“No I suppose not. I miss you baby how are the fans treating you?” I asked.

“Oh babe the fans are going as you would say went batshit crazy. They were so happy and excited and I just tried to do all that I could for them. We had such a good time it wasn’t even funny.” 

I smiled watching him eat chicken off of his plate.

“See I told you. I’m so glad you’re happy.” I said.

He nodded. “Where are you anyway that looks nothing like our bathroom.” 

“Oh I’m just at a Kristen’s I wanted to talk to my baby alone though.” I lied.

“Why so we could talk dirty?” He smirked.

“Dirty is the only way to go honey.” I smiled.

“How’s Tom baby?” 

I blushed a little. “Tom misses Jerry especially when Tom used to pound Jerry.”

“I’ll pound you as soon as I get home. We’ll jump on the couch you don’t even have to take the heels off.” He licked his lip.


I laughed. “Baby is everyone in the room?” 

He shrugged. “Kind of but you’re my sweet little sex kitten. If I can’t talk about how good your pussy feels on my dick I’m gonna explode in sexual frustration.”

I busted out laughing as Scooter came over and tried to shove soap into Justin’s mouth.

“Baby you should go I’m sure you have lots to do.” I smiled.

“Alright but . . . I miss you. I love you baby and I just wanted to tell you you’re still the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

I blushed and looked down. “I love you too babe have a good day.”


“What baby?” I asked.

He smiled/smirked in that cute little Justin way.

“Can I see Bonny and Clyde?” He bit his lip.

This is what happens when you let you’re fiancé name your boobs. I was just about to say no when I smiled and looked at him.

“You know what . . . sure. Yolo.” I giggled.

He licked his lips as I yanked my shirt out of the way and pulled my bra up.

“I think I’ll just take a screenshot.” He groaned.

I shook my head not thinking he was seriously but closing the window out as soon as he told me he done it.

Putting the laptop away I walked out of the bathroom with a huge smile on my face and saw Jazzy waking up. She turned to me and showed me her cute little teeth. She reminded me of Justin.

“Carty can I sit on your lap?” She asked.

“Of course. Come here beautiful.” I smiled.

We sat up in my chair and she laid her legs across my lap.

“Do I still get to be the flower girl?” She asked.

I played with her hair. “I wouldn’t have it any other way sweetie.”

She snuggled up to me and played with my necklace as we sat in my chair in the peace and quiet. Eventually she fell back to sleep in my lap. I watched the gentle rise of her chest as she breathed in her sleep. I moved her hair out of her face and kissed her cheek. Everything was perfect again. MY family was strong, Justin was happy and I had the most beautiful little girl I’d ever seen in my arms. As I started to fall asleep I looked at her curled up in my arms. Knowing that they were going to be with me at home was the best feeling ever. And as I fell asleep I whispered the words I love you as if she could hear me and closing my eyes to a dream of me and Justin.


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