The Locket Of Hair

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2. TLOH 61

A Bieber Love Story

The Locket of Hair Part 61

Pool time 

*Sam’s point of view*

“You pompous, moronic, cock-sucking bitch!” I cried.

I was broken, hurt, and distraught and I was out for blood like the blood rising up into my palm when I bitched slapped that bastard so hard his hair shook. Arms wrapped around me from behind as I tried to run towards him and slap him again.

“S—Sam baby I’m so sorry . . .” He breathed.

“No fuck you! I fucking hate you!”

Scooter and Kenny dragged me out blocking Justin who tried to run after me. I was dropped on the ground where Scooter took me into his arms. I hid my face completely letting the tears fall into the lenses of my sunglass and screaming into his shoulder. He shhh’d me slid a hand into my hair but I didn’t work I was that piece of paper in the river so filled of water I was breaking into pieces. The pain hurt so bad I was literally screaming in agony. It didn’t matter what anyone had to say because Justin had said the words. Everything else he said was ridiculous. My boobs a bad thing? Funny. Me with him for the money? Hilarious. But my body? How dare he mock my body when my self-esteem was already at a low.

“Sam, sweetie you gotta breathe it sounds like you’re not breathing.” Scooter said.

I tried to take deep breaths but it wasn’t working, I just couldn’t breathe.

“Kenny go get Justin. Now! Hurry!” He screeched.

“N—n—n—.” But I couldn’t get it out.

I focused on Scooter’s breathing which was almost as rugged at mine.

“Breathe Sam come on dammit.” He muttered.

“What happened?! Scooter she’s turning red! What’s happening!” 

Justin. How could I be so mad at him yet be hypnotized by his voice when I stupid ass was hyperventilating and couldn’t even breathe.

“I don’t know! She’s not breathing.” He yelled.

“G—give her to me, lie her down!” 

I felt the transfer from Scooter to Justin’s arms and it felt amazing. He held me and he sounded like he was choking on water. Like he was crying.

“Hey Sam baby can you hear me?” He gasped. “I need you to breathe. Please breathe. I’m begging you.”

I looked up at his face trying to find the will to breathe. It was all for him because no matter what he said I was in love with him. And I would do anything for him. The breath came through my chest and I gasped out sitting up in the process as the air burned my lungs. He screeched and picked me up in his arms as we sat on the curb and he held me tight in my arms. Even if I wanted to pull away he wouldn’t have let me. And to be honest I just needed to be held by no one but Justin Drew Bieber.

“Can we have a minute?” Justin murmured.

I listened to Scooter and Kenny walked away before he let me out far enough to look up at him.

“Samantha I am so, so sorry about everything I said in there . . .” He sighed.

“Justin no it’s okay.” I whispered.

He shook his head. “N—no I have to say it. I fucked up okay? This time it was me; all me and I hurt you. Say what you want but I saw that pain on your face. Baby you are not fat at all. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you or your body. I need you to know that your body is perfect and that you or any woman doesn’t deserve to feel any different. When I said what I said I meant it as . . . looking back I realized how you weren’t eating enough for a while. You lost weight baby and then you started to eat again and be happy and your figure reflected it out. Curvy is not a synonym for fat. There’s nothing wrong with you I love you and I love every single piece of you. I’m so sorry that I made you feel any different.” 

His eyes still had tears in them and I reached up to take his face in my hands wiping them away. 

“I know okay? I just . . . I was having a bad day and I missed you but I was mad so I didn’t want to see you. I’m sorry I said I hated you because I don’t and I never could. The fight was stupid and it was kind of my fault.” I whispered.

He wrapped his arms around my waist as I sat on his lap.

“How honey?” He asked.

“L—last night I kind of stole some of the boos from the bachelorette party. I have the worst hangover in the history of ever.” I sighed.

He chuckled. “I was wondering why you were wearing sunglasses indoors. I wish you wouldn’t do that stuff though.”

I scrunched up my eyebrows. “How come you’ve never ended up trying cigarettes or drugs or something? Not that I’m not grateful but you’re the popstar.” 

“Well . . . I have a lot of great people surrounding me. My world is, it’s crazy but it’s everything to me. I know the consequences of those kinds of decisions. I’m not gonna let all the people depending on me down because I wanna get buzzed which to be honest I really don’t.” He smirked. 

I nuzzled my face into his neck and felt him shiver. I smiled.

“Can I tell you something?” He asked.

His fingers started to run up and down my thighs absent mindedly.

“You can tell me anything you want.” I told him.

He smiled and looked down. “M—my dad doesn’t approve of us getting married. He saw the video of me proposing and called not to congratulate me or anything but to tell me I was making the biggest mistake of my life. And you know I realized how crappy of a dad he was being. I mean I thought about how Scooter, Usher, my granddad, how they were all there for me whenever I needed it. I feel like Scooter had a bigger hand in raising me then him. Sam you’re my entire world. And he just sat there yelling about how proposing was a mistake it—it didn’t make sense, like I couldn’t comprehend what I was saying.” 

I looked up at him as he spoke and saw the broken look in his eyes.

“Baby I’m so sorry that happened.” I whispered.

“That’s not all.” He told me. “He said that . . . he wasn’t gonna come to the wedding and jazzy and Jaxon weren’t allowed either. I’ve been walking around for days and days sick to my stomach at the thought of him. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want him to be able to hurt you. I’m sorry again I guess.”

I held him tighter kissing his cheek. “He couldn’t hurt me Justin. No one can hurt me . . . but you. I’ve got nothing else to be afraid of. I love you.”

“I love you too.” He breathed.

We kissed softly as he hugged my body close. 

“Can we try not to fight for a little while now?” I smiled.

He smirked. “Only if you come slow dance with me.”

“I think I can do that.”

He helped me up and we headed away then hand in hand the fight just a distance memory of stupidity. 

*Justin’s point of view*

I was so completely happy she’d forgiven me. She scared me when I walked outside and she wasn’t breathing. Her face had been dark red and sweat was rolling off her forehead in beads. Holding her listening to her breathing get slower and slower as it returned it’s natural rhythm was hard. But looking into her eyes made it bearable. We walked inside and didn’t anything about what had happened to any body. I just walked her onto the dance floor in the dead center holding her hand until we got there. 

“Can I have this dance?” I smirked.

She blushed—the sunglasses now off though the headache was still there—and nodded.

“Yea you can.” 

I was nervous. I don’t know I just was though it probably had something to do with the flawless girl in front of me. She let me move my hands onto her hips and she moved close wrapping her arms around my neck. Her breath was sweet as she sighed happily and leaned her head on my chest. They were playing classic love songs so I Will Always Love You started to play as I held her to me and we moved around softly on the floor with all the other couples.

She looked up at me and I kissed her forehead softly holding her body in my hands. 

“Do you love me?” She asked gently.

“Of course I do.” I said.

“Would you say it? I just wanna hear you say it.” She smiled a little.

My arms tightened on her waist for once not moving to her ass.

“I love you baby, so much it hurts.” Seriousness dripping from my tone.

She giggled. “I don’t want you to hurt honey. But . . . maybe kissing me would make it a little bet.”

She bit her lip and I took a deep breath moving closer and closer till I could feel her little gasps on my mouth.

“I will always love you.” I whispered against her lips.

Kissing her sent an electric shock through my veins. Her lips were warm and soft and she kissed back so tenderly I need them even more. We held onto each other tightly kissing over and over again. The song continued on as I held her body in my arms. She sighed against my lips as we stopped dancing and closed our eyes to enjoy the kiss. When I pulled away we were both breathing hard and she was blushing like crazy face so red it looked like the blood was in her ears too. She looked up at me when she got her breath back and moved her arms around my waist.

“You’re . . . the most amazing human being on the planet.” She said.

I looked down biting my lip and pulled her closer starting to dance again. She kept her head down pressing her cheek to my best.

“You think we could have this next year?” I asked softly.

“Were you thinking about the wedding too?” The smirk was practically in her voice.

“Yea . . . since the ceremony.” I confessed.

“It’s kind of rude of us to worry about our own wedding when we’re at someone else’s.” She giggled. “But when I wasn’t worrying about why the room was spinning or why the pastor as so damn loud I was thinking about it to. Are your feet cold?” 

I laughed. “Nope I’m perfectly warm over here. What about you?”

She pulled away from chest to look up at me as we kept dancing.

“I honestly believe I’ve been waiting my entire life to marry you. You’re everything Justin, you really are.”

That made my throat close up a little bit.

A girl can be sweet and romantic and tell you she loves you but at the end of the day it’s kind of hard to romance a guy. It’s even harder to really touch a sweet spot inside of us. But telling me that the entire time she believed that all of it was meant to happen. Her mom and dad. My mom and dad. The concert. The breakup. The suicide attempt. Sam she’s not very good at believing which I’ve learned to deal with. But she believed that everything had to happen for us to get to this point. It made it all worth wild. And it did my heart good to see her smiling and to see her happy.

“C—come here.” I murmured wrapping my fingers gently around the back of her neck. 

I kissed her again. And she made that deep, soulful groan in the back of her throat telling me I was doing it right. When I went to pull away she pulled me into a hug and held me there tighter then I could imagine yet nowhere near tight enough.

“Just hold me? For a little while.”

I nodded put pulled her off the dance floor and over to our table. She sat on my lap and I held her the best that I could concentrating on her steady breathing and how much I’d fallen for this girl. We watched Allison have her special dance and the speeches and everything the whole time we just sat there together. She offered to get up saying she was probably hurting me but one look at my face when she said it and she dropped the subject. I kissed her . . . a lot. And it’s not the whole have to make up for pissing off your fiancé. It’s just that we fight we always appreciate each other even more afterwards. 

And the best part is that she liked when my lips were on her neck. She liked when I whispered cheesy ways to say I love you. She liked when I made her laugh. Those were the things that made her happy and I didn’t have to try super hard to get her to like me. At first I did I mean I had to be on my game. To this day looking at her I still can quite figure her out. That’s the best part about her. She keeps me on my toes and she keeps me wanting more, wanting to figure out what’s going on inside her head. She never gives me the whole thing just glimpses. Which was why I was looking forward to forever with her.

As if she was replacing Scooter as my manger everything got emailed to Sam now about my schedule. Which was fine with me because you had a better chance of me listening to Sam then Scooter when he yells at me. But unfortunately even when I just wanted to relax and swag it out at the wedding Scooter told her she had to go over my schedule with me. So there she sat still on my lap, still gorgeous as ever with her phone I hand flipping through the email with a tap of her nails that looked like claws to be honest. 

“You got that game with Shaq and then on the 17th you got the Voice.” She read.

I nodded. “Are we still going to the game after though?” 

“Yep I got it all squared away. You’ll go do your thing at the voice which I’m coming to because I wanna see Adam then a car will be waiting to take us there.” She smiled.

I made my arms nice and tight on her hips.

“You’re so amazing.” I breathed.

She giggled. “I know but baby you do have to get focused. You have a lot of work coming up ahead of you. You ready for it?” 

I smiled. “I just want to see my fans smile again ya know? Except for like the people that come up to me and you I’ve been in the studio for like ever. I haven’t see any of my fans it’s annoying not to see the people you’re working so hard for.” 

“I understand. You’re heading to London in just a couple days though and we all know how crazy those fans go for you.”

“You’re coming though right? Help protect me from the scary girls trying to hump me?” I smirked.

“Actually . . . I think I should stay home.” She murmured.

My hands tightened on her waist and my face became a mask of disappointment.

“Baby no you have to come. I—I need you.” I mumbled.

She smiled. “No you need to be with your fans . . . Just your fans. I don’t want to get in the way of that. I saw you the other day with them at that school. Baby will you please just—just go and make them happy. I’ll stay at home and I’ll find something to keep me busy.” 

“But even demi’s touring who are you going to be with I don’t want you by yourself.” I muttered.

“Will you just trust me please? Everything is going to be alright. Whenever I need you I will text Scooter because you are going to be busy if you have time he’ll let you talk to me. For once we’re going to have to be apart honey and it’s going to be hard but we’ll get through it.” She insisted.

I sighed. She’d made up her mind and there was no changing it.

“Okay, okay. Can I at least get you to come dance with me one more time before the wedding is over?” 

She got off my lap and stretched all dramatically.

“I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly. But you sure as hell can come try.”

I smirked and headed off after her trying to ready myself for that jelly.

*Sam’s point of view*

As hard as it was with the hangover after the big fight the wedding was perfect. Allison was so happy which was the main thing. I got Scooter to slow dance with me and Alfredo swagged it out with me a little bit too. Selena was bearable dancing with him too but staying away from Justin after I freaked her out with the whole punk thing. I danced with anyone that would dance with me and it was amazing, thrilling. But the best part was the bouquet . . . which I caught. Those years and years of being taller then all the boys and having arms so long they looked like they’d been pulled my a taffy puller came in handy because I reached over all the short bitches and caught it like a true beast. And then I kissed my baby like my life depended on it.

After the wedding and the having fun we spent one more night at the hotel. And what did we do? Everyone when down to the pool and just had fun. It was amazing not to be stressed over the future or what we were doing tomorrow it was just a big family having a good time. In just a couple days Justin was headed for London and I was staying behind. And he didn’t know it but I was just gonna stay home and be miserable. I was going to Canada to see Jeremy. Because 1. Jazzy and Jaxon were coming to the wedding whether the dick bonnet liked it or not. And 2. He was hurting Justin and I didn’t care that he was his dad because it still didn’t sit right with me. But I wanted to take the kids back up with me. When Justin came home we’d be waiting and he would realize that he was engaged to a total beast. 

We went back to California for the Voice and Justin was soooooooooo excited. I still hadn’t seen the boyfriend video or anything but I was allowed to see the teaser . . . with the rest of the crowd. That was it I couldn’t even see it before everyone else. I put on high waisted shorts with a black tank top and my beautiful cardigan. My Jeffery Campbell’s were in place and I was on the arm of the sexiest damn Canadian—besides myself and Ryan Gosling—in the history of eva. The wanted was there and they were really sweet, really adorable guys who wanted to get my baby drunk. Like that’s all they talked about backstage. “when are you gonna let us take you to England and show you a good time”. -_- I politely replied for him:

“Over my dead body . . . when Selena wins a grammy . . . when Disney Channel is good again . . . when stereotypes are over. Whatever you want take your pick but it’s not happening.” 

Then Justin pulled on his jacket and his hair stylist made sure the hair was all good to go before he got ready to go out on stage.

“Good luck out there sexy.” I smirked.

He smiled. “You’re gonna be watching right? I want you to see the clip.”

I wrapped my arms around his waist and sighed.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world baby.” I assured him.

Justin reached down taking my face in his hands and kissing me softly with a smile on his lips. 

“Mr. Bieber we’re ready for you!” They called.

“Go.” I giggled pushing him away.

He kissed my forehead and smiled running out to go do his thing.

I got videotaped seeing what my reaction to the teaser was. And I looked like a fucking lunatic. I just started running around screaming “That’s my baby! That’s my baby!”. But cooooooome on he looked so delicious it wasn’t even funny. I tweeted about it. Danced to it. I was insane and I didn’t give a fuck. When Justin came back for us to go to the Laker’s game I still hadn’t stopped being an idiot and I was perfectly okay with that. It was amazing though how fast we went from the voice to the game though and I was excited to do something he wanted to do. Although I didn’t understand it at all.

“Where are we sitting?” I asked confused by everything around us.

“Baby you see the stands where everyone else is sitting?” He asked.

I nodded. “Yea I see them.”

“Now do you see the chair in front of those?”

I nodded once again. “We’re sitting in those.”

“Oh….. I thought those were for the players.”

He shook his head and laughed helping me over to our seats. 

I didn’t really understand basketball. I mean it was comprehendible compared to like football or something but other than that it was just too much to focus on. Justin was happy to be there though so he sent me off to get snacks with a slap on my ass probably hoping no one saw which I’m sure someone did. When I got back . . . the kiss cam was just starting.

“Awww baby look that’s so cute.” I pointed at the big screen.

I was sitting there leaning my head on his shoulder and holding his hand watching it. He wasn’t even paying attention to the screen when I saw us. My mind didn’t comprehend it fully at first. Justin was on the screen, my face was there too and then it was like all these people screaming at us. It’s embarrassing at first I’ll admit until he looked at me and took my face in his hands. We looked at each other for a split second before he crushed his lips down on my mine. It was cute and smiley but at the same time it was a hot kiss. I mean he pulled away and I grabbed him back up kissing him again. People laughed sure but I was all about my baby. 

We watched the game and had a really good time playing with the little girl beside us and being the horny couple that we all. He held me in his arms explaining things to me when it got too difficult for me to understand. He had fun. I had fun. That’s all that mattered. And after we went out to dinner at a nice restaurant holding hands and being our adorable couple like self. He held my hand and we got out of the car all wrapped up in each other.

“Baby you look really beautiful tonight.” Justin smirked.

“Smooth Bieber buttering me up before dinner so you can take me home and have your way with me.” 

He laughed and damn it was good.

“I was think we could like go swimming tonight. We have a pool we pay to have it cleaned we should at least use it. If you feel comfortable enough tonight that is.”

I smiled and looked down. “Yea that sounds good.”

“Good. Now come on babe I’m starving over here.”

He took my hand again and we headed inside to sit down at a little booth. We both leaned across the table on our elbows holding both hands and intertwining our fingers. I was blushing and he was grinning while we just looked at the love in each other’s eyes.

“I’m so happy you forgave me for being an idiot at Allison’s wedding.” He sighed.

I smiled. “I’m not really one to hold grudges.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to come to London with me? The fans will understand I know they will.” He insisted.

“Baby please? It’s hard enough for me as it is. We need to learn to be apart sometimes.” I sighed.

He took a deep breath. “Fine. But promise you’ll make your ringtone one of my songs so you can wake up to my voice. And that I can call you before bed so my voice is the last thing you hear at night before you go to sleep.”

“Well isn’t that just the sweetest damn thing in the history of ever.” I muttered fighting tears. “Of course.”

He chuckled and we ordered dinner falling into more normal conversation.

“You’re gonna be on Ellen while I’m away though right? I’ll have to find a way to watch it.” He sighed.

“Will you be back for the premiere though? To like watch it with me and stuff?” 

He smiled. “Of course I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” 

I blushed again. My documentary was FINALLY coming out and I had a little promotion of my own to do. Ellen, Chelsea Handler, Jimmy Fallon, Conan O Brien, and Live! With Kelly. I had to go to New York for Jimmy and Kelly which I wasn’t looking forward to just because the plane rides were boring but it was whatever. My main bitches Chelsea and Ellen were bound to give me a good time. It’d been edited together perfectly and I loved it. It meant a lot to me and my fans so I offered to do something similar to what Demi did in New York only I agreed to have it at the house. Everything was safe and the fans that were coming were the ones that ran the official sites plus girls or boys that won the contest they held. I know right I’m so amazing.

“Baby you know we have to figure out who to invite to the wedding? I have to get invitations out and chairs and tables ordered reserved.” I said when the food was there.

“Alright don’t you have any paper in that purse of yours?” He asked.

I dug around in my purse for the paper and pen we kept for autographs and got ready.

“Okay whatcha got?” I asked eating a fry.

“Uhm Scooter, Usher, my mom, your mom, your dad, my grandparents, Ryan, Chaz, Alfredo, Kenny, Allison and her husband, Dan, Ry Good, uh Moshe, Drake, Carly, Kuk, Carin, Scooter’s parents, uhm put down Alfredo’s family cause I know they’ll always want to come, I don’t know I’m like drawing blanks right now.” 

I giggled and looked at our list.

“Well I promise Ellen so she has to come and she can bring her wife whoever that is. Uh Demi, Kristen, Rob, Nick, is it rude to only invite Khloe, Lamar, and Robert since the rest of that family annoys me?” 

He laughed. “Baby we have to invite all of them to ya know be nice not to mention I owe Kim a little. “

I wrote down Kardashians reluctantly.

“Fine. Beth, Karleigh, Alyson, Chelsea Handler though we’ll have to have alcohol just to keep her seated, I’m not writing it all out but let’s just put your crew down so they can all come, Adam Levine, Rob Dyrdek, Taylor, Brendon, and now I’m officially blank.”

“Do you think we’ll end up just having a nice small wedding?” He asked.

I sighed. “Maybe but I have feeling it won’t end up that way when we’re done. Neither of us really have a lot of childhood friends just our small groups which is good ya know.”

He smiled and rubbed my hand as we put the list away and went back to eating. 

After dinner we got in the car and kissed all the way home. His lips were soft and hot pushing my open and sent his cool minty breath down my throat. His fingers caressed my neck causing moans to erupt from my throat. And by the time we got home we just fought it and stopped. My self-control was lacking but I got through it and we both pulled away from the kiss. He smiled and opened my door for me wrapping his arms around my waist as we headed inside. 

@SamMcCartney: Using the pool for like the 2nd time. Had a great time at the Laker’s game even if I don’t get the game Justin was happy so….Fuck it. Night guys.

I went upstairs and pulled off my heels and my shorts before handing up my cardigan and lying down for a second on our soft sheets. Justin came over and plopped down right beside it take my hand rubbing his thumb over my palm.

“Tonight was pretty good.” He sighed.

“Yea you looked so happy with the fans.” I smiled. 

He rolled over ontop of me literally pressing my boobs into my chest.

I groaned. “Justin you’re too heavy now you can’t just lie on me anymore.”

He made a fake shocked face. “Are you saying I’m gaining wait?”

I laughed. “I’m saying your gain muscle and height. You’re like almost six feet tall baby. And look at home your flattening my chest.”

Justin licked his dry lips staring down at my chest.

“Wouldn’t want to flatten those.” He smirked.

I shook my head pushing him off and heading for the closet to get dressed.

*Justin’s point of view*


I pulled the band of my swimming trunks tighter and headed for the bathroom looking down at it.

“Yea babe?”

Looking up caused my heart to stop. Her bottoms were high waist a peachy kind of pink blush color that was a perfect contrast for her tan skin. Her top came up around her neck covering the perfect amount of her breasts and leaving just enough to make your mouth water. Sam had her hands on her hips looking in the mirror at her body the way I was. She looked absolutely amazing. Heart wrenching. Beautiful. Yummy. Edible. Sexy. I was speechless.

“D—do I look okay?” she asked nervously.

I shook my head. “You . . . you’re perfect. I don’t know what to say.”

She groaned and reached up to grab her top.

“My tits look super saggy.” 

I rolled my eyes at the thought that the girl with probably the biggest NATURAL breasts in California would find something to dislike about them. She sighed as I snuck up behind her wrapping my arms around her waist from the back and looking into her eyes through the mirror.

“I think they look super swaggy.”

She giggled.

“Here let me you show you something.” I said.

I reached up to grab them and she kept laughing and blushing embarrassed. I moved them up super high on her chest where they just looked ridiculous.

“Is this attractive to you?” I smirked.

She smiled. “I get the point baby.”

I nodded now just having fun and playing with them.

“At the end of the day you have to know they’re not too big, they’re not too small or saggy or anything like that. I like them. I enjoy shoving my face into them and sucking on them never hurt anybody either.”

I gripped them tighter and she shook her head pulling my hands away.

“Thank you baby that means a lot to me.” She breathed.

I smiled and kissed her shoulder. “You’re welcome. Now bring you saggless tits on and let’s go swimming.”

We ended up laugh the entire way downstairs over that. 

“You ready?” I asked.

We were standing outside. Phones were sitting on the towels a couple feet away and Sam was staring at the water hesitantly.

“No what if it’s cold?” She whined.

I smiled. “Don’t worry baby we’ll do it together.”

“Really?” She sighed in relief.

“No. This is for pushing me into the pool twice in my swagged out outfit.”

I pushed her softly just enough to make her fall and scream into the water. Then I screamed and just right in after her smiling my ass off. 

“Justin!” She screeched when we had both made it to the top.

Yea the water was a little cold but you got used to it quickly. 

I laughed. “I’m sorry baby I had to.” 

She forgave me quickly and started to run around the pool have races like we were twelve again. She kicked my ass just swimming across but when we switched up and did different things I won. It was fun and she was smiling and laughing the entire time. I’d stop her at the edges sometimes and put my hands up so she couldn’t get away kissing her neck and biting gently. When she’d had too much she’d fall under water with a groan and grab jerry on purpose. Not to say that I didn’t grab Tom a couple of times if you know what I’m saying. We just relaxed and had a good time acting like kids when being professional wasn’t asked of us.

“Did you see Christina Aguilefuckra give you stink eye when you hugged that stupid ass hoe?” Sam asked.

I laughed my ass off at that one.

“Calm your language would you? And no I didn’t see her.” I chuckled.

“I almost came out on live television to slap that look off of her face. Just because her relevance stems from a tv show where she flirts with Adam Levine and comes up with retched ass comebacks she gets mad cause you have so many fans that only went to the show to see YOU. Ugh I can’t.”

I laughed again. “Calm down baby I don’t need her acceptance. Let’s get out and shower and I’ll rub your shoulders before bed.”

She looked up at me biting her lip. “You’re the best fiancé on the earth.”

I smiled wide. “I know.”

We got out and I slapped her wet ass leaving her to giggle all the way into the shower. 

Bathing suits were left intact for our shower. We were both really trying not to slip up again and have sex. She didn’t count my travel to her north pole as penetration so it wasn’t really breaking down but if we did it again we really failed epically. It just made it easier to resist when her beautiful, voluptuous ass wasn’t staring at me begging to grabbed. I got out first and grabbed a towel wrapping her up and dragging her onto our bed.

“I’ll get your clothes for you sweetie.” I smiled.

She just kept blushing. “Can I wear one of your shirts and some shorts.”

“Anything for you baby girl.”

I changed into sweats and dried my chest and hair off before grabbing my white t-shirt that I hadn’t worn in a while and some booty shorts that she always complained rode up her ass. I smiled at the memory of asking her to buy them. Then with a shrug I dug through her drawers shaking my head at Demi’s birthday dildo and grabbing a bra and some underwear. When I came back out she was taking her towel off and slowly drying her body making my heart pick up in tempo.

“Here baby.” I said setting the close down on her bed.

I checked twitter while she was changing just having to keep my eyes busy and tweeting my girls goodnight to show some love before setting it up to charge for the night. She was fidgeting behind her back trying to get the clasp on her bra to work. I laughed and scooched up closer behind her and moved her hands.

“Let me.” I whispered.

She took a deep breath as I slowly slid the little things together and pulled it perfectly into place. Sam mumbled a thank you and went back to getting dressed a blush plain in her cheeks. When she was done I smiled and asked her to sit in-between my legs. She did as was asked and pulled her damp hair over her shoulder as I started massaging her back softly.

Sam groaned. “I’m gonna miss that when you leave.”

I smiled. “I’ll be back soon enough. I just don’t understand how you get so tense it’s like you need a joint or something.”

She laughed. “Oh that’s great babe. Not like the stuff I’ve tried isn’t bad enough I’ll just go find Wiz Kahlifa and Kanye West and I can knock out weed and cocaine all together.”

I moved my fingers slowly down her back wrapping them around her flesh and feeling her ribs a little.

“Tomorrow I want to take you lunch okay? Before studio or anything let’s just go somewhere.” I said breathing against the nape of her neck.

“O—okay. We have to stop at the dry cleaners though. We both have so many clothes that can’t be wash. Uhhhh that feels good.” She groaned.

I smiled. “I’ll help you pick them out in the morning baby.”

She turned around with a smirk on her lips and kissed me softly telling me how amazing I am once again. When her back and neck and shoulder were nice and limber we climbed into bed tired from the long day and got ready for bed. I pulled her into my arms and let her wrap those beautiful legs around my hips. She was all soft and clean from the shower and her someday was hot in my nostrils as I ran my nose across her neck.

“I love you Samantha.” I whispered.

“I love you too Justin.” She promised.

I reached around in the dark till I found her lips and ended the night with a beautiful sweet kiss. 

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