The Locket Of Hair

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1. TLOH 60

A Bieber Love Story

The Locket of Hair part 60:

Allison’s wedding

This sack of horniness is dedicated to @leBieberBang because she just needs something to masturbate to.

*Justin’s point of view*

I’m not sure if that was the worst lunch of my life or the best. Every time she bit into her burger it looked like she was taunting me. The way she licked those lips or just casually leaned forward with that bustier or whatever the hell it was called to be quite honest. The cleavage that thing revealed just left me mouth dry and cracked. I couldn’t eat though I tried my best but she just kept eating her food in that oh so sexual manner. Jerry did not appreciate it. The way we talked to each other though? Let’s just say some would wash our mouths out with soap.

“Why are you messing with me? You know how bad I want you.” I said calmy.

She smiled wickedly. “Don’t worry honey Tom and Jerry will unite soon enough. Oh and by the way it’s a little fucked up that my vagina has to be named Tom just because of a dumbass cartoon. I hate that name.”

I laughed. “I wonder who will win today.”

She picked up a fry. “I have a feeling tom’s gonna dominate.”

I smirked. “Really? Are you sure? See cause I was thinking Jerry was going to pound Tom.”

Thank God my fans came up with that whole thing.

“We’ll see then.” She smiled.

I checked and turned around. “Check please?!”

When we finished eating it was almost four. She held onto me right smiling to herself all the way inside the car. Then the silence started. You see I’ve found that not saying a single word, not even paying her any attention drives, her, crazy. But Samantha was on her game that day. She sat up straight legs crossed like a lady and her phone in hand. So we both just sat on twitter indirectly tweeting one another about our sex life.

Me: Jerry says hi.

Sam: Tom says the same.

Me: Women are such teases.

Sam: Men just walk around dangling their Jerry everywhere.

Me: there is only ONE Jerry.

Sam could get away with a lot more because she was always dirty. I tease my fans with the idea of me being cute and innocent which in a way I really am but because they know me so well it’s obvious that there is a side of me more than likely wore than Sam. So I ended up deleting my tweets thought the damage was already done. Soon enough Show Us Jerry was trending. I got off twitter before another fan could ask me to screw her. We’re a family . . . family doesn’t fuck family. Sam was giggling over in the corner when her phone was put away. Yet the silence dragged on. I saw through the Window as she sighed softly and ran her fingers through her hair uncrossing and recrossing her legs. I went weak in the knees.

“You coming honey?” She asked so sweet innocent.

The security started to help us out the car and I felt like I was having an asthma attack. Despite the cameras my eyes were glued I mean super glued to her ass. Was it getting bigger? She was doing something and she knew it cause it was defiantly expanding. She worked those hips like no body’s business and the need to get to our room started to bubble in my veins. I wanted her so bad it wasn’t even funny anymore. My heart was pounding in the very pit of my chest. I had to keep wiping my sweaty palms on my jeans. She was killing me and as soon as we got in the elevator—no matter the security—I pounced pressing her into the wall and lighting her arms up above her head. She looked at me breathing just as rugged as mine. 

We couldn’t speak or kiss because of Moshe but we looked at each other with hunger in our eyes. She wanted me too. I couldn’t wait much longer.

“Moshe will you tell Scooter that Sam and I need some time alone. Just have him call before I have to leave for the studio and I’ll meet him at his room.”

I’m not sure if he nodded or not cause the door opened and I grabbed Sam’s hand heading straight for our room. Nothing was going to stop it. I need her.

We got to the door when I kissed her strong and slow holding her waist in my hands. I got her up into my arms locking her legs behind my back leaning against the door. She groaned into my ear and I could hear her heartbeat. I shoved my hand into my pocket reaching for the key and jamming it into the door so we could get inside. The whole time our tongues danced intertwining and wrapping around each other in a hot messy heap. I pulled her off setting her smooth, soft body on the ground and biting my lip.

“What?” She blushed.

I responded by pulling on her skirt eager to get to her beautiful limbs. Her heels were tossed across the room as I got closer and closer to her bare stunning skin. I reached around taking her warm waist in my arms and feeling those jaw-dropping curvy hips in my hands. I trailed my fingers softly down felling her moan and arch her back. Then she was gone as I threw her down on the bed and moved slowly ontop of her. She bit her lip watching me look her over. I reached for her neck knowing the things that would to do to her.

“Oh God.” She sighed.

I smirked moving my tongue over the surface and sucking softly. She kept moaning as I moved down to her chest leaving a trail of kisses.

Ripping off her top left her exposed to me in the best of ways. She couldn’t really wear bra with a shirt that kind of was one already. I licked my dry lips and sat up straddling her waist and pulling off my shirt. Her fingers reached out to touch my stomach running over my abs like her tongue ran over her lip. I wrapped my fingers around her wrists and pushing them above her head she let me bite and nibble all over her body leaving her to whimper and moan in my ear. As soon as I started to think damn I gotta have her, her fingers flew to my jeans as she moved in a rush.

“Someone’s in a hurry.” I smirked.

She shook her head. “You’re teasing me you bastard.”

She wrapped her arms and legs around me tight and started to kiss my chest all over.

“It’s not like I slapped you in the face.” I chuckled.

“Mmm I wish you would.” She giggled.

“Don’t tempt me.” I joked. 

She rolled around finding a way on top of me though we’d promised I could go on top. Her fingers fumbled with my zipper until she finally got in down. I watched her throw my jeans before she sat up on and looked down at me giggling.

“I thought you were gonna take me?” she said playfully.

I smiled at her and dug my fingers into her hips and flipping us over again. Her little playful giggled soon stopped as I started to move down her body and in between her legs. 

“W—what are you doing?” She gasped.

“Oh Samantha,” I smirked reached down to kiss her womanhood. “You know exactly what I’m doing.”

Disappearing under the covers and holding onto those round beautiful hips I dove into the move amazing girl in the world with nothing but my tongue. 

*Scooter’s point of view*

“He said what?” I asked shocked.

“That uh him and Sam needed alone time and to call before it was time to leave for the studio, he’d meet us here.”

“Where are they now?” I sighed.

“”In their room I believe.”

I shook my head muttering how he’d be the death of me as I grabbed the spare key to their room. We know what they were doing. It was painfully obvious. But enough was enough. Alfredo and Kenny came with me in case we all needed help covering our eyes. And of course the first thing you hear is Sam screaming. Or is that how kids moan now a days? In my day we knew how to keep our shit quiet.

“Maybe we should call first.” Alfredo suggested. 

I thought about what we could be walking into and groaned pulling out my phone.


I shook my head in disappointment.

“Where are you?” I asked.

“Just in my room taking a s—shoooooower.”

“Uh huh a phone in the shower that makes sense.”

She pulled away from the phone.

“F—fuck that feels good!” 

I hung up in the middle of Justin’s response to her.

“Oh my god their complete and total freaks. I raised freaks and they weren’t even my freaks to raise.”

We walked to the room dreading everything that could possibly happen. I stuck the key in with a sigh knowing exactly what I was getting myself into.

*Justin’s point of view*

I was going down on her hard tongue so deep my jaws were sore but I didn’t care. She was shaking, thrashing moaning out in octaves I didn’t even know existed and it was beautiful. I held onto her hips twisting my tongue inside her cunt and pulling away to look at the sloppy wet mess it was becoming. She couldn’t see me because I was stuck under the covers but I could hear her, and I could sure as hell taste her. I moved my fingers inside her twisting to the right and shoving it in deep.

“Holy shit!” She cried. 

“You like that?” I asked biting my lip.

She shook again. “Keep going please.”

I held onto her hip moving my fingers in out of her as fast I could hearing nothing but the sound of the wetness until we heard the click of the door and she stopped gasping.

“Sam! Where are you?!” Scooter called.

“Lie.” I whispered against her pussy from under the covers.

She shivered. “I—in here!” 

Her voice was cracked and if I knew Sam she was sweating up there like crazy. I stayed there with my face all up in her not daring to move as I listened to the footsteps of the man that could very easily end up killing me.

“What the hell are you doing in here? We can hear you from down the hall.” Scooter said.

I could help but chuckle into her and she let out a moan.

“J—justin was tickling me.” She lied.

Why did Sam have to be such a horrible liar?

“Mhm and where is Justin?” He asked. 

“He . . . uhm he just went to buy condoms. Yep you know safety first.” 

I shook my head before realizing my tongue was still imbedded in her vagina and she moaned again.

“Are you high?” Scooter said incredulous.

“Dad . . . Scooter no I’m fine could you please just leave us alone?” She sighed.


“Y—yea me, myself, and I.” 

Nice save. Scooter sighed and waited a second before speaking.

“I don’t know where he is but if I hear moans from this room one more time I am personally coming in and dragging you out to your own room. Is that understood?” 

I felt her nod. “Understood.”

“Tell him I will be talking to him after the wedding because I half the mind to call Jeremy.”

My dad? He was going to call my dad? I couldn’t let that happen. Before I knew it I was pulling away from Sam with a gasp and sitting up.

“N—no! You can’t call him.” I said.

Only then did I realize that I left Sam exposed and made it completely obvious that I’d just been eating out my fiancé.

“Oh my god can we please leave.” Scooter screamed closing his eyes.

They all stumbled out of the room with their eyes closed leaving me and Sam both naked in our bed all over again.

“I’m sorry.” I mumbled grabbing my pants and a sheet. “I should go.”

I left her all behind heading to the bathroom and just feeling awful.

*Sam’s point of view*

Horniness is like . . . like chocolate chip cookies. When it’s there it’s so in your face you just want to eat it and taste the deliciousness but it leaves in an instant just a distant memory of pleasure. Scooter yelling left me in bed naked as could be and Justin running away like a scared little puppie. He got dressed by himself not asking for a hanjob or anything I mean it was a little weird. And to be honest I still didn’t get why he was so mad at the dad topic. But I just wanted to know that he was alright. When he came out I tried to ask if he was okay but he just stopped and looked down at the ground hand on the door knob.

“Samantha I really just can’t even talk about this right now.”

And then he just left the room with a slam of the door.

I spent the rest of the day by myself. I didn’t want to hang out with Pattie or anyone so she went to the studio with everyone else and I just stayed in the house. Guess what movie goes on the road with me just in case I need a pick up? Yea Never Say Never. I was only in the scene where he loses his voice and I came on the road to see him. There was a huge debate on whether or not to even put the footage in the movie but it would’ve taken away from everything and Justin said he didn’t mind putting us out there like that as long as everyone knew that it was me AND his fans that got him through that. He didn’t want it to seem like his fans didn’t mean anything to him. 

I watched the younger version of Justin run around with his bieber flip and just be childish and stupid. And I thought about how far we’d come; how much he grew as an artist as a man. How much I’d grown as a woman and as a human in general. My backbone was a dominant feature to my personality versus the shy girl that you can see in the movie sitting in a corner eating a salad trying to hide from the cameras. I smiled at her knowing for a fact she never thought she’d be engaged in a couple years. I watched the movie and listened to the song crying a little bit to be honest. And I fell asleep to the sound of his voice telling me:

“I never thought that it’d be easy, cause we both so distant now, and the walls are closing in on us and we’re wondering how…”

*Justin’s point of view*

I expected Scooter to yell and scream and take Sam away to get her another room. But one look at my face and he just fell silent. We went to the studio and I poured my heart out just focusing on the music and not letting a single thing else into my head. No one talked to me knowing the moods I got in and it’s exactly the way I wanted it. By the time we headed back for the hotel it was ten and everyone had to be asleep for the wedding rehearsals the next day. I also expected that Sam would be waiting up for me and I’d have to find a way to dodge a conversation with her about my dad. Yet she was sleeping with Never Say Never playing on the tv. I turned it off due to the loud noise and watched her lying in bed. She had tissues next to her hands and everything and I had a feeling she’d been crying. It instantly had to be my fault in my head.

I grabbed a trash can and tried to scoot the tissues into without touching them. I pulled off my jeans and my shirt, turned off all the lights and climbed into bed wrapping my arms around her. Sam sighed in her sleep and rolled over into my arms breathing sweetly. I looked down at her face and sighed too ignoring how crazy I must look talking to myself and spoke the words anyway.

“How can he not love you? How can he not see how perfect you are?” I asked.

I didn’t know. And I spent the rest of the night holding her in my arms and trying to figure it out.

* * *

I woke up to the sound of the water running in from the shower. I couldn’t sleep the night before at all and now I had to go be happy and cheerful for Allison. I slid out of bed with a massive headache and Mom, Alfredo, Scooter, Kenny, and Moshe were all sitting at the dining room table.MY head continued to throb and kill me as my feet moved sluggishly into the room.

“Oh gosh Justin would it kill you to put on some pants?” My mom groaned.

“Would it kill you guys to not show up in my room like there’s not a lock on the door?” I snapped.

She looked at me not with anger not with that look of “you’re about to get your ass kicked”. No that would be too easy. Instead she just looked at me with motherly concern.

“What’s wrong things not going well with Sam?” 

I grabbed the pot of coffee and glass sighing.

“We’re fine . . . I guess. Scooter blew up my spot of course and when I came back she fell asleep from crying.” 

Scooter rolled his eyes. “You had no business doing what you were doing. I didn’t blow up your spot, grow up Justin.”

“You’re not my dad how grown up I am is none of your business.” I muttered.

“Justin!” My mom gasped.

“No it’s okay, forget it.” Scooter said softly.

Guess I hit a nerve considering he’d been more of a dad to me then my own. I gave a sad sorry and explained how sick I felt before going to grab some pants and something for the headache. My mom sent me to take a shower as soon as Sam came out saying we didn’t want to be late so I did as told feeling bad enough for everything that had just happened in the dining room. Sam came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel.

Her hair was still dripping wet and her face looked soft and clean. No matter what I was dealing with inside she still looked so utterly beautiful.

“Good morning.” She said softly getting ready to walk past me.

I moved in front blocking her way and looking into her eyes.

“Don’t I get a kiss?” I whispered.

“Y—yea.” She mumbled.

She kissed my cheek and then moved away leaving to go get dressed.

I showered by myself no really showering at all but just standing in the water staring down at the floor and reflecting on things. Me and Sam were obviously not good but I didn’t really know what had happened to make us not good. But I also knew it probably had something to do with me not wanting to talk last night. Maybe she thinks I don’t want her opinion. Or maybe she’s just giving me my space and knows I’ll talk when I’m ready. The first one seemed a lot more likely. I washed my hair scrubbed my body and got out not wanting to keep everyone waiting.

There wasn’t a lot of work put into my outfit for the day. Black v-neck. Jean shorts. Two-colored shoes for some color. And I was ready to go. Sam however took an hour to straighten her hair. She came out in her denim jacket again with a cute tank top underneath that did wonders for her boobs. Her skirt was long and cute and she wore black shoes to make her sun glasses. She looked beautiful. 

“Are we all set?” Scooter asked.

“Yep!” We all said.

“Alright. Moshe, Justin, Sam, and Alfredo in one car and Pattie, Kenny, and I in another.” He said in a fatherly fashion.

“A—actually uh can I go with you guys? I need to talk to Pattie.” Sam’s voice came out quiet from the corner.

Everyone looked at her.

“Uh yea sure. Let’s go.”

She blushed and looked down moving to my mom’s side as we all headed out of the hotel and to the cars. I moved closer to her on the way down but stayed quiet not pushing her. The elevator was silent and so was the walk to the car despite the fans that asked for autographs and pictures. She’d smile for one and everything but it didn’t touch her eyes. I knew her and she wasn’t happy. We headed for the car Kenny and Moshe protecting us or whatever on the way. We were all supposed to go to the separate cars but I wanted to walk Sam to the car. She stopped looking up at me as I looked down awkwardly.

“So you’re gonna go with them?” I asked.

“Y—yea. I miss Pattie.” I lied.

“Okay.” I said humoring her. “I just . . . wanted to say I’m sorry about last night and whatever I did to hurt you I didn’t mean. I love you.”

I moved to kiss her cheek too fast for her to object or move away and left her behind wanting to go home and hide.

*Sam’s point of view*

“So what’s wrong with you sweetie?” Pattie asked.

Justin had once again blamed himself for any unhappiness that was on my face. Of course this time it really was his fault I think? I leaned my head on Pattie’s shoulder sitting between her and Scooter in the back.

“Scooter was mean yesterday, Justin got mad.” I whispered.

Scooter sighed. “Samantha that entire thing was completely inappropriate and we could hear you down the hall. I was doing my job.”

Pattie shivered realizing what he was talking about.

“It’s not supposed to be a job as a manager with us.” I mumbled.

“That’s not what I meant Sam. Don’t blame me because you two are fighting.”

“You’re such a dick pie.” I muttered.

Pattie giggled a little and I turned away from Scooter to talk to her.

“Do you think Justin will ever get bored with me?” I asked softly.

“Honey you’re not even married yet where is this coming from?”

I sighed. “Just a little down on myself today. I’m sorry that was really stupid just forget it.”

She said okay softly and wrapped her arm around me letting me hide behind my hair. My body was lacking in the happy department. Maybe it was because of Justin and maybe it had nothing to do with him. You never know when you’re bi-polar. It’s not like just being sad because a girl called you ugly. Sometimes you literally don’t’ understand why you feel so miserable. But Pattie held the whole right smoothing my hair down every two minutes or so like she really was my mom. 

“You ready?” she asked when the car stopped.

“Yea.” I said softly.

Everyone piled out of the car heading into the gates to get to Justin and Alfredo. They were standing in a little group. He was hugged people and high fiving or whatever. I remembered the way he said he’d stay right beside me the entire time if that’s what I needed. And looking at Pattie, Scooter, and Kenny start hugging people too I wished so badly that he’d fulfilled that promise.

The first time I saw Allison from standing in a corner by myself she was hugging Selena. She’s shown up after all. Yay. -_- Of course she saw me and started running towards me. Who do you pretend to have a conversation with when you don’t know anyone? 

“Sam! Hi!” She squealed.

She was just a little too cheery for me.

“Hey.” I murmured.

“Why aren’t you talking to anyone?” she asked.

“I—I don’t really know anybody.”

“Uh . . . well I could introduce you to people.” She offered.

“N—no you really don’t have to.”

“I insist.” She smiled wide.

I had no choice but to follow the ridiculously nice bitch around.

*Justin’s point of view*

“Oh Justin thanks for coming!”

I smiled and let Allison squeeze me. I’d grown up with her and all of a sudden she was just getting married. It was crazy.

“I wouldn’t miss it. You look great.” I smirked.

“Awww still a sweet talker. Where’s Sam? I was looking forward to seeing her ring, talking.”

I looked around me and didn’t see her and that made me nervous. I looked above at everyone laughing and catching up. Where the hell was Sam?

“I—I don’t see her. I should go find her she’s probably lost.”

“Is everything okay?

“Allison! Justin!”

We turned to see Selena waving cheerfully. Sam was pulling on her arm begging to go the other way. But it was too late. Allison smiled as they came over grabbing Sam up into a hug.

“Oh Sam I haven’t seen you in forever.” She sighed, pulled away. “You look beautiful.”

“You too.” She said softly. “Congrats by the way.”

Her smile still didn’t touch her eyes.

“Oh what about you soon to be Mrs. Bieber.”

At least the blush was genuine that time.

“I’m . . . excited to say the least.”

Allison looked at me. “You better treat her right.”

My hands were shoved deep in my pockets. And while Allison and Selena smile di looked at Sam with serious eyes as she stared down at the ground.

“I love her . . . no matter what. I’ll always treat her right.” 

She looked up at me before blushing again. And once again I was left thinking just what was going on in her head.

* * *

Wedding day came around and everyone was cool, calm just the way Allison wanted it. She invited Sam over for the night—with Selena I might add—leaving no chance for us to talk. She had to be mad to stay with Selena. So I went back to the hotel ready to soothe my sorrow by kicking ass at video games with Fredo when Scooter spoke up.

“Justin can I talk to you a sec?”

“Uh yea, sure.”

“Outside, let’s go for a walk.”

He was sneaking me out from the fans so we could talk? I was confused but still pissed at myself for hurting his feelings earlier. I shoved my hands into my pockets and we headed out for a “walk”.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“Just wondering what happened last night that’s got you in this funk.” Scooter said.

“What makes you think I’m in a funk?” I asked.

He chuckled. “Because I know you Justin. What happened?”

We kept walking and I didn’t say anything for a while.

“M—my dad. He called me the other day, like a couple weeks ago.” I said softly.

“And what’d he say?”

“That I’m making a huge mistake marrying Sam.”

“Oh.” He said surprised. “I’m guessing that make you feel . . . ?”

“Pissed off.” I nodded. “He has no right.”

“Why not?”

“Because he wasn’t a dad to me until I got signed. You raised me a hell of a lot more than he did.” I sighed. “I love him but . . . we spent weekends together. When I needed someone I went to grandpa or my mom. I go to you. I didn’t even ask him when I went to propose. But I sure asked you.”

He looked over at me and patted my back.

“I don’t know I wasn’t there. But . . . if you love her like I think you do don’t let him get to you. He loves you. He’ll come around.”

“I don’t, want him there.” I whispered.


“At the wedding.” I looked down. “I want Jazzy and Jaxon but not him.”

“Justin that’s not very fair.”

The stinging in my eyes started as I remembered the bitter words.

I stopped walking. “Do you know what he said to me? He’s not going! He said not to even bother sending an invitation!” 

“Alright, it’s okay bud.”

He pulled me into a hug when the tears spilled over and I felt like a little kid again.

“He doesn’t want them to come either. He’s keeping my brother and sister from me.” I breathed.

“I work shit out we’ll go down to talk to him. Before London alright?”

“He won’t listen.” I mumbled.

“Maybe they can stay at the house for a little while? I’m sure Sam would . . .”

I pulled away. “No Sam can’t know.”

He nodded and shook his head. “That’s it isn’t it? You didn’t tell her.”

I looked down and shooke my head. He sighed and we turned back heading for the hotel. The last thing he said to me was:

“If you ever plan on marrying her? You have to be honest. Maybe keeping your dick in your pants for twelve seconds and listening to her you’d realize how much you need each other.”

We woke up the next morning, showered, brushed our teeth and put on monkey suits for the wedding. Scooter helped me put my bowtie on cause I still didn’t know to do it. I asked about the possibilities of stopping at Allison’s to see Sam. Scooter sighed and said we really didn’t have time. I shrugged it off and got in the car being a little quiet and looking through my phone at my pictures of me and Sam. Call me a loser if you want but they made me feel better.

They played the radio, music playing softly in the background as we drove to the wedding. I was put next to Selena—go figure—Sam, Carin, and Scooter. Everyone else ran around talking and gushing at outfits but I just sat down. The first time I saw Sam . . . I was confused. She looked beautiful don’t get me wrong. It was a little black dress with straps that came up around her neck. It squeezed on her chest and ribs stopping mid-thigh as usual. And with the black Jeffery campbell’s she hadn’t worn in while she looked like Sam. But she was wearing sunglasses . . . inside. Do people do that in weddings? Like is that a legit thing?

When the wedding started everyone sat down and we watched Allison walk to the guy of her dreams. She was so incredibly happy and smiling through the entire thing. I wanted that. AJ started crying when he put the ring on her finger. I wanted that. When they started crying everyone else started crying. I wanted that. But most importantly the look on Allison’s face when they pronounced them husband and wide. I wanted that the most. I looked over at Sam and she was crying and a part of me wished that she was crying because she wanted that just as much as I did. After the wedding was the reception and I finally decided to pull Sam to me and talk to her.

“Hey.” I murmured arms wrapping around her waist.

“Can you not be so loud?” she asked breaking my grip.

I sighed looking at her. “Okay what is it? What did I do to make you miserable now?”

“Oh for god’s sake I’m not miserable.” 

“News flash honey pie you’re wearing black to a wedding.” I sneered sarcastically.

She gasped and turned to me the music not quite loud enough to mask the sounds of our voices.

“You are an asshole. I mean you are a huge gigantic asshole!” she insisted.

“And you are being a child! Just walking around in your little tight cleavage showing outfits like oh hey look boobs! No one’s touching them Sam no one! And to just sit there and boo hoo over absolutely nothing is ridiculous.”

“You think the only thing I care about is showing off my boobs? Cause you sure as hell didn’t feel that way when you were slobbering all over then like chew toy! Or maybe it’s from dating Selena Aka the girl with a twelve year-old boy’s body or bragging to your bros about how ‘oh I took her bra off with my teeth’” she said in a horrible rendition of my voice.

“As long as I’m buying you sure don’t seem to have a problem.” I said calmly. 

She shook her head. “Oh you bastard I hate you! I’m not the one that needs money to be happy that’s her that’s not me.”

“Yea that’s why I had to drop ten million on an engagement ring.” I spat.

She stopped. “You bought that ring. I had nothing to do with that I am not like her.”

“Then why is she even in the conversation right now?” I sighed. “Is it the weight gain? Are you really so insecure your comparing yourself to sticks and bones?”

Her face when the words exited my mouth was like a mother watching someone kill their own child. She looked destroyed, crushed when I said it. I’d gotten too mad said things I didn’t even mean. Cleavage is NEVER a problem as long as there are no nip slips. And let’s be honest Sam trying to take my money versus Selena? It’s just ridiculous. But it dawned on me how everything matched up. She was acting the way she did when her disorder popped up. It just hadn’t happened is such a while that I didn’t even think. And I realized that saying weight gain she would think fat automatically. That even though I meant her curves were coming back she would think he doesn’t want me anymore. I let myself go and all these things I knew were going through her head. But before I could apologize, grab her and make her believe she was perfect . . . She slapped me.

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