The Locket Of Hair

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21. THLOH 80

*Sam’s point of view*

We boarded the plane to head back to LA the day after the Billboard awards. Justin was doing Ellen . . . again so he needed to be back in California for rehearsals. He had a lot of work to do even when he wanted to relax leaving me to way up to him on business calls the next day. Something about pre-sales and the release of tour dates. Believe it or not Justin’s happy when he’s busy so the when he got off the phone he would scream swaggy and dance or something. I got up and got dressed busy cleaning the room that he’d destroyed while he ate breakfast. Maybe I was a little OCD but ya know what? I really don’t give a fuck.

“Baby really? Underwear in the kitchen?!” I yelled.

I picked them up with the very tips of my fingers and shook my head in disgust tossing them in his suitcase.

“I’m sorry!”

Scooter came in the room then probably hearing my complaints about my fiancé’s underwear. I zipped up my bag and went to go whine to him sitting on his lap at the kitchen table and sighing.

“What’d he do now?” Scooter groaned.

“He’s nasty.” I mumbled.

Justin rolled his eyes mouth still on his fork. “You sure didn’t feel that way last night.”

I gasped and flipped him off leaving him to chuckled at me.

Scooter sighed. “Only in the room for two minutes and already there’s a sex joke. Anyway, we’re getting on the plane at seven so you two need to be ready. You’re going to rehearsals as soon as we land and Sam you’ve got an interview so professionals need to become of you both before you get off that plane. Vacation time is over.”

I leaned my head on Scooter this time rolling my eyes and huffing a breath.

“Did you ever get me reviews of the documentary?” I asked.

He nodded. “I’ll have them for you on the plane you’re majesty.”

I giggled sliding off of his lap to go finish getting ready.

We got on the plane at seven everyone settling in together and me, Justin, and Scooter all sat together to go over everything. Scooter had his laptop with the schedule pulled up and one of those serious faces. Justin and I were holding hands snuggling close together and bored out of our fucking minds. No matter how much of an old couple we acted like no eighteen year old wants to sit there talking about what they’re going to do that day. They just want to do it. Scooter was coughing again as if the cold he’d just gotten over was back again. I just wanted to go home and take a nap but business lie ahead of us. 

Justin was going to Norway, Oslo to be specific. I’d never been before and the invitation was open for me to come with. After the incident of starving myself for a couple months my ability to be a good role model was being questioned. Of course it was being questioned by everyone EXCEPT the people I was supposed to a role model for. I’ve always felt that society tends to let the celebrity be the thing that kids look up to and that’s it. And I’ve always felt that that’s the dumbest thing ever. The only person a kid should look up to is their parents. It’s not a celebrity’s job to raise your child. If I go to the hospital for starving myself and your child decides to do the same thing what does that say about you as a parent? I wanted to be a role model but only in the sense of saying if you want something to look at and be like she’s a normal human being who works hard but makes mistakes and learns from them, I want to be like that. But a person’s whole life shouldn’t be determined by a girl you see in a magazine.

We understood each other though and my fans or whatever you want to call them ignored the stupidity and were there for me. I didn’t care what the media had to say anymore and that’s probably why they were coming after me so much. So I agreed to do the interviews on one condition. No Jamantha questions. The only two people that didn’t piss me off or make me uncomfortable with is Ellen and Chelsea other than that shut the fuck up. I was doing like little interviews, no big shows because we’d already done all of them. There were a lot of opportunities available to me only because of Justin and that made me mad to the point where I refused to take them until I felt like I’d earned it.

When Scooter was done going over the schedule Justin wanted to snuggle. But I was more concerned with the big baby across from us. I reached up to cradle Justin’s cheek in my palm and looked into his eyes pressing our lips softly together.

“Go talk to Alfredo I’m gonna take care of Scott.” I whispered.

He looked over at him coughing in his seat and sighed.

“Babe he’s fine.” He whispered back but was interrupted by a sound comparable to lungs literally ripping apart. “Okay, okay I’m going.”

I smiled sliding out of my seat as Justin left and grabbing my sick bag. For some reason the OCD also comes with the obsession of caring around a bag with enough supplies to aid a natural disaster. Scooter knew exactly what was up as soon as I sat down and started shaking his head and groaning. The damn man was more stubborn then Justin.

“Samantha no!” He screeched.

“Shut the hell up before I email Carin.” I muttered digging around in my bag.

I shoved a thermometer in his mouth and found the cough medicine thanking God that I wasn’t the one that had to drink it. His temp was ninety-nine point six which technically meant he should’ve been at home resting. Knowing Scooter though he’d have to be on the verge of death for that to happen. I gave him his medicine and water closing out as much light as possible and leaving him there to sleep like the big ole baby he is. 

“Hey baby.” I breathed taking a seat on Justin’s lap.

He smiled kissing my forehead. “Hey beautiful.”

“What are you two cunts talking about?” I asked eyeing him and Alfredo.

“Oh you know just talking about the sex tape you and I are gonna make.” He shrugged.

I laughed shaking my head. “What is Fredo gonna film it for us?”

“Oh my God that’d be perfect I didn’t even think about that!” He chuckled.

Alfredo joined in on the laughs as we joked around like always. Justin kept me in his lap the rest of the flight holding my hand and playing with my ring as we sat. Even if we weren’t talking directly to each other Justin and I always some how interacted with one another. Whether it was touching or looking at each other it’s just the way we worked. At the time I had to talk to Fredo to get the scoop on my main bitch Demi. I never got to see her anymore and now she was doing X Factor. But I couldn’t be mad at her making her money and being successful. Even I’m not that bitter of a bitch.

“So what’d you do for the anniversary?” I asked.

He smiled. “Well I know she loves the beach so I made her dinner since she likes home cooked meals better then fancy restaurants. And we had the like beach side dinner before going swimming together. We exchanged our presents and stuff before I took her home.”

“Awwwww!” I cried. “What’d you get her?” 

“I had this stay strong necklace made. The heart thingy on her tattoo it kind of stays open curling into the words so they’re all connected.”

I wanted to cry it was so fucking cute. And I could only imagine how Demi felt about it.

“Oh my god you guys are so cute! Where would you be without me?” I sighed.

Everyone rolled their eyes because to that day I still took credit for the relationship. 

The plane ride was short to get from Vegas to LA but Scooter still slept thankfully. We went straight into a car to drop Justin off at rehearsals. Alfredo was going with Justin and Scooter was going with me. He had to go straight in while I got to stop at home first. Saying goodbye to Justin sucked. Even with the car ride to prepare myself we both knew I wouldn’t be ready to let him go. He held me in his arms running those magical fingers along the contours of my spine and making me tingle. I kept kissing his neck and nibbling on his ear. It wasn’t to turn him on or tease I literally just needed to have a piece of him before he left. The car pulled up to the dance studio and everyone sat in silence for like twelve seconds.

“You want to walk me inside?” He asked softly.

I nodded silently and turned to Scooter who gave a sigh and a nod. Alfredo, Justin, and I all got out of the car and I held his hand as we walked inside. Dancers were all over the place stretching their bodies in way they just shouldn’t stretch. An entire wall was a mirror I guess so they could watch themselves dance and there was a guy—the chorographer I’m assuming—helping a blonde I remembered from the show at the front of room. Everything looked all hard and weird leaving me to feel out of place. Everyone turned to see Justin and yelled out their greetings.

“Hey! Everyone this is my fiancé Sam.” He yelled back.

“Hi Sam!” they called.

“Hi.” I said awkwardly.

Alfredo went to sit at table while I was left looking up at Justin with sad eyes. He sighed and slid his hands onto my waist gripping it softly in his fingers.

“You’re unhappy.” He said.

I bit my lip. “How can I be happy when I’m not with you?”

“You did just fine in Canada.” He pointed out.

“No I didn’t I just packed my schedule so full of shit that I didn’t have to think about missing you. And even then it didn’t work. Maybe you can be happy but my definition of being happy is being with you.” I explained.

He nodded softly. “Give me a kiss.”

I went to lift up onto tip of my toes to kiss him but he did it for me pulling my body up to his. He kissed me with passion. His lips were wrapped around mine pushing them open and lapping his tongue against my mouth. It caught me off guard and I went to pull away but I felt his hand locking securely onto my head as he pulled my mouth down harder on his. Our tongues intertwined wrapping around and clashing together. Like a paintbrush dipping into the paint he kissed me full on giving my body a satisfying tingle. When he pulled away he let my body drop too and I looked down at the floor gasping for breath.

“I love you baby.” He whispered in my ear.

I looked up at him and tried to smile.

“I love you too.”

He ran his hands up to my cheeks squeezing them softly and finishing with one of his speeches that just seemed to get better every time he did one.

“I know you’re gonna be okay today. Things . . . are going to be a little hectic with all the stuff I got coming up but we’ll be fine. If anything this will test our relationship right? Me and you get through everything. So I want you to go home take a shower, put on something cute and just get through those interviews. When I get home you can tell me all about it. Everything’s gonna be okay Sammmy. Okay?” He asked.

“Okay.” I breathed.

When he smiled it took my breath and I couldn’t help but blush and smile back.

“JB we gotta start soon.” Someone called.

He looked over my head and nodded. “Just one more second bro.”

“I’m alright.” I said. “I’ll go now.”

He pulled me into a hug letting me pull away just to slap me on the ass as I headed for the door. I giggled and blushed deeper turning to watch him with his hands on his hips licking those lips hungrily. I left before he could attack me.

When Justin works it’s like non-stop. And when I was sat down for them to explain to me everything that was going to happen to him it all seemed like too much. Two hundred shows over the course of two years. Press for the first album not to mention the part two. Promotion. They were talking about a second fragrance. Another book. It was different when he talked about those ideas separately but all together it was like stressful for me. And Justin just sat there smiling. He was happy to work that’s where he found joy. What was I gonna stop him from that because I wanted him to stay home with me? No this is Jamantha not Jelena. 

I left him there to do his rehearsals and got back into the car to fall asleep against Scooter on the way home.

* * *

I was wearing a black lace dress with another layer of fabric underneath so that I didn’t look like a horrible tramp. The dress flared out instead of squeezing in on my hips and I wore heels just to seem professional. After a shower aka my reflection time Scooter moved me back into the car and headed first for seventeen magazine. I was going to be the cover of the magazine which I guess is a big deal, I didn’t really grow up reading it but whatever. So we were doing a photo shoot and an interview on the same day. Yay. 

We got to the location which was like a building in West LA that opened up to dirt. I was going for rugged, edgy so when they asked what kind of set I wanted I said dirty. I didn’t literally mean dirt but we’d make it work. I met the photographer and the dressing assistants before they led me to the world of clothes set up. Scooter was sat down in a chair to overlook everything and help me present myself in a good way. The first look instantly became my favorite before I even saw anything else. It was cut off shorts and big stretched out and abused t-shirt that said I’m not perfect in straight lines almost like they’d been cut with a blade. The best part was that it was from my line up and coming because we were still working on it but it made me so happy to put it on. I sat in hair and make up looking over at Scooter and sighing.

“Will you text Alfredo? I wanna know how rehearsals for Justin are going.” I asked.

He sighed but grabbed his phone. “I’m sure he’s fine Sam.”

I rolled my eyes. “I know, I know but he said his ankle was bothering him and I want to make sure he’s okay.”

They scrunched my hair and shook it out leaving that edgier look I wanted. Then we headed out to take pictures. My photographer was a cool middle aged dude with a New York accent and a bad ass watch on his wrist. We headed out with fans to make my hair look all flowy and dramatic when it was hot as hell outside. I hooked my fingers into my belt loops and he just kind of started snapping shots. Photoshoots are always weird for me because I always know that I have no idea what I’m doing and then the photographer always goes oh that great keep doing that and I have no idea what the fuck I was doing. 

But the photoshoot was the least of my worries because we still had the interview. I was in my second look a hippie type vintage dress and flats when they sat me down to do the interview. A woman this time sat down with a little recorder and her ipad—I guess no one uses paper anymore—ready to read me my questions.

“Hello Samantha I’m Margo.” She greeted.

“Hi you can call me Sam.” I shrugged.

17: Okay Sam first question . . . You’ve obviously worked really hard going through treatment and stay strong but you’ve had a couple slip ups especially publically. How do you deal with hard times and how is it different then the way you used to.

Me: I defiantly used to dwell on my problems and sometimes still do with kind of goes along with my slip ups. But I’ve learned that if you just take a second to think about the positives they’re there and when it comes to hard times I just have to remove myself from the situation before it becomes too much. I think about myself first defiantly.

17: Have you ran into people in this industry that maybe didn’t have your best interest in mind?

Me: I mean I haven’t really be taken advantage of. Before when I just had a story to tell and no one to help me share it there were people who wanted to manage me or whatever but didn’t seem like they were in it for the right reasons. But sticking with people that I personally knew and that already cared about me helped take some of the stress of all of it.

17: Who was there for you since treatment?

Me: There were the people that helped get me into treatment and then the people that had absolutely no idea that I was ever unhappy. Demi Lovato . . . is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. When I’m down like that’s my go to gal. J—Justin saved my life and he’s had my back ever since. And most importantly my fans just because they have no obligations to be there for me the way that they are. They don’t have to wait outside hotels or bring me food—chuckle—or stuffed animals. They’re the most amazing people in the whole world.

17: Did that level of support surprise you?

Me: Absolutely. When I put the video out it honestly wasn’t for anything more then needing to get out feelings. I didn’t even realize that I had so many followers because I’d stopped tweeting. And then just all of sudden you have girls telling tweeting just saw Sam’s video and I’m on my way to tell my parent’s about my cutting. That’s really powerful shit. Like I’ll never get over the impact I made without even realizing it.

17: You said Demi Lovato was one of the most amazing people you’ve ever met does it worry you that she hasn’t slipped up yet and you have?

Me: Not at all. For one me and Demi are two completely different people and the way we handle ourselves is different so just because we’re both cutters doesn’t mean we should be compared. And for two she has slipped up like in her documentary she admitted to cutting and throwing up but we’re not perfect, we can’t be expected to walk out treatment and never mess up. It’s just unrealistic. I hate being compared to Demi because I am not Demi. Similar situations but two completely different people.

17: Your documentary broke the record for most views held my Jersey Shore on MTV with a staggering fourteen million views. What do you think led to this?

Me: *Shrugs* I have absolutely no idea. I think that . . . people aren’t used to someone going through tough shit and then making a positive of their life. So . . . I guess maybe they heard the story but wanted the full thing laid out in front of them so they turned in.

17: How do you keep up with everything that’s going on with you right now?

Me: I don’t. *laughs* I mean it’s really weird to have to take a plane to one country and then come back to this country just to go to a city I’ve never been to. The good thing is that I like being busy so when there’s work to be done I always a smile on my face.

17: What do you like most about yourself?

Me: I think I really like my personality slash like my confidence. The ability to cuss freely is amazing. A lot of people just look at a girl and be like that’s trashy, she doesn’t know how to act like a lady. And I’m just here like I’m not a lady I’m a woman. And I’m a woman who’s been through a lot of shit. So if every now and then I need to tell my fiancé shut the fuck up and listen to me I’m going to say shut the fuck up and listen to me. It doesn’t mean I’m trashy it just means that I’ve found the ability to speak my mind and that’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.

17: What do you like most about your body?

Me: My boobs. I used to worry about them until someone reminded me that not a lot of women in this town have them as big as this without them being stuffed with silicon. So whenever Sam Boobcartney trends I giggle.

17: You’re engaged now. Is life different when you have a ring on your finger?

Didn’t I say no questions about Jelena? Way to fucking listen.

Me: No . . . The only difference is planning the wedding. Everything goes on the same as before.

17: What makes you happiest now?

Me: My family, my friends, Justin. It’s really good to wake up every day and know that someone out there cares about me. I love to shop now so it makes me really happy to go into store and worry about taking out another mortgage on my house because I have to have everything.

17: What are you looking forward to this year?

Me: I’m looking forward to planning my wedding. I feel very lovey dovy and girly despite my love for like grunge and edgy stuff I’m looking forward to getting ready for a day of completely and total blissful girliness.

17: What do you think you’ve learned about yourself in the past year?

Me: That I don’t have to be anything that I’m not already. That I’m beautiful, and I’m worthy of being loved, cared for. I don’t have to rely on myself for every single thing but that I do possess the ability. It feels really good to be supported and hey this is just the first step to forever.

We finished the interview and the photoshoot before going out for lunch. It was Scooter, me and Nick, so not only was I surrounded by old people but I was surrounded by only men. They again Nick wasn’t that old and I was the only one in the group that cussed. Nothing was better than a big brother and a dad. Except maybe the fiancé I wanted to hump. Just kidding :) . . . . well not really. Let’s be honest you know me by now.

“Hey.” I smiled into the phone.

“Hello beautiful. How’d the seventeen magazine go?” He asked.

“Good. I got to use some of the stuff from the line we’ve been working with in the shoot. The clothes were the best part. I got through the interview.” I told him.

“That’s good. Do you wanna pick me up or do you think Scooter won’t allow it.” He said a smirk in his voice.

“Hmm why don’t you ask him?” I suggested tossing the phone to Scooter.

I ate my salad quietly hoping Scooter would say yes and I could go attack Justin.

“Justin why can’t you drive yourself home? Yea, yea, yea of course Alfredo was going to drive you. Look I’m not going to argue with you because every time I do I start to feel more and more like my father which creeps me out. But if she’s late to this interview it’s on your ass.” He muttered.

I was practically bouncing out of my seat as I snatched the phone out of Scooter’s hair and starting seat dancing.

“Baby! I’m coming as fast as I can okay?” I screeched.

“Alright honey I’m here waiting. I love you.” He breathed.

“I love you too.” I said softly.

As soon as I closed the phone I started to go ham, turkey, cheese, chicken, fish, cracker whatever the hell else there is on that salad. I snarfed it down holding my hair out of the way while Scooter and Nick looked on in astonishment. A couple of times I thought I was going to choke but . . . Justin was waiting for me so. When the salad was gone I swallowed down the rest of my drink and took a deep breath looking up at the boys with their mouths hanging open. 

“What?” I shrugged. “Eat your fucking food my baby is waiting!”

It took the two douches that never saw a girl eat quickly before another ten minutes to finish their food. Then the driver who didn’t understand that when a girl wants her fiancé she doesn’t want ten miles per hours on a fucking empty road. My knee was tapping away on the floor of the car in anticipation looking out the window and sighing. I had to get every second with Justin that I could before all this work started. He could only rehearse for so many hours but my interviews could take all day. So when the driver pulled up close to the studio I jumped out of the car while it was still moving under estimating how fast it was moving. I ran inside changed now into shorts and a t-shirt that hung off my shoulder. I got to the room again and there were the dancers drinking water and cooling down. I saw Alfredo, saw the blonde, saw everyone except Justin.

“Fredo! Where is Justin?!” I screeched.

Everyone turned to stare at me like I was crazy before all of a sudden the music for boyfriend started up. I was hella confused until I saw Justin and all the dancers get into formation and the realization that I was getting a sneak peak of his performance for Ellen settled into my head. Fangirl powers activate. He sang to me too causing my heart beat to sputter into an erratic rhythm as my baby moved around the room swagging it out. The entire performance was flawless and I immediately had not a doubt in my head that he was going to kill it on Ellen. As the song came to a close and the nanana thing started instead of moving back he moved forward. And forward and forward until he got close to me and made a seductive face eye glistening like pools and lips just as plump as could be.

“If I was your boyfriend.” He whispered.

I busted out in a fit of giggles clapping my ass off and attacking him till we fell to the floor. Everyone laughed at us clapping themselves on the back as I looked down at him listening to his heart beat slow.

“Did you like it?” He asked breathlessly.

“Flawless baby.” I smiled.

I kissed him sloppily and helped him up before clapping for his dancers and telling him it was great which it was. And as much as the thought of staying there and acting stupid appealed to me we had places to be.

“Justin we gotta go.” I said softly.

“Alright let me grab my stuff.”

I waited as he said good bye to everyone and thanked them for such great energy as we left the dance studio and jumped straight back into the car. Scooter and Nick sat in the back now going over things while I was looking into the eyes of the best guy in the world. He licked his bottom lip and took my cheek in his hand running his thumb across my ear. My entire world trembled. My hand found it’s way under his tanktop feeling the smooth hard chest that lie beneath it. Damn he was sexy. He raised one eye brow looking down at my hand and smirking at me. It was orgasmic.

“Don’t you think that’s a little inappropriate?” He asked.

I bit my lip. “I could think of about five other things that would be a hell of a lot worse.”

His lips parted in lust. “Care to share them?”

“No she wouldn’t!” Scooter and Nick screeched in unison.

I giggled and leaned up kissing his nose softly and moving as close to him as I could. His skin was hot from working so hard in rehearsals and it felt so good in my hands. The whole professional thing kind of went out of the window until we got there. I took full advantage of him—and his mouth—the rest of the ride. I threw his hat in the backseat with Scooter and Nick as the makeout session started and my fingers started knotting in his hair. He chuckled against my lips and started detangling himself from me and pressed my arms into my lap so I couldn’t touch him.

“Baby we have time for that when we’re alone. We can do that all you want there okay?” He whispered.

My heart kicked into overdrive and all I could think about was the easiest way to get his pants down.

“Okay Samantha?” He asked again.

“A—alright.” I stuttered.

“Alright what?” He smirked.

I looked up in confusion. “My name. Baby say my name.”

Blood flooded my cheeks so fast I felt light headed.

“Alright Justin.” I whispered faintly.

“Good job baby girl.” He smiled.

I’m pretty sure I died in that car ride. 

We went for me to do Cosmopolitan which of COURSE Justin had to be around for. They wanted me to appeal to an older demographic—although I thought I already did—so they sent me to the sex magazine. I didn’t really mind as long as I felt comfortable in the shit. I walked into the studio for the photo shoot holding Justin’s hand and getting nervous. It was different when Scooter was just over in the corner. But Nick and Justin made my stomach squeeze especially Justin. He was always so professional and perfect when he did something. I didn’t like the idea of messing up with him there. They set my little entourage up with chairs and led me to the clothes with another dressing assistant to show me the looks they had planned.

“Do you feel comfortable doing the lingerie look?” She asked

It was a black bombshell bra that looked like it was literally encrusted with diamonds. Or jewels I don’t know if they were cheap bitches or not. It came with this high waisted skirt and I had the option of a little jacket cover up thingy. I agreed to do it getting fit into the damn bra and skirt before sighing in the mirror. They called me to set as self-consciousness settled in. No heels just my bare feet and the heart that kept thumping unevenly in the pit of my chest. I completely avoided Justin not looking at him once so ever and just heading for the little set they had waiting for me. A female photographer this time told me to make a look that made men want me. What the fuck does that even mean?

“You have to talk with your eyes darling.” She said in a heavy accent.

I slid my hands down my stomach biting my lip and not having a clue what to do.

“Oh perfect do that keep doing that! Now look up slowly.” She directed.

I ran my fingers through my hair and did as what told not understanding the praise I was getting. But I thought that as long as I kept my eyes off Justin things would be okay. She had me do some weird shit that I didn’t understand like getting on the floor and clawing at my skirt. We stopped after that to look at the shots. They looked . . . good. To me at least but we called Scooter over to look at them just to make sure. If he didn’t like them then I didn’t know what I was going to do. He stared at the pictures and grimaced. Not a good first reaction.

“What’s wrong with them?” I asked.

He shook his head. “From a professional point of view nothing I guess. But from a personal one?”

“Scooter you’re the one that said we can’t let personal affect professional.” I sighed.

“Samantha . . . everything is just hanging out!” He complained.

I rolled my eyes and pointed to my chest in a picture. “Scooter those are boobs! They’re contained but I’m not flat chested they’re not just gonna disappear.” 

“Yea, yea, yea that’s great Sam I don’t want to talk about this with you the pictures are fine move onto the next look.” He groaned.

“D—don’t I get to take a look?” A voice came from behind me.

I turned to catch Justin coming up with a sweet smile on his lips. A blushed instantly formed in my cheeks.

“S—sure.” I stuttered moving out of the way so he could look.

He stepped up in front of the screen looking through pictures without any emotion once so ever. He turned to Scooter and punched him softly in the arm.

“They look great.” My heart stopped. “She’s not over exposed or too sexual she’s doing natural poses. I like them. You’re doing good baby.”

I blushed again and looked down as he turned to stare at me. We hustled off to change into the neck look before Justin could realize that I looked silly trying to be sexy.

*Justin’s point of view*

Sam wasn’t comfortable. It was obvious though it pains me to say.She thought she was hiding from me but I knew exactly what was going through her head. She didn’t believe that she could be sexy. I’m sure she even thought those pictures were stupid or something. The bra they had put her in sparkled yet the only thing you could focus on in the picture was her face. Her eyes were intense pulling you in with subtlety and captivating you beyond belief. She’s parted her lips just slightly showing a cute little tongue in the process. Every picture was flawless and she didn’t know it.

The problem was she was nervous around me. She wouldn’t look at me even one time and that just wasn’t like her. Usually neither of us could go seconds without looking at each other. I didn’t even know it was possible. She came out in the next outfit which was this dress that had been cut in two to show a little bit of skin. Vibrant colors licked at the fabric pairing well with her tan skin. I could tell that that was the cover shot. She had bangles on her wrists and they’d made her hair start flowing with fans. But her face wasn’t there. The photographer kept trying to get her to change position so she’d open up and it just wasn’t working. I knew was she needed. Just a little Bieber fever to get her though the day.

“Cut! Stop the photoshoot!” I yelled from my seat.

Everyone turned to stare at me especially the photographer.

“Excuse me? You do not yell cut on my set.” She said in a heavy accent.

“Justin what are you doing?” Scooter whispered.

I ignored everyone and got out of my seat going over to a shocked Sam. They watched as I took her hand and pulled her away from the glaring lights and fans. She had a little dressing room to change into her different outfits so I took her there and closed the door not listening to protests behind us and just shutting the door.

“J—Justin what are you…” 

“Shhh.” I whispered pressing a finger to her lips. 

She fell quiet as her heart beat got louder.

“You’re freezing up out there. You have to believe in yourself and know that you look good. When you don’t we can see it on your face. Baby you’re eighteen years old this isn’t the time to be self- conscious this is the time to not give a fuck about anything. You’re sexy . . . you’re unbelievably sexy. And everyone here can see it except you. You’ve got a body that people would kill for and this is the time to show it. You believe me don’t you?” I asked.

I must admit my speeches were getting better by the day. It took her a second but eventually Sam nodded softly letting down that wall and looking up at me with honest eyes. I ran my hands up her waist biting my lip as she blushed.

“This outfit is perfect. Your hair is perfect. You’re perfect. Now get your perfectly sexy ass out there and kill photoshoot.” I smiled.

She couldn’t hold back and smiled too as I wrapped my arms around her from behind and we headed back out to the set. Sam told the lady she was ready to started again and I sat down ready to enjoy it. 

By the end of the photo shoot I was drooling. They kept putting her in the most flattering outfits known to man that showed everything off in a perfect light. I was left twisting and turning in my seat so that I didn’t attack her like a wild banshee. Scooter could tell too telling me to calm myself down like that was fucking possible. She got into it, she smiled at the camera and made these seductive looks that just drove a man up the wall. It became less about the clothes she was wearing and more about the way she was wearing them. My baby worked it and I was defiantly going to need a copy of that magazine.

After her second photoshoot that took hours and hours I took everyone out to dinner focusing more on Sam than anything else. As soon as she got changed back into normal close she hugged me tight and thanked me for doing nothing but showing her to believe in herself. I waited till we were are settled into our seats to take her into my arms and sigh.

“You looked beautiful today.” I murmured.

She giggled. “Thank you baby.”

I nuzzled my face into her neck planting kissing wherever I could. Nick and Scooter were trying to say something but I was busy. In all honesty I wanted to be busy at home . . . but I had to get rid of the two losers for that. So we ate lunch and talked through schedules Sam smiling the whole time and causing my heart to stir.

“So what comes after Norway then?” She asked.

I beat Scooter to the punch. “Paris. I can’t wait to get you to Paris.”

She rolled her eyes and pushed against my chest. “Justin if you try to like buy the Eiffel tower I swear.”

Like I could just buy the Eiffel tower. No. But sure as hell could rent it. She’d see when we got to Paris. ;)

After dinner it was time for the group to disperse. Scooter was off to go beastmode somewhere. Nick was probably going to a strip joint or something. And Sam and I . . . we were going home. I’d leaned over to whisper my plans into her ear when no one was looking and she nodded her head so fast I was afraid it’d come off. There was however a complication. I sent Sam outside to get in the card before stopping Nick with one of those embarrassing looks on my face.

“Oh God what?” He muttered.

I had to whisper and make sure no one noticed what I said.

“I—I need a rubber.” I murmured.

He shook his head and closed his eyes. “What the hell makes you think I have one?”

“Oh come on every guy in existence carries one around with them.” I called his bluff.

“Then why don’t you have one?” He asked.

I scratched the back of my neck awkwardly. “I—I already used it in Vegas.”

“Oh God just take it.” He groaned.

I couldn’t help but chuckle a little bit as he went into his wallet and snuck it into his palm. We pretended to do a handshake transferring it from his hand to mine. I thanked him over and over again sliding it into my pocket before he pushed me out the door and I ran to get to my baby. We only had so much time to be together. I had to take full advantage.

*Sam’s point of view*

We both knew what was going down when we got home. It’s the reason Justin’s first words when he got in the car were step on it and the reason we stayed as far from each other as we could in the car. It was silent as the sexual tension built and built. I stared out the window listening to how hard my heart was beating. I wondered who would be in charge this time. Would I get a little bit of control or would he just throw me down and tell me what do, how to move. Oh God it didn’t even matter.

The car pulled up in front of our house and we thanked the drive before getting out. I grabbed his hand being girly and flirty as we walked up to the door. Justin used his key turning to look at me as he slid it in. That only reminded me of what would happen in about five point seven seconds causing a volcanic eruption in my pants. Okay that was a total over exaggeration. Justin closed the door before turning to look at me again and licking those flawless lips.

“S—so…” He murmured. “I’m sorry for the mess I kind of just dropped my stuff off.”

I stopped him and looked down at our hands as I intertwined our fingers.

“I don’t want to mess around today. I’m about to have to let you walk around for weeks without touching you. I don’t think you get how hard that is going to be. I—I need all you can give me tonight.” I whispered.

His lips parted as he gave a sharp sigh and picked me up in his arms. His hands attacked my ass as we started to kiss furiously. He pulled us up the stairs clumsily focusing on running his tongue along the side of my mouth. I felt my back hit the wall as Justin stumbled into our room and pressed me up against his hands ripping and grabbing my shirt. His groans were a sound of beauty and desperation for my body. We didn’t have time to take it slow and make it sweet. We needed to feel each other. Then. There.

He moved his mouth to my neck running his tongue across it and biting down as my heart had a spasm not prepared for what he was going to do to me.

“You’ve been teasing me all day.” He whispered softly.

I shook my head groaning as he slipped his hand down my pants.

“No? So you really dropped your keys at the restaurant? And just had to been over in these tight little shorts displaying your ass in the best of ways?” 

I felt his fingers dive inside my underwear rubbing me softly but not sliding in. My head slammed into the wall moaning as I tried to grind against his hand. But Justin wasn’t having that so he took my hip into his hand and made me stop.

“Ah ah ah . . .” He whispering in my ear. “Daddy’s doing everything tonight just like you wanted right?”

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to fuck him or slap him in his face at that point.

“Then give it to my already.” I groaned.

He chuckled and picked me up again sucking hard on my neck as I moaned into the air. I was tossed onto the bed like a doll Justin climbing on top looking down into my eyes with a wicked smile. He told me to take my shirt off. I did. I watched him take his shirt off and almost died. My fingers traveled over the planes of his chest ogling over the abs. He let a small moan escape his lips and instantly the control was taken from me.

“Get your shorts off.” He directed moving just enough to give me space.

Pulling them off my legs I was left in just the underwear and bra, Justin groaned just at the site of my body and took a hold of my thighs biting his lips. 

“Fuck I’m gonna tear you apart.” He said eyes on the material covering my lower half.

I moaned and arched my back needing some attention. 

“If you don’t tear something apart soon I’m starting without you.” I screeched.

He chuckled and hooked his thumb into my panties pulling them off and spreading my legs. I was exposed to him now. He looked down with lustful eyes mouth seeming to water as he stared. 

“I’ve never wanted you this bad before.” He whispered licking his lips.

“Then why haven’t you taken me yet baby.” I moaned twisting around like a fucking exorcism. 

FINALLY he ran his hand in-between my legs leaving a animal like growl to escape between my teeth. He told me how wet I was already sliding a finger inside and leaning down close till his body was just right above mine.

“You like that?” He asked running his nose up and down my neck.

I can’t really describe the sound that came out of my mouth after that. When I noticed the dark red bluish marks appearing on my body from his mouth that got me hotter when his fingers just wouldn’t work for me.

“M—more baby I want more.” I muttered. 

His fingers rang up my torso biting his lip again as his other fingers left my insides. He reached his hand up to my mouth forcing them into my mouth as I sucked them clean.

“Get my belt.” He instructed.

My fingers shook with anticipation grabbing a hold of his jeans and tugging on them hard though it didn’t take a lot of work to get them off. Me still on the bottom and Justin on top he reached into his jeans grabbing what I presume was the oh so magical protection. It didn’t look like the ones we usually used but I sure as hell wasn’t complained. He tore the package between his teeth making my legs tremble at the sight as I waited under the covers for some satisfaction. He was down there messing with the fucking thing for ten minutes leaving me to whimper.

“Honey what’s taking so long?” I asked.

He kept his head down looking under the covers. “It’s uh . . . . the fucking condom won’t go on”

“Justin what do you mean it won’t go on?” I sighed.

“I mean it won’t go on it’s just . . . too . . . fucking small.” He grunted. “Fuck.”

I tried not to giggle. “Did you just tear the condom with your penis?” 

He looked up at me daring me to laugh which I did when all of sudden that grip on my thighs came back and he shoved his dick in me bare back. I cried out as he went all in giving a little whimper of his own. He moved his mouth down to my neck sucking and licking as he reached to grope my boobs. I moved closer to his body intertwining our legs and screaming listening to his grunts. Too much passion at once made my body ache with the lust. It was perfect. Flawless. Delicious. 

“Say my name.” He grunted pushing it in slower down.

“Justin…” I whispered.

He hit sunk down lower with his hips seeming to hit new territory as he kissing my chest.

“Louder.” He demanded.

“J—Justin.” I moaned arching my back.

He sat up then hovering above my body and sliding his arms on either side of my head going harder than he ever had before. The bed began to shake, my legs began to numb, and I got that hot lava feeling in the pit of my gut. The things that man could to do to me were indescribable. I just wanted all of it. We kept going humping at each other and rolling through the sheets as the hot animal sex continued. His body was beautiful glistening with sweat as he whispered things in my ear you wouldn’t dare say in front of your mother. It just felt too good. If I had to describe it that would be it. Too. Fucking. Good.

“Come on baby you gotta throw it back at me.” He chuckled that confidence flaring out of him even in the bedroom.

I moaned again. “What the fuck does it look like I’m doing here?”

He grabbed my cheeks in one hand then squeezing my face just hard enough to get a groan from my mouth. Then he slapped me. 

Now I’ve always thought that if a guy slapped me in bed I’d cut his fucking balls off and shove him in his mouth. But Justin Bieber slapped me . . . and it was awesome. No bondage creepy, leather whips and chains shit went down but that molten lava in my stomach started moving down and down and down my eruption anything but far away. We rolled around more and more getting faster, deeper, harder. I grabbed onto him as I closer clawing at his back and letting the moans and groan escape my lips. He just kept going never breaking stride, never stopping to take a break. Boy was on a fucking mission.

“Justin! Justin!! Don’t stop right there!” I screamed.

He found a way to get deeper hitting my g-spot and letting my grind my body against him like my life depended on it. The idea of being able to walk tomorrow decreased as he hit a spot so hard inside my body that I think it actually altered the placement of the earth in the universe. Orgasm hit and I yelled out as loud as humanly possible my voice literally cracking under the pressure and collapsing underneath him. Nothing had ever felt so good. So amazing. So tender. I was at a loss for words. But Justin sure wasn’t.

“Awww your so cute. You actually thought we were done? You got off . . . now it’s my turn.” He whispered.

Then he proceeded to pound himself inside of me like a jackhammer leaving my mind body and soul in complete bewilderment. Only Justin.

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