Afraid - Skoleopgave

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  • Publiceret: 6 aug. 2013
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Historien er en stil, jeg skulle lave i engelsk - og derfor er den selvfølgelig engelsk. Jeg vil ikke sige andet end det, og så at det er en stil, jeg har fået 12 for. Den er heldigvis kort, da der altid er en grænse for, hvor meget vi må skrive - jeg overskred godt nok den grænse en smule, men det gik jo alligevel fint. :-)


1. Afraid

That day when I came home, I went straight to my room and I started thinking about how I could break the news to my parents. I went to my bed and just stared out the window in the roof. How? How am I going to tell it? How will they react? How will dad react? Will he freak out? I'm not that worried about mom. I know, that she will help and support me. Or I hope. I'm not sure. Ok, I'm worried about mom's reaction. But it is nothing compared to, how dad will react. Oh my god, what do I do? He will freak out! I know it! Oh god!

"Hi Louise. What are you doing in here? Aren't you coming down for dinner?" mom said with the door half open.

"No!" I said, holding the pillow to my face.

Mom closed the door again and walked away.

They will be so disappointed in me. I can only imagine what they are going to say: 'We've taught you better than this! Haven't you heard anything, we've told you! You are grounded!' Ok, I'm not sure of that last one. I'm sure, they have an even bigger punishment for me. Oh god, I might have to quit school now! Why haven't I thought of this before! This... THING... is ruining my life! Hey, I can just get it removed. Then I don't even have to think about, how I'm going to tell my parents, how will they react, how am I going to finish school. Oh, what am I talking about. I can't do that! How could this happen? I've always criticised people like this. And now I'm one of them. I can't keep thinking of this. I'm going to call someone.


"Hi, it's Louise. I just needed to call someone right now."

"Okay, what for?"

"You know, that pregnant thing, that I told you about earlier."

"Oh, yeah, how is my baby?"

"It's fine... I think. How should I know?"

"Sorry, it's just something I've seen in a movie. Have you told your parents yet?"

"No, I don't know how, I'm gonna do it. And I'm so afraid, that they are gonna freak out."

"I haven't told my parents either."

"Should I get it removed? It will sure be hard for me, but I just don't want to ruin both of our lives."

"No, don't even think of it! You're gonna regret it, and I've seen how those things end."

"But Alec, I'm only 15 years old!"

"We're gonna be fine. Now, go down and tell your parents. I'll do it quick, so I've time to hide from your dad, before he come and beat me." He laughs. It is so nice to hear some laughter right now.

"Ok, bye." I hang up.

Knock, knock! The door opens and in comes mom. She goes straight to my bed and sit down at the edge of it.

"Hi honey. You're probably going to get really mad at me now, but I heard what you were talking with Alec about."

She's right. I could kill her now, but I can't talk.

"And you should now, that we are going to support you and help you the most, that we can, so you can finish your school."

I want to say something, but I'm just lying there and staring at her.

"Ok, that was all." She stands up and goes to the door. "Oh, and you don't have to be concerned about your dad. I've already told him, and yes, he got a little angry and all that, but I think he has calm down now." She walks out the door. I was stunned.

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