The Last Of Us.

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  • Publiceret: 17 jul. 2013
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I’m not good at commas - don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.


2. Breakfast At Tiffanny’s


The phone was ringing.  Of cause it was Alex, and i’m that type of person who doesn’t like to reject people, so I keep them as friends even though they drive me to borderline.  I answered the phone and i already knew what this conversation is going to be about.  ”Hello.” ”Hi, what’s up?” ”It’s chandler, he came home to me last night and he apologized. He said that he still wanna be with me.”  what a cheap bitch i thought to myself.  I bended over to put my shoe on with the phone between my shoulder and my ear. ”Are you there?” ”Yeah sorry. I don’t think you should be with him, he has cheated on you several times.” I dropped the phone, oh yes a few seconds of silence.  ”I know but he told me that he left Samantha.” ”What? Wasn’t he with Alice?” ”No that was last week.” What are she even doing with this guy? ”I don’t know what to do but i gotta go.” ”No Wait.” I hung up the phone I had a good reason to leave. I didn’t wanna get an headache.  I looked at the clock and it was what 11.00 a.m what are she even calling me for at this time? I got up from the couch and I went up on the roof. I might have a shitty apartment but the view was priceless.  I just sat there up on the roof on a hot New York summer night looking at the stars and thinking.  The next morning I went to Starbucks with Alicia and Kevin. It was nice to talk to somebody who understood me.  I took a sip of my coffee and Kevin changed the subject. ”So what are you guys doing saturday night?” Alicia answered ”Nothing really why?” ”I thought we could have a movie marathon like we did in the old days.” I replied ”Ok i’m in but none of those Paranormal Activity movies.” ”Haha ok.” 
Alicia finally gave up and said ”Fine, i’ll bring popcorn.” When i got home i saw another note on my door saying ”If you don’t keep your cat indoors you’ll get thrown out.”  "Oh why not just kill Yoghurt then?” I went inside and took a black marker. I wrote ”You can’t throw me out i’m moving.” on the bottom of the paper.  ”That’ll teach them a lesson.” I said to myself and laughed. I’m so funny.  I poured myself a glass of wine (Because i’m classy like that) and turned on the tv. Oh awesome there was a friends marathon running. Gotta love Phoebe. Yoghurt decided to come home (and cause me a little less trouble) and cuddled up to me on the couch.  Alicia called and I put the phone on speaker. ”Hey Alicia are you still coming?” 

”No i’m so sorry guys but my boss decided to take away my freedom this night.” Kevin answered ”It’s ok we bought some popcorn anyways.” ”Haha that’s great Kev.”  I shouted ”You sure don’t know what you’re missing, but it’s ok talk to you later honey.”  ”Haha goodbye.” Kevin looked  at me and said "well what movie do you wanna watch first?” ”Breakfast at Tiffanny’s” ”I’ve hoped that you would say Transformers, but oh well.” He walked up from the couch and put the DVD on. When the movie was finished i was sleeping on his shoulder.  I had fallen asleep in the middle of my favorite movie.  Kevin woke me up and i asked him ”Did i fall asleep?” ”Either that or you were awake with closed eyes.” I yawned and stretched my arms.  He just sat there and looked at me.  I moved closer to him and he put his hands between my head.  I glared into those sea blue eyes. Then we kissed. The next morning i rolled over to his side of the bed.  He was still asleep, so i put on my clothes silently. I left a note on his bedroom door that said ”I think i love you."               

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