All i want is you ( justin bieber )

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my first Movella.
the story is not done yet, and many more chapters are coming up. hope you like it. and if you'd like please leave a comment, critic or praise it doesn't matter i appreciate them all :)

the story is written in your point of view.
the story is about a girl going away for the summer. she is going to L.A with her best friend. they are going to a Justin Bieber concert together. but at the concert this amazing thing happens, everything she had ever dream't of is happening, and she couldn't believe it. that summer changes her life completely, her life is now as it never have been before ...


5. ✿ Beach, Best friend, & ICE CREAM !

i woke up by the ray of sunshine peaking through the little opening in the curtains, i squinted my eyes, sat up, and looked at my phone, it was 10 am. you looked at Sarah, she was still sleeping as usual. If no one woke her up, she could sleep until 4 or 5. I put on my hotel slippers, and shook Sarah to wake her up.

''Sarah wake up'' i said. She just turned her back, and went back to sleep.

''10 more minutes'' she mumbled.

''seriously, we are in L.A and you want 10 minutes more of sleep '' i said looking at her, crossing my arms.

''Fine, i'm up, happy.'' she said angry. But i couldn't help but laugh, her hair was a big mess, and she forgot to take her makeup of yesterday, so she now had panda eyes.

''what'' she snapped. 

''oh nothing'' i said. But laughing again. I had to take a photo, so i pretended like i was going to take a pic of myself, but really took one of her. 

''then i'll just check it out myself'' she said, quickly pushing the quilt aside, and marching out to the bathroom. 

''Vanessaaaa!'' she yelled, coming out of the bathroom'' 

''you didn't take a pic of me looking like this did you?'' she asked.

''no i didn't'' i said with a smirk.  she looked at me with crossed arms.

''i'm serious'' i said, but i couldn't keep a straight face anymore, so i cracked up laughing, while showing her the picture.

''come here, give me that phone'' she yelled and ran after me.

 I jumped up on the bed, and when she did the same thing, I jumped over to the other bed so she couldn't grab me. And I kept doing that 3-4 times, until she got hold of me, swung me down on the bed and sat on top of me.

''Sarah, get away from me, i can't breath'' i whined. 

''not until you delete the picture'' she said. 

''okay, okay i'll delete it'' i said. 

''there, you happy. now get off my stomach before i throw up on you'' i said.

''gee, relax'' she said, rolling her eyes, and stood up. i got up and walked over to the mirror to fix my hair.

''you know what we should do today?'' Sarah asked.

''no what?'' i said.

''let's go to the beach, and look for hot boys'' Sarah said sounding very excited.

''yes please'' i answered just as excited. 

I put on my bikini, some shorts and a see through T-shirt.



when we finally found a place to settle down, we started putting on some sunscreen, when suddenly two boy's stood in front of us blocking the sun:

''can we help?'' one of the boy's asked. i looked at Sarah, and she just shrugged her shoulders.

''Why not'' Sarah said, and gave one of the boys the sunscreen bottle. she turned around so that she was lying on her stomach, and the one boy started to apply the sunscreen to her back. then the other boy looked at me:

''do you need help?'' he asked 

''no thanks, i can do it myself'' i answered with a smile.

he was kinda cute. but i don't like strangers touching, and rubbing my back, or whatever they were doing. 

''that's okay'' he said smiling back. he sat down next to me and said:

'' i'm Logan by the way'' 

'' hi Logan, i'm Vanessa'' i said as cute as i now could. 

''Vanessa, that's a pretty name'' he said with the cutest smile. 

''thanks'' i said blushing a little.

when we had talked with the boy's for a while, the other boy got up and said:

''well we better get going, our friends are waiting'' 

''aw already'' Sarah said. 

''yeah, sorry haha'' he answered smiling.

Logan got up, gave me his hand and shook it:

''nice to meet you'' he said.

''you too'' i said. they left, and we laid down to continue our sunbathing, because we wanted to get tanned. you can't come home still being pale white. 


when we were done sunbathing, and other stuff, we went to find a ice cream shop nearby. We walked down the streets with palms on the sides, and the sun going down on our left side. after 5 minutes we found the cutest ice cream shop, we went inside, and ordered 2 ice cones, and something to drink.

We sat in the corner of the little ice cream shop for hours, just talking about the concert, that is happening tomorrow. 

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