you've got that one thing

this story is about a girl named anna potter (harry potters sister) and anna potter falls in love with liam payne from the band one direction but then after anna and liam get together Anna finds our she actally a demigod! Things are not what it seems as anna thoght she was a wizare and daughter of Lilly and James but now knows her real parnets are Percy and Annabeth! What will happen when she finds out? (BTW this turns into a Percry jackson fanction at "mudblood?'") Read to find out! (Harry Potter,One Direction,and Percy Jackson fanfiction)


8. The Meet!

The nezt moring was rather intersting! "Can I please leave? I need to find my real family" Anna protested to Dumbledoor "Yea but you have to tell harry" He responed. Wait did he know about my plan? My thoughts were interupted when I heard a door open. "Harry?" I asked kindof scared "Yes Anna what is it ? why are you in Dumbledoor's office?" He asked really confused "Ummm...." I said spechless while looking at Dumbledoor he just nodded "Im leaving to find my...." Before I could finish Dumbledoor was explaning for me. Harry didnt take it very well he didnt want me to leave but I explained that I had to and he let me go. I took the flying car and found some woods and thought I would take a breck. When I was out there I heard Two people talking to each other. "We are never gonna find her Percy" One voice said "Yes we will AnnaBeth....lets take a second look at the birth certificate" The other voice said. It couldnt be Percy and AnnaBeth!! I made a loud noise while moving and they walked towards the tree. "Whos there?" Percy asked I jumped out from behide the tree "Me... sorry for scareing you guys " I said while looking at them both . They both looked at the picture they had and back at me. "Your...." AnnaBeth started "Yeah your daughter.... Anna Jackson " I said while looking at AnnaBeth. We all got cauth up and they took me to camp Half-Blood because it was getting late. When we got back everyone was asleep so we just talked more . I fell asleep on AnnaBeths lap at 12 Pm and they layed me in bed. Maybe this want be to bad after all....

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