you've got that one thing

this story is about a girl named anna potter (harry potters sister) and anna potter falls in love with liam payne from the band one direction but then after anna and liam get together Anna finds our she actally a demigod! Things are not what it seems as anna thoght she was a wizare and daughter of Lilly and James but now knows her real parnets are Percy and Annabeth! What will happen when she finds out? (BTW this turns into a Percry jackson fanction at "mudblood?'") Read to find out! (Harry Potter,One Direction,and Percy Jackson fanfiction)


5. Its out with the old and in with the new?

After what happend yesterday everyone was mad at me even Harry,Hermione,Ron and Grinny! They all thought I was lyeing to them about the breck up . That Afternoon I was lyeing in bed and heard a knock on my Door. It was Liam and Some other girl with Brown Hair and she was about seven years old. "Whos this Liam?" I asked while smileing at her "This is Darbilin , Shes my little sister she wanted to meet you!" Liam answered with a smile on his face "She wanted to" I asked "Yeah, see not everyones mad at you!" Liam protested. After Liam left Darbilin was still with me! " tell me about yourself sweetie?" I said while smileing "Well im Darbilin and im seven and this is my first year at hogwarts" she said while smiling back . After Darbilin left I saw not everyone was mad at me and im ot alone in this !

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