you've got that one thing

this story is about a girl named anna potter (harry potters sister) and anna potter falls in love with liam payne from the band one direction but then after anna and liam get together Anna finds our she actally a demigod! Things are not what it seems as anna thoght she was a wizare and daughter of Lilly and James but now knows her real parnets are Percy and Annabeth! What will happen when she finds out? (BTW this turns into a Percry jackson fanction at "mudblood?'") Read to find out! (Harry Potter,One Direction,and Percy Jackson fanfiction)


2. Hogwart Express

Today is the day I go back to hogwarts and man am i excited! I cant wait to get away from this family and spend more time with my friends Hermonie and Ron!!!!! Its about time to board the train to Hogwarts ! As soon as the train got to me and Harry we saw Hermonie and Ron . "HAY ANNA!!" Hermonie yelled as hugging me around the neck "cant.... breath..." i laughed as Hermonie let go of our hug. "Hey Ron" i said to Ron as sitting down "Hay Anna! missed you!" ron said as reaching over Hermonie to hug me Harry gave him the evil eye while he was hugging me "Harry it was just a friendly hug" I said as Ron relised me. When we all got caught up with life we saw five boys enter the train. "They kindof look like..." I said "Yeah" Hermonie said "I think it is" Said Ron . It could'nt be One Direction . "Why are One Direction coming to hogwarts?!?" Harry asked kindof angerly "I don't know but that one with brown hair and green eyes is kindof checkin' out Anna" Ron told Harry . His name is Liam and he is kindof hot and he's totally checking me out Anna thought to herself while staring at him. "ANNA!" Hermonie ,Ron, and Harry said to snap me out of it "huh yeah ?" I said kindof dreamly" You have been checking him out for twenty minutes" Hermonie said to me laughing "NOTHINGS FUNNY HERMONIE ! SHE DOES NOT NEED A BOYFRIEND YET!" Harry said kindof mad at us " calm down alittle Harry" Ron said to Harry . Gosh Harry was being so overprotective latey I wonder why though?. Two hours later we were at Hogwarts and Harry still has'nt said anything to any of us yet . When you got there we were took to our dorms from last year . I was with Hermonie and Grinny (Rons sister) and Harry was with Ron and Ron's two older brothers Fred and Geroge. Tomarrow would be our first day in all our classes. Oh and also Tomarrow will be the day that the new people (Also known as the first yearers) to there team. Gosh I hope Liam is on my team with me (Which by the way my team was Gryffindor). Its about time for lights our I cant wait for tomarrow! "Goodnight Hermonie and Grinny" I said while getting under my covers "Goodnight Anna" Hermonie and Grinny yelled back at the same time.

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