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  • Publiceret: 7 jun. 2013
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Det her er udelukkende randomme historie. Nothing gonna get ya..
Ok ok. Nogen af historierne vil være engelske, det skal I være opsat på. Hvis nogen af jer er på wattpad.com, vil I kunne kende dem.

Fakta; Wattpad.com er en historie hjemmeside, præcis som denne. Dog på alle andre sprog end dansk.


2. William.

Warning; This story is pure english.

Advarelse; Dette er rent engelsk.

Maybe not as good, as I could do, heh.

xx. Luc.


William was surfing the net when suddenly it was there. The dream job. He grabbed his phone and called the number there was writing on the site. A lady picked up the phone. She sounded like she couldn't care less about who called. William asked if he could get a appointment this afternoon, so he could get an interview and see if he could get the job. The lady wrote down his name, and said he could come around 11 AM.  William said he would be there, and hung up after saying goodbye. William was so excited. His dream job, a fireman. He loved the idea about driving in those red fire engine. He would get new friends. He would save people. It was like being a hero. Well, he couldn't fly, but he could still people. And animals. Cats in trees. Dogs in burning houses. He could see it for him, but he had to get the job first. He feel like the luck was with him today. He looked at the phone in his hand. 9:02 AM. There was still a little time. He could start with writing to Alex, one of his best friends.  "Hi Alex, guess what? Going for an interview this afternoon. New job. Excited. William," He quickly send the message, slide the phone in his pocket, and waited for an answer. He had known Alex since he was a little boy. Their moms was best friends back then, now they won't even talk to each others. William shook his head at the thought, and got up from his chair. He could use some food. He hadn't really eaten anything today, and he was starting to get nervous. What if he wasn't good enough? What if they wouldn't like him? He shook his head again, and went to the fridge. There wasn't really anything that he would like so he just took an apple, and sat down at the table. His phone vibrated in his pocket, saying that he got an message. "Hi William, wow! Go for it! :-) Alex." William smiled, and slide the phone in his pocket again. He ate the rest of his apple, and dumped it in the garbage can. He looked at the clock again. 9:45 AM. The time went fast, and soon he was in his car. There was still an hour back, but he would be there before time, just to be sure. And he was grateful. His interview started almost when he got there. The time showed 10:30 AM.

The man on the other side of the table, started to ask him question. Like, why would you like to work here? William answered, with saying that it was his dream job. He wanted to save people. He wanted to help the world, the people and the animals. He has always loved to help people with their problems, now he could help this way. The man nodded at him, and smiled. He really liked this guy. "If you can tell me why you think that working with this job, will help more people, then you can get it." William smiled, and started with saying, "You guys save people from burning houses. You risk yourself danger by going in there. You save animals. You are like heroes. You can't fly. Risk yourself danger, but still manage to save the people. I've always looked up to people like you." William couldn't really find anything to say, but he tried. He really wanted this job so bad. The man nodded, and gave him the hand. "William, you can now call yourself a hero." William couldn't really get a bigger smile. He got the job. He got it! He thanked the man, and went out to his car.

"Hi Alex, me again. Can't believe it. I've got it, my dream job! See you at Friendly's. William,"

He got it,

His dream job.

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