One Direction imagines

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  • Publiceret: 29 maj 2013
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Dette er en samling med imagines med de forskellige personer fra One Direction.
Nogle af dem er på engelsk og andre er danske. Vær sød at lade vær med at "bedømme" mig eller hade på mig, hvis jeg f.eks. skriver flere om Louis end jeg gør med Zayn - jeg prøver at gøre det med alle.


4. Louis - engelsk

-,,Louis, we shouldn't do this." I mumble as his lips slowly slide down my neck. Trust me, I really like Louis but this is so wrong. The problem is; It feels so right. It's not the first time Louis and I did this and I hope that this one isn't the last.
-,,Why?" He whispers against my skin and the butterflies in my stomach starts going crazy. -,,Because..." I says and turn around, still with the blanket over my naked chest. -,,You have Eleanor." My voice is shaking a bit while saying her name. Don't get me wrong, Eleanor is a nice person and everything, but when you know that her boyfriend fucks another, and the person is you... It's not that easy to think of her. -,,Forget her..." Louis mumbles and looks straight into my eyes. But I wouldn't just forget. -,,I can't Louis. She's your girlfriend? I feel so guilty, and I can't take it anymore." I says while feeling the tears behind my eyes. -,,(Y/N) listen! I'll leave her for you. If that's what you want me to do. It's just..." He looks down and I could tell that he's nervous. -,,I love you (Y/N), but I'm so scared." He's voice is shaking, just like yours did when you said Eleanor's name. -,,Don't be." I mumble and move even closer to him. -,,I'd you leave her, it's gotta be your choice. Don't do it for me. Do it for yourself. Do what makes you happy. Louis, as long as you're happy, I'm happy." You whispers and suddenly you feel Louis lips against yours.

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