The party

I'm writing a story with my friend Mia, story is about two siblings having a party i wonder who is coming, the only thing we can say is it's 5 people.


3. the big surprise

go out in the car, kids. Mom said. then we go and see the Croods. have just a little I have to feed Niall before we go. said Holly rapidly. okay, sweet, replied mom. Holly crashed into the hallway and ran into her room. when she again sat in the car, she asked mother. why are you doing all this? mother sat and thought. it's not every day that you turn eight. she said. She had barely run a meter get someone came. who is this. Mom asked. it's a limousine. She stopped the car and got out of it. She went to the limo and stood and talked with him who ran it as the door opened and out came ... You'll never guess how happy Holly was, it was none other than One Direction, her idols. what did they do here, they were lost, and would ask for directions. but no, they had come to her party, HER party. it was unbelievable. it was really them, she had resolved to scream, so happy was she. it was a dream come true right in front of her. Hey. there was one who said it was Niall, her great love, who stood and spoke to her, she was speechless with joy. Finally, she pulled herself together and got out of the car, which was the very eyes of her. Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malike, and Luise Tomlinson. it was truly the best birthday ever. they enjoyed themselves and ate cake and drank lemonade, just before they were to return home, they played a little birthday song, which they had made just for her. when they were driven back, was Holly's first SMS from Lucy that said: hope you were pleased with the gift 😄 Lucy. then it dawned on Holly that they had not forgotten her, on the contrary, they had saved up for them to pay One Direction to come. She was so happy, you think it was the best day of her life, One Direction had come to her party and her friends had not forgotten her

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