The party

I'm writing a story with my friend Mia, story is about two siblings having a party i wonder who is coming, the only thing we can say is it's 5 people.


2. Party time

Holly gets out of bed, rubbing his sleepy eyes, and dressed. Happy Birthday honny, did you sleep well? Mom comes in the door. in the hands she has a tray filled with waffles and syrup, and a pitcher of lemonade. as Holly has eaten everything she can, she gets a package. she rips the paper of the package and gasping, in a cardboard box is a little hedgehog. where he is sweet, my little Naill, come here little pus. come honny there are several gifts out in the living room. she jumps out in the living room. gifts, the best thing for her. where there are many ... thank you, thank you, thank you, thank what must have. She got completely tears of joy. She tore the paper a little purple box. where is the fine. she said when she saw the little silver chain to go around your arm, there was a small horseshoe dangling from it. When she had finished packing up gifts she had just quickly in the shower. so now I'm shining clean. she said proudly. estimates you just a little, sweet, guests coming soon. cried the mother from inside the kitchen. uhhh, they come now. she jumped out into the garden. and there she saw and waited, there was soon a half hour and then an hour. they do not come soon, Mom? she asked mother. they do not come in now? Mom asked. no, why do not they? have they forgotten us? I'm not important enough for them to bother coming to my birthday? she screamed. there is no one who cares to come to my birthday. so, so, my own, it'll be fine, so we keep it as just, if they do not bother to come they get no cake! Mom said heatedly. if there was anything that could get mom to effect strange to get up in the red zone, as it was when there was someone who kept others out. Mom, why will they not come to my party. asked Holly. they think that they are too high for us. snorted mother. You know what, sweetheart, we keep the best birthday ever, and they do not come with, ha, they turn green with envy when they see us to the movies, and at Mc Donalds also out to swim. Mom said stubbornly. we the effect basis. said Holly happy. can you believe sweet. Mom said.

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