The party

I'm writing a story with my friend Mia, story is about two siblings having a party i wonder who is coming, the only thing we can say is it's 5 people.


1. One day too the party

wake up, wake up, it's today, wake up now.

Holly stormed into Peter's room and shook him until he  opened his eyes irritatedly. 

what is it, Holly,

he said sleepily.

it is today, we must keep the best party ever, called Holly.Peter got up, dressed. 

come, and help to dress up. he said. they went out into the living room. Good morning darling Do you sleep well. Mom asked. yes, I have slept very well. said Holly. Holly my own, can not you just help me with these balloons, the pink, or blue. Mom asked. PINK, PINK, PINK, must attend pink. she cried happily. then they become pink, sit down and eat some breakfast. said mother. as Holly had eaten, she could not wait to blow up the balloons, it was something she really liked to do. When they had finished doing it , there was not very much space left in the living room. Serpentines, serpentines, we had serpentines? asked Holly. well then, sweet. said mother. When evening came, she went to bed early.

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