The party

I'm writing a story with my friend Mia, story is about two siblings having a party i wonder who is coming, the only thing we can say is it's 5 people.


5. Message from Niall

Holly woke up at 7 in the morning to think about what actually had happened,

she had experienced her dream, she went up to get breakfast food,

and brushed his teeth with his one direction toothbrush, what makes you beautiful oh oh do you beautiful came that out of the toothbrush

and afterwards one thing in Niall's solo Holly could feel a strange sensation She stopped brushing,

and went out her mother and asked if she had talked to Niall

, she said yes yesterday he said you were an incredibly good girl and gave me this letter, give it to me says Holly

, she gets the letter it says the beautiful Holly, the letter said to Holly, xxxxxxx call me,

 Holly got tears in his eyes, and ran to his cell and wrote hey Niall thanks for yesterday, he wrote back Hey princess I thought we could be good friends

, so I would ask about you and your family want to join the tour as tomorrow, you asked your mother she said tax we can not you be in school tomorrow, Holly went out to his brother and asked his brother if he would run for all sorts of countries he said as

long as we come to America, the lidded Holly, Holly wrote back to Niall obviously we will, but it is only me and my brother niall

wrote back fine, but your brother lives with Paul (one direction bodyguard) and you live with me and the other boys

, Holly packed the main things as mobile, wallet, some clothes but only a little because

she had to go also shop with Niall and the other boys. time was 23:30,

so Holly begin to sleep, but before you should just check Peter had packed, As usual,

she had to tell him, Holly begin to sleep. Holly woke up at 6 and went in and woke Peter, and called Niall,

Niall hey are you there, good morning said Niall tired it's Holly,

hey princess we are running we are just sleeping all together, you could hear Louis laugh in the background,

Liam shouted we are at your house you, Holly and Peter went quickly dressed and went out to them.

Hi Paul said I have doble bed and you take the little bed to Peter what is he talking about Holly Run Run said Holly quickly

cherførren drove, Holly explained to Peter that he would sleep with Paul, Holly went to niall, he covers in his bed and looked at your cell phone, you put you on his bed, he saw you and lay beside her and asked you not to do something special't today she nodded, he asked you not to take on the restaurant, she nodded again, Holly and Niall went away, Niall pointed at a restaurant a very fine one, Holly and Niall went in, who came of course paparazzi and some fans, but otherwise nothing therefore steered us, the ordered spagetti, they got hold of the same piece and got a lady and vague peasant kiss, they were both quite red in the face as Niall said said let's go home to Tour bus, . When they came to the other, they looked strange to them, it was good date asked Louis, yes yes said Holly and Niall both at once,

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