The party

I'm writing a story with my friend Mia, story is about two siblings having a party i wonder who is coming, the only thing we can say is it's 5 people.


4. A year later.

lucy you will be picked up now. Mum says. I'll see you after the holidays. Lucy says Holly. So, we'll see. corresponds Holly. thanks for the gift. Niall will be really happy with it. when lucy had left, rushes into her room, and is the small ball that Lucy gave me, down to Niall. she just sat and looked at the little hedgehog rolled with the blue and green ball. After a few minutes, she lies down on his bed and read. When she was tired of sitting with his nose in a book, she goes out and sits slightly below the pink balloons. after some time comes Peter and sits down beside her. they sit in a little, so says Peter. do you remember last year? you got a bit of an experience was. He Buffer little to Holly. yes, I got well. respond Holly. Frankly, it's not every day that there will be a super famous boyband past. he said a little annoyed. the age of Holly a warm feeling inside, she meant a lot to her friends, she could not join us to smile when she thought of it. there is dinner now, children. called mother. glad she got up and went to mom, dad had come to visit on the occasion of her birthday.

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