Blood's Thicker Than Water.

Our love is unstoppable. This love is precious. Nobody can compare this love.

"Nothing can stop real love..." That is what everyone says and believe. That was what I believed. Until that day.

Our love was unstoppable. That love was precious. Everyone hates this love.


3. Perfect, Up To Now...



”Are you sleepy, love?” He whispered in my ear with his deep, beautiful, caring, and lovely voice, while holding me close into his arms. I mumbled something not understandable, took one of hands and placed it at my head and took the other hand in my embrace. His hands were always so warm and soft.

He began to play carefully with my hair and tightened his other hand around mine, so that I was in his embrace, instead of mine. He kissed my forehead and sang twinkle, twinkle little star to me. I began to slowly feel more and more tired, until I fell asleep.

My life is perfect.

Perfect with him near me.



“Sarah wake up!” My teacher yelled at me from afar. Everyone laughed quietly at me, but still loud enough till that I could hear it. I pulled myself together and shook my head, to wake up. There was only ten minutes for class to be over. I took some notes and began to slowly close my books and get ready to get out of class. Why I want to get out of class so badly is because, I wanted to go and wait for Jason to get out of class, so the first thing he sees is me.

 Jason is my boyfriend and we’ve known each other since first grade, so we are childhood friends, but we’ve started dating, seven months ago. My parents knows him very well, and his family knows me very good too. My parents isn’t my biological parents. I was adopted when I was two years old, so I don’t remember how my real parents looked like.

Jason’s parents are his biological though, but he has never met his sister. He told me that his parents says that they lost her when she was little and they don’t know where she is anymore, but they are still searching for her. I feel sorry for him, but I can’t do anything about it. He doesn’t know who his little sister is, and I don’t know who my parents are. One of the reasons why people call us a couple made in heaven.

The school bell rang. I was faster than a horse to get out of class. Everyone looked chocked at me, but I just ignored them. I was the first one to open the door to get out, but I ran into someone. I was about to curse at that person but stopped myself when I saw who it was.

 I was too late. Again.

“I guess you were too late again, Sarah.” Jason said and laughed, while putting his hand around my shoulder.

“It’s not fair!” I yelled and got out of his embrace.

“I can’t help it! I just miss you too much, that I just have to see you!” He said giving me one of his warm smiles. I could slowly feel my cheeks turning burning red, once again, because of him. He came closer to me, kissed my cheek and putted his hand around my waist. I couldn’t help but to smile and leaned into him.

We walked over to the cafeteria. He told me to find a place to sit, while he was going over to buy something to drink. I went over and found a place to sit.

He was on his way over, with an apple juice in one of his hands and strawberry juice in the other hand. He knew me so well. He came and sat beside me, handing me the apple juice. That was my favorite juice.  We talk about life and laughed. One of the things I love about him is how he always could make me laugh.

 We looked at each other’s eyes deeply, the last five minutes. He placed his hand on my cheek and removed the hair from my face. He gently played with my hair, and I played with his arm. He held my hand and I leaned closer to his shoulder.

He suddenly began to poke my stomach and made me laugh. He knew how ticklish I was.

“Stop…” I said, while removing my head from his shoulder, and placed my hands around my stomach, to protect myself, from getting tickled even more. Jason smiled and removed my hands from my stomach and leaned closer to me.

 I closed my eyes and waited for his warm lips to gently touch mine, but then I remembered something and opened my eyes.

“Wait, what time is it!?” I panicked and looked at my phone, and Jason did the same. Ten minutes past ten… Both Jason and me, looked at each other and yelled, “We are late, again!”

We hurried up taking our stuff and ran. We ran and stopped shortly after reaching my class. “Goodbye sweetie!” Jason yelled and kissed me.

 It was supposed to be a quick kiss, but suddenly neither of us could stop our kiss. The kiss got deeper for every second and my arms got around his head, and his hands around my waist. We forgot everything and just enjoyed this moment.

“Sarah Dark Dauphine! Get immediately your careless butt in here!” My teacher suddenly yelled out of the blue, and disturbed Jason’s and mine kiss. We both got a chock and looked at her. “And you, young man! You should hurry and get to class too, before I take you to the principal’s office!” She yelled at Jason. Jason and I couldn’t help but to laugh as much as we could. He gave me a last fast kiss and said goodbye. The teacher gave me a killing glance, and walked away. I slowly walked into the classroom, and everyone began to laugh at me. I knew everyone very well, so I pointed at everyone with my tongue and whispered “You are just jealous!”

I found a seat and got prepared for an extremely boring class again.

I couldn’t concentrate because I kept thinking about Jason, and our romantic kiss. Well, it wasn’t very romantic, but it was still something we both were going to remember the rest of our life’s. that’s for sure.

My life was perfect.

Perfect with Jason by my side.

Nothing can stop our love.

Or that was what I thought.

At that time, I didn’t know that everything was going to change soon.

I didn’t know that my life was going to turn upside down.

That mine and Jason’s love was just a lie.



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