Blood's Thicker Than Water.

Our love is unstoppable. This love is precious. Nobody can compare this love.

"Nothing can stop real love..." That is what everyone says and believe. That was what I believed. Until that day.

Our love was unstoppable. That love was precious. Everyone hates this love.


5. Evil Fate.



I slowly started to wake up, but didn’t open my eyes yet. I felt a hand holding mine. A warm hand. I was afraid to open my eyes and get disappointed.

The last thing I remember was Jason, down on the ground crying.

 I couldn’t believe it. It can’t be true no matter what. Jason and I were a couple made in heaven and nothing could stop us. We were fated to be together.

 I slowly started to open my eyes. I looked down at the hand and as I thought I got disappointed. It was my mother’s hand.

“Honey, are you alright!?” My mother yelled worried.

“Where’s Jason?” I said coldly. He’s the only one I want to see right now. She told me that they drove me to the hospital but left shortly after, and so did my father. He couldn’t stand to see me in this condition.

I could already feel the tears streaming down my face.

“The doctor said that you are alright, and that you could leave after you’ve woken up.” Right after knowing that I just stood up from the hospital bed I was sleeping at, and ran away. My mother chased me but gave up.

 I was too fast for her.

I didn’t know where to run. I wanted to run over to Jason, but couldn’t. What would I say to him? Maybe he hated me. One thing was for sure, he was heartbroken as much as I was.

I ran home, but before opening the door to step inside, I smelled something.


 I went behind our house and saw my father burning something.

Memories. He was burning my memory.

“Father, stop!!” I yelled, ran over to him and pushed him away. All of my pictures of Jason and I smiling happily together was getting burned. Slowly vanishing. I came too late. The pictures were already burned. I fell down on my knees, cried and screamed.

“WHY!?!?!?” I screamed at my father. I thought my lungs were going to explode.

“Wake up Sarah!! You can’t be together with your own brother!! Forget him, forget the past, forget everything!” My father yelled at me.

“You don’t know anything! You don’t know how I feel! You don’t know my heart, monster!!” I yelled at my father, but regretted it right away. I putted my hand on my mouth and looked at my father. He looked speechless and chocked, and so did I. I couldn’t see him in the eye anymore so I ran away once again. I didn’t know where to run until I noticed something that’s stuck on my show. I was a paper or something. I got down and took the paper. I turned the paper around and saw that it was a picture. A picture of Jason and me. We were kissing…  Now I knew where to run.

I ran down to a little forest. It was that place Jason and I spent most of the time together. When I got there I saw a shadow, of a person I know very well. I got closer to him. So close that I could hear his heart beating. I was about to put a hand on his shoulder but stopped myself. For some reason I felt that there was a shield around him. I putted my hand back down and turned around to leave, but didn’t get to. Jason suddenly pulled in my shirt. I dare to look back at him so I just stood like that.

“I told you not to forget about me, didn’t I?” He said and made me turn around. His face was wet and his eyes were swollen up. He’s so obvious.

I placed my hand on his cheek and he placed a hand on my cheek.

I let go of him and went over to a tree and sat down under it. Jason followed me and did the same. He sat on the other side of the tree so that I couldn’t see him. Even though we couldn’t see each other I could still feel him. He held my hand and we just sat like that the rest of the time.

It got pretty dark, but neither of us cared.

“Look up in the sky.” Jason suddenly said and disturbed me in my thinking. I looked up to the sky, as he told me to do. There was a pink balloon flowing in the air.

“What do you think that means?” I asked him. There was silence for a moment.

“Evil...” Jason said and I knew exactly what he meant so I finished the sentence.

“Fate…” I said almost like a whisper. We were still holding hands but who knew if one of us suddenly would let go.


”Are you sleepy, love?” He whispered in my ear with his deep, beautiful, caring, and lovely voice, while holding me close into his arms. I mumbled something not understandable, took one of hands and placed it at my head and took the other hand in my embrace. His hands were always so warm and soft.

He began to play carefully with my hair and tightened his other hand around mine, so that I was in his embrace, instead of mine. He kissed my forehead and sang twinkle, twinkle little star to me. I began to slowly feel more and more tired, until I fell asleep.


If only I could go back to that time…

But the fact of our love was only a lie wouldn’t change.

Some things is best not knowing.

I guess it’s really true… Blood’s thicker than water.

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