Blood's Thicker Than Water.

Our love is unstoppable. This love is precious. Nobody can compare this love.

"Nothing can stop real love..." That is what everyone says and believe. That was what I believed. Until that day.

Our love was unstoppable. That love was precious. Everyone hates this love.


4. Everything Falling Apart.



I’m supposed to meet Jason after school, to buy something nice for me to wear. Today is the day. Today, is where I’m gonna meet my biological parents. I’ve dreamt of meeting them my whole life. So I can’t just meet them with daily clothes, I had to wear something that is gonna blow their minds away.

 Jason was gonna help me find something pretty. He also has an appointment today, but he doesn't know what appointment. He was told that he had to meet someone special, but it’s a surprise.

The school bell rang, and I knew that Jason was waiting for outside the door. Everybody got out of class, and I slowly putted my head outside the door and looked around. I saw Jason with a smile on his lips, so I repaid his smile and gave him a hug. I hugged him and enjoyed the warm of his body. We let go of each other and kissed shortly.

“I know a beautiful place with beautiful clothes, let’s try that place first.” I said, and pulled Jason in the arm. I could hear his handsome laughter, behind my back.

When we reached “Fashion & Style” I ran inside, but got stopped. Someone pulled my shirt. I looked behind and saw Jason with a weak smile.

“What?” I asked him, while getting out of his grip.

“First, calm down. Second, don’t forget me.” He said crossing his arms, and got mad. I laughed and gave him a kiss on his cheek. It was obvious that he was trying hard not to smile. He’s so obvious. I held his hand and we walked together into the store.

I told Jason that I wanted him to choose what I had to wear and when he was finished, I was gonna try it on and let him judge what I should wear. Just like in the movies.

I got out of the dressing room, and saw Jason sitting on a chair waiting for me. I wore a white loose shirt, and a tight black skirt, with black high heels. I cat walked, but almost fell down when I wasn’t the best to walk in high heels. I could hear Jason’s laughter. I gave him a killing glance and made him shut up.

“No” Jason said, pointing at the dressing room, to go try something else. I went back and tried something else. It was an extremely short, tight and transparent dress, with about a fifteen centimeters high heel. I took grandma steps, afraid to fall.

I stood in front of Jason, and he gave me an elevator glance with big eyes.

“Seriously!?” I yelled at him, embarrassed.

“Turn around.” He said, and I just turned around. He began to flute, and I could feel my cheeks getting tomato red. I couldn’t stand being there in that dress anymore, so I hurried up to leave with my grandma steps.

I hurried up changing to the last piece of clothes, or dress. Before getting out to Jason, I looked myself in the mirror one last time. This dress was actually kind of cute. It was a bronze colored, knee-length and flower patterned dress, with only a five centimeters high heel, this time. I walked over to Jason and he took a look at me and smiled. “Bingo” he said, while getting up.

“Why does everything look so good at you?” He said with flirting look in his eye. I pushed him away and told him to stop. When I turned around to leave, he pulled me over to him and whispered, “Why do I love you so much” and kissed my neck. I turned around to face him, and he began to softly kiss me with his warm, gentle lips.

I remembered something and pushed away a little.

“What?” he asked worried.

“I’m late!!!” I yelled with big eyes.

“Me too!!” Jason also yelled. I bought the dress without getting changed. We ran like horses, the whole way.

“Bye honey!” I yelled at Jason. He winked back while running.

I came running in the house, and my mother started of yelling about why I was so late and that I should hurry up. I quickly ran over to my room, merged my hair, took a little cute handbag and ran down to the living room where my parents waited impatiently.

 I apologies, sat in the car and was prepared to see the ones who brought me to the world.

When we reached the restaurant, I got out of the car and looked around.

We got into the restaurant and one of the waiters showed us to our table. He told us that those that we were gonna meet with arrived about five minutes ago.

For every step I took my heart beast fastened. I suddenly began to sweat. I could feel my whole body shaking and trembling.

 When we reached the table, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I was about to open them again when I heard a voice, I knew very well.

“N-no…” A shaking lovely, deep and gentle voice said. I hurried up opening my eyes.

I saw someone crying.

Someone I knew.


“W-what is this? W-what’s going on?” I said, almost whispered and looked over at my mother and father.

“S-Sarah... J-Jason might be your... B-brother” My mother said trying to hold her tears in. I looked at Jason with big eyes. I couldn’t believe it.

I had a brother…

And it was my boyfriend…

I suddenly felt tears in my eyes forming and slides down my cheeks. Jason suddenly felt down on his knees.

“NO!!” He yelled and cried. It was the first time I saw him crying.

It was the first time I wanted to go over to Jason to hug me but cant.

Suddenly everything went black.

 I couldn’t see a thing.

 I felt dizzy and couldn’t stand on my feet anymore.

 I fainted.  

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