The dance of my mind

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  • Publiceret: 11 mar. 2013
  • Opdateret: 11 mar. 2013
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1. The dance of my mind

Sometimes i wonder what i mean to other people
if they don't have the guts to just walk away
when I push them off the top of their steple
they don't tell me so i wonder, do they want me to stay?

So screwed up that I need you
when you don't seem to care unless
you need the things that i do
or your drunk and a mess

My little twisted mind
is dancing in a hall
its dark but I'm not blind
I know I'll hit the wall

Its a matter of time
before i go black
then you killed my shine
And it'll never come back

The shine that you gave
But you don't know by me
that everything I say
I do for you to see

That my words are far to dumb
and my mind to fucked to explain
I don't want to be one of some
this feeling I thinks its pain

Everything I touch, I fall in deep on place
like a little girl in a store, with joy in her face
And just like that little girl ,and her favourite toy
I kinda think you make the right, my favourite boy

Every toy gets boring, but you still wanna play?
that means that the toy is a keeper, a stay
I know I'm annoying, I feel it when you breath
you don't say it, but I feel it, I know what's underneath

Putting it to words
that would just be great
putting it to words
but instead I'm going hate

Fuck everything
and fuck you too
I hate everything
and everything is you

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