Take Harry Home

Hej Directioners! velkommen til min historie! Denne er baseret på en drøm jeg har haft, helt klart den bedste nogensinde.
Jeg beklager mit dårlige engelsk da man ser det fra Harry's synspunkt, men i må endelig sige til hvis noget er helt galt :)
fortæl endelig hvis i vil have mere af historien !
så læn dig tilbage nyd historien og læs derudaf Hilsen Stina :)


3. The Flight

“Harry…. Harryyy” I opened my eyes. Zayn was sitting on the bed. “It’s time to get up Hazza, we eat breakfast in 5 min, come down when you are ready okay?” I looked at Zayn “I coming give me 3 min” “Okay” he walked out of the room. I opened my closet and took some black jeans on and a white t-shirt. I walked out on the hall and shaked my curly hair. “Harry is here!” said Liam. I sat me next to him. “so have you all slept very well?” and took a look around the table “yeah what about you Harry?” said Zayn. “Great” I smiled. “I know, I could hear you snore inside from my room!” said Louis. Haha lol. Great food was served. I took bread with some jam on, and some tea.


When we were finish, we walked to our rooms and packed our stuff. We should meet on the parking lot about 15 min. I took my bags. Me and Niall followed by. Our bus was great. We could play X-box, play computer and take a nap if we wanted that. Even a popcorn machine. All this was fabulous and I think I was really good to handle the new life since X-factor. Good damn I was so nervous. But I was through. Until the bootcamp. When we stood there for waiting our names maybe would be named up. Waiting was painful. But my name wasn’t on it and Simon said sorry. My heart was broken. Then I came out. I started to cry. I am really a sensitive guy. Mom, step dad and my sister came and we was going to take home. Then suddenly I was asked to come back in again. With 4 other boys. Of course it was Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam. We walked in and we were so nervous. We stood and looked on each other like we didn’t have a clue what’s happening. But we were through as a group. I kneeled on the floor, Niall was behind me. I was so happy. We jumped in a circle. Since then our life has become a fairytale all teenagers want to live. But we came to the live shows and become number third. We performed with Robbie Williams it was so huge. But I was really happy of the third place I think that’s the best place to get. I walked to the couch and sat me beside Louis. He sat with his laptop on the table. I rested my head on his shoulder.

“We are here” Louis clapped me on the cheek. “Let’s get on the plane guys” I said to my boys. I hugged Niall. It was so could outside and we were in May. “Who are fresh to play x-box?” I said. “I am!” said Liam and Niall at the same time. We sat us down and played. Of course Zayn was sitting with his mirror. haha “boys listen, we can’t land near Herning so we lands in Frederikshavn I hope that’s okay so we need to get a bus from there” I didn’t care so we started to play again. We had a great time and had a good flight to Denmark.



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