Take Harry Home

Hej Directioners! velkommen til min historie! Denne er baseret på en drøm jeg har haft, helt klart den bedste nogensinde.
Jeg beklager mit dårlige engelsk da man ser det fra Harry's synspunkt, men i må endelig sige til hvis noget er helt galt :)
fortæl endelig hvis i vil have mere af historien !
så læn dig tilbage nyd historien og læs derudaf Hilsen Stina :)


2. After The Concert

Harry's synsvinkel

The light went off on the stage. I could feel I was very tired but the feeling about the concert was great. I was really proud of my boys. We did a great job today I was thinking. Zayn and Louis walked in front of me. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Niall, he ran up in front of me of course he was still really hyped as always “Harry”! He smiled. I sent him a smile back and clapped him on the shoulder. Now Liam was on the other side. “This show was epic, we know how to party” they started to giggle. Then Louis and Zayn stopped up to wait on us.

We walked in to the light in the big room where all our mates and crew was. They threw themselves up from the chairs then, all started to talk “great job boys! This was amazing. you killed it out there” ! I could still hear the big crowd creaming. I started to giggle. “thanks man” we all gave them high fives.

Paul showed up on the door “boys, we are going to Denmark tomorrow, and we need to go early because of the soundtrack so get some sleep” I nodded  “See ya tomorrow boys”. “night Harry” was they all saying. I turned around and walked to my door. I could still hear the boys “I need some food first” oh yeah that was Niall. I took a fast shower. And got my white t-shirt and some shorts on. Someone knocked on the door, it was Louis “ohh Harry I came to say, thanks for a great night” he smiled. “You too Lou, you was great” I blinked to him. And he smiled back.

Me and Louis relationships is really special and we care so much about each other. Our fans call us Larry Stylinson. He was the funny one and always could make me laugh. Also if I had bad days. “Goodnight” “Goodnight Lou, see you tomorrow”. I walked to my bathroom and brushed my teeth. I checked my phone. Mom wrote me goodnight. I bombed down in my bed. Then, I fell asleep in no time.

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