They Didn't Recognize Me

This is a story about Lotus. All her life she've been bullied and ignorred in class. She always have had some extra weight and according to her class she isn't beautiful.
But one summer she decides to changed it all. Loose weight, dye her hair, start use make-up - be the one she really is. After her transformation and her 16th birhday suddenly the guys start to be interested in her, but she haven't changed her personality. And she haven't forgot her past.
What would happen to Lotus? What would she do with the guys all of sudden liking her?


7. You think I'm a chicken? Let me prove you wrong

I glanced at him as he went around my house. I can't believe that Angelo is in my house, my home! This is so awkward and I can't really do anything about it. He wont leave - I've already tried to kick him out but he's so stubborn! 

I followed him around the house. It was like he was judging how the decorating was and the furnitures. He was silent the whole time and it was like he was liking what was seeing. We went upstairs and still no talking - just silence. He pressed down the hand noble and opened the door.

My room was really messy and I rarely let anyone in here so the fact Angelo now stood in my room was kinda embarrassing. He sat on my bed and put his hand beside him. He raised it and pointed at him as he wanted me to sit there. I hesitated with going over there but after a few seconds I walked over to my bed. I sat there where he pointed me to sit and smiled vague. There was awkward silence but luckily Angelo broke it. "You know.. You're not getting away by embarrassing me in school" he said cold with his dark voice. I felt how nervous I became and I didn't really know what to answer. I knew it had to be something cocky, so I can show him I'm the one to be played with. I thought shortly about what to answer. "Yeah, I kinda learned that after your little episode in the cafeteria" I said and smirked at him. What? Why did I do that?! Omg.. I'm such a mess.'

He just laughed at me and I could see his white teeth shine at me. I pouted my mouth and looked down the floor. He cleared his throat and he glanced up at him again. I saw he bit his lip and raised my eyebrow. He send me an flirtatious look and I just huffed at him. Am I suppose to be all happy and scream of joy because he was flirting with me? How about no.

As he realized what he was doing wasn't working he smiled embarrassed and scratched his neck. I guess he was embarrassed that his little magic trick didn't work on me. Well, too bad!

"I'm sorry? Was I suppose to be all weak in the knees and fangirl because you actually flirted with me?" I asked with a teasing voice. I looked at him waiting for an answer. I sighed at him and decided to stand up and leave him. Well he had walked around the house with me following him, so I guessed he knew the way around this house. I laid my hands on my hips and starred at him. He just laughed at me and it seemed he couldn't stop laughing. I can't be that funny!

"Am I really that hilarious?" I asked him while looking expectant at him to answer. He just bowed his head down and held his hands to support his head with his elbow on his lap. He mumbled something and I cringed. "What did you just say?" I asked. He raised his head and looked weirdly at me. "Nothing.." he replied calm and stood up.

He went towards me and he now stood only a few inches away from me. Our faces was so close to each other I could feel his breath. I looked directly into his dark brown eyes and I was stunned. I couldn't move and I hated it. I felt noxious by being this close to him. I had so much hate towards him and the fact we stood this close made me sick. Although all of this hate I still couldn't move. It was like my feet was glued to the floor and I cringed. Angelo smiled and whispered "Do you wanna know what I said, huh?". I slowly nodded and he smirked. "I said that I wish we were alone so I could make you like me" he whispered and I was stunned by his answer. "Wait.. So you like me? Just after one day?" I asked surprised and looked with big eyes at him. This can't be right - well I hope so.

He just laughed and shook his head. "Of cause not! How could you ever think that!" he said grinning at me. I huffed and rolled my eyes.

"I know you hate me-" he began and I nodded. He smiled and continued "- but I thought it could be funny to make play a little game. The rules are very simple: The first one who fall in love loses"

I gaped at him and questioned his sanity. "Are you mad? This game is ridicules! The first one who fall in love loses? Bollocks! This is a shitty game!" I told him and felt the anger flood around my veins. He grinned and said "I knew you was a hypocrite.. I shouldn't have asked you - you're a chicken who's afraid of everything." He was making fun of me and didn't care at all. He think I'm that weak? Scared? Ha ha. I'm gonna show this cunt I'm not a hypocrite and up for it!

I smiled and rolled my eyes. "Really? I guess you don't know me. Forget what I said before, I'm up for it! Bring it one, Angie!" I defended myself and challenged him. He made big eyes and huffed. He laughed a bit and I could see he was annoyed. "First of all it's ANGELO not Angie! And second of all, I thought you were and little afraid redhead but you proved me wrong, love". He smirked and his smiles couldn't be removed. I don't care what he say – I will call him Angie just to annoy him!

So basically we talked for an hour about nothing at all. Just chatting about school, the teachers and all kind of gossip. He actually laughed once or twice which was new to me. I hadn't hears him laugh since.. Since ever! And I actually laughed a bit too which was really weird considering it was Angelo I was chatting with.
All of sudden I heard a knock on my door. Our eyes went towards the door as it opened. It was my mom and she went into the room. She looked a bit happy but when she saw Angelo her face expression went angry. She looked post yet terrified. "Angelo, right?" she said and he nodded. She nodded like crazy and her whole body was shaking. She held her hands up to her chest and her eyes was running around the room. "U-um.. You need to go - now" she demanded and Angelo nodded. He didn't say anything and just went out of the room.
As he was out of the house my mom took a deep breath and laughed relieved. She calmed herself down and dried the sweat of her forehead. "Thank God he's out of here" she said and smiled. Wait what? I know I hate him, but she doesn't know him? How can she want someone out of the house if she doesn't know the person? There's something completely wrong.
"Mom? What just happened?" I asked worried and walked towards her. She looked down the floor and she avoided any kind of eye contact with me. I cringed my eyebrows and I lightly puffed her shoulder with my hand. My mom stood still as a rock and it was like she didn't even hear me.

"Lotus? Why was that guy in my house?" she asked cold and still looking down.

What was I suppose to answer? He just randomly walked in here and just challenged me? Umm.. No.

"He um.. He just came by to give me my coat which I left back at school" I answered while trying to get her attention. She just nodded and walked closet to me. She cupped my chin and looked me directly in my light blue eyes. She sighed and whispered me in the eye. "Just.. Don't let him in here anymore, sweety. He's danger and he's gonna hurt you". Then she quietly left the room and left me speechless.




What was that all about! I just there awkwardly and didn't know what to do. This doesn't make sense. Why would my mom even think there's anything between me and Angelo? I mean come on! It's Angelo ffs! That guy is not gonna get close to me and not even on friends level! That guy is a player and oh my he can be a pain in the ass! That came out wrong..

But think about it for a second! Me and Angelo? Like ew.. And he's not even nice! You maybe wonder I accepted his challenge and here's the answer: Payback

He's a total douchebag and he needs to know how it feel when someone breaks your heart. Just tear it apart and put liquid poison on it. Stamp on it a little and set it on fire. Then let a pigeon eat the leftovers and bury it 20 feet under the ground. After after years of decomposition then gaffa tape it together again and put it back inside of me.

Okay, this might sound really extreme but Angelo really broke my heart. Not in a love kind of way, no. More like best friends break up- broken heart ish. Yes.. We were best friends back then.

Believe it or not, in kindergarten we were inseparable, we didn't do anything without being near each other. If anyone teased me he would stand up for me and if someone even dared to tease him I stood up him. We were each others security gards. We often played together after school and I remember the day Angelos mom died crystal clear. And after that day we just.. Drifted apart. I think the death of his mom completely broke him to pieces or something else. After that day he changed. Became the one he is today, of cause not all sensual and flirtatious little guy, but you know, that dominating Angelo who couldn't care less about the rest of the world population. It's strange though, I remember my mom talking to someone in the phone that day and she sounded really mad and furious. She was so mad I hid myself under the sheets and wished she didn't find me. I thought she would kill me! She was so mad and I think if someone pressed her button at that time she would break something or set the house on fire. I was so scared..

I threw all the thoughts away and took a deep breath. I looked out of the window and saw it was getting dark. I got myself ready for a bath and undressed myself. I turned on the shower and the water was falling down. I went under and let the hot water drill down my naked body. We washed myself with soap and let the water clean my body. I stepped out and wrapped the dry towel around my chest. I dried myself and got my teeth brushed. I took a pair of underwear on and a black bra on and glanced at myself in the mirror. I brushed my wet hair and walked out of the bathroom. I went directly to bed and covered myself in the cold duvet. I laid myself comfortable and soon the darkness got the hold of me. I surrendered it's power and I soon the darkness took over my body.. 





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