They Didn't Recognize Me

This is a story about Lotus. All her life she've been bullied and ignorred in class. She always have had some extra weight and according to her class she isn't beautiful.
But one summer she decides to changed it all. Loose weight, dye her hair, start use make-up - be the one she really is. After her transformation and her 16th birhday suddenly the guys start to be interested in her, but she haven't changed her personality. And she haven't forgot her past.
What would happen to Lotus? What would she do with the guys all of sudden liking her?


12. The party - Preparation

After the last class the bell rang and I went to my locker, to get my backpack and get the hell out of here. Today was freaking horrible. At first, my mom yelled at me for no effing reason. Then I got to school and what happens? Angie, that proper cunt starts to sexual molest me and tries to kiss me. Then in History class we’re about to do a project about the French revolution and guess who I’m partnered up with? Olivia.

Oh, you guys don’t know her.. Well, she’s an ex-boyfriend of Angelo and she thought at one point Angie was into me, so she kicked the hell out of me, and that resulted in I was sent to the emergency room for some broken rips. How delightful, huh? She couldn’t care less and she continued to bug me and spit me ect. the following weeks until they broke up. After that she forgot all about me and continued with her life, as if the episode with me never happened.

My parents was about to call the police on her, but guess who interfered? Angie. He didn’t wanted for her to get into prison, so he got his dad to ‘talk’ with my parents and then they changed their mind. And by talk, I mean threaten them and stuff. There’s no way that the mafia would just talk to anyone – they always have a way to throw a little threatening and violent into a convocation. No doubt about it.

I never really understood how dumb that girl could be if she actually believed that Angelo liked me. I mean come oooon! A retarded kid could easily figure that one out? I’m just saying.

I said bye to the guys and hugged the girls. I waved and walked down the hall. We had an awful lot of classes today, so the hall was emptied of people. There was no sight of people all the way down the hall which made me frown. Usually there are always a couple of people, but today’s there was no one at all.

“How weird..” I quietly said to myself as I walked through the entrance and went towards my bike, so I could get home.

The sun still shined, but it was still a bit cold. I felt an electric shock go through my body and I felt the goose bumps locate themselves on my skin. I cringed and pulled my jacket on.

I felt a buzz in my pocket in my pants and I stopped walking. I checked it and it showed ‘Angie’. I rolled my eyes and read what he had to say.


To: Lotus

From: Angelo

Hey, wait up!

Turn around ;) xx


I gaped and made big eyes. No. It can’t be.

I slowly turned and saw a familiar face come closer to me. I cringed and sent him the look of death. If he think he can just come back after practically molesting me, he might as well just walked away. The kid must be really fucked up if he thinks that possible. Hell to the no. Never.

I crossed my arms over my chest and raised an eyebrow and stared cold at him as he came closer. He smirked at me and just to make it even worse, the wind blew though his hair so he looked freaking hot. I hate to admit it, but he’s quite good looking. With that Latino look and amazing black hair – he could seduce every girl he wanted and he sure did.

I was so annoyed and I wished to rip that smirking smile off his face and hit him so hard with a shovel. I hate that he’s for some reason happy. When he’s happy, he makes me annoyed, a lot.

“I see you got the text. Then I don’t get you didn’t reply yesterday?” he looked sternly at me and I didn’t really know what to answer. I lifted my finger as a hint to him he should wait a second. I checked my phone, still lifting my finger. I raised my eyebrows and gaped at my phone.


(8) unread messages and (4) missed calls.


“Are you serious?” I asked him astonished. I can’t believe he sent all those texts and called all those times. I guess I pissed him off by ignoring all the texts and calls. I looked up at him, finding him looking at me angry and with narrowed eyes. He huffed at me and rolled his eyes.

Oh my God, what a diva.

I laughed at him and smiled. I made him pissed off and that kind of makes me happy. The fact I actually could do it is quite amazing. He’s not the person you easily play with and when you do, he’s not that easy to make annoyed. He usually just ignores it and smiles about it, but it seems when I do it, he doesn’t like it. Or he hates it. Either way I love it.

“What’s so funny?” he snapped and groaned. I don’t know why, but I continued laughed at him. I could see he was getting more and more annoyed at me and I cleared my throat. I stopped laughing and lightly shook my head.

“What?” he asked again. I giggled and answered “The fact I can piss you off by ignoring you makes me laugh, okay? That’s what cracking me up!  I never thought it was possible, but apparently it is”.

“Is that really so funny?” he asked while raising his eyebrows. I nodded and tried my best to keep my laughter from coming out. His reaction on all this is so hilarious. I can’t imagine that he’s ever been treated like this before in his life. He used to have all this control, but now he doesn’t have it. I have it and it couldn’t be more perfect. With this power I can make him fall in love with me a.k.a win this bet. You can bet on it I’ll defiantly win this.

 “You’re absolutely mental, you know that?” he spat out and grinned. His white teeth were showing as he smiled and a weird feeling appeared him a stomach. It felt kind of good, yet something I’d never felt before. No! It can’t be and it’s not going to be! Ugh. Bad Lotus, bad bad Lotus!

I decided to go all the way with the flirtation and stuff to win this, so I stepped closer to him, looking directly into his brown eyes. He looked surprised at me and chuckled. I sent him a flirtatious look. Or just the sexiest look I could ever send. Not sure how it went but it resulted in Angie biting his lip, so I think it looked good. He smirked and looked briefly around on parking lot to see if there was anyone there. I kept looking into his eyes and I bit my lip to see what I could do to him. Just to tease him a bit.

“What’s up with you today? At the hall you seemed very defensive and now you’re almost throwing yourself at me.” He asked whispering and laid his arms around my waist. He bowed his head down facing me.  I felt his breaths warmth on my skin and I could see he was in some way enjoying this. And it would be a lie to say I didn’t.

“Me?-” I asked dumb and teasingly released myself from him. I blinked at him and giggled. “I’m showing you that you’re not that big of a charmer who can get anyone, just by flirting with them. That I can play this game and I can assure you-“ I said while pointing my finger on his chest. I tapped my finger and smiled. This is so funny. To play with him like this I never knew was possible. But the fact I can? That’s something I shall take advantage of so I can show this little bastard I’m better than him. I bit my lip and ended up whispering in his ear.  “I’m the one winning this”

He gaped at me and I’m sure he didn’t know what to say. To be honest, I wouldn’t either.

After watching all that television and tv dramas, I’ve learned a few snapbacks and other things to say to people. Drama series and stuff like that was my way to ‘upgrade’ my non consisting social skills. And I guess it worked. The little snapback I gave him made him speechless. I chuckled and kept looking into his eyes. All of sudden I turned away from him and walked towards my bike. This will teach him a lesson. I’m not that fragile little girl anymore. I’ve grown into a strong girl and no one is going the get me down. Been there, done that and never coming back. Period.

“Hey! You can’t just leave me again” I heard Angelo shout after me and as I walked I turned around and shouted back “Watch me!”, I sent him a cheeky smile and jumped on my bike and went home.





The day arrived and today was the day it happened. Can you guess what it is? That’s right, my dear! The party was tonight and all day in school the party was the main topic. Everyone talked about it and the ones who didn’t get invited flirted with Angelo all day just to get in. The ones who actually had the invites talked about what they should wear and vice versa. I and the girls decided to go shopping to find the perfect dresses for tonight. Dominic and the guys didn’t understand how important it was to look amazing tonight, so we didn’t bother inviting them with us. Let’s just hope they have something decent in their closets!

After school we went directly to the mall and Kathrine and Jade was the first the find a dress. Kathrine bought a casual black cocktail dress with a golden belt around the waist. Jade bought a while short dress with glitter and tulle everywhere. It was gorgeous. They were gorgeous. Together they’ll rock the party!

As in me and Skylar umma we haven’t found our dressed yet. Kathrine and Jade was amazing at finding dresses and they were fast at finding the perfect dress. It was a slim dark blue dress with a white and black striped cardigan which went down over her butt. She looked stunning. As they all got bought the dressed they got picked they turned to me.

“So Lotus.. What are we going to do with you” Jade asked while looking at my body and thinking. Kathrine joined her and they whispered things to each other. I raised a eyebrow and looked curious at them. Skyla umma decided to join them too and it seemed like they had a pretty good idea about what looked good on as. That’s good, because I have no idea.

“I’m thinking a plain black dress with a leather jacket as a feature, maybe?” Kathrine thought out loud.

“Yes! And with some awesome necklaces and maybe curl your hair?” Skylar umma added and smiled.

“Oh my God! You genius, Skylar! And with a pair of high heels you’ll look just perfect” Jade said and chuckled.

“Oh yes! Then Lotus look you beautiful and I’ll be one proud umma” Skylar umma said and beamed. Her eyes were glowing as the lights on the Christmas tree Christmas morning. She looked all proud and I haven’t even tried it on yet.

I just glared at the girl figuring out what I was going to wear and I smiled. I surprised them with a big hug and they all squealed and laughed. “Thank you so much girls! You’re the best” I said and hugged them all tightly. “You’re welcome, sweety” Kathrine said and gave me a comforting smile. “Yeah, you deserve to look amazing tonight! Especially when Angelo is there, right?” Jade teased and giggled.

I rolled my eyes and was about to defend myself as Skylar umma cut me off. “Exactly Jade! No worries there, Lotus! The guy is so into you, he’s never been this eager to get a girls attention since that other Lotus girl went here and he teased all the time. I’m sure he had a crush on that girl too!” Skylar umma cried out and bursted out in laughter.

Huh?! Excuse me? They think WHAT!? Oh my.. They’re not sane, at all. If they actually believe that Angelo liked me after what he did. Or.. I don’t know for sure, but what I do know is he was there when I woke up. And even though he had bullied me like crazy all these years, he was there when I woke up back then. I don’t remember what happened but he was there, so it had to be him!

“Wait? What girl?” I asked in confusion and tried to maintain my cover of being new here. Jade changed her mood and said coldly “You know.. The girl we talked about? At the fair?” she gave me hints and I nodded. I oh’ed and smiled stiffly. The girl at the fair-subject was very diligent and none of us wants to talk about it, which is perfect for me.

When we were done talking we found the dress and the other accessories and I put it all on. As I stepped out of the changing room I saw the girls gaping at me and smile widely. I turned towards the mirror and glanced at myself. I actually looked very good and I giggled. I’ve never seen myself as beautiful so this was kind of a shock to see me as this. All covered in amazing clothes and liking what I see in the mirror. I smiled and turned towards the girls who stood clung together in a little chunk. They all smiled and complimented me. I nodded and accepted all the compliments.

I can’t wait to see Angelo’s face when he sees me like this. For some reason his opinion actually mean something to me, and I can only pray he’ll like it. The girls all said the guys at the party would swoon and be all jelly when they’re seeing me. I just laughed as response and after a few minutes of chatting about boys, we went to checkout and pay for it all. I paid of cause for myself; I was loaded already with money from my parents, so it would be weird if I didn’t pay. I felt a buzz in my pocket and I quickly checked it.


To: Lotus

From: Angelo

Wow you look stunning! ;D

Can’t wait for tonight x


I chuckled and smiled. I guess he have been secretly stalking me around to mall and I didn’t really care. I’m getting used to his weird behavior towards me, so this wasn’t a surprise.

Can’t wait for tonight. 






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