They Didn't Recognize Me

This is a story about Lotus. All her life she've been bullied and ignorred in class. She always have had some extra weight and according to her class she isn't beautiful.
But one summer she decides to changed it all. Loose weight, dye her hair, start use make-up - be the one she really is. After her transformation and her 16th birhday suddenly the guys start to be interested in her, but she haven't changed her personality. And she haven't forgot her past.
What would happen to Lotus? What would she do with the guys all of sudden liking her?


6. The conversation

I can't believe I actually accidently accepted his friend request. I just gaped and I didn't know what to reply. "U-uhm.. " I mumbled and pouted. What am I suppose to say or more like, write? I tapped on the keyboard and replied him. I bit my lip nervously.

" Hi "


I didn't really know what else to write, so I decided to keep simple. Why complicate it more then it already is? After a few seconds and he replied. Wow! That was quick boy!


"So Lotus.. Do you think you'll get away by humiliating me in front of the whole school huh?"


I looked surprised at the answer and said without a sound 'omg'. I raised my eyebrows and took a deep breath. That boy is going down! He's not so untouchable and great as he think he is. He's just a.. Can you guess it? That's right! A proper cunt!

I bit my lip angrily and hard. I replied him and waited laughing for his answer. 


"Maybe? I thought you didn't care about such things? As I can't tell you're a proper cunt. Sorry, but you had to be told some day and I thought 'why not today?' "


I grinned and smiled. This might sound a bit weak as a payback answer but how could I know how to be mean on purpose and I'm still learning this! It's hard you know? I'm not really used to mean and snappy. Angelo quickly replied and I was stunned by his reply.


"So the new girl snaps back? Wow I didn't see that one coming. But you know you're walking on thin ice? You don't know me but I can get your families house burned down just by snapping my finger "


Omg. That freaking douchebag of a guy! Ugh! Sometimes I wish I could give him a highfive - in the head - with a chair - made out of steel dipped in poison and covered in spikes. Yeah you heard me. This might sound evil but that guy deserves it!


"Oh really? But I think you actually like me "


I don't really know why I replies him that but after I realized what I had written and had a mini heart attack. He COULD get my house burned down and he had actually done it before. Long story shorten down, he didn't got what he wanted so he got his dad to burne down this particular persons house down. Harsh right?


"Hahaha! Don't count on that, love "


Oh he didn't! HELL NAHW! He freaking called me love!? Omg! I wish I could slap him in that exact moment. That little childish brat has no right to call me 'love' and I reckon he just wanna piss me off. Well, mission accomplished. 


"Well why are you so eager to talk to me and make out with me then? I think someone's got a crush "


I smiled at my response and I wish I could see his reaction. That would be priceless! 


"Sweety, I don't have a crush on you I'm sorry to ruin your little dream


I groaned at his response and pouted yet again. He's good at these shapbacks and I can't follow up on that. But I'm not giving up, darling! I'm not that small innocent girl anymore. That little girl has growned up.


" 'Sweety', I don't have any dream about you but I'm concerned you might have one about me Just to clear it up, there no chances there, you might as well drop the chase and go on to some of the slutty girls you always hang out with "


I was satisfied with my answer and and yawned loud. I looked at the clock and it was about 4 o'clock. I felt my stomach complaine and making noises like a dying whale or something. I cringed and looked at the little chat box. I decided to shut my laptop and ignore the conversation with Angelo. I stood up and went down the stairs towards the kitchen. It was standing just as my mom left it and I looked in the fridge. I found an untouched sandwich and I took it. I put it in a plate and took a glass of water. I went to the living room and sat down in the black leather couch. I turned on the tv and changed the channel to Disney Channel. I took a bite and enjoyed the mixed flavors of cabage, cucomber, miracle whip ect. 

After my oppinion you never get old for Disney! But lately the shows are just getting worse and worse and remember when I was little the shows were amazing! That's So Raven, Phil From The Future, Hey Arnold, Hannah Montanna, Lizzie McGuirre and so on. It's so sad this generation of kids never gets to watch there shows. They're so much better than Jessie, A Pair Of Kings, My Nanny's A Vampire, A.N.T ect. They're just pretty boring if you put the old disney shows right beside the new disney! The old disney for the what!

After I ate my sandwich I just saw some more tv. Yeah, this is my exciting life. I couldn't take anymore disney, so I just watched a bit of Doctor Who. Just to inform y'all.. Doctor Who is the best tv show ever! Go watch it and I promise you that you'll never regret it. 

I heard an knock on the door and I had a mini heart attack. I shook my hands to get the leftovers from my sandwich away and I dryed them in my shirt. I went out of the living room and though the kitchen. Then I went to the hall and pressed down the hand noble. I opened the door slowly and and familiar face appeared. I gaped and I felt a pair of hands around me. I just couldn't believe what was happening. The thoughts flew around my mind and this was so surreal. 

"Heeeey! I can see you've missed me?" a dark voice said and gave me a nuggie. I cringed and I felt the disgusting arms still holding me. Ew,, Go away! 

I escaped the persons grip around me and shook vage. I combed my hair with my fingers and felt like snapping back at him. I looked up at the face and looked at it's male face. His skin was latino brown and his brown eyes was looked directly into mine.I could see his mucles was marked strongly and I could just imagine the power he had in those arms.  I raised my eyebrows and sighed. "Why are you here?

He laughed at me and a smile came up on his face. I could see his white teeth and his dimples were showing. Ugh! Why does he have to have freaking dimples? They're like the cutest thing ever! 

"Why can't I be allowed to visit my best friend without her interrogating me?" he asked and smirked. I rolled my eyes and sighed loud. Why does he have to be like this? We're not best friends!

"Omg! We're not best friend, okay? Can't you just go home and bother someone else?" I asked him annoyed and looked up into his eyes. He grinned at my response and petted my arm. I shook his arm off me and cringed. 

"Na-ah! I'm here to stay, love" he just answered me cold and walked by me and into the hall. Why does he have to call me love ffs!  I looked astonished at him as he walked by me, I groaned loud and stopped him with my hand on his shoulder, 

"What are you doing here? What do you want?" I aksed him fast and cold. He turned and send me a smile. 

"Because-" he began and bowed down on his knees. "I wanna see where you live, redhead". I rolled my eyes and took a deep breath. He just smirked at me and grinned. "And by the way, if you haven't forgot - I'm Angelo and I'm the boss everywhere." I rolled my eyes and closed the door. Why can't he just a normal kid and actually be POLITE? But I don't think he'd ever heard of it so demanding him being it would be mean, as he don't know what it is.

This is just awkward. 

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