They Didn't Recognize Me

This is a story about Lotus. All her life she've been bullied and ignorred in class. She always have had some extra weight and according to her class she isn't beautiful.
But one summer she decides to changed it all. Loose weight, dye her hair, start use make-up - be the one she really is. After her transformation and her 16th birhday suddenly the guys start to be interested in her, but she haven't changed her personality. And she haven't forgot her past.
What would happen to Lotus? What would she do with the guys all of sudden liking her?


8. Missing dad, the friends and party invites

"Lotus? Wake up!" my mom yelled from the entrance of my room. I groaned and threw my arms around my face. I really couldn't bother school today, but that's not really a choice I can make. School is by law something all kids have to go through so there's nothing there I can do. I took a deep breath and let the light into my eyes. I blinked frequently and my eyes filled up with water.

I sat up rubbed my eyes and moaned in protest. Why does school have to be so freaking early? It should be illegal to demand young people to get so early up in the morning!

I yawned and felt some chills. I removed my lovely hot duvet. I felt a cold breeze blew by my naked body and a chock went through my body. I went to the bathroom to get ready.

"Eeew.." I mumbled. I cringed in discuss when I saw my mirror reflection. My hair was pointing in every possible direction and I looked really like a zombie with those dark shadows under my eyes. My skin was pale as ice just as always but today my face was oddly white. I look so sick, but I felt completely fine. I shook my body and yawned again. I washed my face and brushed my teeth. Then afterwards I brushed my hair and put on the usual make-up. I took a deep breath and went downstairs. I went into the kitchen where I found my mom smiling big and happily at me. I smiled thoughtful back and went directly to the fridge. I searched after some decent food, but after time I decided I would lower the standards. I decided to just search after something eatable instead of something that actually tastes good. I mean, I can't expect my mom to have any kind of delicious food. It's my mom ffs!? She has no knowledge about food and doesn't really care about food. She just eats whatever that’s on sale and she sees food as a need for the human beings, not pleasure, which I do.

After some 'thoughtful' moments of deciding what food I should eat, I just randomly grabbed whatever it was and took a bite. It turned out to be an apple and I nodded accepting. This is eatable!
After I had finished it I threw the leftovers out and smiled to mom who was already glancing at me. Her light blue eyes were staring into to mine and she took a sip of her hot coffee. How could she be this happy? She was mad and sobbing yesterday, but she's oddly happy. I think it’s good for her to be happy, but after what happened yesterday I think something’s terribly wrong. After a little episode my mom usually cries for days, because she is really weak on that point.

Fortunately I got the strong genes from my dad, who rarely cries. I’ve only seen my dad cry ones, and that was when my grandparents died in a car crash when I was like 7. I looked up at my dad and there it was. A little teardrop and I was astonished. As a little girl seeing her dad crying broke my heart and I started to cry as well so my dad lifted me up and I sat at his lap and I tugged myself into his shoulders. And we sat like that for a while and my mom wasn’t there because of her work crazy schedule. We didn’t talk, we didn’t look at each other, we just enjoyed the embrace of each other. That was just what my dad needed at that point, so I just followed his unspoken instructions and remained silent. I guess that was one of the breaking points in my dad’s life – the death of his parents. As 25 years old to be left alone on this planet, without any kind of support systems is tough. But with a wife who always works, including a daughter is extremely tough. I know my dad loved my mom but their relationship wasn’t all cheesy pictures and love. Not like in the movies where everyone is happy. No, to be that happy is impossible. And if those families exist can I say, without any regret or remorse of the following statement, that is just some really good acting. There’s no way a family can be that happy. There will always be one fucked up person in the family who fucks everything up and ruins the family.

And in my case that person would be my mom.

That might sound harsh, but she completely broke my dad when he was alive. He used to be the happiest man alive and think everything is amazing. My mom used to sing all the time and all the men in the town would be jealous at my dad. Why you may ask? Well, my mom was the most popular girl in school when she was young, and every guy, also the married ones, would adore her and wish she was theirs. She was the dream of every guy in the town and because of that she got what she wanted. Even after graduation she had everyone tied around her little finger. After she married my dad and they got pregnant with me the looks and stuff kind of calmed down. But there was this guy who wouldn’t let go of her. His name I can’t remember, but it had an Italian or Mexican origin. He was all over my mom and even though she kept telling him she was married and had a child, he didn’t stop at all. He just kept giving her flowers, open the door for her and kiss her hands to get her to like him. But my mom didn’t like him, and soon that guy stopped too. My dad didn’t care about all those lovers of hers, he trusted her enough to make the right decisions. Then we lived really happy for a while. But then my mom got an job offer so good, she couldn’t reject -  A job as CEO at the regional newspaper. She was so happy, but the working hour was crazy! So at the age of 6 I lost my mom. And to top that, I lost my dad too. He was heartbroken and. He missed my mom terribly. Therefor he went into a depression and until the day he died his heart was broken. And my mom hadn’t noticed anything.  She just thought everything was great and our family life was terrific! Even I could see he was down all the time and the love of his life couldn’t? My point has been proved. After he died my mom had to quit, to take care of me and I know she hates me for that. For ruin the career opportunity of her life.

“Lotus? LOTUS?!” I heard my mom shout for my attention. I realized I’ve been inside my own bobble of thoughts and memories. I looked around the room to locate where I was, because in my moment of thought I went completely into my own world. The world of my own and my mom broke the contact. I blinked multiple times and after a short recognition of where I was I looked up at my mom. My mom was stirring at me and I could see he anger in her eyes. She despise when she talks to someone and they don’t listen. So as you can guess I do that all the time. I know it’s wrong, but I can’t stop myself from doing it. Sometimes I just like see my mom be annoyed and when the opportunity arrives I just do it. No thoughts what so ever, I just do it and I love it.

“What?” I answered with a cold voice and to be honest I couldn’t care less about her. She broke my dad and I’ll never forget that. I know you were supposed to love your mom because she’s a role model for the female child and blah blah blah! Sorry, but my mom’s the worst role model ever! I’d rather have Paris Hilton as role model then!  At least she knows how business works and how to manipulate to media.

She just huffed and pointed up to the clock with her finger. I looked up and had a mini heart attack. It showed 07:50. I made big eyes and quickly jumped into my black converse. I brought my jacket with me and got it on. He opened to door and I could hear my mom laugh at me. Gee, thanks mom. I grabbed my backpack and jumped on my bike. Luckily, I had my phone in my pocket, so no worries there.

I bicycled as fast as I could and I glanced at the landscape as I went by. It looked so beautiful. She sun shined at my face and the wind blew through my hair. I smiled and soon I was at the school. I locked my bike and went inside. I didn’t see anyone outside, so I just assumed they all were inside the school. I took a deep breath and looked around all the people in the hall way. It was almost filled yet I could see all the cliques be together - All the jocks, the mafias, the cheerleaders, the female geeks and geeks, the media freaks and the drama people. This might sound mean, but that’s just how it is in this school. And everyone knows it and has just adapted themselves to it. Nothing there’s to change. And then there’s me. I just sat in the corner and was all by myself. I never really spoke to anyone, only the teacher in class or maybe I defended myself a bit from the bullies. Nobody ever spoke to me; only that one trip to the fair people actually noticed me. And then I disappeared from it all and came back for good. But everyone doesn’t know that part of the story.

I went to my locker and luckily Angelo and his little ‘gang’ wasn’t there. I opened to locker and found my books. Then I went to class and found a spot in the back where I could sit. I didn’t really bother any kind of human contact today, because I had a horrible morning. So I just looked down the table and wished the day would just end. So I could go home and get away from it all. Exercise a bit and get the thoughts away from the madness, I have gotten myself into. All the drama with Angelo, the mom situation, the new friends-things and so on. This is all so new things to me and I don’t know if I can get used to it. But I need to make a try. As my dad used to say ‘Never give up when it’s hard. Just take a deep breath and go through it anyway – what’s there to loose anyway?.’ My dad always said the cold hard truth and that’s one of the things I loved so much about him. He didn’t want to lie, because he knew that it would hurt the person more, if you lied to them. So he always told the truth – even though it could be a hard one to embrace.

“Lotus! Hey, earth to Lotus, are you there?” I heard a familiar shout from the corner of the room – it was Skylar umma. I sighed and turned my head. I looked at Skylar and realized they’ve been calling me for some time. She went over to me and smiled. She sat next to me and started to blabber about SHINee and how amazing Minho is. I’ve checked them out and I like Teamin. He’s their maknae, I think it’s called that, and therefore it apparently wrong to think he’s hot. But I think he’s cute and hot anyway. He got those adorable cute eyes! Aww, just like a puppy or something!

After class we met with everyone and sat down at our table. “Lotus? Is it just me or are you kind of sad today?” I heard Dominic ask me with his dark voice. I could hear he was worried about me and the face expression he had made me sure of it. I sighed and answered him. “Me? No need to worry, dude. I’m fine, don’t bother about me” I said and smiled a bit. It wasn’t one of those ‘OMG! So happy xoxo’ smiles, but just a comforting smile so he wouldn’t worry about me. Dominic raised his eyebrow and looked suspicious at me. I guess he didn’t believe in me and to be honest I wouldn’t either, so I get his point of view. He sighed loud and mumbled “Whatever you say”. I ate my food and listened to what they all were talking about. Apparently Angelo was throwing a party and his parties were known to be the best ones in the whole regional. It was hard to get into the parties or get an invite, so if you get one you’re apparently an ‘lucky fucker’ as Ryan put it. I just laughed at him. And according to them I was one of his ‘friends’ so I have to try to get them an invite. Those invites was crucial – a invite aka instant popularity. And they all wanted that so guess what they’re begging me for at this exact moment.

“Pleeeease? I know he’s a total prick, but this could change our lives you know?” Micky cried out and was literally on his knees. All I did was laughed at him and it seemed he couldn’t hold it anymore and laughed with me. He got back up and walked over to me. He stood very close to me and took my hands up to his. He looked me straight in the eyes and giggled at bit. I was doing the best I could to hold in my laughter and it was going pretty good. “Lotus? Lotus-baby?-“ he began and I giggled at him. He’s so adorable, but only as friends level though. “Will you please try get us some invites?” he asked and said ‘please’ with more passion than ever. I looked expectant into my eyes and I could feel the looks of the rest of the group. I thought about it and sighed. “I’ve got one question” I spat out and pouted my mouth. They all looked at each other in hope and smiled. “When is the party?” I asked and laughed. They all hooted and howled like at a football game or something. Kathrine, Skylar Umma and Jade laughed loud and their smiles was huge. Skylar Umma was jumping and clapping her hands like we just won the Olympics. I was surprised it meant so much to them, but I hadn’t given them any real answer yet, so why so happy already?

“Wait!” I heard Milo shout and shush on everyone. They all calmed down and quiet down. He cleared his throat and looked very seriously at me. He interlaced his fingers into his and raised them up to his mouth. “Lotus?” he asked simple and looked at me with those big green eyes. “Mh-hm?” I mumbled as an answer. He took a deep breath and asked me again. “Are you gonna get us those invites or what?” he asked very simply and smiled a bit. I nodded and smiled. They all started to jump a bit and I didn’t understand why they would do that! We’re still in the cafeteria and everyone was looking at us. Skylar ran over to me and hugged me tightly. I felt a pat on my shoulder and saw Sebastian nod accepting at me. I smiled at him and he send me one back. I guess what I was going to do was helping them out in a such weird way, that they didn’t care about anything else but that invite. I’m glad to make them happy though, but on the other hand I’m fucked. My relationship, if you can call it that, with Angelo is pretty bad and how am I supposed to get those invites? I’m so screwed and I can’t really do anything about it. A promise is a promise and that’s it. This is going to be an interesting conversation with Angelo today. 





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So what do you think it gonna happen with Lotus?

What is she gonna do with Angelo and the party invites?

Is she gonna ask him or just ignor the promise she made?


Find out in the next chapter of They Didn't Recognize Me





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