They Didn't Recognize Me

This is a story about Lotus. All her life she've been bullied and ignorred in class. She always have had some extra weight and according to her class she isn't beautiful.
But one summer she decides to changed it all. Loose weight, dye her hair, start use make-up - be the one she really is. After her transformation and her 16th birhday suddenly the guys start to be interested in her, but she haven't changed her personality. And she haven't forgot her past.
What would happen to Lotus? What would she do with the guys all of sudden liking her?


3. I'm in trouble


Angelo kept looking at me with that flirtatious smile, but I smiled fake at him. I felt the eyes of the slutty girls right at me and I took a deep breath. I looked up at him and said with an innocent voice "So you are?". He laughed and learned towards me. He laid his arm up against the locker and smashed the lockerdoor hard. It said the well-known sound 'click' and I knew it was one closed. Angelo looked intense at me and moved his head towards my face. I looked in horror at him and raised my hand to give him a slap in the face, if he dared to kiss me. I bit my lip and felt how scared I was. He is not going to kiss me? And if so, I'm gonna slap him! He has no rights to steal my first kiss! 

I looked at him and my look followed his actions. He moved his hair closed to my ear and I could feel his breath in my ear. I felt a static chock trough my body and I looked at my arms, where some goosebumps have located themselves. I turned my face away from him but a strong hand cupped my chin and held it tightly. I felt how scared I was, or rather frightened I was. Omg, please don't kiss me or rape me! I beg you, Angelo! Please? 

Angelo smiled and I heard a little laugh escape his mouth. I shaked my heard in despise and I looked him straight into his eyes. His dark brown eyes already looked into mine and a smile came up on his lips. He smiled at my reaction and I didn't understand anything. Why would he smile? Do that scumbagg this is funny!? Fuck you! 

I took a deep breath and cleared my throat. I gathered some courage and looked into his eyes again. "Dude, I don't really enjoy what you're doing right now, so would you please fuck off and leave me alone?" I asked him and he looked surprised at me. He looked insulted and gutted his plan about scoring me didn't work. I get him I would be surprised too if a new girl told him that after known him for 5 minutes. 

I untied myself from his grip and pushed him away. I heard the guys from the other side of the hall start laughing and one of them yelled “Angelo, I don't think she wants the d!' and continued laughing. I didn't want to be near him anymore. And why? Because Angelo is a proper cunt! He always think he can get anyone and thinks he sooo handsome and blah blah blah! I hate him! He's such a horrible person and yes, he was one of them who bullied me. I remember one day back in 4th grade, when he kicked me so hard in the stomach that I was in the hospital for 3 days! And his response to that was “Not my fault she was in my way” and walked out of the principals office. Oh my gosh! You get why I hate him? 

As I finally unleashed myself from his arms I heard the bell ring and all of sudden millions of students went out of the classrooms and filled the hall. I saw Angelo leave me with an angry look on his face and walk over to his friends. I turned towards my locker and found my books and other school related stuff. I went to down the hall and found the room I was suppose to have class in. I pressed down the door handle and went in. I looked around and saw my whole class just staring at me like I saw a hot steak on a plate. I raised my hand and waved at them. I smiled awkwardly and I felt all my shyness from last year come crawling back. Would they recognize me? Are they recognizing me? And what are they gonna do if they realize it's me? Ahh! I'm so freaking nervous! Help me? They kept looking at me and an awkward silence came between us. There were like 5 guys all looking quite good and 4 girls. I couldn't really recognize them. Have I been transferred to a new class or what's going on? This isn't what I thought would happen. 

The silence between was so embarrassing and I looked down the floor. Luckily one of the guys broke the silence. “Hi! You're new, aren't you? I'm Micky and these guys are Sebastian,Ryan, Milo and Dominic. And these loooovely ladies is Kathrine, Skylar and Jade. And um.. Welcome to Treaton High!” he said while smiling widely and showing with his hands, that I should go over to them. I smiled polite and went over to them. I didn't really recognize them at first, but after I had a better look at them some memories came up. It was those guys and girls from the other class, who always treated me well. A good feeling filled me up inside and I smiled widely – maybe just as big as Mickys smile. I gave them all a hand shake and I felt welcome and safe around them. That I could be myself around and just have fun without being scared of being made fun of. All of them welcomed me and throughout the class they just casually talked and asked questions about me It seemed like they liked me! Yay! Especially Skylar liked me quite well, she didn't let me go anywhere without her being with me. She quickly told me about how much she loved k-pop and she told me to call her Skylar umma instead of just Skylar. I just laughed at her, but after a whole day with her and correcting me every time I said Skylar and not Skyar umma. She's one of a kind! 

After the class we went to the cafeteria to get lunch. All of us went into the line to the food and while I stood there an familiar showed up. Oh no! It was Angelo! As soon as I saw him I turned around and begged he didn't recognize me. I mumbled “Nonononoooo...” and bowed down my head. I saw Dominic started to laugh and asked me worried “Who are you hiding for? You can't already have an enemy after just 2 hours!”. He giggled and couldn't stop smiling. I shushed him and put my finger on front of my pouting lips. 'Shhh! Don't talk that loud!” I complained and sent him a insecure look. His face expression changed quickly and went closer to me. “So,” he began while trying to control his laughter. “Who is it you´re hiding from? It can't be that bad.. Well, it can but that's only if it's Angelo you've pissed off!” he said with an low voice. I stammered and lifted my eyebrows. “U-um.. W-what if it's him I accidentally, maybe,not intentionally rejected him and made him really m-mad?” I slowly told him and neighed like a horse. Dominic looked at me as if I all of sudden flied up into the sky. He was speechless and I know he was about to warn me about him. Who wouldn't? It's freaking ganster son Angelo we're talking about! 

I waited for an response, but after some time I lightly shook him and asked him really worried “Are you okay?”. Dominic shook his head and cleared his throat He bowed his head down again and asked me very simple. “What did you do?”. I knew what I did was the worst thing I could eve do, but I can't be that bad can it? After we got our food we walked pretty fast over to a free table. We didn't want Angelo to see me because that would just make some unnecessary drama.  We all 10 people sat down and Dominic suddenly everyone and let them have their attention towards him. He sat up and looked worried around on everyone. “What's wrong?” Ryan asked and the rest of them followed with loads of answers. “Yeah, what's wrong?” Kathrine asked and everyone began to make noise. Dominic looked expectant at me and I knew what he wanted me to do, so I whistled. Everyone shut up and looked at me. I cleared my throat and smiled tight. “Um.. You all know Angelo, right?” I asked and everyone nodded. “How do you know him? You only started today” Skylar asked me concerned. I took a deep breath. “Well, I'm coming back to that! But um.. I kinda pissed Angelo off this morning..” I spat out and pressed my eyes together. “No way!” “Nooooo!” “No! Why!?”. Everyone asked me questions at the same time and my thoughts flew around in my head. Oh my God! What have I done? “SHHH!” Dominic shushed and everyone became quite. “Thank you! So.. What did you do?”. I'm neighed like a horse again and didn't know how to say it. Should I just say I rejected him, because I know he's a complete jerk and bullied me? No, after what they have been told I just started today and don't know any of the students.

“Um.. He tried to flirt and kiss me, but I kinda rejected him and said he should fuck off” I spat out and waited for an response. Luckily Jade broke the silence and said “How could you be so stupid?”. I lifted my shoulders and looked embarrassed around at all 9 people. “Oooooh! That doesn't sound too good, Lotus!” Sebastian cried out and laughed. “Yeah..” I responded and looked down to avoid their looks. I burried my face into Skylar ummas shoulders and laughed. “Oh my God! I know it's the most stupid thing I could ever do!” I cried out and whined. ”You don't say?” Skylar umma answered with ironi. I laughed at her and all of sudden I heard a familiar voice yell something. I turned my face towards where the sound came from and that was one of the stupidest thing I could ever do. As I turned my face Angelo yelled so loud the whole cafeteria could hear him.

”You!” he yelled and pointed at me. I looked gaping and not being able to move. I my look was pointed straight at Angelo who was on his way towards our table. ”Lotus? LOTUS!” Skylar umma whispered in my ear and at last I could move again. I quickly turned my head and tried to ignore his voice. ”Hey! You redhead!” I heard him shouting at me from a distance and I put my hands on my face in the believe he wouldn't find me. How childish is that?

I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turning my head quickly around. I saw Angelo standing behind me with a cheeky smile on his face. I sighed and stood up. I laid my arms over cross and asked him cold ”What do you want?”. Angelo lifted his eyebrow and huffed at me. What is wrong with that kid? You would think he would change but every year he always conviss me that that wont happen. Ever.

”So.. You're hanging with these kids?” he said and obviously talking about the 9 people I sat down with. I can't really remember all their names, but I know I'll learn 'em soon!  I nodded, still trying to look cold and to show I don't care about him. And I actually think it worked. He looked pretty pist and he looked like a mafia boss or something in that exact moment! He drew his hand trough his dark brown hair and smiled to me. I lifted my eyebrow and huffed at him. Oh my good Lord, can you please get him away from me? 

”Why are you with these people when you can sit with us?” he asked and smirked at me. Are you freaking kidding? OMG! I can't take that childish duchebag! Ahh, get him away from me.

”Becuase you're a jerk and I'd rather jump out of the window  then sit with you and you 'ganster'” I snapped back at him and I heard everyone in the cafeteria gasp. After a few seconds I just realized what I just said and gasped. I looked gaping at Angelo who smiled widely. He laughed for a brief moment and took a step closer to me. I felt a noxius feeling going around my stomach and I felt sick just by being near him. Ew.

”Oh really? That can be arranged.” he said joking and I heard his fellow 'gansta' friends laughed. I huffed yet again at him and felt like I've never felt before. I felt powerful and like I had him where I wanted. That I could say the worst things to him, but he would never hurt me in any way.

”Really? Yeah, I don't have time for that. And I'm kinda sick and tired of you, so would you mind leaving me alone?” I snapped and sat down at the table. I turned my face towards the 9 people at the table and I could see their were gaping and couldn't say a word. I turned my head back looking at Angelo who smiled weirdly at me. What's up with him? He think he can do whatever he want with everyone and I'm sick of it! I think it's healthy for him to see that the world doesn't revovle around him.  I saw him walk towards me and he went close to my face. He whispered me in the ear and said ”You think you can get away from this? You're gonna pay for this”. He stood up again and leaved us. I rolled eyes and turned my face back to the table. I saw Skylar umma looking frightened and her eyes was as big as a cup! ”What's wrong?” I asked everyone and looked around. Ryan cleared his throat and looked thoughtful at me. He laughed low and said ”You're so much in trouble”. I guess he't right – I'm so much in trouble.

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