They Didn't Recognize Me

This is a story about Lotus. All her life she've been bullied and ignorred in class. She always have had some extra weight and according to her class she isn't beautiful.
But one summer she decides to changed it all. Loose weight, dye her hair, start use make-up - be the one she really is. After her transformation and her 16th birhday suddenly the guys start to be interested in her, but she haven't changed her personality. And she haven't forgot her past.
What would happen to Lotus? What would she do with the guys all of sudden liking her?


2. First day of school


It was half eight in the morning and my mom sneaked into my room like a ninja and woke me. She rushed me lightly and whispered "Wake up hun" in my ear. I moaned loud and threw my arms around my face. It felt like my eyes were burning because my mom freaking turned the light on! Woman, don't you know you're not suppose to do that!? I continued moaning because I was so tired! I was up late yesterday.. Well, I'm always up late. I don't like sleeping.. I know you all will judge me on that, but I just don't like the feeling not doing anything and just.. You know, be lazy and don't do anything useful.
I stretched out and sat up on my soft, lovely, amazing.. Wait - I better stop.. If you haven't noticed I love my bed :3
I sat up and looked around my room. Nothing new, just the old, boring room as always. I stood up and went over to my dresser and looked after some clothes. I saw a pair of demin pants and a plain white shirt. I took it out of my dresser and also took my leather jacket on. Usually I never wear my leather jacket, but today I thought why not do something new?
I went to the toilet - my private toilet. Yeah you heard me, I got my own toilet! Lucky me! I brushed my hair and teeth - of cause not the same brush, that would just be.. Gross. I changed clothes and put on my usually makeup - eyeliner, mascara and some eye shadow. I winked at myself and smiled. Yeah, I have a thing with doing that.
After my morning routine I went down the stairs and went left into the kitchen. I took an apple and a glass of water. I drank it and quickly ate my apple. I threw the leftovers from the apple out and ran to my front door. My mom was no to see, so I just reckoned she already was on her way to work. Today it was my first day of school in this semester and I actually I was excited, strange right?
I found my black converse and put them on. I took my backpack and went out of the house. The hot sun shun on my face and a brise blew across my face. I smiled and looked around the streets. There were no cars, only some children riding their bikes. I stretched my shoulders and walked over to my bike. I stopped and I looked horrid at my pocket. I forgot my phone! I screamed in horror and made big eyes. I mumbled 'Shiiiit' and ran inside the house again. How can I forget my phone!? I ran up the stairs and almost kicked the door open. I walked around my room ans searched after my phone. 'Where are you, little phone?' I sad softly, in the believe the phone would be me and magically appear. I looked around and finally saw a black, metal cover I knew so well. It's my phone! I walked quickly over to the location where it was and unplugged it from the charger. I smiled and jumped of happiness. I found my lovely phone! I kissed it and pressed on the turn-on button. While it was turning on I ran down the stairs and felt how bad my condition actually was. I was tired after two trips up and down the stairs - that can't be good!
Finally it was turned on and I made my security pattern. I put it in my pocket and ran over to my bike. I jumped on it and after a few minutes I were at my school. I felt my nervousness starting to appear and my stomach turned. I cringed at the thought of school and after some minutes of convincing myself to go in there, I took a deep breath and thought to myself "Would they recognize me?". You probably don't understand why I thought that, so let me explain.
All my life I've always been bullied and the school and my parents have tried to do anything to prevent it, but it haven't really stopped. I was bullied with my weight, looks, that I was stupid (even though I'm one of the smartest in class), that I don't deserve to live etc. So you can guess I haven't really loved to go to school. But in 7
th grade the bullying stopped, but instead my whole class ignored me. Pretended I wasn't there and talking shit about me right next to me and so loud I easily could hear it. Yeah lucky me, huh?
But this summer I decided to changed it all and by that I mean looks, weight, personality, view on life and so on. So I started to exercise, eat healthy, try on make-up and be more out-going. So now, I'm completely changed! Before I had brown dark hair and now I dyed to red hair – not ginger but like, really red hair! It goes down to the middle of my back and it's naturally straight, which I love. I've lost so much weight and now I look thin. I'm so happy about it and I love myself now. But after I turned 14 weird things have been happening. Guys actually talk to me, and this is before I changed all me, and they want my number? It's so weird! And I just casually reject them, because I don't think they genuinely want my number – I just think they're setting me up or something worse!
So you can see this summer have been.. Different! And it have changed me so much, but I just wonder if they actually gonna recognize me? Let's find out!
I locked my bike and took a deep breath yet again so I could be completely calmed down, when I went in there. I check my phone to see if there are any texts or something. No texst or anything just as always so I threw my phone down my pocket again. I looked up and felt like the whole school stared at me. I looked around all the people and reconizned the whole bunch. It was my class and all the guys smiled creepily at me. I don't know if that were suppose to be charming and stuff, but it don't work on me. I had a bad feeling my stomach and I cringed my eyebrows. I rolled my eyes and went inside. Those guys could just forget about trying to score me because I know them – it was mainly them who bullied me and ignored me last semester and well.. All my life. But there was one thing that surprised me.. It seems like they didn't recognized me! Maybe I can start over now?
I smiled at myself while I went down the halls and quickly I found my locker. I saw a note which said 'Go to the principals office for a new key'. I nodded slowly and turned towards the principals office. As I went down the hall I saw a lot of familiar faces and I all the things they did to me came up in my mind. I felt the tears coming up but I did my very best to keep them away. I took a deep breath and tried to throw all those bad memories away. I don't wanna cry on the first day of school! That would just ruin everything..
I cleared my throat and after a couple of minutes of walking I were at the principals office. I lightly knocked on the door and heard an unknown lady voice yelled 'Come in!'. I pressed the door handle down and slowly opened the door. I looked the office and to be honest I've never been in here before. The actual style of this office was pretty old school, maybe from the 80's or so? It was pure light wood furnitures everywhere, even the wallpapers! I'm impressed!
I smiled at the lady, who I just assumed was the principal. The principal sat down behind the wooden desk and looked weirdly at me. I continued smiling even though I felt it probably looked really fake. "So.. I'm sorry, but I haven't seen you here before. May I ask who you are?" the principal asked me curiously. I bit my lip and cleard my throat yet again – wow I was nervous. "E-ehm.. I've been a student here since first grade, I'm Lotus Greenwich?" I answered and nodded weirdly and awkward. Well, I'm weird and awkward anyway. The principal made big eyes at me and I didn't understand anything – not funny! The principal cleared her throat and checked her hair. I could see her cheeks were turning red and I guess she felt awkward and embarrassed by the fact she couldn't recognized a student. I decided to break the silence and asked "So.. I was suppose to get a new key and locker?". The principal nodded wildly and I could easily see she was nervous. How could she be nervous? I should be the nervous one, but those roles were apparently swapped today. "Umm.. Sure! I'll find 'em for you! Just one sec.." she said and turned around on her chair. She looked in the drawer behind her and before I could say cookiemama, she already found the keys. She turned the chair again and gave me the keys. And soon I was on my way down the hall looking after my new locker. I took a better look at the key and saw a number near the little hole. It said number. 18 and I knew have been received a locker near the 'cool kids' which meant all the bullies from my class. I sighed and put on a unhappy face expression. How could she!? She freaking knew about all the bullying! God damn woman!
I turned left and went down the 'Yellow Lane'. It was something the whole school named that line of lockers where all the popular kids had their locker. I sighed yet again to express my unhappiness about having my locker in the Yellow Lane. I finally got to the Yellow Lane and saw all the guys and some of the slutty girls from my class. For some reason a brise decided to blow trough the hall so my red hair lightly blew with the wind and apparently the guys kinda liked it – well they whistled at me. I rolled my eyes and continued down and hall. I looked on the lockers and after a few minutes of looking I finally found it. I pressed the new key into the lock and it said a 'click' sound. I turned it and it opened. I smiled and took my backpack off and threw it into the locker. I don't wanna go around with my backpack all day. 1. It would destroy my back so much 2. It just looks ridicules. As I threw my back in there one of he guys came walking towards me with a cheeky smile. I looked odd at him and I turned my face back in the locker. I couldn't really see who it was, but as he came up close I recognized him. It was Angelo, that bastard! He was son of the towns mafia boss and he always thinks he can get away with everything. Well, he usually gets away with everything, but that's because the people he's up against just don't wanna be killed or something. Angelo, he's a dangerous kid. Don't mess with him, believe me, you don't wanna get in trouble with him! I heard that he got a teacher fired and tortured in hours because the teacher gave him detention for a week, because he didn't do his history rapport.
He learned up the other lockers and smirked at me. I look nervously at him and tried to smile, but I know it looked so fake. Oh my God, I can't smile properly today. Angelo smiled big and flirtatious at me and I couldn't do anything but laugh. I burst out in laughter and I couldn't control my smile. Did he really believe that would make my knees soft? Think again, gansta son! I finally stopped laughing and I could all the others guys and girls in the hall were just staring at me as if I was mentally ill. I cleard my throat and looked up at him. Hr had a curious face expression and I think he thought I was mad or something worse. After we've looked at each other for some time he broke the silence – thank God! It was getting a bit awkward in here! "So.. You're new here?" he asked and I just looked amazed at him. He send me a cheeky smile and bit his lip. Am I suppose to be like 'OMG! He smiled me, ahh, I'm dead'? Haha, no. But one thing bothered me. He didn't recognized me? That dude have bullied me all through my whole school life and now he doesn't recognize me? Wow, either I've changed enormously much or he's just a proper cunt who doesn't recognize his bully victim trough 7 fucking years! "Yeah, I'm new here" I answered him. This year I'm gonna start fresh! This year I my year. 




Hey everyone! Already 2 likes! Woo! Thanks! ^^ And I hope that you'll love this chapter! It's the first so it's a bit long - well really long! But I'll cut the next ones down a bit! And comment if you want? I would love to hear what you guys think about the story and what you wish to happen! 

Bye everyone and love ya all! ^^

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