They Didn't Recognize Me

This is a story about Lotus. All her life she've been bullied and ignorred in class. She always have had some extra weight and according to her class she isn't beautiful.
But one summer she decides to changed it all. Loose weight, dye her hair, start use make-up - be the one she really is. After her transformation and her 16th birhday suddenly the guys start to be interested in her, but she haven't changed her personality. And she haven't forgot her past.
What would happen to Lotus? What would she do with the guys all of sudden liking her?


5. Facebook and lots of requests


Finally the last class had ended and I went to my locker. I quickly got my stuff and locked it. Didn't wanted to meet Angelo after that awkward meeting at lunch. I said good bye to all 9 of them and got hugged tightly by Skylar umma. I felt like Dominic was taking care of me and being like a dad towards me. I smiled at the thought and waved to them. I couldn't do anything but smile and the whole ride home my thought were about all 8 of them. Milo, Ryan, Jade, Kathrine, Sebastian, Skylar umma, Dominic and Micky. Especially Skylar umma were in my thoughts. The way she just took me in and considering I only started today she must be so out going. I just love Skylar!

¨As I came home home I saw a car in the driveway. I made big eyes and looked surprised at the unknown car. I've never ever seen this car before! I jumped of my bike and sat it up against the house wall. I locked it and went up to the door. I pressed the door handle down and went inside. I heard an unknown voice talk very loud and my moms voice too. I hears my mom sob and I hears her cry. "Please," she said with a voice of a little girl and I heard the unknown voice yell at her. "No! They can't be allowed to be near each other! If you say anything I'll get you to regret it." I heard the unknown say with an angry and frustrated tone. What!? Why would that stranger want anyone to be controlled? Why does he want me to be controlled? It't not like it's their business! And even it had something to do with that person, he still doesn't have the right to tell my mom that. It doesn't make sense.. At all.

I heard some fast and heavy footsteps come near me and soon I saw an tall male walk by me. He was wearing an tuxedo and his hair was laid back with hair wax. His hair almost shined! That's how much hair wax he had put on! He had light latino brown skin, just as Angelo, just a bit darker. He actually looked a bit like Angelo though.. After some few seconds he and car was soon gone. “Wonder who that was..” I mumbled and took off my jacket.

Into the kitchen where I saw my mom standing and tears drilling down her chin. Her mascara was all wet and she looked like a panda. I looked sad at her and threw my back bag down the floor. I slammed my arms around my mom and squeezed her gently. I felt my mom bowed her head down my shoulder and cried. I've never seen my mom like this and it scared the shit out of me! What am I suppose to do? Am I suppose to comfort her or should I get her to stop crying or something completely different? The thought flew around in my mind and I felt so lost. This is not something I'm used to see and to see my mom crying breaks my heart.

I let he cry out in my shoulders and I hugged her tightly. I patted her head and took a deep breath. I felt how teary my eyes became and tried by blinking my eyes multiple times to get them away. I sighed and petted her face, I broke the embrace and looked her straight in the eyes. Her eyes was red and she had dark bags under her eyes. Her mascara wansn't waterproof, so the stains of her mascara had marks on my white shirt. I took her hand and looked seriously at her. “Mom,” I began and cleared my throat. “why did that man said you should better control me or there would be consequences? And who is it?” I asked her with an calm voice and tried to get her attention. She was shaking and I heard stammer a bit. She took a really deep breath and looked cold at me. She cleared her throat and bit her lip nervously. “U-um.. Dear Lotus.. It's so your fault” she said and then she walked out of the kitchen. “What..?” I mumbled as I watched her walk away. She bowed her head and it looked like she was ashamed of something. What can she be ashamed of? She almost never do anything wrong and I've never seen her this down and depressed. What can it be?

I stood looking amazed down at the floor and after some minutes of thinking I decided to walk upstairs to my room. As I came into my room and found my laptop and opened up for google crome. I typed in “facebook” and soon I was logged in. Of cause I made it the day before I started and as I've had one before I was still learning how it was working. But already in the morning people had send friends requests and as I knew some of them I just accepted. I looked around my time line and saw like a billion of pictures of girl looking all shiny and it was almost obvious they'd used photo shop or some other photo editing app. Under most of those pictures it they'd written “This is me! #RealMe” and so on.. I cringed and looked in disgusts at those pictures. First of all, don't you dare use hashtags on facebook! Nah-ah! It belongs to twitter and therefor you shall not make hashtags here, ok? Second of all, it doesn't take a professional editor to see that this picture is photoshoped! Third of all, wait! WHAT IS THIS!?

I looked up to the left corner of the window and saw a little red note with a little white '9' on it. WHAT!? Did I have 5 new friends requests? I gaped and smiled. “Whaaaat..?” I sad to myself and giggled a bit. Why I am this happy? It's probably some old perverts hiding behind a hot guys profile. I moved the mouse up to the icon and pressed it. My happiness dropped immediately and I became a bit irritated. The first name was Angelo Suarez and he had a cheeky smile at his profile picture. I ignored his friend request and looked down at the rest of the people who asked to be my friend. My smile came back again as I read all the names. It was Milo, Sebastian, Dominic, Jade, Skylar umma, Kathrine, Micky and Ryan! Accepted them all and I went in on their profiles to check out who my new found friends really are.

After some 'stalking' time an chat window popped up and it was Dominic who had send me a message.

'Hey :)'

I smiled and actually laughed a bit. After one whole day I thought he might have been a bit more creative than a simple hi and a smiley. Well, I'm happy so I'm gonna put a happy smile in there! I guess he's just a bit shy?

'Hey :D'

I typed and send it. After a few seconds he replied.

'So what do you think of Treating High? :D'

'I think it's pretty awesome! It's way better than my last school :D'

'That's great! Where did you go before anyway? :D'

I became a bit nervous and thought what I should reply. Then I came up with an idea which would safe me from this little dilemma without lying too much.

'Just an ordinary school from up north.. Nothing special really :D'

'Okay :D See ya in school, got a history rapport due to Friday! :D'

'Okay, see ya :D'

My computer made a 'pop' and I looked up at my friend request icon. I gaped and laughed surprised. The number kept growing and after a few minutes there were like 70-90 friend requests! I screamed “Oh my God!” and started to fangirl a bit. How is it possible people actually wanna be my friend on facebook? This is so surreal!

I looked down all those names and recognized only a few of them. But after I looked at the pictures I remember them all. I started to accept them all and the feeling of being wanted was so weird. I've never felt like this before and I kinda liked it. I smiled a bit more and giggled a bit.

After a while of accepting all these requests I stumbled over Angelos Suarez' name again. I raised my eyebrows and laughed. Wow! That seems kinda stalkerish.. If he treated me well I might consider accepting but as he's a complete jerk I ignored. I continued accepting and weirdly enough his freaking name came up again! What's wrong with that kid? I ignored yet again and kept accepting.

After I was done I looked at my wall and saw that Skylar umma had posted something. I read it and smiled widely.

' Welcome on facebook, dongsaeng! If u need any help just message me! And btw, your umma will always take care of u! ^^ <3'

“Awwwwww!” I said and smiled like mad. See? This is why I love Skylar umma! I googled what I could call her but all those I couldn't get any real answer.  I saw loads of other greetings from all 8 of my new friends and I smiled every time I read one. They were all different in their own way I could see at the way they articuladed them selfs I could recognize it by the way the talk.! 

So I dropped the thought and set some music on. I added a new tab and typed in 'youtube'. I searched after MKTO with Thank You. That song is so good and it's so sad it's not well-known yet!

'We are the one, the one you left behind

Don't tell us how, tell us how to live our live

Ten million strong, we're breaking all the rules

Thank you for nothing, there's nothing left to loose'

I sang with them and I gotta admit the singer with the light brown hair is soooo cute! :3 I sang with them and turned up the volume. As I guess my mom has gone somewhere else to be as she was so sad today and cried. After some time on facebook I saw an familiar name come up in my chat box. NO WAY! I thought I ignored him?? I whined and hid my face. Can't he just disappear? That would've been so nice if that happened. I don't wanna talk to him right now I'm in such a good mood after hearing one of my favourite songs.

'Hey I see you finally accepted my friend request ;)'

I took my hand up to my forehead and bowed my head down a bit. I sighed loud and cringed at the message he send. Ugh! He just wont go away.. Maybe I should just play along? Then I could show him I'm not that little scared girl anymore and show him I can play this game too. I thought about briefly and made my decision. Yeah, I'm totally doing that. He may be son of a mafia boss but I'm not afraid of him. Bring it on!

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