They Didn't Recognize Me

This is a story about Lotus. All her life she've been bullied and ignorred in class. She always have had some extra weight and according to her class she isn't beautiful.
But one summer she decides to changed it all. Loose weight, dye her hair, start use make-up - be the one she really is. After her transformation and her 16th birhday suddenly the guys start to be interested in her, but she haven't changed her personality. And she haven't forgot her past.
What would happen to Lotus? What would she do with the guys all of sudden liking her?


19. Complications upon complications

I nuzzled my fingers through the little baby hair in his neck and it made Dominic get goose bumps. I snickered in the kiss and lightly bit his lip teasingly. Dominic groaned against my lips as we parted. My heart pounded like mad and my mind was feeling blank – all that mattered in this moment was Dominic’s lips, which wasn’t on mine. We both had our eyes closed and I placed my forehead on his as we tried to get our breath. I felt him panting on my neck and I felt the hair on my arms raise. I loosened my hands around his neck and placed them of his chest. I felt his heart beat like crazy against my hand and I smiled. His arms were still around my waist and it didn’t seem like he would move them in the nearest future. My mind was almost blowing up by all the thoughts but somehow I didn’t care nor mind.

A silence appeared between us, but it wasn’t one of those awkward silences; this silence was nice and I liked that none of us spoke. It gave us both time to think or well, enjoy the moment, which I was doing all the way.

“Lotus?” Dominic called my name in a low and husky voice and millions upon millions of goose bumps found their spots on my skin. I opened my eyes and looked straight into his dark brown eyes which already were staring into mine. I felt my cheeks warm up a bit and I looked away from his eyes to hide my burning cheeks. Damn, this guy had made me blush. This isn’t normal. Fuck.

I heard him chuckled and gave me one of his charming smiles. I giggled lowly and bit my lip lightly. What is wrong with me?

I felt a pair of fingers under my chin and slowly lifted up my head. Facing him and smiled widely and looked yet again into his eyes. Dominic glanced at me and I felt his admiring eyes look at my face. He smiled at me again and as I looked into his eyes again I saw something new; I glimpse of happiness, admiration. I haven’t seen that in his eyes before and therefore it surprised me a bit, but the thought slid away as he pulled my gently closer to him for another kiss.

Before our lips had the chance to meet for another kiss a familiar voice shouted from the other side of the door. I couldn’t place who’s voice it was but I knew it was someone I knew. We froze and we both sighed. I smiled reassuringly at him as I stood up to open the door and see who was calling my name. As I opened the door the face I knew too well appeared and my heart stopped. Jack.

“Hey Lotus, can we talk?” Jack walked closer to me and I fastened my grip around the doorknob I was currently holding onto. I gaped at him not knowing exactly what to say. My brain was blank to so no help there. I hummed as I thought.

“Um, I’ll meet you outside in 2 minutes, okay?” I blurted out and he nodded stiffly at me. Phew.

I quickly closed the door and exhaled relived. Dominic was not standing up and walked towards me with a confused face expression. I smiled cheekily at him and walked close to him. He raised an eyebrow at me and I chuckled.

“Who was that?” he asked and cocked his head to the side. I shook my head while smiling.

“No one,” I waved it off before adding “Look, I got to go – I’ll text you later. This.. This was nice,” I blinked smilingly at him and gave him a quick peck on the lips before running out of the door. I knew it wasn’t the nicest thing to do, but what you expect me to do? I was stressed and running out of time and the, the ‘thing’ with Dominic wasn’t helping at all.

I ran through the halls towards the entrance where I was expecting to meet Jack. As I went through the door the silhouette of Jack appeared immediately and he smiled as he walked closer.

“Hey Lotus,” he said and smirked at me. I rolled my eyes teasingly at him and laughed.

“What do you want? You do know that I’m supposed to be at class right now? If I fail my finals because of you I’ll make you talk like a girl for the rest of your life and I promise, you don’t want that,” I said and crossed my arms. The smile was still on my lips and I saw him chuckle at my comment. He exhaled deeply and walked a bit closer to me with a smirk on his lips. He grabbed my wrist and put his finger on his lips which was pouting. He shushed and I was about to object, but he cut me off.

“Not here, I’ll tell you everything, but only when we’re a place where there’s no flies on the falls,” he began to walk and led my away from the school. The adrenalin was pumping around my veins. What was he talking about?

As we’ve walked for a bit we reached a dark alley, an alley which looked a lot like the one from the day at the fair. The same feelings from back came flowing back, but I tried my best to hide. I couldn’t let anyone see my weak. If they knew one of my weaknesses they’d had the ability to hurt me and use the knowledge they have about me against to their own advantage and I just couldn’t let that happen. This was my second chance in life to go good and I won’t let it be ruined by something.

Jack stopped walking and turned to me. He turned his head and looked quickly around the alley to see if there was someone he wasn’t supposed to be there. When he saw there wasn’t anyone he smiled relived and came closer to me.

“Where are we?” I sighed annoyed and tried my best to hide the fact that I was scared as hell. He crossed his arms and smiled at me after he shook his head. My mind as well as my brain was blowing with unpleasant thoughts and it just made the situation even worse.

“You don’t have to worry about that, Lotus, you’re safe when you’re with me. Just calm a bit down, would you? When you’re all relaxed I’ll tell you my plan,” he said calmly and learned towards one of the wall. I rolled my eyes and sighed.

I took a deep breath to calm my beating heart and I tried to swap the bad thoughts with some happy thoughts to keep the adrenalin from running around my body and calm down just as Jack wished. I listened to cars driving by and the birds singing from afar and my brain calmed itself down.

I exhaled and cleared my throat to get his attention. He turned his head towards me and as he saw I had calmed a bit down he smiled and went over to me.

“Finally calmed a bit down, I see?” I nodded and bit my lip. Jack nodded as he agreed to something he had thought in his own head and took my hand. He dragged my closer and went further into the alley. I could hear vaguely some music playing way further in the alley and I tightened my hand into Jacks. I heard him smirk but I didn’t care.

As he came closer I saw two big and quite buff men stand in front a closed door and both of them was wearing a black suit. I could hear music playing loudly playing from behind of the door and girls screaming in pleasure. I cringed and sighed.

The two men looked at each other before nodded at Jack. I raised an eyebrow at him as we were let inside, but he nudged it away and I complied inwardly. I guess he knew what he was doing and all I could do was to follow his instructions even though I had no idea what they were. I could feel this was important so I decided to not say anything.

The room was filled with half naked women who were dancing up and down some poles which was placed on elevation from the floor. Around the room small tables was occupied by middle aged men in loose shirts and dirty smiles on their lips as they watched the dancing women. At the bar an old man was serving and making drinks to the costumers but because of the dull lighting I couldn’t see either the bartender or the men what they looked like, so I had no chance of maybe recognizing some of them. The music was some kind of jazzy pop music sung by some male with an abnormally dark voice and it sounded like the singer was almost whispering along to the rhythm of the song. Along the wall there were small areas where you could sit and enjoy a drink if you wanted to, but I doubt that any of the men in here had the intention of doing so. The bass was amazing and heavy pounds of the bass flew the air and hit my body as a bat.

This is defiantly a strip club, a very well hidden one and I had no clue why Jack had taken me there. I followed Jack as he went towards the corner of the room where another two guys in suit was standing in front another door which funnily enough was closed too. As we came closer he cocked his head down to my level and walked a bit slower towards the new door.

“Okay, here’s the plan. When we get in there you got to play like my girlfriend and, you got it? Make them believe that you’re my girlfriend and don’t blow the cover, alright?” I nodded.

“When they believe that you’re my girlfriend, middle aged man with army cut hair in a white suit come close to you and lead us both towards another room. In that room there’ll be some men around a poker table. I’ll sit down and play with them, but remember this; Whoever you might recognize or you might even know very well, they’re not who you really think they are. Or well, in that room they’re not.

In that room they’re completely other people and do no and I shall gladly repeat it again, do not let the other people see you can recognize someone. They might’ve said they’re someone else than you know them to be, so to be safe just be quit and only answer short answers like ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘I don’t know’, okay? Just let me do the talking here and we’ll be just fine,” I nodded and took a deep breath. This was a lot of new things to take in but I knew that I had no choice but to accept the fact I’d be going somewhere new and there’d be a tiny chance and possibility of me messing something very important up.

I knew Jack could feel my tension and before we were allowed through he kissed the top of my hand and whispered it was going to be alright and that I should just calm down and act normal.

The door got opened and we got led into a dark lit room where the only light came from an old light bulb hanging from the ceiling and lighting up a table where about 5 men was sitting around chatting and drinking beers. Some girls in only bra and small shorts was sitting and gently but sexily touching the poker playing men. I cringed in disgust but quickly made poker face when an unfamiliar man came closer with open arms and a big smile towards us.

“Welcome, ma’ boy!” the man said and dragged Jack into a halfhearted hug which led him to realize my hands, letting me watch the two hug and smile at each other. He man let go of Jack and glanced at me and smiled back to Jack.

“So this is the girl I’ve heard so much about? I must say, she’s is one fiiine woman,” the man chuckled and I looked embarrassed into the ground. I heard Jack laugh at the man’s comment and it only made my turn red.

“Thank you, papa. I know, right? She’s quite a catch, I still don’t believe she even said yes,” Jack chuckled and took my hand and intertwined out fingers. I looked at our hands and I was just about to rip my hand away from him, but then I remembered that I could ruin something very big and that wouldn’t be too good. Instead I just smiled to the older male and tried to act like Jack’s girlfriend, so I leaned a bit to his side and laid my head on his shoulders.

Jack seemed surprised at my action but played along and smiled at me and placed a quick and innocent kiss on my cheek. I giggled fake and apparently I pulled it off as the older male smiled widely and then another man came towards us, wearing a white suit and then you all could guess what happened.

We got led into another room and it seemed like a replica of the former room but with the twist where there were no half naked ladies or a table where men was chatting and drinking. There sure was a dull lighting but instead of one table in the middle of the room there were one long table that stretched from the one side of the room to the other. There were more lights than in the other room but it wasn’t all that different.

About 7-10 men was sitting in the end of the table and on the edge of the table an familiar person was sitting talking to the other men who all was wearing black suits like the rest. I couldn’t place in my brain where I had seen him before but it didn’t really matter when my heart skipped a beat and I froze as person I knew way to well was staring at me. I made big eyes and gulped.



Heeey.. Sorry for the wait for this chapter but I just didn't know how to continue the story.. I didn't want it only to be about Lotus, her friends and the bet ect. I wanted it to have a bit more to it than that, so I decided to do this! I hope you guys liked this little twist!

In the time I hadn't written on this story I've read and written on others stories. As the main reason for me to write in English and write these English stories even though my mother tungue it Danish is to get better to write and therefor get better grades and it'd worked! I got 12 at my last English report which could be translated into an A or A+ I'm not sure.. So yeah.. I'm happy!

Thank you for all of you who is staying by my side and this stories' side even though I'm an idiot to update! In the following days we get Christmas holiday in Denmark and we doesn't have to go to school untill like the 4-6 January next year, so I might get time to update a bit more, but I can't promise anything!

Please comment, like, fav if you want to make me a happy auther and I might thank you with another chapter soon~

And to all the silent readers.. I know you are there!! Please comment what you think about the story.. I'm writing it for you guys too so some ideas, comments on gramma ect. is always apreaciated!

See you guys later and if not before Christmas and the New Year, then merry Christmas and happy New Year to all of you lovely people :b

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