They Didn't Recognize Me

This is a story about Lotus. All her life she've been bullied and ignorred in class. She always have had some extra weight and according to her class she isn't beautiful.
But one summer she decides to changed it all. Loose weight, dye her hair, start use make-up - be the one she really is. After her transformation and her 16th birhday suddenly the guys start to be interested in her, but she haven't changed her personality. And she haven't forgot her past.
What would happen to Lotus? What would she do with the guys all of sudden liking her?


16. Close call

After me and Skylar hung out all day I went home to find the house all empty. No mom, no sound, no nothing. I smiled satisfied and slipped out of my converse and jacket. I went upstairs into my room. As I opened the door I heard a noise and I raised my eyebrow, making me wonder if I actually were alone. I slowly opened the door and I tiptoed to hear if someone were there. My heart was beating like a drum in my chest.

Suddenly I felt a pair of arms around me and I screamed in horror. My heart was beating like mad and I felt a breath on my neck. I froze.

I looked sternly at a spot on the floor and even though I wanted to, I couldn’t. The arms released the hold of me and bursted to the ground. I supported myself from the fall with my palm against the floor and I shrieked. I quickly turned on my back to see who it was. I saw a male silhouette stand in front of me and my vision was blurry. I sat up, trying to concentrate on the person on front. I cleared my throat and felt noxious. Wonder what I’ve eaten or drank today since I feel like this.

“What have you been doing today, silly? You need to take care of yourself” I heard a familiar voice complain and I felt the person lift me up and lay me in my bed. The person tucked me in and pulled the chair from my desk over the floor to sit right my side. I sniffed and felt my nose full of snot and my throat was dry as the sand in the desert. I sighed and coughed. I wonder what all of sudden happened to my health. I’ve not felt like this all day, I was fine. Well, until that guy came and surprised the hell out of me. Bastard. But this doesn’t make sense? I guess, I’ve eaten something unusual, but I can’t put a finger on what it might be.

I looked up at the person who looked with kind eyes at me and I cringed. It was Angelo, of cause it’s Angelo. He shook his head and some reason he had a cold and wet handkerchief and lightly tapped in on my sweaty forehead. Why am I all of sudden this sick? It makes no sense to me.

“Why are you here, Angie? It seems that every something happens you’re always around” I stated and coughed yet again. This is so annoying.

I heard him chuckle and he sent me one of his dashing smiled. I sneered and frowned. He laughed and put the handkerchief away.

“Calm down, tiger. I was here because I wanted to surprise you since you ditched me this morning. And then I saw you and decided to scare you. I just didn’t know you were at this state. So now I’ll take care of you!” he said and I rolled with my eyes. I laughed and looked at Angelo in confusion. This guy is unbelievable.

“You sick bastard!” I cried out and chuckled. He frowned and shook his head. I guess, he thinks I’m mentally ill or something.

“Maybe, but I can’t have you dying or something since I have to show you I can win this” he said teasingly. I chuckled and smiled. “And I thought you were just being nice, I should’ve known” I said and giggled, the followed with a cough.

“I am nice, I just need to have a reason to be, if not I’d rather not be nice” he said while nuzzling with my hair. I loved when he did that. I calmed down a bit, relaxing and feeling safe. I smiled at myself and giggled. I’m so weak.

“What?” he asked, looking curious at me and smiling.

“This just feels nice” I mumbled and sighed. Suddenly I made big eyes and cringed. I heard him laugh at me, when he realized what I just said.

“I can’t believe I just said that” I squealed and covered my face with my hands. Angelo’s laugh just became louder and even more joyful. I growled and turned my head to the other side, not facing him anymore.

“Hey! Don’t leave me here!” I heard him complain and he laid a hand on my shoulder, trying to turn my over. I heard the chair being pushed along the floor and another hand being laid on my shoulder, supposed to help him turn me over.

“Nooo!” I shrieked and moved even further away from him.

“Hey! You can’t leave me here!” he growled. I shook my head.

“Watch me!” I said, as I sat up. I saw him frown at me and I laughed. Then out the blue, he sat on my bed and slipped under my duvet. I screamed in embarrassment and tucked the duvet op to my face, trying to cover face.

“What are you doing?!” I screamed and giggled. He stretched his arm around my shoulders and moved me closer to him.

“Seriously, do you some kind of wish getting sick? I’m pretty contagious, so watch out” I warned and laid my arm on my chest. I tapped my fingers of his chest and laid my head on it too. Angelo just glanced at me while I laid me closer to him. I guess he liked it since he didn’t disapprove of any of my actions. Well, I can play this game too.

“You know, you never cease to surprise me” he pointed out and stroked my hair. I bit my lip and looked up at him. Lying like this felt nice, he was nice. To sum this up it all seems nice at the moment, which in fact, is nice.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked and looked fondly at me.

“Nothing” I answered and sent him an assuring smile. I’m wondering why he’s like this.

“Hey Angie?” I asked and smiled. He rolled with his eyes and sighed.

“It’s Angelo and what?” he asked and looked curiously at me.

“Why are you like this?”

“Like what?”

“All nice and sweet all of sudden?”

“What are you trying to say?” he asked and sat up, with me still lying on his chest.

“Nothing, I’m just curious” I said and coughed again. Angelo chuckled at me and all of sudden I heard him cough. I giggled as I realized I was right. Now he’s ill too.

“What did I say? I knew you would get sick too” I cooed teasingly and laughed. He coughed again and sneered at me.

“Hey! Don’t sneer at me, it was not me who jumped into bed with a sick person” I defended myself and smiled.

“You were the one who looked all sexy, don’t blame me!”

“How can an ill and coughing girl be sexy? You have a twisted mind, Angie!” I said and giggled again.

He lightly slammed his shoulder against mine and rolled with his eyes. Weird boy.

He looked at my lips and then in my eyes. He did that a couple of time and all of sudden cupped my face. With his thumb he nuzzled my chin and slowly dragged me towards him. My heart began to pound like crazy and my face turned red. Is he going to do what I think he’s about to?

Before I understood what was happening, I felt Angelo’s lips pressed against mine. I felt a bomb of joy explode inside of me and I smiled. I slightly opened my mouth, letting him slip his tongue in my mouth. Out lips moved in sync and threw my arms around with neck. I moved my head closer to him, climbing op on him so I was sitting on him, with one leg on each side. I felt Angelo lay his arms around my waist, pressing my body even closer to his. Our tongues began to curl around each other and my breath was speeding up as the intensity increased.

I heard him moan in my mouth and I groaned. Our kiss became more intense and nuzzled his neck hair and I could see the goosebumbs all over his skin. I buried my hands through his hair and lightly pulled it. He groaned and slowly sneaked his hand under my shirt and massaging my back. I grinned and I felt Angelo sat up, still keeping me close. We both had our eyes closed and we broke the kiss, both breathing fast and uncontrolled.  I heard him chuckled.

“Wow” he both said in sync and we laughed. Angelo cleared his throat, still having his arms around my waist. I bowed my head towards his chest, supporting my forehead against shoulder. I turned my head and lightly placed small innocent kisses on his neck and I quickly found his sweet spot. I heard him moan and I giggled. I sensed a hard subject against my sex and I moved to see what it was. As I moved I saw his pants bulge and I bursted out in a laugh. Was he so turned on by me? I’m impressed.

I looked up at him and saw he was red as a tomato in his face and he tried to avoid my stare. “Um, I didn’t know I had this effect on you, Angelo” I teased. He chuckled embarrassed and looked down, trying to hide his face.

“Aww, poor you. Is this too embarrassing for you, huh?” I said and cupped his face. He tried to move my hand away, but I wouldn’t move it. He groaned annoyed and sighed.

“Don’t worry, I have this effect on guys” I lied to make him feel better, but all it did was it made him jealous. I grinned and bit my lip.

“Don’t bit your lip, it makes it even worse” he complained and turned his head away again.

All of sudden I heard the door being kicked and a big slam echoed in the room. Shit!

“Lotus? Sweety, open the door” I heard my mom demand and I gaped at Angelo. I quickly climbed down from him and sneaked under the duvet. Angelo jumped out of the bed and ran over to the window. I gaped at him. Was he about to jump out of the window? Wer’re on the second floor!

“What are you doing!?” I whispered in horror.

“Getting away” he whispered back and before I could stop him he was already out of the window. I ran over to see if he was okay.

As I came to the window he was standing, looking up at me and smiling. He waved at me and ran away. He left me speechless.

I heard the door being opened and I saw my mom standing on the doorway. I turned my head and looked surprised at her.

“What?” I asked and sent her a curious look. My mom didn’t understand anything, she looked so confused.

“Sweety, who was the one you were talking with? I heard another guy voice” my mom asked and walked towards.

I became silent. Shit!

“Um.. That was Jack, Jades older brother! He gave me a ride home yesterday, so I had to thank him” I said lying and hoping for the best.

“And why did that guy give you a ride home?” she asked and I felt like I was being interrogated by some cop.

“Because I asked him to?” I snapped back. I walked towards and opened the door, gesturing her to leave.

“Mom, I feel sick. Would you mind leaving me alone?” I asked and raised an eyebrow. My mom sighed and rolled her eyes. She walked out and I shut the door.

Damn, that was close.




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