They Didn't Recognize Me

This is a story about Lotus. All her life she've been bullied and ignorred in class. She always have had some extra weight and according to her class she isn't beautiful.
But one summer she decides to changed it all. Loose weight, dye her hair, start use make-up - be the one she really is. After her transformation and her 16th birhday suddenly the guys start to be interested in her, but she haven't changed her personality. And she haven't forgot her past.
What would happen to Lotus? What would she do with the guys all of sudden liking her?


11. Annoying Angie and an uneeded situation

After I got home I just smashed down into my bed and before I even thought about the date with Angelo, I was already asleep. To be honest, the date was actually rather nice. Not like I’m going to jump up and down like a freak because I actually had a date with him. I’m sure he’d love that if I did. Sorry to disappoint him, well not really.

As I woke up, the sound of birds singing was loudly playing outside my window. I smiled at the wonderful music I woke up to and jerked the nasty stuff in my eyes out. You know that hard, nasty stuff you have in the corners of your eyes every time you wake up? It’s so disgusting.

I sighed. Today was a school day and I didn’t want to go. I am having one of those mornings where you just want to say ‘fuck it’ and go back to sleep. But my mom kind of ruined that chance as she bursted into my room yelling me to get up.

“Get up ma’ love!” she yelled at me while I still was lying to nicely in my bed. I answered her with a groan and I tucked myself into my duvet even more. She grabbed the end of my duvet and started to drag it off me. “Mom! I don’t wanna go! Ugh, leave me alone!” I cried out and frowned. My mom just kept dragging and after a few minutes of battling over my duvet, she got a hold of it. She took a deep breath and looked at me with that look moms do, so you know you’ve done a bad thing: The look of disappointment.

I started to feel bad about it and I sat up. I sighed and looked down. “Sorry mom” I quickly said and scratched the back of my neck. My mom raised her eyebrows and huffed at me. Whaaaaat? What now mom? I said I’m sorry! What more can you expect?

“Sorry, I didn’t hear you honey. You have to speak louder” I sighed annoyed and groaned. “Sorry mom, I’m sorry”


“I’m sorry!”


“I’M SORRY MOM OKAY!?” I almost yelled and immediately regretted that I yelled. My mom stared at me with a cold looked and she looked like she cared if I said I’m sorry or not. God, she’s cranky today!

She left the room without a single word and smashed the door. I rolled my eyes and got up. I did my daily routine of preparation and found myself some clothes. Today’s look consisted of a pair of black/white vans with pink laces, a pair of demin shorts and a tight black tank top with a long necklace with a cross on. I sprayed a bit of hairspray in my hair and shook my head. I brushed my teeth and put on a lair of make-up. I went downstairs and went into the kitchen.  My mom disappeared and I guess her work called or something. I grabbed an apple and a glass of water. As I ate the apple I went upstairs again to get my phone. I’m pretty curtain Angelo has sent some kind of text about the date. If he hadn’t I would be very surprised.

I quickly found it and turned it on. I drew in my safety pattern and my pin code. I sneaked it in my pocket and went downstairs again. I threw my backpack around my shoulder and walked outside. I jumped on my bike and went on the way to school. I felt my phone buzz in my pocket, but I didn’t bother to check it.

The sun shined and the weather was just amazing. The sky was blue and the wind lightly blew through my hair. I smiled and a familiar face appeared.

“Annoyung Lotus!” the person shouted after me and I turned my head, still bicycling down the road. The person speeded up and soon she reached me. I smiled. The person was Skylar umma and she looked very happy. The wind was blowing through her black hair just as it did though mine. To be honest, it couldn’t have been anyone else. She’s the only one who talks to me on a language I don’t understand, so it had to be her. I waved at her and continued riding to down the road. As we got to the school we locked our bikes and hugged each other hello.

“Hey Skylar umma” I said and she smiled back. “Hey Lotus! How are you?” she asked as she laid her arm on my shoulders. I blushed since I’m not used to physical connection with people. The closest I’ve been to a person was in 6th grade at the fair and that was Angelo who had his arms around me. But I’d rather not think about it.

“I’m fine, just fine.. What about you? Are you alright?” I asked her and held the hand that was on my shoulder. I swayed my arm while holding her hand and as we entered the school, Dominic, Kathrine, Jade, Ryan walked over to us and we all walked together down the hall. Micky and Sebastian hadn’t arrives yet, but we thought they’d had no problems finding us anyway, so we just walked to our lockers. Dominic sent me a smile and I quickly sent him one back. His eyes were like glued to me and it looked like he was checking me out. I raised one eyebrow and rolled my eyes. He grinned at my reaction. I ignored him and continued talking with Skylar umma.

“So! Everyone, do any of you have locker near me? Mine’s at the Yellow Lane” I asked spontaneous everyone. I didn’t want to go there all alone and risking meeting Angelo. He’s fine, but at school he’s just a proper cunt. Believe me, he’s not someone you wanna mess with here.

“Me and Ryan have our locker near Angelo and his little gangster squad, so you can go with us” he smiled and threw his arm around me. I made big eyes and looked at Skylar umma who was laughing her ass off. We said goodbye to them all and me, Ryan and Dominic went towards our lockers.

As we opened the door to the Yellow Lane I saw Angelo stand at his locker with a blond girl, flirting and kissing. His little squad was standing around him, trying to look cool and dangerous. I just laughed at them and Dominic huffed at me. I punched my elbow into his side as my answer to it. I faked a sob face and squealed like a baby. What’s up with him today? It’s like he’s begging for my attention.

“Aww, poor thing” I said comforting and stroke his chin lightly. He looked surprised when I stroke his chin, but also very satisfied. I giggled and released myself from his hand. I walked over to my locker and unlocked it. I threw my backpack in there and grabbed my books. I checked me schedule and it said it was time for history class. I nodded and walked over to Dominic and Ryan who had lockers next to each other.

“Do any of you have history class in first period?” I asked them and looked up at them. I hate being short, but luckily Skylar and Micky was at my height. Ryan and Dominic looked at each other and smiled. I looked curiously at them, but it didn’t seem like they wanted to tell me what they’re thinking about.

“We have the same class.. Nice! Come with me, we might get late and you don’t wanna see Mr. Somsin get mad” Ryan said and they both took each of my arms. They literally dragged me to class and first class was so embarrassing. I got all the nasty looks from all the perverts and all the sluts from our school was in that class and asked me very personal questions all the time. They would ask me things such as ‘Are you a virgin’, ‘Have you ever did someone while p.e. class?’ and ‘Have you ever done a bj?’. I just looked in disgust at them and tried to ignore them. They just laughed at me and called me an innocent girl, because I haven’t done any of those things and because I was a virgin.

The bell finally rang and I got out of class as soon as possible. Dominic and Ryan had to run to reach me and I was at my locker in no time. I threw my books in my locker and felt a pair around my waist. I turned my head faster than lightning and to no surprise, Angelo stood right behind me. His hands were locked around my waist and I looked up. He smiled and I groaned. Dude, we’re at school for Christ sake! I don’t even think this is allowed here.

“Bad timing, Angie!” I growled and tried to get out of this embrace. He tightened the grip around me and turned me around. He looked straight into my eyes and sent me a cheeky smile. I think he’s trying to flirt with me? Well, he might as well drop it. There’s no chance of getting me to fall in love with him. The bet is mine to win.

“Ang-“ I didn’t get to say anything more, before he shushed at me. I frowned and raised one eyebrow. I rolled my eyes and bit my lip. Was I enjoying this? Oh no! I can’t like this! Ugh, you bastard Angie! You total bastard!

“You know” he began whispering and pressed me towards the locker. He went closer to me and stroked my chin with his thumb. He bit his lip and went close to my face. He supported his hand on the locker and unleashed me from him. Still, I couldn’t get away. He pressed himself so close to me I could feel his muscles through his shirt. “You can't run away from me forever” he whispered in my ear and kissed me fondly on my cheek. Oh my, he has a six pack! Why does this not surprise me? I heard his friends laugh loudly and clap their hand like it was a show. Omg, those idiots.

“We have a bet and I don’t think you can handle it. Do you want to call it off, huh?” he teased and bowed his head down to my height. I frowned and narrowed my eyes. “Or we could just continue this, so I can show everyone that I’m stronger than you? You want it like that, huh?” I snapped back and smiled cruelty at him. I went closer to him and tapped his six pack with my fingers. I think he’s about to realize I’m not a person you can just go around and play with. He chuckled and said “Oh, easy tiger. If you want it like that we can just do it. If you think you’re so strong and stuff. Then kiss me and then I might consider the thought you could win this” he winked and placed his forehead on mine.

The fact he was this close made my heart pound like crazy and even if I wanted to, I couldn’t move. It was like I was paralyzed from him. “U-um.. I need to go eat so-” he shushed me again and chuckled. He licked his lips as he was looking at a piece of meat. Is he going to kiss me or eat me?

I finally got to myself and cleared my throat. I pushed him with my hands away from me and as I unleashed myself from him, a crowd of people walked out of their classes and down the hall. I sent Angelo the killer look and walked away from him. “Not happening, douche!” I yelled back and went left on the end of the hall.

Soon I was at the cafeteria and I quickly located where they all sat. I went over there and sat between Micky and Skylar umma. I wasn’t hungry, so I didn’t bother standing in line for lunch.

“Where have you been?” Micky asked me and chewed on his carrot. They all looked expectant at me and I took a deep breath. “I just needed to talk to the principal about something, no biggie” I answered and smiled. It seemed I could trick them into believing everything, since I’m new and stuff. Me likey.

“Hey Lotus, before I forget: Thanks for getting us those party invites! I was at Dominic’s when you texted and you would crack, if you saw Dominic reac-“ Dominic cut Ryan off and said “I just smiled and thought it was awesome”. Ryan chuckled at Dominic and I think they telepathically were talking secrets, I wasn’t supposed to know anything about.

I laughed and Skylar umma joined me. “Nice one” I heard Dominic whispered ironically to Ryan and hit him.

“No need for fighting! You boys need to stop hitting each other!” I heard Kathrine scolding them and they immediately obeyed her. They smiled to each other and hugged like guys do. I giggled and looked at Skylar umma who was pointing in a weird direction. “What?” I asked her and yawned. I was so tired and the thing with Angelo didn’t quite help at all. “Look” she said and bobbed her to a direction I was supposed to look in. “Ohh..” I mumbled and she smiled. I looked and there he was. Angelo. He was watching me closely and he didn’t move his stare from me. I frowned.

I quickly turned my head back at Skylar umma who was desperately tried to hide her smile. “How long had he been looking at me” I asked and raised one eyebrow. That kid isn’t completely normal, I can tell you! First he tries to smooch with you, then he changes into a alright guy and then he changes back to that total cunt he was before. That guy changes his mind more times than I changes clothes.

“He’s been staring at you since you sat down here. He came a bit after you. He scares the hell out of me, I don’t understand how you can stand to be around him” she stated and took a bite of her sandwich. To be honest, I don’t understand it either.

“Believe me, I don’t understand it either.” I said and look at her sandwich. I licked my lips and felt the hunger spreading in my stomach. I heard it make a sound like a dying whale and she laughed.

“You want a bite?” she said and lured me with her sandwich. I nodded wildly and she gave it to me. I took a bite and mumbled “Rur re rest, rylar rumma”.

She laughed at me. “You know you’re not supposed to talk with food in your mouth?” she said and pointed at me with her finger. “Bad Lotus baaad lotus”.

“I ran’t relp it, rorry” I managed to say without spitting out any pieces of the salad. They all laughed at me. I guess this is a good thing. Well, it’s better than being the one they all tease and bully every day. When I think about it, it’s say better. 

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