They Didn't Recognize Me

This is a story about Lotus. All her life she've been bullied and ignorred in class. She always have had some extra weight and according to her class she isn't beautiful.
But one summer she decides to changed it all. Loose weight, dye her hair, start use make-up - be the one she really is. After her transformation and her 16th birhday suddenly the guys start to be interested in her, but she haven't changed her personality. And she haven't forgot her past.
What would happen to Lotus? What would she do with the guys all of sudden liking her?


20. A warning

Oh my freaking God. Oh holy shit on toast.. WHAT IS THIS?! I felt like I could scream, shout in confusion or even yell at Jack for bringing me here. This is as awkward and weird as I’ve probably never ever felt in my life and that time Angelo visited me at home included. I hissed annoyed and ducked my head into Jack’s shoulder slightly hitting him with me free hand.

“I can’t believe you actually did this, you bastard!” I muttered under my breath and bit my lip in anger. How could he? If we were alone I’d punched so hard in the balls he’d never talk normally again - ever.

I heard Jack chuckle at my comment and I was so close to just stand in front of him and tell him of, but the person I did not wanted to meet at this moment grabbed me by the hand and dragged me away.

“Wha-“ I gasped and quickly moved up my head seeing a furious Angelo moving me across the floor into yet another dull lighted room but this time there weren’t really any people nor to my confusion any furniture. Angelo let go of my hand and threw a hand through his hair in frustration. I could see he was just as weirded out and couldn’t understand what was happening. I heard him sighed deeply before turning around to me looking sternly into my eyes. I took the chance to look at what he was wearing. A pair of black pants, a white shirt to cover his body and a black blazer to cover up those buffed biceps. I’m sorry but right now he looked so good. I avoided his look as his brown eyes made my heart race in a way I certainly did not like. I don’t know what was wrong with me but would it be wrong to think that Angelo looked so hot right now? He was angry and hissed numerous times before he decided to talk.

“What are you doing here and why the hell are you here with Jack?” asked Angelo with gritted teeth before he took a step closer to me. The adrenalin pumped through my veins and I fumbled with my hands just to keep something moving. I hated being still in this kind of situation and honestly all I wanted was to go home, away from all this that seemed scary and not anything I’d be interested to get in the middle of.

He glared at me and sighed. He exhaled deeply and clapped his hands together as he went even closer to me. I continued to look into the floor not wanting to meet his eyes but my plan didn’t really work, as he placed his to fingers under the bottom of my chin lifting up my head towards his. I gulped.

“U-Uhh,” I stuttered as he looked directly into my eyes. I gaped at him and my brain went completely blank. Could today get any weirder? Angelo ignored my act of nervousness and lowered his head and sighed. Suddenly dropped he his fingers and moved away from me. I stood still and switched the weight between both of my feet. My feet was killing me after all this time standing up and all I wanted was to get home and eat a bowl of ice cream.

“Lotus, do you know what you just did? This isn’t like one of the playground games – you can’t just leave whenever the game’s too hard or you just don’t like it anymore! This is life and what you just did with Jack in there was probably one of the most stupid things you could possibly do!” Angelo glared at me before looked into the ground again.

“Why? From all I know, the dude I just met was Jack’s dad and now he thinks we’re dating. What’s so dangerous about that? If it gets too complicated I’ll just butt out of this and ‘break up’ with him. God Angelo, this is none of your business. Why can’t you just stay away from what I’m doing and I’ll stay away from what you’re doing? It’s not like I don’t know anything about you and your gansterdad. From all I know you could be even worse and more dangerous to be around than Jack,” I muttered and exhaled annoyed. This kid is really getting on my nerves. I know we have this bet and stuff but he doesn’t have to get into my personal life. We both have secrets and stuff we certainly don’t want to share with one and other, so I really don’t understand why’d he react like this?

“Don’t bring my dad into this, he has nothing to do with this. All I’m saying is that if you get into this, you won’t get out easily and I know a little girl like you wouldn’t survive long here,” hissed Angelo at me and glared. I felt the chills travel down my spine and the hair on the arms rose. Even though I felt intimidated I brushed off the feelings.

“Where are you going with this? I can take care of myself, okay?” I asked looking straight into his dark eyes. He looked at my with almost concerned eyes and that sight mad my stomach twitch a little.

“What I’m trying to get through into your pretty little head of yours is you need to get away. I know enough about you that this is not where you should be and if something would happen to you I would never be able to forgive myself,” muttered he under his breath.

“Angelo, you need to stop worrying about me! Have I ever done anything that would lead you into thinking that I need some kind of protection? All my life I’ve been just fine, I’m fine, everything’s fine, okay? If you would excuse me, I need to go somewhere,” I shook my head and bowed my head down as I passed him. I didn’t get far though, before I felt someone grab my arm harshly, resulting in me being held back. I hissed as I tried to unleash my arm from Angelo but nothing helped.

I exhaled angrily and glared at Angelo. “Would you please let me go? I don’t have time for this,” I watched Angelo stand up next to me, not releasing my arm.

“No,” he said.

“What did you say?” I said, unsure of what I just heard. Lifted my head towards Angelo’s face with was looking away from me.

“I said no,” he said again. I tried to wiggle my arm away but nothing helped. This kid had no intention to let me go and I had no idea how to get away from him.

“Ah! Why won’t you just leave me alone? What have I ever done to you? Nothing! Angelo, you know what? Fuck this shit, I’m calling off the bet. There you go, now you don’t have to pretend anymore. You can just leave me alone and we can both go on living life, going in each of our direction, okay? Goodbye, Angelo – have a good life,” I hissed, almost yelling the last sentence. I was so mad, no irritated that my brain almost didn’t notice what I just said.

Angelo didn’t even look at me while my rant about him, not even a little bit. His eyes were directed towards the floor and stayed there as I looked at his face again. I felt Angelo loosen his hand from my arm and I was him looked away from me, as a sign for me to go. I groaned angrily and walked towards the door.  As I was about to press down the doorknob I turned to Angelo and said “You won,”

I opened the door and the smell of alcohol appeared in my nostrils again just like the thick air of booming music almost pushed me back. I looked around the dull lit room and found Jack looking around with his back towards me, probably after me. I took a deep breath and put on the fake smile again. I walked past the men in tux’ and as I arrived I snug my arms around his left upper arm and pressed my head smiling against his arm. He almost jumped at my sudden touch but calmed down when he saw it was just me. I giggled fake and looked forward where his dad was standing with another man in the same tux as the rest.

“Well, hi Lotus – you almost gave me a heart attack!” he complained in an obviously fake surprised voice. His eyes blinked at me as I giggled yet again. I placed my hand on his cheek and dragged him closer to my face. I heard his dad shout surprised and saying stuff like ‘Wow’ and ‘She’s very straight forward’. As he came all close I changed my face expression back to the old cold face I usually had. I sighed and looked straight at Jack’s very confused face.

“When can I get out of here?” I whispered so only the two of us could hear us. He froze for a bit before nodded.

“Right now, if you want to? What happened?” asked Jack curiously.

“I met Angelo, that was what happened,” I said still whispering. His mouth turned into an ‘o’.

“Oh,” he said and I nodded.

“Yeah, ‘oh’. Can we go now?” I looked past Angelo as he came out of the room with a cold and angry face expression. Jack followed my eyes before quickly taking action.

“Of cause,” he said before turning to his dad and the strange man. He cleared his throat which got the two rambling men’s attention. They laughed at the sight of us before clinging their glasses and turned their attention towards me and Jack.

“Papa, we will be going now. Mr. Juan, I will be talking to you later, I just need to get my baby home safely,” he said and smiled fake and them but I guess they bought it. They nodded and Jack moved towards his dad and kissed goodbye and both cheeks. I cringed inwardly as they made their skinship – I guess that’s how they do it from where they’re from.

Jack turned to me and waved goodbye. I smiled sweetly at them too and waved all ladylike at them. The two gentlemen chuckled at us before continuing their talk. We moved fast out of the room and after a few minutes we found our way through all the million room we had gone through to get to room we were at that point. When we finally was out the ally was dark and I could the cars driving by and honking from away. I exhaled relieved before turning to Jack in anger.

“Why on earth was Angelo in there? And care to explain what this all was about? I’m not a toy you can rent for some time whenever you need me,” I scoffed and kicked to a nearby can. Jack chuckled at me and threw his fingers through his hair. He took a deep breath before turning to me smiling like mad. I raised an eyebrow at him. What the fuck was wrong with him?

“Lotus, you don’t know how much you just have saved my ass,” Jack chuckled freely again before grabbing my hand and kissing my knuckles repeatedly. I hissed at him before I retreating my hands from his.

“God, Jack! Would you just tell me? What is so wrong with you today?” I shrieked. Jack smiled before turning to me again. This time I had my hands fiercely held to my body, so if did the same again, he’d get no result. Nobody has the right to touch my hands without my permission. My hands are off limit, okay? It’s as simple as that.

“My parents were about to get me married to this chick I don’t really know and you know how I am, I’m not the type to get married! I just said I was dating someone and that someone was you. They completely bought it and thanks to you I don’t have to get married!” he said almost jumping in happiness like a child that had just been given a lollipop. I rolled my eyes at him.

“Okay, alright then, but what about Angelo? Why was he there? Isn’t he like the gansterboss’ son or something? Wait.. Are you a ganster son too?” I made big eyes at him waiting for him to answer, nod – just do something. If he was a ganster son something too, then Jade’s probably involved too. And Jade as a ganster’s daughter? Those two things just don’t match up in my head.

“Nonono, not even close! My dad is just good friends with the owner of the club and therefore he’s been there a lot of time. He met Angelo’s dad there once and ever since they became good friends. Notice that that happened years before me and Angelo was born, so we have been friends ever since birth. You could say that we’re almost brothers, where I’m the oldest one who Angelo always respects” he said almost proudly. I really didn’t see this one coming: Angelo and Jack being friends since diapers.

“Then what about Jade? I thought she hated Angelo?” I asked curiously.

“Well, Jade’s Jade and Angelo’s Angelo. Those two would always fight whenever Jade would discover that Angelo had been going out with one of her friends and then after a day or two, dump them like they were nothing. Angelo’s a player and we all know that, even himself know it. Whenever the two was fighting I’d be the one to rip them apart and after 5-7 days or sulking and groaned the two got together again and being friends. But it went too far when Angelo did it towards Kathrine,”

“Why Kathrine?” I asked.

“Because Kathrine and Jade are best friends and that was the final straw for Jade. She freaked out, hit him and after that she never spoke to him. She’ll only talk to him if needed to today and till this day, she won’t forgive him,” he explained. All I could say was “Wow,” which Jack laughed at.

“Yeah, there’s a lot you don’t know. Trust me, if you knew the story behind Angelo you’d cringe to the bone and have the urge to hug and kiss or whatever Angelo,” he said while smiling. I smiled before I shook my head.

“You aren’t completely sane, you know that? If it went by my head you’d be in the mental hospital,” I chuckled before waving Jack towards me. We went through the dark alley to the busy streets. We went silently to Jack’s car which just parked a couple of streets away. He turned on the engine and in the matter of seconds he held up near my house. I raised an eyebrow at him.

“How did you know where I live?” Jack smiled at me before mouthing ‘Angelo’ at me. I nodded understanding before thanking him for the ride and went inside the house. I waved at him as he drove away. He might be manipulating bastard, but he’s actually really nice. As I stepping into the house I slipped out of my shoes I heard some laughing and talking from the dining room. I recognized one of the voices belonging to my mom and another very, but I couldn’t point out whose it was. My head was getting sore and I felt like an atom bomb had just dropped in my head.

“I’m home, mom!” I shouted and I hung up my jacked while holding a hand on my pounding head. As I turned around I was my mom dressed up nicely with a layer of makeup wearing one of my black dresses. I hissed at her.

“Mom! That’s my dress and, wait, are those my high heels?” I complained annoyed. My mom lifted her shoulders before walking closer to me smiling. I cringed as the pain from my head became even worse.

“You remember that my boyfriend and his children was supposed to come over tomorrow night?” I nodded. “Well the plans changed and they’re here now! Would you please clean up and come in and say hi?” I groaned. Really mom? My head was still pounding and I slowly began to feel dizzy. I guess that being in that strip bar or whatever that place was, was bad for my head.

“Moooom, I have the worst head ache ever and I came home for like under 5 minutes ago. Can I please skip? Then you can go back inside there and say I said hi?” I tried to sooth my mom and I threw my arms around her waist. I mom laughed at my sudden turn to skinship, but I honestly didn’t care. I did not want to meet those people and I felt like my bed was screaming my name. I just needed some quietness, an aspirin and my bed right now.

“Pleaaaaase mom? I’ll love you forever if you’d let me pass just this time,” I said again almost begging. Luckily it worked.

“Okay, but only this time okay? Go upstairs and sleep that headache away – you would almost think that you’d been out partying,” she said and I smiled immediately.

“Thank you so much, mom!” I said as I rain happily up the stairs. I heard my mom chuckled but I brushed it off.

My mom can be awesome sometimes. I didn’t really have the energy to meet those new people after what happened today: Making out with Dominic, going to that place with Jack, meeting Angelo there and even calling off the bet in anger. My head was done for the day and my body too. All that I wanted to was to sleep away the memories of today and that’s what’s I was going to do. I went to bed without caring too much about my makeup; I slipped down an aspirin with a glass of water and in the matter of seconds I was away in dreamland. I might not be the best day but it ended pretty well: Me in a bed alone with no one to interrupt.

Honestly, it couldn’t get any better. Well, it could but that would involve a bare-chested hot guy to cuddle with, but that wouldn’t happen. Well, I don’t think so though.


Well hello~

A way to late update here, but don't I write that along with every chapter? Ah, this is so bad.. ._.

I hope you like this chapter, I wrote while my almost icefrozen friend was laying in my bed covered with 2 duvets etc. I even made her dinner because she was so cold that she didn't dare to move o.o

I might not get so many chapter written in the following period of time because I'm being bombarded with homework, assignements etc... It's a tough life to be a student! But yeah, this amount of home will be doubled in two year anyway, so I might as well get used to it!

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